Xbox One Shader By NightwalkerLots


Simply put, the best shader available for Xbox One!

WARNING: Any videos or showcases made on this shader MUST credit the download link and the creator or that video will be legally taken down. By downloading and using this shader, you agree to the intended use posted on the Unity Website.

WARNING: Any videos or showcases made on this shader MUST credit the download link and the creator or that video will be legally taken down. By downloading and using this shader, you agree to the intended use posted on the Unity Website.

Creator: UE-Productions, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel, Instagram

In association with Unity Entertainment Productions

© 2019-2023 Unity Entertainment Productions

Unity Website:

Shader Made by Unity Entertainment Modding & GFX Team 

Features:   (Follow @UECMT for updates) Update 1.0.11 Bugfix

  • Realistic Enhanced Sky & Clouds
  • Better realistic textures for blocks & items (Some of which are subject to change)
  • Changed lighting from the sky to affect the ground and water depending on the time of day
  • Enhanced Sun & Moon (With Moon Cycles)
  • Dynamic Day/Night lighting
  • Water is much more see-through
  • Light will now effect textures on entities
  • Light will reflect on the water, making it bright or dark
  • Added Splash Particles
  • Leafs and plants will now move in the wind 
  • Re-textured all plants & leaves to higher resolution
  • Re-textured all entities, armor, paintings, and items

Features: Update V1.2.18

  • Shader files completely re-done (Performance Friendly for low-end devices)
  • Fixed issues that caused crashes including the use of pistons
  • Added water physics
  • Removed waving leaves (Kept waving grass)
  • Kept version 1.0.12 for those who still want a slightly better-looking shader (Beware of crashes in legacy version)
  • Changed UUID to help Xbox Players update easier (Helps Xbox One separate the different versions of the shader)
  • Fixed lighting issues (No longer so grey at night)
  • Fixed grass animation being linked to your movement

-Water and lighting were perfected by dakonblackrose. View his edit of the shader HERE

-Having trouble with the URL Shrinker? We’ll remove it once we hit three subs for our 5$ Patreon Tier!

-Here to ask for a Shader Only Version? You’re able to put your own texture pack on top of our shader!

-We’ve included V1.0.12 for whoever liked the dynamic lighting with the realistic physics of trees and other plant life. We are not responsible for the legacy bugs you may run into while using this version!

This shader is owned by Unity Entertainment Productions™. DO NOT attempt to edit, change, or tamper with any files or assets in the XboxOne Shader. The contents of this shader are organized specifically to work on XboxOne. We are not responsible for any damage done to devices installed with this Shader. We are not responsible for anything that happens during the unintended and/or inappropriate use of this Minecraft Shader. Please use this Shader at your own risk. Report bugs or give suggestions here,

Displaying v1.0.12


Displaying V1.2.18

Changelog View more

-Changed the description to better inform the ignorant that this is indeed a shader. And we do indeed own the rights and assets that are used.

  • Changed the visuals to what the shader currently looks like.
  • Added planned features that we are currently working on, and some that we are waiting to be able to work on
  • Changed the render rules to allow animations on leafs and plants be able to render from a farther distance without impacting performance
  • Changed texture for the moon 
  • Added better sky lighting renders
  • Made water textures reactive to light
  • Had @Ashus01234 provide assets from a shader he worked on added into this one.
  • Had @RyFol Edit the render files for the leafs and plants
  • Added new textures for all blocks & items
  • Added new planned features to ensure we're still polishing this shader
  • Added color maps to help with rendering
  • Added a new picture of the experimental textures
  • Encouraged all to follow Unity's twitter for more info
  • Fixed snow grass bug
  • Fixed render arguments that caused crashes
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Fixed bugged textures
  • Fixed rendering so that entities are now affected
  • Added new textures for entities & armor
  • Provided a "Shader Only" version

