World of Color [Creation] [Minigame]

There are lots of different activities taking place in the World of Color. You can do parkour, go out on a small adventure and do a bunch of other things. It’s a really cool map which design is greatly inspired by the World of Color Update for Minecraft. If you are looking to have some fun in Minecraft then give it a try!

Creator: ItsMeProHech (Twitter), MineworksPH (Twitter)
Updated: 6 January, 2018 (read changelog)

Note from creator: if you want to suggest any creation to build it, please kindly message us on “MineworksPh AA Studios” facebook page! or dm us on twitter!



World of Color New Year Update v2.00:

  • New 2.0 trailer
  • Minigames improved
  • Environment changed
  • Weather set to snow for Christmas
  • Barriers are now taller
  • Colorful mansion changed inside and out
  • Beacon is now colory
  • Christmas structures
  • Sled playground
  • Map expanded
  • Log house with sled playground
  • Fixed issues with commands at minigame area
  • And more!



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48 Responses

4.79 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Karen says:

    Why is everyone talking about roller coaster and missing beds in the new year update i dont see a thing pls someone explain (btw love your map)

  2. Hate .zip says:

    Make a port of new isle

  3. A bored person says:

    it was fun for like… ten minutes

  4. Haven Smith says:

    I love this map it is my favorite

  5. Lolname says:

    This map is really cool!

  6. Xahmad khX says:

    Wait a sec.. Did Reddit Made This World Called “World of Color”?

  7. Geraldthegreat says:

    Wow so awesome Lodi bro xd

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why is it a zip file?

  9. Minecrafter says:

    Where is the update?

  10. Aidan says:

    Thanks for making this map!

    This is one of the best maps I have ever gotten, and I do not regret it. I will keep this map, since it gets updates, unlike almost every other map on this. So excited for the next update in 1.2!

  11. JigiCreeps says:

    I think What you should do in the next update is make a mooshroom town on a island with mooshrooms and mushroom houses like lanterns like a acutal town and in the middle could be a big statuce of a mooshroom or like a big mushroom it would look coloer full with red wool and other red stuff

  12. Starcreepes says:

    I think in the next update you can make a mooshrom room town on a island with mooshrooms and red wool with a big statue of a mooshroom in the middle i like mooshrrooms

  13. Arkvelza says:

    You said it would come yesterday. It said so on the map.😡

  14. Hi says:

    Wow this is awesome ESPECIALLY that you will continue updating it!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Found it

  16. JeraldGaming2888 says:

    Cool!!!!! Please update i found all the beds
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Best map ever

  17. KatieKat says:

    Hi, I really like this map it is the best. I am doing the bed quest and I’m trying to find the dark blue bed I think it is, I can’t find it, can you maybe give me a hint of if its in a chest or what color shulker box it’s in? Thank you.

  18. Kacey says:

    On one side of the I created a candy land! Best map everrrrrr😍😍

  19. Grace says:

    Any chance you could give us any hints to where the missing beds are? Only found two beds! thank you

  20. Kay303 says:

    I’ve been looking for 2 hours, every hidden chest, every shulker box, everything! And I’ve only found one bed.

    • MCPELover says:

      Yea if you found the yellow bed only then yes I definitely am with you because I was still ONLY able to find that one. I maybe am thinking if you have to craft one but yes I am on the same track as you

  21. RainbowKitty says:

    Hi, I really like this map and I did the bed quest. A cool suggestion would be a swing set. It may seem so cool, and a water slide into the ocean.

  22. SoulCreates says:

    I found the 5 missing colored beds and also the map is great

  23. PUGS RULE says:

    It was really fun I used,ender pearls to find one bed on the swan bout

  24. FAZ3R says:

    oh yeah, found all the beds but i wish there were more minigames, waiting for the update

  25. ItsMeProHech says:

    Keep your Green Tokens on your pocket 🙂 cause in the next update you will need them to enter the park also their will be a roller coaster and elytra tower challenge

  26. Night Fury 1307 says:


  27. Morgan says:

    Finished it found all the beds, some of them were annoying to find like the orange bed

  28. Ben dover says:

    I finished it it was awesome

  29. Superman011 says:

    Great Game! Found ALL 5 missing beds + 4 tokens!

  30. Hi says:

    Hi, I LOVE this map! It’s bug free and I love it! I’m going to continue doing the bed quest, but when or if you update it I have a suggestion. Since its a rainbow world, if you name tag a sheep “jeb_” (no capital), its fur will be rainbow color! Anyways great job with the map I am upsessed with it!

  31. FallenSpark9505 says:

    Please! Though it’s already pretty awesome! I like that noob prize I traded it for a diamond sword with a villager ha!

  32. FallenSpark9505 says:

    Did the Bed quest! Plz update

  33. PUGS RULE says:


  34. TheEmeraldKitty says:

    I found all the beds! Y’all can thank me for the update owo!!!!!! I don’t know how to upload maps so not tryin to be greedy, but can u give a shout out to me? My in game name is 20moonify17, tysm!

  35. Poop says:

    FIRST AND I LOVE IT ❤️ and can you add pig racing or horse racing plz

  36. ItsMeProHech says:

    The map has few games but.. when you complete the quest! And finding those missing colored beds! We will update the map immediatly with so much more games! Also this update contains Roller Coaster!

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Brian Dickson says:

    Make sure when 1.2 is out, add stained glass and parrots, lot and lots of them!

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