XM Guns Add-on 6.0 (New Year Update)

I made this addon to share with all players. You can play csgo and pubg in Minecraft. Adds 25 guns 5 bombs to the games. This is a particularly technical addon. Why do I say this?


  • Real shotgun (more bursts per shot,scattered trajectory)
  • Real m16a4 (three bursts per shot) 
  • Real rpg
  • Bubble gun! (very beautiful) 
  • Flame gun (fire!) 
  • Laser gun 
  • Electromagnetic gun (this world will be destroyed) 
  • Fiying diamond sword 
  • Etc…..
  • All guns can be shot like a snowball and egg through the touch screen. 
  • All guns have cooldown time

New how to get they

Now you can find them in create bar

/function xm    can get all items 


  • /give @p gun:scar
  • /give @p gun:s686
  • /give @p gun:kar98k
  • /give @p gun:taser
  • /give @p gun:aug
  • /give @p gun:m16a4
  • /give @p gun:m1897
  • /give @p gun:awm
  • /give @p gun:ak47
  • /give @p gun:uzi 
  • /give @p gun:m249
  • /give @p gun:deagle
  • /give @p gun:laser 
  • /give @p gun:bat
  • /give @p gun:dsword
  • /give @p gun:bubble
  • /give @p gun:flame
  • /give @p gun:p90
  • /give @p bomb:rpg
  • /give @p bomb:coin 
  • /give @p bomb:pumpkin
  • /give @p bomb:moon_cake
  • /give @p bomb:peace
  • /give @p xm:parachute
  • /give @p ammo:smg 64
  • /give @p ammo:rpg 64
  • /give @p ammo:machine 64
  • /give @p ammo:shotgun 64
  • /give @p ammo:rifle 64
  • /give @p ammo:pistol 64
  • /give @p ammo:sniper 64

display system


The first time enter the archive,will get a book.

loading system

New content

  • add famas
  • add qbz
  • add kolibri
  • add m500
  • add vector
  • add water_balloon
  • Change some items

What version can be played

Will only support the official version 1.14.2 +

Will only support the official version 1.14.2 +

Will only support the official version 1.14.2 +

Want to get the latest news


Changelog View more

add famas

add qbz

add kolibri

add m500

add vector

add water_balloon

Change some items

XM GUNS 5.0 Update log
1. Melee weapons
2. New armor
3. Creation bar
4. Change some of the texture and animation
  1. add m249
  2. add bat dart
  3. add pumpkin grenade
  4. add ammo_rpg and machine
  5. new flame thrower texture
  1. Fixed an issue that cannot be used in multiplayer online
  2. New display system
  3. New loading system
  4. New readme
  5. Removed ui
  6. Added p90 and parachute


  1. only 1.14.2 +
  2. Download addon 
  3. Make sure you turn experimental gameplay 
  4. Apply the Addon to your world 
  5. Have fun 


Supported Minecraft versions


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284 Responses

4.21 / 5 (153 votes)
  1. Guest-4489853610 says:

    i tried downloading the add on but apparently i downloaded it two times…game said that there is duplicates so it failed to add it in..plz help me i want guns in minecraft so badly

  2. Guest-8233083290 says:

    Here is a request next time can you make them craftable in survival because that would be cool?

  3. Guest-6587199925 says:

    Have fun

  4. Guest-7144816117 says:

    Have fun

  5. DavidProRx says:

    Yeahis god add on normal guns no this a good guns

  6. Guest-7841443520 says:

    Are You Working On The Next Update Beause It Doesn’t Work In 1.15…
    I Love Thissl Addon And I Think It Is Really Unique.

  7. User-8535848269 says:

    Cool addon. For anyone else running 1.14.1 I can confirm version 5.0 still works on for me. The guns just jump around a bit when I shoot them. Is that normal? Still a cool addon though. This even works with the City Life packs so the melee weapons are a great addition for thug stuff. You can even do drivebys. One suggestion though, can you remove the helmet for the armors? Kinda ruins custom skins. Other than that cool stuff bro. Keep it up.