Updated Contact Info for new twitter handle as well as Unity's discord server

  • Fixed lilypads
  • Fixed Lighting
  • Fixed water texture to finally be see through
  • Tweaks for more dynamic shadows
  • Added lighting DataBase file to prevent performance hit
  • Added planned features to ensure the shader is still being worked on
  • Credited dakonblackrose for sharing assets and tweaks

Features: Update V1.2.18

Shader files completely re-done (Performance Friendly for low-end devices)

Fixed issues that caused crashes including the use of pistons

Added water physics

Removed waving leaves (Kept waving grass)

Kept version 1.0.12 for those who still want a slightly better-looking shader (Beware of crashes in legacy version)

Changed UUID to help Xbox Players update easier (Helps Xbox One separate the different versions of the shader)

Fixed lighting issues (No longer so grey at night)

Fixed grass animation being linked to your movement


Here is a tutorial from one of our members on how to install shaders on Xbox One


Supported Minecraft versions



64x Shaders

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190 Responses

3.71 / 5 (82 votes)
  1. XLG says:

    Not gonna lie i was skeptical but holy shit i was proven wrong this is without a doubt the coolest thing to happen to minecraft i made a account just to like and leave a comment its gonna take some time to get used to the new icons but jeez its worth it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you please add back the leaves animation? I liked it a lot!

  3. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This Shader is Phenomenal, especially when it turns to (Sunrise) it feels like actual light is hitting the block, man’s I have been here for awhile always coming back finding new things to see it went from just shadows to waving leaves w/ shadows now it’s Shadows w/ wavy leaves and realistic moving water what next MOOOVING SHADOWS, we can only hope and dream🙂

  4. Jessie Sasser says:

    The ad clicks are so horrible. I gave up trying to get to the download because my firewall kept pinging all of the sites for malicious software background installs. I recommend avoiding this as the developers obviously just want money and could care less what these 3rd party ad sites do to your computer or xbox…

    • I’ve tested the link without a firewall and all, there is nothing wrong with it. And if you are having trouble with the shrinker, we’ll remove it when we have 3 subs on our 5$ tier!

      • Byrdx says:

        I made this account just to say you’re absolute scum for this. This community is part of a free and sharing environment. You’re making money off of shrink websites to little or no pennies and asking, basically begging for patrons. It’s absolutely disgusting and I hope anyone over the age of 15 can realize how scum this is.

  5. Herobrine9988 says:

    Runs Perfectly On My Phone In Verison!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i hate this i cant even get past the fisrt part

  7. helieo45 says:

    plz make mcpack on media fire

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do you work this…

  9. No says:

    When I click download from the unity website, it leads me to an ad website… How the heck am I supposed to download this???

  10. Alesscreeper says:

    This is just a combination of chocapic shaders for windows 10, and faithful textures and exported to xbox, at least give the credits to the original creators

  11. Brian says:

    Absolutely awful. I cant find a single shader to either work or not give me infinite ads on xbox one. For gods sake make a direct link to download this using a good site not this ad after redirect after ad after ad this is awful

  12. Yosef says:

    When I made a red stone system and I flipped the switch. With the shader on it froze and shut off my whole Xbox momentarily

  13. Shivaiya says:

    Would be a fantastic shader if they fixed coloring & contrast. Daytime is blinding especially snow/sand, nighttime everything is gray & colorless. 🙁

  14. Matt Kujo says:

    Is there a way I can fix the “Glass bug” where all my tinted glass looks clear

  15. D says:

    I cant find the download link on the website is there a different link???

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are you ever going to add like the water moving effect?? Would be amazing with this shader

  17. nEVAmore says:

    So, when are you going to fix the sticky piston bug?

  18. Anton Game says:

    I find this works quite well with the minecraft classic texures over it, makes it look alot better to me with the original texures just revamped

  19. Julian says:


    YOU: Xbox shaders!
    No hate tho, looks good 🙂

  20. Marsh says:

    How do you get it in global resources I want it everywhere

  21. Oof says:

    Nightwalker, what do u use to make the shaders? I want to make one.

