Worm’s Nether Skyblock

This is basically a bedrock version of Protosky’s Extreme Nether Skyblock. There are a few changes to work better on bedrock, as well as allow for access to more items.

This Nether Skyblock map spawns you in the Nether on a small island.

Map contains ALL Biomes in Nether and Overworld.

All structures are still “present”. Blocks are removed of course, but their locations are still known in the map. (Ex: Blaze spawn at a Nether Fortress, so you must go there)

Cheats must be enabled, as command blocks handle the spawning.

Piglin bartering is changed using a behavior pack I made (included) It is Java’s 1.16.2 bartering loot table minus Java’s spectral arrow and the water bottle. It also adds Netherite Scraps (same chance as enchanted book), Soul Soil, and Netherrack (both the same chance as Soul Sand)

W.B.I.T pack by DanRobzProbz is also included. Holding a compass will display the current biome in the Overworld. Pack doesn’t work well for Nether biomes, however each biome has a noticable screen effect for easy telling.

Nether has only the starting island with tree, and a layer of bedrock at ceiling (apparently mobs won’t spawn with open sky)

Overworld has a single grass block and lava source, as well as the end portal frames (in there naturally spawning location)

End has obsidian platform to spawn on from end portal, bedrock fountain, obsidian towers. The End Cities and plants are also intact. Basically the end just had no End Stone.

The spawn island contains 1 crimson nylium, 1 warped nylium, some netherrack, bedrock, and a crimson tree.

You will spawn (and respawn) on the bedrock. So it is highly advised to not build on the 2 blocks above it.

The warped and crimson nylium blocks are the only source of nylium, you won’t want to destroy that before you use it to make more.

You start in a Soul Sand Biome (Check biome map for where the nearest biomes are)


-Use the tree to make slabs. To make a mob spawning platform and a composter.

-Cut excess vines to use in the composter for bone meal.

-After growing a tree, quickly destroy the bottom log. This will save the nylium from turning to netherrack.

World Seed: 1514889770

Biome map (be sure to change the version to bedrock)

Stronghold map (only within 4k radius of 0,0 will generate)

Let me know if there’s anything I should add/change. For instance, if there are inaccessible items or blocks.

Dieing will likely despawn mobs in the nether as you are tp’d to the Overworld and back on death.

Also, every now and then the Overworld sky will be visible in the nether after dieing. I think it’s only a visual effect. Dieing again will fix it.

Changelog View more
Added some more info to the description. Including images of the biome maps and strongholds.


Import template file by opening it using a file explorer (solid explorer on android). Create new world, scroll down and select the template.


Import the world directly by opening it using a file explorer. World will immediately be in your current worlds.


Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

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  1. Worm says:

    It was created as an infinite world. Changed to flat void afterwards, so that it wont generate terrain past the amount I removed (4k in each direction in the Overworld).
    The structures were created, then removed along with all other blocks. Using command /locate will show where the structures were.

    I will look at the end issues.

  2. RandomUserNo.17 says:

    I found some issues with this map:
    1.This is a flat world and not an infinite world, so non of the structures in the overworld are present
    2.If you die in the end and go in the end again it will generate an endstone platform
    3.There are no shulkers in the end cities

  3. RandomUserNo.17 says:

    Some suggestions:
    1.Piglins should give you ancient debris instead of netherite scraps
    2.Nether wart should be a rare piglin trade

  4. Worm says:

    Spawn rate seems pretty slow. Let me know if there’s something I can do to improve it.

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