XM Guns Add-on

I made this addon to share with all players. You can play csgo and pubg in Minecraft. Adds 15 guns 4 bombs to the games. This is a particularly technical addon. Why do I say this?


  • Real shotgun (more bursts per shot,scattered trajectory)
  • Real m16a4 (three bursts per shot) 
  • Real rpg
  • Bubble gun! (very beautiful) 
  • Flame gun (fire!) 
  • Laser gun 
  • Electromagnetic gun (this world will be destroyed) 
  • Fiying diamond sword 
  • Etc…..
  • All guns can be shot like a snowball and egg through the touch screen. 
  • All guns have cooling time

How to get they

/function xm    can get all items 


  • /give @p gun:scar 30 
  • /give @p gun:s686 2 
  • /give @p gun:kar98k 7 
  • /give @p gun:taser 1 
  • /give @p gun:aug 30 
  • /give @p gun:m16a4 30 
  • /give @p gun:m1897 8 
  • /give @p gun:awm 7 
  • /give @p gun:ak47 30 
  • /give @p gun:uzi 18 
  • /give @p gun:deagle 12 
  • /give @p gun:laser 99 
  • /give @p gun:dsword 99 
  • /give @p gun:bubble 99 
  • /give @p gun:flame 99 
  • /give @p bomb:rpg 1 
  • /give @p bomb:coin 1 
  • /give @p bomb:moon_cake 1 
  • /give @p bomb:peace 1 

How to switch UI

Find the world set like on the picture. 

This ui only serves as a decoration. 

The default is off.There may be bugs. 

Please close if you encounter bugs


  1. Download addon 
  2. Make sure you turn experimental gameplay 
  3. Apply the Addon to your world 
  4. Have fun 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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39 Responses

4.64 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. I will fix all bugs in 4.0, and will add more guns and gameplay, impeachment, melee weapons.Maybe next Friday

  2. Abdulrahman says:

    Good, but I have an idea, why didn’t you put all guns and put new touch to fire

  3. Aris Elizaga says:

    AMAZING MOD! Keep adding more! It would be nice to see more be added. So far i think you made the best gun mod on our platform. e. Again thank you for the great mod!1 suggestion is to try adding guns to loot drop tables or make them craftabl

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do you get ammo

  5. Manny Huesca says:

    I like it but it only hurts the entities but not the players 🙁

  6. Ricardo says:

    Hello. My name is Ricardo. I saw your addon and I love it. I’m currently editing it for my own use and possibly a future map. May I ask to be able to edit the addon? I can and will give your credit for the foundation of the addon. Thank you.

  7. Popetastic001 says:

    Yo can u make the guns have infinity ammo. Thanks but it’s still a good Addon. Even though when your out of ammo the guns disappear😞

  8. Greendj17 says:

    Can’t shoot guns

  9. Super Steve MC1 says:


  10. ChaosWild says:

    Please Update 1.14 I need that Addon

  11. Tobi88 says:

    He cant shoot

  12. 阿齊 says:


  13. VizionX says:

    I dont know how to shoot or aim

  14. John Doe says:

    most guns disappear on one shot

  15. Asd says:

    Can you add weapons 3d

  16. Dr.Bai says:

    good addon!

  17. Super Steve MC1 says:


  18. GALACTIC STEVE says:

    But I can’t understand that language it’s Chinese 😐

  19. I HATE YOU says:

    Yo i dont even see the xm in /function xm. I didnt even see the items its making me rage, and also i hate this addon this sucks

  20. cock and ball tortuer says:

    why is there no cbt mods tell me NOW I WANT SOME MY COCK IS FEELING TRASH

  21. Anonimus says:

    I loved it, I hope you keep updating it with more weapons.

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