Candy Island Addon

Candy Island Addon is released! With it you can explore gigantic biomes completely made out of sweets! With over ten new structures, dungeons and more!

Check all the information in the description, any questions – contact the developer!


Creator Channel (Brazilian): yBrothers

Creator Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Always leave credits !!



New biomes, new structures, new CupCake Pets, new unicorns, new monsters, floating islands and more !!

The candy biome can be found in a common way as your world is rendered, not uncommon! And on it you’ll find unique things as well as. Such as new items, blocks, animals, monsters, bosses, structures, and more! Check out some of these news!

Some observations:

– All recipes can usually be found in the cookbook, or you can watch a review on the creator’s channel!

– To share, do not use your own link! Use a direct link from the MCPEDL website!

What’s new?

A great CANDY ISLAND !! Round of rivers and chocolate seas!

The Candy Biome!!

An immense generation of sweets, with personalized structures, find them by your world!


According to the image, the blocks added are:

– Chocolate Block (Bloco de chocolate)

– Block of Honey (Bloco de Mel)

– Sugar Block (bloco de açucar)

– Gelatine Block’s five variants! (Blocos de galatina, cinco variantes!!l)

– Chantilly Block! (Bloco de chantily)

– Marshmallow Block (Bloco de marshmallow)

– Bullet Block (Bloco de bala)

– Leaves and cherry wood (Folhas e madeira de cerejeira)

– Block of Granulated Cream (Bloco de creme granulado)

– Block of Cotton Candy (Bloco de algodão doce)

– Chocolate Brick’s (Tijolos de chocolate)

– Candy Bricks (Tijolos doce)

–  Block Of Blueberry Ice Cream  (Bloco de sorvete de blueberrye)

– CupCake Block! (Bloco de CupCake)

– Caramel Block (Bloco de caramelo)

– Red Candy Block (Bloco doce vermelho)

– Blueberry Bush (Arbusto de blueberry)

– Confectionery bench – no function for now (Bancada de confeitaria – Sem função por enquanto)

– Candy Block (Bloco doce)

– Cherry boards (Tábuas de cerejeira)

– Marshmallow Bush – In work (Moita de marshmallow, em trabalho)

– Cottom Candy Flower – In work (Flor de algodão doce, em trabalho)

– Chocolate Bush – In work (Arbusto de chocolate  em trabalho)


– Sweet dolphins! Beautiful and bouncy!

– Candy Chickens (Galinha doce)

– Caramel Foxes (Raposa de caramelo)

– Sweet Bears (Ursinhos doces)

– Candy Cow (Vaca doce)

– Candy keeper (Anciã dos doces)

– Guardian Pillagoce (Guardião saqueadoce)

– Guardian Ravagoce – BOSS (Guardião devastadoce) – He appears rarely and only at night, he is a powerful boss !!


– Jelly (Geleia)

– Marshmallow (Tree forms) (Marshmallow, em três formas)

– Cotton Candy (Algodão doce)

– Sweet cane (Bengala doce)

– Blueberry (Blueberry)

– Bluberry Ice Cream (Sorvete de blueberry)

– CupCake Magical (Bolinho Magic)

– Caramel (Caramelo)

– Chocolate (Chocolate)

– Cocoa Candy (Cacau adoçado)

To get the items, give the command / give @p candy: (item) or make them through recipes, shown in the cookbook, or you can also get them in the custom addon blocks!


– House of the elderly !! In it you can find hidden chests, the guardian, candy counter and new blocks! Be careful when you face it !! RARE STRUCTURE

– Added new armor, swords, and tools made of candy!

– Add new dungeons!!

Seed Candy Island in Spawn: 627231061

Changelog View more

- Many bug fixes! 

- Sweet Biome completely remodeled!

- Added sweet dolphins!

- Spawn of structures stabilized!

- Removed candy pig!

- Villagers no longer have clothes in their snow biomes!"

- Tidy snowy grass bug is invisible!

- Added all sounds!

- Added new textures!

- Added the chocolate rivers!

- Added more drop to lucky candy!

- Added new candy plants and kelps candy!

- Candy Island animals no longer spawn in other biomes!

- And several improvements!

- Fixed several bugs that occurred when activating and using the behavior pack in the world.

- Added new mobs!

- Added new candy structures!

- Added four new candy biomes!

- Added Floating Island!!!

- Villagers have custom skin for candy biomes, which allows you to create villages !!

- Added new Sword!

- Added new ore!

- Added new jujube rain!!

- Added new itens!

- Added new foods!