  8. User-8578209151 says:

    This addon is best, but the confuse thing how to reloading weapons with ammo, i did combined it by crafting/ crafting table but it doesnt work, the weapons are working as well

  9. m.m.16 says:

    can you fix some bugs like when I use some guns like rocket luncher it will crash when I lunch the rocket

  10. Creator says:

    Pls add chainsaw!

  11. 3D says:

    Can you have the Guns a 3D model?

  12. z627 says:

    the guns do not reload in crafting table

  13. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    So can you add some “Ultimate Unicorn Addon”

  14. ThunderyCargo59 says:

    can you please add crafting recipes?

  15. Jesse La Rue says:

    Hey, I’m loving the Addon. Unfortunately Its not allowing me to use this on a Realm 🙁 is this problem on my side or is it a bug with the pack?

  16. William quan says:

    I hate u

  17. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Can you add “Dragon Mounts 2 (Java Mod texture)” Addon

  18. G15 Anims says:

    Where is the Godzilla add-on???

  19. Abdulrahman says:

    It will be good if there is all guns and cars in Minecraft

  20. Danplayz says:

    Make map for XM Guns

  21. Bruno says:

    All the guns worked and looked so good but i was unable to reload for some reason

  22. Timo says:

    uhmmm maybe i,m just stupid but 1.14.2 isnt even out yet so how do download this? get the insider mode for minecraft? rather have it for 1.14.1

  23. oats says:

    can we have a way to reload the taser?
    or unlimited ammo in creative mode?

  24. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    It’s a very good addon, but I’m surprised that WATER BALLOONS were added. What about WATER GUNS? I’m OK if you don’t add water guns, but maybe?

    • FrostyLegend1029 says:

      I mean, water balloons before water guns? It’s about GUNS. But deleting water balloons is not what I’m saying. I’m saying to maybe add water guns.

  25. 匿名 says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Great job on the guns though,you should also put Fortnite as like all of them are in Fortnite but when I install it sends me a website called “ “

  27. Jorg3prox says:

    Man ilove this add-on and the one thing that wouldnmake it even better if it had a 1911 or a spas 12 other than that this is an awesome piece of work

  28. Popetastic001 says:

    Could u just please make a mediafire download of the GodZilla Addon in the Youtube video that u made in the link down below please because it just says the date and I really want to use the full mod please. But i do think that you make the best gun mods though

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a file named kkk in the files??

  30. Vit says:

    There is no MC PE v 1.4.2 on iOS. Only v 1.4.1 the newest one and your mode it’s doesn’t work ag all. How they make working?

  31. Idea Machine says:

    Please add a minigun aka m134
    it will hold 500 shots and it dose 5 damage, And it fires 10 bullets every seconds, please add this, mini guns are rare in addons. Any way awesome addon! 🙂

  32. Faiyded says:

    hello we said this from another place but didnt got a reply update for this, the game crashes after playing with the mod for a while, and cant log back to that world, only if you re-download and equip to the world again.

  33. Lll says:

    It doesn’t work in mc. How do I make it work?

  34. LeonardoDrahon says:

    I am at,the addon just crashers

  35. Idk says:

    Can you add Russian weapons like a PPSH-41, Mosin-Nagant, SVT-40, Makarov?
    I want to make arstotzka in my Minecraft server please in the next update?

  36. Sauce says:

    The Three Dimensional Weapon is like the Attack on titan ODM GEAR please re texture it into the Actual ODM GEAR Please! and also add Thomspon,M4a1,Mauser,M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and Karambit Thx and great addon

  37. I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:

    Playing on, can’t find 1.14.2 version.

    The reloading doesn’t work.

  38. MCNINJA05 says:

    You should make crafting recipes for the guns.

  39. MCNINJA05 says:

    You should add a survival way to get the guns. :))

  40. Wa says:

    I have a few weapon suggestions. 1, add a hand grenade. 2, add a glock 17. 3, add a m4 carbine. 4, add a mossberg 590 9. 5, add a molotov. 6, add a chemical grenade. 7, add a dragonov. That’s all my suggestions.

  41. Greg says:

    Please add more pistols and shotguns, but mainly more pistols!

  42. Isarboy says:

    This is my favorite addon! It will be my dream addon if u add the PKP Pecheneg out of! Please!!!

  43. Nopal says:

    Aku hanya ingin bertanya pada kalian apakah 1.14.2 beta itu bisa xbox dan bermain di sever dan realm?