  22. Hyprenyt says:

    Can you add wavy water? and also I have a idea, Xbox lacks something and I think you can make it happen

  23. Hyprenyt says:

    Same happens to me except at first it was working up until right after I uninstalled minecraft and re installed it so buddy let’s just say that it does work and there is hope

  24. Kyoto says:

    Please help , you site download takes me to a shortened url ad and doesn’t let me get the zip, when I click it takes me to another random website

  25. Adam says:

    Hi ,first I am on xbox one but I have a problem ,I do what the video said but everytime I create a new World my game crash ,i tried many times,can someone help me ? Sorry for mistakes i’m french

  26. Murda says:

    Really like it so far, the only thing is when I move, the trees and grass blow more quickly. I know this pack is still in development, but it could still use some work. Especially with shadows displaying on top of slabs.

  27. Unknown says:

    Would love to use the shader but it just gives you an error site every time you try and click download or a random add or says domain name doesn’t exist :/

  28. Nascarr says:

    im not even able to download it because of all of these ads, please help

  29. sapnu puas says:

    Yo, ive installed it and everything but whenever i create a new world, it just crashes. I put the entirity into a resource pack folder like the tutorial. Im new to this type of stuff and i wouldn’t know if my problem can just be fixed by putting some files under a behavioural pack folder. I even tried loading a superflat just to see the pack and it also crashed. Idk. Maybe i missed a step. Btw not saying this pack is bad. I just cant access it.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Download bar on website doesn’t work just opens a new tab with ads over and over again.

  31. Jay says:

    Where can I find the shader only version ? I’d like to try your shaders with another texture pack but on your website I could only find 1 version & within its files i didn’t see a shader only folder like in the pic you posted above

  32. Matt says:

    Please make a version where I can download the textures but not the shader

  33. Sahand Hiwa says:

    Can You use it for Win10 Edition???

  34. Anonymous says:

    Cant actually get to it because the site ot brings you to wont give you the download for it

  35. Person says:

    Awww, this looks so cool, if you made this work for pocket that would be amazing!

  36. Someone says:

    Only adds sun and clouds in skybox on phone but when combined with Natural Mystic and Simple Shader it looks amazing with it clouds.

  37. Faded Gaming says:

    Thanks It works great for Minecraft windows 10, but I hate the blue look of things far away, but over all great pack!

  38. JLaw says:

    The get link redirects me back to this website. What am I doing wrong?

  39. richserver101 says:

    Hey! This is an awesome shader, I would like to note though there are a few glitches, when I enter my world the slabs tend to show that they are “shaded” and I have to break them and place them back for them to work properly, and when I re-log it appears again. Also it seems that when I move the leaves sway faster as well. Other wise thanks for making a awesome shader pack that is accessible on XBox!

  40. Marco Collins says:

    The link on the site isn’t working for me. I tried multiple devices but it won’t open.

  41. READ THIS says:

    Plz fix this when you run faster the tree leaves move faster

  42. READ THIS says:

    Plz fix this when you move faster so does the leaves

  43. DemonicGamer145 says:

    @NightwalkerLots this Shaders pack is very good but you should check out pinnacle shader and see if you can use their shadow technique it is very nice

  44. Tazmoe says:

    Umm, Chocapic shaders was a copy of Tint Shaders 2.0 and 1.0, so maybe you should ask /Aokihara_Source for the real unstolen assets. Chocapic Shaders was a thief of their code. Still good though-

    Keep up the good work!

  45. Eternity says:

    I love the idea of this shader, I followed the tutorial and did everything correct, even double and triple checked EVERYTHING. I went into minecraft, went to create a world, applied the shader.. then all of a sudden it crashed.

  46. BLAZINGBUM says:


  47. Anonymous says:

    I love having a good shader on xbox but every time i use slabs they change color/ get darker and any blocks under a block turn dark.