Magic cupcakes now work properly giving temporary effect to the player.

 Sweet shrubs now have no black spot error in their texture.

 Corrected and revised every translation from yCandy to English.

 Gelatine creature had its name changed correctly.

 Minecraft foxes and the caramel fox now have completely separate animations.

 Minecraft foxes worked properly again when they slept.

 Fixed sound bug issued by caramel foxes.

 Sweet blocks now look grungy, and have modified texture.

 Sweet blocks now emit light 2x more than the other versions of the addon.

 Structures now must no longer generate above the others.

 Candy confectionery now has its rarity enhanced even more.

 The devastated Guardian boss now appears more easily.

 For English language, the names of the guardians were changed, for Ravandy and Pillandy.

 Decrease in structures spawn.

 Increased spawn of creatures.

 Gelatine creatures re-generated inside sweet houses.

 Candy elder does not throw more snowballs as before.

 Pillagoces now must generate in the ground correctly.

 Fixed other errors when playing in win10 edition.

 Bullet blocks should no longer crash when done on a desk.

 Sweet block now has the correct texture.

 Fixed crash problems due to excess structures.

 Sweet little bears are not now aggressive with caramel foxes.

 Caramel foxes flee faster than sweet chickens.

 Caramel blocks should drop caramel again.

 Sweet cows now order caramel properly.

 Fixed and reshaped gelatine creature drop.

 Correct increase in light emitted by sweet blocks.

 Retrieved non-dependency error when activating behavior packet in the world.

 Correction in the spawn egg of the candy elder.

 Changing the cookie name to CupCake (in the Brazilian Portuguese translation)


- Caramel Foxes and Minecraft Foxes now work correctly in 1.13 betas.

- Many biome-generation bugs and structures have been fixed.

- yCandy should now work correctly in win10 edition.

- Bug Fixes

- Crash bug during gameplay in sweet tidy biomes!

- Bug Fixes

- Corrected boss bar of the guardian ravagoce!



Supported Minecraft versions


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85 Responses

3 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Gabe says bork says:

    Why, why linkvertis!!!, how can I download a addon without that stupid garbage website. I don’t want to read articles and watch a 2 minute video!!!!, if you can’t think of a link to use, USE MEDIAFIRE!!!!

  2. Nickolai says:

    Hey Flapjack! Flapjack!
    Come with and we’ll go and see a place called candy Island!
    Who needs candy island? Its safer at the docks
    But there aint no streams of soda pop dripping down the rocks!
    But its dangerous and risky!
    But adventurous and free!
    Adventure that’s the life for me!
    There’s lollipop trees and a lemonade sea!
    that doesn’t sound very good to me….

  3. Anonymous says:

    The caramel foxes are really hideous and tranlate more stuff to english.

  4. A distressed person says:

    Dude your link is just blank, theres nothing on the page, it doesnt show like the video, theres no ‘Im not a robot’ option or anything. Itsjust blank, can anyone tell me how to fix this?

  5. NanaYukata says:

    I hate these comments on your addon Gabriel
    “The link doesn’t work” or “use mediafire plz”
    1.Click that link
    2.Open any article,close the article the randomspin video till end and close it
    Then Continue..
    Wait for 15 secs
    And then continue and it will directly take you to the Mediafire where you can download this addon.

  6. FathurNetwork says:

    I can’t download it!

  7. I hate linktiverse says:

    I hate linktiverse plz change it to direct link (Mediafire) or adfly

  8. Jojo pato says:

    Faça um balde de chocolate derretido e se conseguir inclua na nova atualização

  9. Bob the manager says:

    I can’t download the addon no more. The link is private and it will steal my password.

  10. NO THANKS says:

    Yeah… I’m not risking my chances of getting a virus

  11. Laura Kemp says:

    I LOVE IT!!! 1 issue
    I love building and the candy mod stairs will not turn. I can’t make a candy castle with this issue

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool mod but how do you get the candy sword?

  13. Piz4ng says:

    So cool bro!

  14. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix I have to do I’m not a robot thing but there no captcha

  15. Foxiez says:

    Can you please make a candy biome wolf?like chocolate wolf,ice cream wolf,pocky wolf?(a cookie brand),syrup wolf,candy wolf or cookie wolf?

  16. Yazan Alnuweiri says:

    I’m not able to find the biome in a newly generated world, is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m on the xbox one if that helps.

  17. Reuben allison says:

    please can u please put it on media fire please ;( please i love mod pleaseeee

  18. Cristofer says:

    it would be amazing if you put this as a dimension

  19. Anonymous says:

    put me in infinite loop I keep doing I’m not robot test but keeps taking to same site pls fix link!

