yDino Craft

yDino is here! With this amazing add-on you can play with 60 dinosaurs in your game! All with amazing animations!

In addition, you will also be able to discover other new features added, and create your hybrids using professional machines!

Creator Channel (Brazilian): yBrothers

Creator Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Creator Discord: Gabriel Add-ons

Any questions, check the creator channel, with review soon!

THIS ADD-ON CANNOT BE PUBLISHED IN APPLICATIONS LIKE (PLEASE RESPECT, so that the addon keeps updating, do not use it on another site.): 

Mcpe master

Add-ons for minecraft

And in NO other add-ons app! It is unique to MCPEDl, disregarding this requirement can cause various problems.

It can NOT be published on other sites or create applications!

Always leave credits !!




yDino adds a total of 60 incredible dinosaurs to the game! With various animations, sounds, texture variations and more!

In addition, this add-on also brings you 2 new machines with functions and professionals, so you can create your hybrid dinosaurs! It also brings new biomes, blocks, items, structures and more!

Check out a little more about the add-on now:

Some giant reptiles roam the deep oceans, they are hostile!

Quetzalcoatlus are always looking for baby dinosaurs!

Below is a angry ceratosaurus, which after roaring will attack its prey!

There is a wide variety of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs!

Many herbivores, such as stegosaurus, ankylosaurus, among others, will attack you if you attack them!

Some use your heavy tail, others trample you, and some may even bite you, or move forward!

The compsognathus is so small … But you can find even smaller dinosaurs while exploring your world! Like the adorable Xixianykus!

Dinosaurs can be found in the game’s biomes, naturally in their natural habitat, such as Carnotaurus, which live in deserts and warm biomes, such as Badlands!

We have three spinosaurids! Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus, you can find them while walking through the swamps!

Here is some information:

– All dinosaurs are domesticable as babies!

– Dinosaur eggs hatch naturally between 5 and 10 minutes!

– Hybrids are difficult to domesticate.

– Use apple, wheat, carrots or meat to domesticate herbivorous and carnivorous young!

– Some dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus, lambeosaurus, edmontosaurus, iguanodon, albertosaurus, corythosaurus, tenontosaurus and Achillobator, can be mounted using a saddle!

– When reproduced, dinosaurs will deliver eggs!

– Dinosaurs lay 2 eggs every 1 to 2 hours of play.

– Collect dinosaur eggs by attacking them!

– Inserting embryonic conservator in an egg, you extend the birth for 2 hours each time you apply it!

– You can get DNA from Indominus by killing him! 

– Dinosaurs drop leather!

You can find dinosaurs in large groups!


We have 2 new biomes! One of them is the Araucaria Valley! In it you will find mainly sauropods, but also customized villagers!

Amber Ore!

Amber can be found below Y16, and you can use it in analyzer’s, to obtain DNA from dinosaurs and create hybrids!


To run both machines, you must use redstone first!

In analyzers you can insert the amber you have mined! and offer another redstone so you can get DNA from a some dinosaur!

In DNA combiners, you must insert redstone, common eggs, and dinosaur DNA> Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, Raptor, Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Respectively., And then use another redstone to process and get the Indominus egg!

To obtain indoraptor, you must use the indominus DNA and combine it with the raptor DNA!


Abandoned labs! They have up to 6 variants and several loots! They are the only way to find machines!

Forward adventurer! You will have to walk a lot on your worlds to find this rare and important structure!

Dinosaur nests!

Dinosaurs still experimental and flawed:

– Indominus

– Ceratosaurus

– Allosaurus

– Giganotosaurus

Note:  ONLY Trees were exported by structure generator Machine Builder.

yDino goes far beyond what was shown here! Download and immerse yourself in this incredible adventure in the world of dinosaurs!


- Enable experimental gameplay!

- ADD-ON BLOCKS, BIOMES AND STRUCTURES are only available for 1.16 betas!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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178 Responses

4.26 / 5 (84 votes)
  1. Guest-3133317717 says:

    How do I do this whenever I try it just tells me to get premium when I don’t want to

  2. Guest-4103668054 says:

    Hey creator can I use your addon to make a modpack? Don’t worry I will give you credits

  3. Guest-3718789203 says:


  4. kacc says:

    please can you add in mod taming adults like in ark survival evolved so we dont need to find babys

  5. Guest-1933952332 says:

    bro it wants me to download an addon for chrome to get the link this looks so cool but im not doing that….

  6. Guest-4098127088 says:

    Why in my resource pack are missing textures?

  7. Guest-9479923749 says:

    I’m trying to download this and it’s stuck on 33%

  8. Guest-1800183570 says:

    Can the next update have acrocanthosaurus and Utah raptor and majungasaurus

  9. Guest-1655379361 says:

    The reason why you can’t find ambar ore and structures/biomes is because you have to be in 1.16 or 1.15 beta for that to work.

  10. Guest-1296438796 says:

    I can’t find the amber or any of the new biomes/structures, can someone help explain?

  11. ryxtell says:

    Muy bueno la verdad, esta epico el addon.

  12. Guest-9528600018 says:

    Can you make the addon less laggy?

  13. Guest-1733871769 says:

    Can u please make the voice of indominous into his original also the other dinos make it better as possible as u can

  14. Guest-4949305084 says:

    Make a new Link please Media Fire is the best. Linkertive is the worst I’ve seen so far.

