MineConomy (Function’s Pack) v1.6

Formerly known as Xchange. MineConomy is a feature intended for people who kept working – mining, crafting, digging, resource gathering! Now you can see all your hardwork (with experience levels) and use it for your own deed! With MineConomy, you can use your experience levels for some items you need – shulker boxes, foods, basic stuff and much more!

 Normally, in Survival mode, you’d gain experience levels by breaking blocks, trading with villagers, and doing other certain activities such as killing mobs, etc. And, on the other hand, you can use them by enchanting or repairing your tools and armor.

  With this function’s pack, you can exchange it for resources, and items!

Commands & Usage

I.  Primary Commands

  • /function xc/help  shows the main help page and also informations for other commands included. Such as follows:

  • This command also shows the current version, pack’s name, and if you are on Creative or so.

B. Exchangeables

 》 Basic Resources: /function xc-list/basic

  • These resources mainly found in your natural world. Price exchanges may vary from the item.

 》 Foods: /function xc-list/food

  • Provides cooked food and some other foods that does not need cooking. Price exchanges may vary from the item.

 》 Ores/Minerals: /function xc-list/minerals

  • Naturals ores found deeper in your natural-generated world. Price varies depending on the ore rarity.

 》 Rare Items: /function xc-list/rare

  • Rare items that are only obtained from certain places, and very rare drops from only certain mobs, etc. Price varies from the item rarity.

 》 Shulker Boxes: /function xc-list/shulkerbox

  • Undyed shulker box costs only 10 XP LVL. Colored ones costs 16 XP LVL each. 15 different color variants, and an ordinary undyed one.

 》 Kits: /function xc-list/kits

  • Exchanges for armor, tools, and other useful things in one go. Price may vary depending on the quality of the tools exchanged for.

C. Exchanging Information

  • Once exchanged, you’ll see a message will appear to confirm your purchase.
  • If by any chance, your exchanging fails, a confirmation message should appear ( ie. If you don’t have enough experience levels or If you are in Creative )


A. Reminders

  • You can play this on any map, but requires with cheats on. But by using its file components is not really tolerated! Consider requesting for my permission before doing so, that is.
  • Works on 1.11 Bedrock Minecraft or above. May require to turn experimental gameplay on.

B. Additional Credits

Changelog View more
  • Major command syntax changes
  • Changed the entire pack name
  • Added more exchanges as listed above.

Main Additions and Changes

  • Added Kits - a new exchangeables that'll allows you to buy some useful tools and items with a single command - all in one kit!
  • Adventure gamemode support - now you can freely buy at Adventure mode, the same as buying in the Survival mode!

Additional Info

  • Feel free to use this Function Pack in your maps! Just make sure to do proper crediting - whether if its for private or public use! Also, please inform me about it before doing so.

Some hotfix, and changes include:

  • Fixed Grass exchanging giving 32x instead of 64x.
  • Changes in some texts, such as correcting color indicator in shulker boxes list of Gray and Light Gray; as well as some other texts in lists.
  • No additions for exchanges. Some minor hotfix and translation only.

Russian translation provided by Jivk. Optionally available to download seperately in order to support him.

  • Jivk on Youtube:
  • Download from one of the download links (RU), and is available in .mcpack and .zip versions!


Ad? Follow these steps!

  1. Click the download button below
  2. You should be redirected to an Ad. 
  3. Patiently wait for 5 seconds, then  click Skip Ad after
  4. Now, you will be redirected to a dropbox link where you can download the functions pack.
  5. In regards to installation, you may read the ReadMe.txt file within the same folder of it as well.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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41 Responses

4 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Redknignt says:

    Can I please use this pack in my function modpack? I would really appreciate it and I would add you to the credits too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remove the ads

  3. Anonymous says:

    Remove the ads or use

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can u make one with no ad bc these cant let u pass

  5. sam says:

    could you add a way to buy spawners? thanks

  6. Dean says:

    I see that this is updated. One question: Is there a way to make these functions work with command blocks? I imagine if you could then a user wouldn’t need to be an admin to use the commands, which is the whole point.

