X-Ray Vision Resource Pack

This is a resource pack which allows you to see all mobs, players, chests and other entities through walls. It’s very lightweight and it doesn’t make use of any shaders or custom textures. I do realize that a few of you might get upset with the release of this pack so please take some time to read my reply to you further down.

Creator: Anonymous

How does it work?

As soon as the resource pack is enabled you will be able to see through all types of blocks (except for End and Nether Portal blocks). The things you will be able to see are mobs, players, chests and other entities such as paintings and minecarts.

Don’t worry though. Server owners can protect their servers against this as it can otherwise be used for cheating. Click here for more info.

How to block this on servers?

Servers and realms most likely want to protect themselves against players using this resource pack.

  1. Create a resource pack that contains the vanilla entity.material and terrain.material files
  2. Make it mandatory for players to use resource packs to join your server / realm

Editor’s Note

The main reason why I decided to accept this pack on the website is to provide server owners the necessary steps required to prevent players from using it to cheat on their servers.

I know already of two people who have figured out how to create an x-ray pack for Pocket Edition. And seeing as there are hundreds of thousands of Minecraft players there is just a matter of time before more are created and used for cheating on servers.

All this might sound contradictory but you have to understand that this information will enlighten server owners and help them to protect their servers!


iOS / Android:

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Go to Settings Global resources > Activate pack

.ZIP File

Windows 10:

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Go to Settings Global resources > Activate pack

.ZIP File

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134 Responses

3.93 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Iamlammaman says:

    When I click onto the media fire link and I press download and I go to Minecraft for some reason the mod pack doesn’t seem to appear and so I don’t know how to fix this can someone please help me. I think it is because the new media fire update has changed the downloading process. Someone please help.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great 😉

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Mini says:

    I doubt this is monitored anymore but anyone know how to add villagers to list of entities that are visible?

  5. Fed says:

    It is great resource pack, but can you make this for resources?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Water is broken, and if you could adjudt the ui to make the ores show through and fix the water, 5 stars

  7. Anonymous says:

    The pack isn’t working right now. You can’t see any blocks, you can only see the entities. Please fix this

  8. Someone says:

    Sorry, I cheated on a server I got 1st place out of 100 people anyways, thx

  9. WolfyDL says:

    I will get it, but only if you add like a border around the block texture like leave on pixel on the outline so you can see if there is a block in front of you like in the one for PC.

  10. some cube says:

    Can you guys update it to 1.6.0? Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    boken in 1.5

  12. Ryder says:

    Need real stone invisible resource pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sncgmr says:

    Im using the MCPE Aquatic Version and this pack sucks

  14. Dark says:

    Can you see spawners with this?

    Spectator Mode doesn’t exist on PE

  15. Bubbylubby says:

    There’s something wrong, now everytime I open minecraft it logs me out! What do I do!!?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Agreed pls update for new version

  17. Random anonymous guy says:

    My game crashes and I can’t delete it from Minecraft, even though I deleted it from my device

  18. Nat says:

    Crashes everytime it tries to install, like after I press it in global settings. I was using this before last minecraft update

  19. Jess says:

    You just need to re download it

  20. ParadiscalBlue says:

    Pls update it crashes

  21. Neat says:

    Can you update it so it shows ores as well?

  22. Jacob says:

    Needs fixing to comply with new update

  23. EffoVex says:

    Please update so it’s compatible for 1.2.14. Otherwise it will crash every time.

  24. WamboPlaysYt says:

    Hello! Back then I loved this mod. It worked perfectly and easy. But now when I load it my IPad crashes. I have tried deleting Minecraft and redownload it then install this mod again but it has not worked. Please fix this ASAP!

  25. StringyDwarf33 says:

    Doesn’t work

  26. eternity303 says:

    I really liked it so much!!!! 5 stars!

  27. LIMEAIDE says:

    Excellent!!! Please add so you can see CRAFTING TABLES through walls though.

  28. MasterMythh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    Can you make one that only X-rays players and mobs? Or make it a separate option, and the regular one the full version?

  29. PavilionStorm96 says:

    It’s bugging texture pack

    Please remove it:

    -Remove: skins all
    -Can’t x-ray find players skins.

    For some reasons use Windows 10 in reaching out!

  30. Anonymous says:

    because my skin to custom, We can allowed, you should edited all please remove it.