  44. Jacob says:

    Hey creator, my game keeps crashing when I open my inventory with a gun, and when I join back it’s no longer in my inventory. Help!

  45. Kevin says:

    Add m4a1

  46. Trager1314 says:

    It doesn’t shoot why? fix it

  47. Trager1314 says:

    I can’t firing the weapon why it doesn’t work can you fix it doesn’t fire when i using a famas and long press it. Doesn’t fire fix it please

  48. The Enderman Animations says:

    Hi i have one problem i cant start a raid please fix this i really like this addon

    • The Enderman Animations says:

      I did put a villager with a bed and a job but nothing is working im searching when i go to another world without this addon the raid just start please fix this issue in the next update just wanted to tell you that my version is 1.14.2 the exact update

  49. only 1.14.2+
    only 1.14.2+
    only 1.14.2+

  50. Charlieh says:

    Hey man I wanna make a map out of this add-on called Valor and could you pls add an M4A1 that has greater damage than the ak-47

  51. Steve says:

    Tried playing with friends, won’t work. Although everything else is good!

  52. RGLgaming872 says:

    Dor some reason i cant reload the huns by putting them in crafting with the right ammo. Can this be fixed? Also could u add the G18C, M9, Groza, amd MP5, it would be awesome

  53. Yes says:

    Anyone know if the game still crashes when bullets enter unloaded chunks?

  54. sam says:

    Why doesn’t it apply to the bds buckets?

  55. Anonymous says:

    love it but behavior wont load

  56. 这东西牛逼是牛逼,主要是你的介绍

  57. RocketR says:

    This is a really good addon. I would like it though if we can craft the weapons.

  58. creepyeggiboi13 says:

    Can I add you on Xbox?

  59. Pedrosa says:

    Please, add Ww2 gun

  60. ivan says:

    does not work on realms 🙁

  61. ivan says:

    does not work on realms 🙁

  62. Tobizon 1 says:

    Add for pls

  63. Tobizon 1 says:

    Please add on

  64. Anonymous says:

    Is This Compatible With Xbox Beta 1.14+?

  65. Naufal says:

    Great addon

  66. Fathir says:

    Taser gun is bug, one press instantly disappears is taser gun, please update for repair taser gun

  67. Danplayz says:

    Wow… This is like the mcpe version of tech guns mod

  68. Some weird minecraft nerd says:

    I like how people keep asking for this, then when they get it they go in creative mode and throw bombs everywhere. (that was sarcastic)

  69. Nathan Reilly says:

    When will the Unknown Virus addon come out?

  70. Man says:

    Doesnt work at all

  71. EnZV12 says:

    not textur

  72. owata says:

    Cannot use guns in multiplayer

    • ImTheScottishResistance says:

      Btw! Pls Reply! Do you mean OFFICIAL 1.13? The one you actually BUY? Because my Borthers Minecraft is not paid its just an APK? Pls Reply

  73. Hanif says:

    Please add mp40

  74. BayDartYT says:

    А вылет при входе в инвентарь ЭТО ТОЖЕ БАГ МАЙНКРАФТА???

  75. noob crafter says:

    But I want craft weapon
    Can u do this?

  76. Chicken bro2804 says:

    Owner of addon please make a Bazooka to next update of the addon on december 7th please!

  77. Greg says:

    Add more shotguns and pistols like the other guy said.

  78. ImTheScottishResistance says:

    Hey! Im a Very Huge fan Of yours! Im just asking if you can make a TF2 Addon Too! You Can just Use the Projectile Files from this addon and all you need to do is the Texture of the item! That’ll be great! And btw make a Christmas Update on XM GUNS and also PISTOL UPDATES thanks!

  79. ImTheScottishResistance says:

    Can You Make a WW1/2 Weapons Addon? That’ll be great

  80. Fakeunknown says:

    Yeah, it can’t work at mcpe 1.13 it actually doesn’t work :/

  81. Snake. says:

    Doesn’t work.

    At first everything was okay but then it kicked me out.

    Everytime I start a game with this update, it kicks me out.

    Please fix it.

