World of God Items For Easy Achievements and Fun

If you are having trouble completing achievements or just want a cool OP world that doesn’t have cheats turned on this is the world for you! I added loads of god items, spawn eggs and stuff that aren’t suppose to be available to someone without cheats on. One thing you must remember is that if you do die with the god stuff any stuff you are holding in your inventory or wearing will get deleted from curse of vanishing so don’t carry loads and if you want to use a shulker box! there’s also an end portal and nether portal at spawn to make it even easier!! This is also a fun world for you and your friends I wont mind if you tell your friend you got this stuff yourself just don’t repost this as your own map! Have fun playing! I love hearing what you have to say so leave some feedback on what you thought of it.

This is just some of the stuff you will be getting to use on this world! This is a great world for your friends and you to complete achievements and beat the game! I hope you have fun playing! Sorry if this looks rushed I just wanted to get this to all you amazing people before it’s patched. Have fun playing on this crazy world!

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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5 Responses

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  1. Not a bot says:

    Looks like this man is hacking because he’s using horion to get the op items. Also WHY ARE YOU COPYING Unobtainable Blocks/Items – 32k Weapons (Achievements Enabled) BY GOLDEN SUBS?!?!

    • MMFishing says:

      I never copied anyone I do not know what you are talking about. obviously i used hacks anyone who plays knows you cant get them legit. xD

    • soysauce_ says:

      Calm down, its easy to do this with an NBT editor and the slightest knowledge of how enchantments work. Unobtainable blocks and items are easy too, all you need is knowledge of their id’s. This is a good map, and I got plenty of achievements with it. I understand that it’s rushed, but it’s functional.

  2. Curse of vanishing is very bad enchantment, you will loose your armor when you die. Is it possible to remove this enchantment?

  3. catrina says:

    Can you please make one for 1.15 or lower? I play on education with my friends since they don’t have Minecraft and this looks really cool. Thanks!

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