XTM Weaponcraft

XTM Weaponcraft is a mod which adds a whole new set of medieval weapons and items to Minecraft. Though, the mod also focuses on more modern items and structures. For example, with the new blocks and item in the mod you can build yourself a Nuclear Reactor which can be used for various reasons.

By request we’ve added a full list of all items and IDs below.

Weaponcraft ID

  • 402, Diamond Long Sword
  • 403, Iron Long Sword
  • 404, Gold Long Sword
  • 407, Stone Long Sword
  • 408, Diamond Large Sword
  • 409, Iron Large Sword
  • 410, Gold Large Sword
  • 411, Stone Large Sword

Nuclearcraft IDs

  • 460, Reactor Controler
  • 461, Coolant Cell
  • 462, Uranium Ingot
  • 463, Glowstone Ingot
  • 464, Steel Ingot
  • 465, Redstone Ingot
  • 466, Lapis Lazuli Ingot
  • 467, Diamond Dust
  • 468, Gold Dust
  • 469, Iron Dust
  • 470, Lapis Lazuli Dust
  • 471, Uranium Dust
  • 472, Lapis Lazuli Sword
  • 473, Redstone Sword
  • 474, Glowstone Sword
  • 475, XTM Guide
  • 476, Silk Touch Pickaxe
  • 477, This place wires (SECRET ITEM)


  • Glowstone Sword (ID: 474)
  • Lapis Lazuli Sword (ID: 472)
  • Redstone Sword (ID: 473)



  • Silk Touch Pickaxe (ID: 476)



You can smelt almost any ore, ingots or dusts in-game to achieve the same thing as seen on the image below. The only exceptions which it doesn’t work for are coal ore and steel ingot.


wep2 wep33

Works for all ores and dusts in-game besides coal ore.

wep4 wep44


  • XTM Guide (ID: 475)
  • Reactor Controller (ID: 460)
  • Coolant Cell (ID: 461)




Below you can see Uranium Ore which is randomly spawned in the world. It looks like dark cobblestone.

How to Build a Nuclear Reactor & Use it

First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor (same as first floor):


If the outcome looks like the following then you have done it right:


Stand infront of the cube and tap with your Reactor Controller in the middle to activate it.


The Nuclear Reactor should now light up in bright colors:


How to Add Wires to a Nuclear Reactor


Tap on the activator with anything and it should activate the wires.

wires2 wires3

Next you can place blocks next to the wires to have them powered with help of the Nuclear Reactor. Make sure to reset the energy from the activators once new blocks are added to the wires.


How to Use Fastors

Blocks which make you faster, but they must be powered for it to work.



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