  82. CaninePrawn6409 says:


  83. StaticPlayz 7682_yt says:

    Can i say something i think u guys should make the melee weaponns and guns have different types attack damages because its not rly fun when they all do the same damage it defeats the purpose of different guns and u guys should add more pistols as well thx for listening

  84. Steel says:

    Can you make two separate links? One for behavior packs and another one for resource?

  85. Popetastic001 says:

    Can u please fix the shovel teaxures

  86. PedroHFC13 says:

    Hi!! I was wondering if in this version the projectile of the weapon hits other players because last time I tested and there was no effect on other players! Another thing the host is the one who shoots! Great

  87. ryandub8 says:

    can u make a infinite damage sniper please

  88. kevin133sdr says:

    the commands are not working

  89. kevin133sdr says:

    can i play it on 1.14??

  90. Anonymous says:

    1.14 please
    На 1.14 пажалуста

  91. PaulGaming says:

    can you fix the gun error , my friend when he uses any gun that only 1 round every time he shoot , he can’t shoot like a machine gun

  92. TheGuy says:

    Can you please add more pistols and shotguns cause I want to make a walking dead series on Minecraft.

  93. normal gamer says:

    can you make it to 1.13+

  94. UwU says:

    Makes the app force close when trying to use the mod

  95. Pierre says:

    Hey I found a seriously damaging problem, I can use it fine on normal worlds and it’s incredible, but I tried exporting this to a realm and it doesn’t work, it’s as if the pack isn’t there.

    • Husky says:

      Heyyyyy, Thats because realms don’t currently support Experimental mode, Thats not on the mod maker, I tried doing it as well Ya just gotta wait until Mojang Lets Realms Either A. Add Support for experimental or B. Makes Adding Items and Blocks Non-Experimental.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a .zip file too please?

  97. tilek says:

    (mcbe 1.14) when I want to play with a friend .friend when joins and immediately crash out and so often. I have version 1.14.can fix it?

  98. Levi says:

    When I open my inventory my game freezes and crashes So I just wanted to know how to fix it. (Also can you make the parichute Pop up on your back when you aquipe it) still a baddas addon tho

  99. Cypread says:

    If you add HoneyBadger, HK416, MK18, L115A2, M4A1 that’d be Cool!

  100. matthew wilkin says:

    please can you try to add crafting recipes thank you

  101. matthew wilkin says:

    can you add crafting recipes for the weapons

  102. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a glock?? Or more pistols

  103. Jimmy says:

    I hate this pack it didn’t even work like it said!

  104. GALACTIC STEVE says:

    Can you fix the addon cause it always crash
    My game also im on 1.13.0

  105. Skinnyseven7 says:

    1.13 is not beta now
    1.14 is in beta still

  106. JustSomeUnit says:

    Lad Can you made it for 1.13 and 1.14 beta??

  107. Rodnori says:

    Can you add that the explosives dont break blocks but do damage

  108. Sam Quincy says:

    It keeps crashing when I use it in the world. I cant use it and it is next to impossible to boot the world without removing the addon itself.

  109. (REDACTED) says:

    you should add more pistols love the mod bro

  110. sam says:

    1.12, It doesn’t work in multi-play.

  111. den4ik says:

    Please add to list equipment and remove the Chinese language

  112. Guoup says:

    什麼時候才有 1.13 正式版

  113. Tobizon 1 says:

    Supports 1.12, 1.13, 1.14

  114. Guoup says:


    • Pizza man 6 says:

      This addon sucks, it doesn’t even work right and I can’t shot the guns even with experimental gameplay on and in 1.13 pls help me

  115. Michael says:

    All the guns load in the game but they don’t want to shoot even when I have ammo

    • Helpingaround says:

      Yes I had that glitch before, its either no experimental gameplay, missing behavoir or resource or you need to remove some addons if there is applied

  116. Gamer420 says:

    This guns only aims but not shoots (my version is beta) and yes my experimental mod was on

  117. Anonymous says:

    Function xm Isnt Working?

  118. Guoup says:

    I hope to have sights and accessories

  119. Anonymous says:

    I hope to have sights and accessories

  120. Darky says:

    guns dont shoot on xbox 1

  121. carlos says:

    Falta elemento necesario con ID ‘e5f43764-5193-9e54-3b09-ee00d899d138’ y versión ‘0.0.4’.

    me sale este error, alguna ayuda?