    • hi says:

      that’s how the shader is supposed to work

      • Jeremy says:

        He’s saying that no matter where the slab is it will darken even if you have nothing else around it. It happens after you save and exit. It’s like that for the Chocapic, Shifty, Nightwalkers shader. It’s a Minecraft bug 🐛 that NEEDS to be fixed. If there is anyone that builds things (everybody uses slabs) than they wouldn’t use any of these shaders

        • This is a bug in the games built-in graphics engine when shading is tampered with. There is no fix.

          • JaSon says:

            I want to start off by noting that i do love your shaders and they are amazing on xbox but the shader pinacle graphics doesnt have the slab problem. Is it because of diiferent lighting methods for the shaders (i like your shaders a lot more but just want to ask)

  48. Anonymous says:

    How is it not working? My console is xbox one x

  49. Skyler says:

    I like the shader but when will the piston issue be fixed

    • There are a few things that could be causing it, and it’ll be fixed as soon as we figure it out.

      • Jack Moynihan says:

        I’ve done this about 5 times all the same way and everything goes smooth except it doesn’t show up in my resource packs in Minecraft. I’m on xbox one beta. Pleeeasssee help

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey! I hate to be this type of user, but have you made any progress regarding the piston bug? I absolutely love everything about this pack, you did an amazing job.

      • ShrimpOGawd says:

        Hey Nightwalker! I hate to be this type of user, but has there been any progress regarding the piston bug? I really enjoy what this add-on has to offer, though.

  50. Ongrum says:

    Keep crashing my phone please fix

  51. Charles says:

    are these the same as the Chocapic shaders? And if not where is the link for your shaders

    • Unity Deicide says:

      No I can confirm it’s not. And it should be in the “downloads” area. But it goes to the Unity site where you can still download it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Click the one that says Download from unity entertainment and it’s the second to last link

  52. Marcel says:

    Iwhen I do it in to my Ordner resource_packs
    And start minecraft it s not in the add on in why?

  53. Ssome CuSsTTomer says:

    oMG tHIs Is not pOsSibLe on xbOX!!.!.!

  54. NinjaDotXbox says:

    Doesn’t allow me to download. Please re-upload these files in a .zip file.

    • It is in a zip file, You need to click to options on the file, go to “copy link” and paste that link into another window. Then press start on the download button, copy link, put that link in file downloader.

  55. MrFox says:

    Cool Shader!

  56. None of ur business says:

    Crashes every time i open a world

  57. Marceli says:

    Can you please fix the sea lanterns and end rods. At night they have Orange colour . I Hope you will fix this.
    Btw shader is FANTASTIC!

  58. Marceli says:

    Can you please fix sea lanterns and end rods. When Im using this shader they are Orange at night. I Hope you will fix this. Btw shader is FANTASTIC!

  59. Console user says:

    5 stars for effort. Shaders that work on xbox one are pretty much unheard of and were impsossible a year ago. This is surely the “alpha” stage. Exciting times for sure. That being said, Brightness and contrast needs work. Keep up the great work.

    • There are some things that we can not fix, but we have a super nice “Realist sounds” update coming soon. It’ll take a while because there are only two people in Unity Capable of the required sound editing skills.

  60. ApocalypseArisen says:

    Hello everthing has been going well untill iwent join it keeps crashin my game is it because im in a newer version or something else? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    • This was actually tested on the newer betas. To make sure future updates won’t have a problem with the shader. Please only use this on xbox, This shader requires a “hlsl” File that will not run on mobile, and isn’t recommended for pc. XBOX only.

  61. Tim says:

    When a sticky piston is pulling or pushing a block it crashes the game. This is without the textured pack.

  62. READ ME says:

    This is the only person that is keeping the xbox community alive and yes shaders are possible for xbox people. U can download a whole bunch of texture packs/shaders I have tons on my xbox. Some are going to have bugs but there people making these not robots, you yourself can change/fixe them from deleting files with trial and error. HE DESERVES MORE RESPECT

    • What people don’t know, is that you can’t download just any shader and have it work on xbox. It needs to be written in “glsl” and have complimentary render files, and “pixlebypass” files. Basically, it needs to be specifically made for xbox.