    • r4isen1920 says:

      If you want non-operator players to exchange item(s) using their XP Levels, you can do the following steps below:

      You can also maybe make something similar to a “store” or “supermarket” with these.
      1. Place a command block: set it to impulse, unconditional, needs redstone.
      2. For example, if you want the players to exchange for stones, type in “/execute @p ~~~ function exc-basic/stone”
      3. Add a button or a form that can trigger the command block, of course.
      4. Everytime they push that button they will
      buy the stone according to the function command above.

  7. EnderSquid says:

    Love the function pack but can you change the emerald to look like a dollar bill?

  8. Jivk says:

    Very cool add-on! Responsive creator and good support! I saw my translation)

  9. A person says:

    Is it possible to add a section for arrows, leather, sugar cane, tnt, flint, etc. and add red stone and lapis lazuli into the minerals section?

  10. Kazi Sahil says:

    Where is the download button?

  11. irondiamonds says:

    working now :).
    I have 2 comments:
    #1: Please may I have permission to use some of the code for a survival/adventure map? I will be adding a ‘hall of fame’ for everyone who contributed.
    #2: there is no adventure mode support. The error message may only show when in creative mode, but in adventure mode, absolutely nothing happens.
    Thank you

    • r4isen1920 says:

      Here’s the answer corresponding to your questions provided respectively, as follows:
      1. You can use it on your maps, add my name on the “Hall of Fame” of yours and make it look great. xD
      2. It has already been updated. Thank you for your valuable comment!

  12. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, you should use a download from something that has no ads, OneDrive for example. Great addon by the way 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wish I could play this on my iOS but I can’t access it

    • r4isen1920 says:

      You can extract the archive from your computer and you can find the .mcpack file inside! Open that file; importing the pack and opening Minecraft automatically.

      • CarbonBoy26 says:

        It gives an error downloading it. I eventually got it to download via changing some code however, nothing works at all. Can you please update this? (I’m using 1.11.4) -CarbonBoy26

  14. kico says:

    One line bad edit in chat the food

    tellraw @s {“rawtext”:[{“text”:”§a[§6ECNMY§a] §e > /function xc-list/food §7§ofood that replinishes your hunger and health”}][

    In end line close bad }][

  15. §Xboxplayer§ says:

    Could you possibly make the .zip download link (media fire) so i can get it

  16. AaribAaqibYT says:


  17. SearMr Cool says:

    The system I am using is basically the same since I am using xp, I am not making money of it and only plan to use it as something players can have fun with (this function pack is great to)
    I will be happy if I am allowed but it is fine also if I am not allowed
    Ok I am done talking lol, have a great day

    • r4isen1920 says:

      I have the same intention: to have players enjoy the game. But in regards into making money, I don’t do it intentionally.
      For someone like me, who’s kinda hard in life, should have the permission to earn money to help in my way. Rather than stealing, its best to create things that not just other’s enjoy, but to feel.

      In short, it’s my own way of helping my parents as well. I hope you understand 🙂

  18. SearMr Cool says:

    I am making a function pack and I have a similar system, I am wishing to post this on mcpedl when I finish it, but I am asking if it is fine with you, I will give you a lot of credit for inspiring me to add this into my function pack, I have not stolen any of your code and I am allowed. Hope you reply soon.
    Thank you for reading this

  19. KazidalYT says:

    Can you make it easier to upload it to your world, like using media fire??

  20. Shadowz says:

    This mod is useless only works for admins I need a economy system that works for ALL players in the realm not just admins.

    • r4isen1111 says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t. There’s no way any user can use an economy system (preferably function packs) without using the /function command itself. If there’s a way to do it, then I’ll let you guys know!

  21. Goo says:

    Puedes poner colchas de sulker para hacer las sulker Box

  22. metroid says:

    por favor me gustaria que incluyeras las shulkerbox a las corasas para poder llevar mas objetos. grasias

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