  122. Popetastic001 says:

    Can you make a gravity gun Addon

  123. Skinnyseven7 says:

    When will you allow

  124. AwsomeOcelot says:

    This is amazing, thank you.

  125. ChaosRuins says:

    And can u try to make the guns 3d

  126. ChaosRuins says:

    Can u make a halo version of this mod seperatly that would be amazing cuz i love halo and this is the best gun mod ive ever seen

  127. syakir77 says:

    I LOVE THIS but i like how only experimental gameplay 8)

  128. Yeet says:

    Can you consider adding these guns to the mod ?
    M9 Berreta, M4A1, Remington M870, M1911, Glock 17, M21, G36C, SPAS-12.

  129. SomeDude says:

    Why does the shotgun break like the picture shows? It should break nearer to the trigger.

  130. asdfasdf says:

    what program do you use to make the codes

  131. Anonymous says:

    sorry you can add it to the firing button it will be easier

  132. Anonymous says:

    Since you did so well on this addon(I LOVE IT) if you know the game called halo, i was wondering if you could make an addon where the guns are from there that would be amazing

  133. John Doe says:

    M16 doesn’t shoot bursts anymore

  134. hidden user says:

    if you don’t hold the right click down all the way on win 10, the ammo count doesn’t register the shot so it gives you extra rounds more than the mag capacity to shoot, please fix

  135. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it to give me the guns using commands. It’s says it isn’t a correct syntax

  136. Anonymous says:

    How do I download it on IOS?

  137. SwallowFF says:

    Can you make the guns craftable?

  138. Tobizon 1 says:

    Why it is not on 1.14??

  139. I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:

    Please bro make it compalitable with – I really REALLY WANT TO PLAY!

  140. TheWarMachine87 says:

    Please make the guns and ammo craftable

  141. Sometimes addon is not loaded, re-create an archive.😬

  142. Markus12o says:

    Great mod. Maybe you should make a way to load guns by putting items in your left hand.

  143. MinecraftLovers says:

    Why not support on beta?

  144. FlaviusFire says:

    Dude, can I use this in a PVP map? I’ll credit you.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Dude, can I use this for a PVP map? I’ll credit you.

  146. mc ame player says:


  147. Trager1314 says:

    Please can you share the add-on godzilla i really want your add-on please share the others. your add-on it so cool with animations more powerful monster than the normal hostile mobs.

  148. Trager1314 says:

    The only mobs in there are spawn godzilla,spawn burning godzilla,and spawn ghidorah (king ghidorah). 65TH YEARS OF GODZILLA 1954 TO 2019 UNTIL NEXT YEAR 2020 WILL BE GODZILLA VS KONG.

  149. Trager1314 says:

    Wait i saw your youtube channel and your post the awesome add-on with king of the monsters returns itself named GODZILLA!!! the are only 3 mob spawners i saw it with your video with cool animation. godzilla’s atomic breath is cool animation and how many days can you post it in Mcpedl

  150. Anonymous says:

    Pls can you make it accessible in creative menu

  151. Creator, can you please make a Undertale weapons Addon? Pleeeeeeaaassseeee?

  152. A creator says:

    Hey bro.
    Look man, I like this mod, and I like it alot. I looked into the folders, and the work you’ve done in the mod is crazy good. Theres a few problems though with the way you have it set up, and id be willing to help you. Theres no ammo in the game, so there’s no limit to the amount you can shoot. Now in survival, because its based off of the snowball (and I understand why too), instead of collecting ammo, and keeping the gun, you have to have multiple of that gun, and when it runs out, like the snowball, it disappears.. Common sense says thats wrong, but as a coder, because of the way you have it set up, its Ok. Id say use the bow and arrows format, and have ammo as your… well ammo. Im making a mod with this setup, but if your not ok with me posting mine with your mod as the foundation, id be willing to work together with you in making this better. Thats my advice, but i love it. Especially that u dont use adfly. dont ever do that plz!