  20. Dredfres1 says:

    There aren’t any floating islands and the dungeons aren’t in the candy biome also there aren’t any unicorns or other pets inside the candy biome. I play on xbox

  21. Dredfres1 says:

    There aren’t any floating islands and the dungeons aren’t in the candy biome also there aren’t any unicorns or other pets. I play on xbox

  22. Andrew Luiz says:

    How do you find the house of the elderly?

  23. Recommending says:

    You should make it so u can tame foxes and please fix the jelly creature and water.

  24. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    This addon is amazing I love the idea of candy mobs, items, and blocks. The gelatin monster has a bug with the body it’s upright instead of like mob animals. Add custom sounds for them( maybe make more high pitched sounds of them not too high pitch. For the new boss add a custom item drop. And question what does the new confedentary table do? One more thing add a Spanish and English version separately I get so confused about the names of the mobs.

  25. Blank says:

    Really awesome addon that is fun all around, however I do want to point out some things. Snow ontop of grass seems to make the grass become invisible which looks awful in snow biomes and the water bugs out a good bit making it look really odd. One more thing is that I find it out how you can leash the candy chickens and the candy cow but not the caramel fox. Plus an idea for the caramel fox is to be able to tame it using blueberries as normal foxes can be tamed using sweet berries and I just want a pet caramel fox.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the water texture is acting weird! Figured I’d notify everyone!

  27. Sean Bjorge says:

    the Addon worked and I finally saw foxes 🙂 now what you have to do is if it says get link then do that and exit out and the media fire url would appear

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Can’t even install I am in a loop of hitting get link and being taken to the page I started at.

  29. Haru says:

    Didnt work. Not sure if it has to do with me being on ios but nothing works

  30. Help says:

    When I put in the addon and joined the new world, I typed in /give @p candy: and nothing popped up. Can someone help me?

  31. Hannah says:

    I am not able to download this mod because of the link, It would be super useful if the link to download it was on MediaFire. This looks like such a cool mod but I cant get it! 🙁

  32. littlexavier gaming says:

    wish i could download it the link doesnt work for me

  33. littlexavier gaming says:

    looks good

  34. Anonymous says:

    Is this mod compatible with your others? (exploration +, Biome, + tropicalcraft)?

    If I were to play with all four would the addon still function or will the mobs/items overlap?

    • Blank says:

      Topicalcraft with this addon doesn’t fully work as some items from the beach biome will spawn inside the candy biome. However, nothing really major happens just a few odd details.

    • Blank says:

      This addon does work with tropicalcraft, however a few items that spawn in the beach biome will also spawn inside the candy biome, nothing major but is a little strange.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Heres a Candy Biome near spawn seed:


  36. Anonymous says:

    who is a seed to candy biome?

  37. JellyPaladin says:

    It would be a famous addon if it weren’t for the broken download links and unresponsive creator.

  38. Rufus Dragon says:


  39. Evie says:


  40. feefee242 says:

    Borken download link, change to

  41. mae says:

    it just gave me a viruse in my phone
    and i love the addon

  42. mae says:

    it just gave me a viruse in my phone

  43. Anonymous says:

    I keep going in circles on the first site I don’t know where to go lol

  44. Annoyed person says:

    Can’t download it why not use the normal one people use

  45. jb diaz says:

    The download link doesn’t work

  46. Nobody says:

    Basically just an addon for the long gone candy land in the exploration addon. Though it has more to it.

  47. xiaoqian says:

    The CAPTCHA was incorrect. Try again

  48. Zoey says:

    It says a pack is missing when I try to add it

  49. SolarLolbit says:

    If i put this addon in my Minecraft world that i already played for months doest it works? And does my builds safe?

  50. MooseFan202 says:

    This Is terrible!

  51. UnspeakableGaming says:

    Doesn’t work! Either of them! But it loooks like a good addon

  52. Givemethereallink says:

    The link takes you to a porn site it keep redirecting me to nearby sluts wth man please fix

    • Mousewith2es says:

      I really think this mod would be good for challenges like “who can craft all recipes fastest? But both links aren’t working. I’d recommend using

    • Nice Addon ^^ says:

      It doesnt for me, it just sent me to random links, but after it sent me to Mediafire.

  53. PizzaWill1 says:

    Neither links work, sends me to a repeating page. Clicking the wrong button leads to an inappropriate image, that no-one should have to see. Please change the way you access this to, which has no inappropriate links when clicking the right buttons.

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