  31. pom6universe says:

    hey this is urgent… ever since 1.2 this texture doesn’t work on windows 10 ONLY!!! both the pocket and window link don’t work on the windows 10 only… it makes all entity (players chest sign and everything you could see thru walls now doesn’t work and I NEED it

  32. rchrdcrg says:

    I would love to see this updated for 1.2. Creepers, cows, and pigs are now invisible except for their shadows… Kinda scary when you can’t tell a cow from a creeper other than the behavior of the shadow walking toward you! Still useful, just not as much as it was pre-1.2.

  33. Sturdyturnip24 says:

    Can every one stop saying make it so you can see ore it is impossible because ore is not a entity

  34. zachhh says:

    can you make it so you can see diamond and emeralds

  35. Affan says:

    When i look at my own player it shows the body normal but it shows the back of head not front plzz fix this

  36. felipe says:

    Mcpedl please could you ask to create upgrade to 1.2? I do not know how to play without this texture, she’s so wonderful and perfect.

  37. Verside says:

    HI can you make a texture pack that can see ores we need it to protect our servers and also make the server fun and anti X-ray we already banned 59 people who is using texture packs to find ores and it’s not fair for other players can you please make the X-ray texture for the ores so we can see who’s xraying or not xraying cuz I think we have a lot of xrayers but we still don’t see them

  38. Danny says:

    Hi I think this is a really great addon, especially when you’re playing hide and seek and you need to find players 😛 I was just wondering can you try making an update where players can see red stone mechanics (ex: red stone, buttons, levers, etc) if you can that would be great!

  39. Josh says:

    how do i get rid of this hack!!??

  40. Anonymous says:

    The X-ray pack works by rendering entities such as living mc mobs ex; pigs creepers etc behind walls signs are actually living entities in a way so you can see them with the pack but blocks are not entities therefore it’s impossible to make them render the same way, so the only way you can see certain blocks behind walls is by making the blocks obscuring your vision invisible there’s already a texture pack that does this exact thing with ores though I reccommend using a nightvision shader or potion with it.
    Here’s some links if you want the ore X-ray texture pack


    Night vision


    And of course I didint make these amazing packs, full credits to the creators (DualRed-made the X-ray pack) and (Sam Syvv-made the night vision pack)
    Before you guys comment, remember that there’s probably another addon out there that has what your looking for XD there’s sooooo many requests to make this work for ores or to turn it into a night vision pack when bolth of those packs already exist!

  41. Nartk says:

    Nice job man

  42. Anonymous says:

    Need ore-ray

  43. Minecraftien111 says:

    Actually, i understand your note, Editor, but how do we make this for local servers (Like i use when i host my worlds on Plug PE) ?

    -Minecraftien111 (French so sorry for my English)

  44. HoangVNTM says:

    I use it to kill my friends :))

  45. POOP HEAD TIMMY says:


  46. Da MAgical UNIcorn says:

    Can you create a texture pack where it shows all of the ores and lava? Can’t you just use the same code you used for the chests, items, etc. and use it on ores and lava? I would really appreciate it if you did that!

  47. Gustoph says:

    This is very helpful if you play broken lens block hunt or any block hunt because you can see where people are hiding

  48. Chayton says:

    Ore finder is is mod even though this works on multiplayer uo

  49. Anonymous says:

    It’s patched it just makes chest invisible and what’s in my hand invisible pls help

  50. Shadow says:

    Does this really work

  51. SQABO says:

    very useful in hunger games!

  52. ToxicCoki says:

    Everything I’m suppose to see is invisible. I am using a texture pack though. Player are invisible but mobs aren’t. Chest are also invisible. Pls fix.

  53. 123 says:

    Can someone make a backpack mod for iOS

  54. Anonymous says:

    Can someone make a backpack mod for iOS

  55. Eddy says:

    Can you make it so you can see dispenser and dropper if you can and if not please tell me why please

  56. M4chi.51 says:

    Best tool ever thank u but also plz make it so I can find iron

  57. M4chi.51 says:

    Awesome I doughted this would work as if it was a mod but it’s just a awesome addition to the game

  58. Ender dragon dragon says:

    I have killed Herobrine I have killed myself I have killed Herobrine I have killed myself I have killed Herobrine I have killed myself I have killed Herobrine I have killed

  59. The Guy Who Raided You says:

    I love this resource pack it’s so much easier to raid bases on faction servers now.

