Xans Addon || Xans Morph Update

Do you like Undervirus? Do you want the Xans character from Undervirus to appear in Minecraft? Here I made an UnderVirus addon, namely Xans. This Xans is not weak, it is very strong. 

My addon has:

– Xans (Xans Virus)

– Xans Blaster (Xans GB)

– Xans Bonelurker

– Geno Sans

– Geno Bonelurker

-Geno Blaster(GB)

-Geno Bonefly

– Gaster

– Gaster Hand



-Killer Sans

-Secrect item

-Killer Laser

-Killer bone

-Ultra dustsans

-Dust InkSans


He has over 1 billion health, more than a billion new attack power. in which he has different skills, eg: xans gaster blaster summon, xans bone summon :))) he has only 2 skills and 2 hidden skills. He’s very strong, able to import goods into the game system to do many things like: change code and enter commands, …

-Xans Gaster Blaster

This is in the summoned mobs of Xans. it has more 1 billion damage and 20 health. it shoots green lasers.This is a powerful attack Xans has quite a high damage. And you can produce it with eggs 

-Xans BoneLurker

Xans Bone is xans’ strongest attack, it deals a huge amount of damage, enough to destroy all mobs in Minecraft.

-Geno Sans


-Gaster Beta

This is a fictional character and not real. In Undertale he is a secrect character, does he ?/? health and ??? damage 

-Geno Sans(New version)

I reworked the model of geno sans as requested and this time it’s better than before :))))

-Horror Sans

-Killer Sans

-My Youtube Channel link:

pls subscribe my channel:(((

-Ultra DustSans

This is the first sans I worked with another person. This sans is …. I don’t know it very well, XD CyrusYT he was the one who asked me to work about it -.-. It’s not weak, it defeated my Xans v1.1, Killer Sans, Horror Sans, Geno Sans and Gaster

-Xans v2.0

I think he is a bit strong, ah wrong, I must say he is very very strong :)))))))

Ultra DustSans and Dust InkSansmodel are made by XD Cyrus but all the code is written by me -.- him channel:

Me channel:

pls subscribes for me and XD CyrusYT -.-

-Dust InkSans

His health s 999999 and damage is 99999 he can avoid the /kill command and dodge your attacks

+You can kill him with an iron sword

Xans v3

-Xans v3 GB

-Xans v3 Miss

-Horror Sans (v2)

-Killer Sans (v2)

-Gaster (v2)

-Gaster Attack

-Xans Morph

+Morph Xans Item

(use it to turn into xans)

+Xans GB

(Summon xans gaster blaster)

+Xans skill 1 (up)

This causes the enemy to be hit by a levitation effect of 25 for 1 second

+Xans Skill 2 (down)

It teleport the enemys -1 block

+Xans skill 3 (Blue heart)

It gives you the ability to fly (if you turn on education mode) and /kill @e

+Xans skill 4 (Green heart)

It makes you miss (But you still miss when being hit)

+Xans skill 5 (contro)

It makes you fly into the sky

+How to get items turned into Xans v3 

Please subscribe to my channel so I can do more addons in the future My channel

Changelog View more

thêm Xans v3 moprh (tui là người VietNam)

thêm Xans morph (item)

và các skills của xans khác

Revised model of horror sans, killer sans and gaster

Power up Killer Sans and power down gaster and horror sans

New Update add: 

+Xans v3 (Fix the model, texture, add animations and more)

I think people won't read it if they write this line :))))


+Add Dust InkSans and Thanks Herodrine Pro124 for helping me with the render controller :)))

link him channel:

-this is my first update call both my re-updates XD.

-This update has:

+Ultra DustSanss

+Xans v2.0 Update strength

 Since there were too many creatures that were stronger than xans, I decided to make xans v2.0 with more power. Sorry but I have no photo of it

-New Update have:

+Killer Sans

+Killer Bone

+Killer Laser

+Secrect Item

-New Update Have:

+Horror Sans

+Horror Knife

+??? Invisible

-Next Update will have:

+Killer Sans

New Update;

- Added to Geno Sans Model (New)

-Power up Geno Sans

This update has:

-add Gaster

+Edit the name of Geno Sans link

-Update have

+Geno Sans(Gsans)

+Gsans Blaster[GB]

+Gsans BoneFly

+Gsans Bonelurker

+Fix links

Hope you have fun playing

small update:

add new code(fill,kill,...)

fix the link(change the link)

add new bone


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.12 1.16.201 1.8

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  1. Undertalesansfanboy says:

    Bx there too many sans stealing addons not giving credit to the real owner AND the attack look soo the same in the others addins don’t ya think for reals

