XWorldEdit – WorldEdit Brush

XWE or Xd_pro’s World Edit is an addon made to help builders with creating organic-looking mountans, hills, valleys and more. It is also good for crashing your game with TNT!

How To Install It

First, download the addon from my website. Apply it in “behavior packs.” Join the world and type /function xwe

You should be given a repeating command block. If you were not, do /give @p repeating_command_block 1. Place it down and change its settings to look like this:

Once that is done, the addon should be working!

How To Use It

To use the addon, get a fishing rod and right click/tap the “fish” button. You should see bedrock coming out of it. To change the block type /setblock 1 1 1


Changelog View more

Added a video explaining how to use the addon correctly.

Fixed Download Link, Reposted. Sorry About That. Also I dont have anything else to fill up this box.



Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

3.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. 0800325 says:

    this is not sucure

  2. Santoigorlima says:

    I did everything you said but still I can’t see the bedrock coming out of the fishing rod.

  3. TheCommenter342908 says:

    Um so when I use the fishing rod, nothing happens. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something here

  4. RapAndRalph123 says:

    Dude i love the addon have 5 stars goodjob!!!!!!

  5. La Pultri says:


    There is just one problem. It is extremely laggy on some devices, but it *is* bearable so over all, it’s a great pack.

  6. Blue Raptorex says:

    Great Addon Its One That Finally Works!!!!

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