  60. son says:

    This texture is useful when multiplay ha ha!

  61. RealBlueNinja says:

    There’s actually no way for people external servers to edit server resource packs as of now (unless someone finds out how through custom plugins).

  62. GamingMCPE says:

    Plz make a on/off button and add ores!!! (Thank you)

  63. Anonymous says:

    If it is possible, which it might not be, can you add an on and off switch. Whenever I come to a area with more entities, it gets trippy of where everything is.

  64. LolplatFormes says:

    what about infinite night vision?

  65. Chris says:

    Make it to where there is an ON/OFF button, and a section to where you can choose what you want to see and add ore’s

  66. PetertheMinion says:

    Plz make it so that I can see hoppers, droppers, dispensers, and ores with this ! 😀

  67. Vosto PL says:

    I don’t want more features!It’s EPIC now!

  68. ThePugTDM says:


  69. bub says:

    needs work:this resource pack is the best one I’ve seen,but people can use this on servers(like LBSG) it won’t be fair and iOS people can use it so thats going to add more cheaters in games because android people can hack Minecraft easily. iOS people have this to cheat the game. You should change this to a behavior pack so it can only be applied on your own severs(if thats possible) or something.

  70. 👤 says:

    Awesome! Just needs a little more features.

  71. TotalBlueYT says:

    I really love you texture pack for mcpe but can you put the ores in the texture pack as well

  72. CB says:

    Does someone have a link to the vanilla .material files? I can’t seem to get to them on iOS. Thanks

  73. Boudewijn says:

    Can you MAKE FOV hack people have fov 100° and can you MAKE A recouse pack WITH more FOV ~° I love that so Much and can you MAKE öre x-ray me brother love that to Mine easy THANKS For Reading this message

    MCPE name: WorteltjesBoer

  74. Anonymous says:

    Can you do one for ores

  75. Domtie says:

    Please do it so that it works with ores Plz!!!!!!!!

  76. oOBmOo says:

    Make an on and off button, But this add on also cool I love it.

  77. PetertheMinion says:

    I tested this and it works on servers

  78. DawsonCL says:

    WOW how did you do that this is sooooooooooooooo cool

  79. Sizar says:

    This is really cool, but we want to see ores and other stuff also underground , nothing more, just if u only added that feature ! It will be super cool.

    • de5 says:

      its imposible because it going to be a mod not a texturepack
      probably also imposible if you knew how to aew the ores and stuff

  80. Herobrine says:

    Can you add an ore x-ray

    • D34DB0I says:

      Sorry but this is impossible seeing that it only renders entities through blocks. Sorry about that but at this time there is no way of doing this in vanilla MCPE without Blocklauncher, Toolbox…. etc.

      But hopefully in the future when they start to develop the allowance of editing blocks and stuff like that then it would most likely be possible by just a simple polygon rendering addon.

      And when addons make everything in the game editable then people would be able to make WAAAY more complicated mods (aka addons)

      So look out for news with the C# Addons coming to MCPE and soon we can hopefully add more things to the game instead of editing already implemented features.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Love it, but can you please make see ores like coal, iron, diamond, gold, emerald, lapis and redstone that would be EPIC btw this helps me alot when i” trolling people >u<

  82. Gun says:

    Can u make ore vison ?
    If u can thank 🙂

  83. PezPizza says:

    Edtior can u plz put up a texture pack to stop this

  84. bonin888 says:

    Dude this isn’t cheating in fact if you cannot fly through walls this pack is not helpful in servers. Great job! 😀 this is useful for admins though… so I’m rating it 5 stars if I could.

  85. ModLover says:

    I love this addon! Please make more add-ons like flying in survival mode, infinite attack damage and super speed. thank you 😄

  86. DismondEoa says:

    By the way there is a bug where when i go to put on my armor, i can see through myself and other animals and chests..it looks really weird.

    • Zain4583d says:

      Lol it’s because you are an entity and so are chests and other animals that is what this addon is for

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not a bug, it’s just a side effect of how this addon works, and there’s no way to advoid it, cause that’s how your able to see the mobs through the walls in the first place (that’s how rendering entities behind walls works)

  87. Redgit says:


  88. Vic says:

    Good job thank you!

  89. Valdemar says:

    Can you make it so there is an og and OFF Button.
    And do so it works with ores and otter things. Plz

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