  2. DynoTG says:

    I hate this now it keeps trying me to yt can u stop doing that thats weird idea -_- also you making ur yt channel gain subs

  3. Please do not use my minecraft character created skin or ill report you for stealing.


    Chuck you and sans

  5. Another_doge says:

    You are stupid

  6. Creeper 303 says:

    Wtf,why so many people make sans addon


    Fuck this

    • Billy Gamer EX (Billy Gaming YT) says:

      Stop being rude


        Fuck you

        • Billy Gamer EX (Billy Gaming YT) says:

          Ohh you talk me “Fuck you”, then i will report u for talking “Fuck you”!!! MCPE DL is not a profanity website but why people always talking profanity.

      • Undertalesansfanboy says:

        Okay I don’t get it anymore why make sans addons if you guy keep saying NICE ADDON WOOOOW this isn’t new or anything this is the same attack the same dumb bone attack as well Tell look into the addons and does it look like the same attack like the others addons For real people does it really look like stoleing or anything ever since that addons of that undertale addons thing lot of people make addons and it look the same addons my dude.

      • Undertalesansfanboy says:

        Bx there too many sans stealing addons not giving credit to the real owner AND the attack look soo the same in the others addins don’t ya think

  8. Billy GamingYT says:

    Nice addon, also can u add Anti-Virus Sans cuz i like your addons.

  9. Just for test(Jk)
    This is nice update,
    Hehe,i check many comment in here,and,ahh,
    Improve it ya

  10. MOO_MOO2010 says:

    can you have the links on mediafire?

  11. WB says:

    xansV3 is still inferior

  12. Heart me on youtube bendythedemon18

  13. WB says:

    one of this xans’s gb model is made by me.but you stole it

  14. EliteAnimators says:

    ME: who came for normal sans be like ._.
    This mode creator: iamma end ppl who wants normal sans whole career

  15. Subhankar says:

    Very bad it’s crasing the game and even if I again open minecraft it crashes please fix it

    And also bad model!!!!!! Bye ?.

  16. KOCreeper243 says:

    Imagine 鸥吃鱼 see this addon XD… he is going to get mad.. (if u steel his code and texture..)
    but i dont think u steel anything.. u just wanted to follow others, right? 😉 thats no problem.. just, dont steel anything… k?

  17. Jetpacklizard says:

    Can you add dustbelief papyrus



  19. outerdustsans says:

    can you make dusttrust

  20. Bridan6223 says:

    Hold you please turn them into a Mcpe addon and Not a zip?

  21. Goggalcon says:

    Original models, there we go.

  22. Supremy Wolf says:

    Please add dust sans

  23. Leod1012MCPE says:

    Can you fix the files? cuz I know some people have problems importing a file as an mcaddon

  24. Thanh niên Việt Nam tập làm addon :))

  25. horrkiller sans says:

    when u get batter can u start on shattered dream sans on a later date

  26. outerdustsans says:

    can you create killer sans

  27. I don’t know who this is but nice

  28. computergrandpa says:

    geno sansmode?

  29. anti-god sans says:

    do u know a san’s called anti-god sans am just see if its possible to see him as mcpe addon ik its not easy maybe it might be difficult but am just seeing if u can work on it sorry for talking so much but have a great day.

  30. outerdustsans says:

    can you make horror sans

  31. Leod1012MCPE says:

    Nice add-on, but I can’t spawn Geno Sans. Is there a way?

  32. Goggalcon says:

    It is pretty obvious that you copied geno sans model from the Chinese sans v2, might be better if you actually make you own model like xans and don’t steal other people’s work.

    • ShadowEnderBorn says:

      Hey stop being rude to him. People like you should be banned from this site. I dont care if he stole it or not he made a good addon and dont say anything if you were going to be rude

    • If you told me to do this addon but I took someone else’s model then you are right. but it’s only beta and this model is made by my friends (I don’t know how to make geno sans model so I asked my friend to help me, I think that model is beautiful so I just added the addon but I don’t know anything) And this is only beta so I will fix it again

  33. ShadowEnderBorn says:

    great addon. But i have a problem. When i load the mcpack. Minecraft pe says failed to load. Idk if its the addon or my phone If that can be fix that that would be great

  34. ?︎ ?︎ ☝︎✌︎?︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ says:

    Nice but can you change the texture?

  35. francesco Rizzuto says:

    can you make geno sans too please

  36. Notch created Minecraft in 2009 (don’t know right or not)

  37. Laycraftingch says:

    cool but it was copy idea form h2vwither12
    How ever i still download this

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