  153. Anonymous says:

    Im doing this on a Xbox but why is the mod not doing anything? I tried the commands but that doesn’t work

  154. pls help me says:

    can you help? i can’t seem to download it because it says “not a valid zip archive”

  155. batman092298 says:

    Hi Distant,

    I really like your addon and I know u are getting a lot of complaints about your addon but I use your addon on my SCP map that I have been working since April. But I will name a list of the bugs I found in the addon.

    -Guns wont hurt People only entities
    -Guns shoot one bullet on controller meaning haft to swop weapons to shoot one bullet again
    -Taser does nothing to entities Nor players
    -Guns ammo stock is short
    -When firing the guns your arms go over your head
    -Guns disappear when empty on ammo
    -Every time u shoot the gun in creative the gun does a break spam{If That Makes sense}

    That is basically it for me. I know u probably heard haft of these complaints but I just want to help u the best I can to make this addon the best addon on Thank u for reading this and have a good Day

    one more thing please add a P90. I need one for my SCP world 🙂

  156. Anonymous says:

    Hi Distant,

    I really like your addon and I know u are getting a lot of complaints about your addon but I use your addon on my SCP map that I have been working since April. But I will name a list of the bugs I found in the addon.

    -Guns wont hurt People only entities
    -Guns shoot one bullet on controller meaning haft to swop weapons to shoot one bullet again
    -Taser does nothing to entities Nor players
    -Guns ammo stock is short
    -When firing the guns your arms go over your head
    -Guns disappear when empty on ammo
    -Every time u shoot the gun in creative the gun does a break spam{If That Makes sense}

    That is basically it for me. I know u probably heard haft of these complaints but I just want to help u the best I can to make this addon the best addon on Thank u for reading this and have a good Day

    one more thing please add a P90. I need one for my SCP world 🙂

  157. Harley Davies says:

    Its rlly good but i love it if ther were more guns and they hurt players when friend fire is on maye a glock or a m9 and what does the taser do it didnt do anything for me not even stun or paralise

  158. NOT WORKING says:

    Not working on xbox >:(

  159. I will fix all bugs in 4.0, and will add more guns and gameplay, impeachment, melee weapons.Maybe next Friday

  160. Abdulrahman says:

    Good, but I have an idea, why didn’t you put all guns and put new touch to fire

  161. Aris Elizaga says:

    AMAZING MOD! Keep adding more! It would be nice to see more be added. So far i think you made the best gun mod on our platform. e. Again thank you for the great mod!1 suggestion is to try adding guns to loot drop tables or make them craftabl

  162. Anonymous says:

    How do you get ammo

    • At present, the firearm itself is a bullet.But at 4.0 I will add ammo

    • I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:

      Please, can you make it compalitable with Actual Guns Addon,?

      Both add-ons are AWESOME, but please go to the creator of Actual Guns Addon and please TRY (I know that’s impossible)

      But please combine your works together because both add-ons are awesome, so if anything happens let me know.W

  163. Manny Huesca says:

    I like it but it only hurts the entities but not the players 🙁

  164. Ricardo says:

    Hello. My name is Ricardo. I saw your addon and I love it. I’m currently editing it for my own use and possibly a future map. May I ask to be able to edit the addon? I can and will give your credit for the foundation of the addon. Thank you.

  165. Popetastic001 says:

    Yo can u make the guns have infinity ammo. Thanks but it’s still a good Addon. Even though when your out of ammo the guns disappear😞

  166. Greendj17 says:

    Can’t shoot guns

  167. Super Steve MC1 says:


  168. ChaosWild says:

    Please Update 1.14 I need that Addon

  169. Tobi88 says:

    He cant shoot

  170. 阿齊 says:


  171. VizionX says:

    I dont know how to shoot or aim

  172. John Doe says:

    most guns disappear on one shot

  173. Asd says:

    Can you add weapons 3d

  174. Dr.Bai says:

    good addon!

  175. Super Steve MC1 says:


  176. GALACTIC STEVE says:

    But I can’t understand that language it’s Chinese 😐

  177. I HATE YOU says:

    Yo i dont even see the xm in /function xm. I didnt even see the items its making me rage, and also i hate this addon this sucks

  178. cock and ball tortuer says:

    why is there no cbt mods tell me NOW I WANT SOME MY COCK IS FEELING TRASH

  179. Anonimus says:

    I loved it, I hope you keep updating it with more weapons.

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