  63. ImperialMoon443 says:

    Let’s see if my PC can handle this

    • Congratulations, you’ve admitted to using the shader in a way that is not intended (inappropriate usage). Meaning, we aren’t responsible for anything that happens to your pc or bugs for that it was not meant for pc. 🙂

  64. TYberiusaurusRX says:

    How do you download?

    • The download link for MCPEDL will redirect you to my site, where you’ll see the shader as well as other projects the Unity team has worked on. There will be a distinct “download” button for each one. If a pop-up comes up asking for email subscription, you’re able to close that. But it is recommended to sign up for it to get updates from us. It’s FREE!

  65. TheTopPriority says:

    Confirms it works, Running smoothly Xbox One X, Shame you cant join a friends world with it

    • You can have this shader work on multiplayer. Whoever has the shader on their world needs to be the host of the game. If the host is running a beta version, all other people will need beta in order to join that work. If that world has the shader enabled, everyone will experience it. Feel free to show it off!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Im an idiot lol I found out how to download it I didn’t have to pay

  67. Anonymous says:

    You have to pay for a subscription just to download it, wow. -_-

  68. Seasick says:

    Not gonna lie but that looks like energy shaders

    • It also looks like shifty shaders, and real sky, and any other shader that probably stole files from us. That is why, thanks to Unity_Deicide, most files have now been encrypted to where if you do open them, they will have nothing in them if you didn’t open them right.

  69. Dylan Johnson says:

    Howdy feller, I have come here to request an update for the grass and crop textures, the shader is gorgeous however, the plants tend to ruin the experience for me. Will give a full 5 stars and recommendations to friends if the issue is resolved. Thanks in advance

  70. BedrockStyle says:

    Finally a shader designed for XBOX ONE. I’ve tried many other shaders on xbox one that never worked, or crashed. And while i haven’t tested this yet, i have very high hopes!

  71. Adeadlyfart says:

    I know this texture won’t work on device, but why you upload this for non device. All here are for ANDROID &
    iOS. I never see someone upload Mod and texture for Xbox.

    • SleepingDoge343 says:

      You can download things on Xbox, what about mods only for android? Think that was fair for iOS? Also there are barely any shaders for xbox one.

      • FlaviusFire says:

        Mate, please don’t bring this up. The reason that mods were not compatible with iOS is because nobody made any programs to run them on iOS, not because the mods were “Android Exclusive.” Also, any Apple user is surely aware of how tightly limited Apple devices are when it comes to installing custom content like mods. So don’t blame the mod creator for the fact that they were simply un-useable on your preferred platform.

    • FlaviusFire says:

      This is a website for Bedrock edition content, which includes the Xbox 1 edition.

      • SleepingDoge343 says:

        I’m talking about the whiny brats who are normies who think mobile is actually legendary. You can get mods on iOS but that method is way to outdated anyways. So yes you are right. Goodbye ✌️

    • hi says:

      because they are all onthe bedrock codebase.

  72. Rob says:

    Hey I’m still getting a lot of bugs. The water is not see through at all. Some of the leaves and plants look really bugged, and the grass block texture looks bugged as well. I really want to see this Shader working so any ideas why it would be messed up on my console?

  73. Squatch says:

    Im getting a lot of bugs. Water is solid blue. Grass texture messed up. Plants and leaves also bugged. Any ideas? Really want to see it working.

  74. ItsXedy says:

    can this work in the beta version of minecraft?

  75. CaboltKeeper1117 says:

    Thx for the Shader guys!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm Why i got credited in this pack?…. “Ashus01234”

  77. FlaviusFire says:

    Hey guys? I’m not them, so PLEASE don’t take my word for it, but if you’re really intending to go the whole way out and try to import it on a non-Xbox device, it will PROBABLY import and at least be settable, but will likely not actually DO anything. This is because shaders are DEVICE oriented, not game oriented. So please don’t come on here giving this shader a bad review just because it seems to not do anything on a device it’s not intended for.

    – 😁

  78. Anonymous says:

    There are some other shaders on the xbox just hard to find the chocapic shader looks really good and runs good on the xbox if you could try to make it like that that would be nice

  79. Mr.Anonoymous says:

    This is just pure garbage, all the info is untrue, they didnt give credit to the people who made the stuff like the clouds or the waving effect, These arent even shaders! its just a texture pack!!!

    • It is as close to a shader as you can get on Xbox One, because the Bedrock edition for the platform was not designed to use shaders. There are some lighting effects tweaked from the sky as well as Animated Leaves. And we don’t give credit to anyone because there are other people who on our Graffix/Modding team who have wrongfully released this shader early under their name. We plan to update this shader in the future to have more of a impact graphically. But it is tricky due to now having to retrain more trust-worthy people to our methods before those people can start working on the project. My personal apologizes to you for your misunderstanding.

  80. Tazmoe says:

    Even worse-
    -IT DOES WORK for mobile
    -It isnt even shaders
    -He didnt credit the things that are used. Its just other peoples stuff in one package!!!
    -Alot of things are bugged

    • Some assets on the shader were used early by other people. And we get that alot. Those who have wrongfully taken ownership of the assets used have been kicked from Unity. Yes, it may work for mobile, but it wasn’t designed for it, nor will future updates that addon to this shader… Which it is as close to a shader as you can get on Xbox One without messing with performance. This is a very early version of the shader. So things that are wrong with it will eventually get fixed. My apologies for you misunderstanding.

    • FlaviusFire says:

      These are actually shaders. I can attest to it. Please don’t give this team grief.

  81. Mercellus says:

    I need a zip file to use this and I don’t see one am I just stupid or something

    • For the purpose of making it easier to update the shader without changing the download link, the download link on this site brings you to mine. Where you can download the zip file from the mediafire folder linked to our minecraft addons section.

  82. AhmetFaruk1 says:

    nice but adapt it to bedrock edition (mobile)

    • From some people who ignored our compatibility warning. I hear it will run on mobile. But it is not recommended because not everything will work as intended. Because the compiled specifically to run on Xbox One.

  83. Noahplayz says:

    Would be 5 stars but colored glass textures are bugged as just regular glass

  84. ??? says:

    These arent actually shaders. It is a resource pack. the waving leaves is a new texture. as well as everything else.

    • It is a shader by definition… It is not a texture pack, that only re textures things. It is a shader, which gives textures a behavior. And this is also designed for people on Xbox who would like to experience a shader. Not for people on mobile & PC while they obviously have better options.

  85. Tim says:

    Glass texture is bugged

  86. Jason says:

    This is Dakonblackrose’s. Works best combined with the enhanced vanilla shader that I’ve saw. I can get tint shaders and kuri shader on xbox too.

    • NightwalkerLots says:

      It is not entirely his work. He was apart of the GFX team that made it tho. I did not take down his video that released the shader early under his name. But I did threaten his Unity Membership.

    • It is not entirely his, He was apart of the GFX Team that designed it tho. I did not take down the video that released the shader early under his name. But I did threaten His Unity Membership over it. This was made the Unity Modding & GFX Team.

  87. Tazmoe (commenting account) says:

    It also works for win10, but other than that its a great shader

  88. Is Trunks says:

    Adorei a iniciativa de ser uma textura shader realmente para o Xbox One

    4 estrelas

  89. Person who doesn't have an Xbox says:

    Could you please make one for windows 10? It looks amazing

  90. Anonymous says:

    2nd? And finally an shader that works for Xbox one 😀

  91. Editor says:

    I’ve tested it and I can confirm that the resource pack works.

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