    • Guest-5186638627 says:

      Pls make a Update where when you Drop meat then the Dinosaur eat the meat from the ground

      Pls when you make this then is that the nicest dino addon ever so when you dont make then its ok but im Unterstand this because its hard to programming that. So i hope that you can do it


  15. Guest-4888666407 says:

    Add megalodon plis great addon

  16. JKACrazy says:

    There was an attempt

  17. Guest-3732984530 says:

    That a bug that Gabriel Castro Cant Fix Like Ycreatures tamed crocodile and wildebeest he will not fix that bug this huge secret Gabrielcastro He Will Not Tell A Known Bug And Dont Want To Fix It

  18. Guest-1152872842 says:

    Primero quiero decir que me enamore del addon es muy bueno y pienso que si añades más cosas y arreglas algunos fallos seria el mejor addon.
    Aquí te van algunas cosas que quiero que añadas o mejores :
    Que los herbívoros Grandes tengas más vida
    Que los Carnívoros tengan diferencia de corazónes
    (que los más pequeños tengan menos corazónes)
    Que los Herbívoros en manada se puedan defender juntos de los Carnívoros
    Y por último que se puedan domar más dinosaurios
    Bueno considero que tú addon es de los mejores
    Espero que lo que hagas esos cambios para tu actualización eres el mejor bro! Sigue Así!

  19. Guest-4565293932 says:

    Can you please make it work for v1.14

  20. Guest-1401915308 says:

    this is definitely the most beautiful dinosaur mod in the world, beautiful and very realistic dinosaurs! but can you add the Vastatosaurus Rex since I like it?

  21. Guest-8748853325 says:

    This is the best addon i have ever played !!!!! Can you plz add more thing to do with the tames and the rideable tames are too small to ride.

  22. Guest-9246367000 says:

    uuuh all the ones I try to spawn are invisible i can hear them but not see them.

  23. Guest-4054717182 says:

    hi maybe u could make the mosasaurus model a little bit more like a mosasaurus from the movie but ether way I love this addon and I can’t wait what will come next

  24. Guest-4857066368 says:

    Can someone help me install this addon because i dont know how

  25. Guest-8630581624 says:

    Did i miss something or is there a crafting recipe for the machines

  26. EnderQuetz says:

    This Add-on is great and all, but when i enable a texture pack the flying reptiles goes invisible such as Quetzalcoatlus, dimorphodon etc. Please can someone help me fix this?

    • EnderQuetz says:

      For Example i activated the Bare Bones Texture pack, The other dinosaurs in my world goes invisible can please someone help me fix this? Thank you in advance

    • Guest-2773976945 says:

      Awesome so much fun

    • Guest-4920887457 says:

      Thats normal. You can’t use texturepacks with mods this will create bugs because shader is current only for blocks form normal minecrsaft no custom objects

  27. Guest-3795515326 says:

    Hello! This is the boss from the place you work. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be better if the domesticated dinosaurs can sit, stand, and follow you while standing? I hope I can see it sometime! Other than that this mod is the best ever!

  28. Guest-6494560479 says:

    Make all creatures rideable (all above 2 height blocks ), would be great to ride on Indominus Rex for example. Also tamed dinos should protect their owners. Apart from these two details, great job

  29. Guest-4108683181 says:


  30. Guest-8498210838 says:


  31. Guest-6424315994 says:

    amazing addon
    can you add the cenozoic

  32. Guest-6749735040 says:

    Hello,how to ride a dino because dinos cant be mounted in my game
    Your addon is nice

  33. Guest-6906113974 says:

    I have been trying to get the dna combinator to work for 10 minutes I turned it on then dried working it and nothing…

  34. Guest-5197828995 says:

    Oh my, your mods really never dissapoint. This is beautiful! Thank you soo much, time to make dino themed village now.

  35. Guest-4515832359 says:

    I’m just waiting for a yCenozoic now, you know, the age of mammals? I hope that’s next this add-on is incredible!

  36. kingofdrago123 says:

    my spinosaurs and one of my small herbivores dissapeard

  37. Guest-9452941481 says:

    The machines do not work it just glitches my world it removes the hotbar,entities,inventory,and can’t move is it a bug if so please fix it but amazing add-on

    • Guest-1470090225 says:

      This also happen with me,when i spawn one of the machines everything stays invisible.

      • Guest-4450913178 says:

        Now i fixed it turns out the machines were too big for the ordinary size for minecraft items use zarchiver,ibis paint x to solve it what you do is get any item or block then import them and make theme smaller and then your problem is solved.

  38. Guest-2325166523 says:

    I clicked on the link, but when I was directed to Linkvertise, there was nothing but a blank screen. On the top it said “Loading… | Linkvertise”, but nothing came up. In your video, the website came up immediately, so I’m a little disappointed (barely anything can go right on this old IPad I use). But otherwise, cool addon!

  39. Guest-4520626351 says:

    I clicked on the link, but when I was directed to Linkvertise, there was nothing but a blank screen. On the top it said “Loading… | Linkvertise”, but nothing came up. In your video, the website came up immediately, so I’m a little disappointed (barely anything can go right on this old IPad I use). But otherwise, cool addon!

  40. Guest-6818294381 says:

    the Baryonyx look like gigan???🤨🤨🤨
    And gigan don’t have ANIMATION whe he road
    But your addon so amazing 😁😁😁

  41. Guest-9341575299 says:

    All yAddons are really good, man… these dudes 😎👌🏻

  42. Guest-4316376449 says:

    You should make an addon where you have to revive the dinosaurs from fossils I think that would be really cool also amber doesn’t spawn neither does the biomes

  43. Guest-8005842565 says:

    This addon is great and awsome for my world filled with dinosaurs. But ummm can you make tamed dinosaurs fight for you too? And also a sit and stand function please?

  44. Guest-2702228127 says:

    The addon makes the game lag very badly. Needs to be fixed or else it makes gameplay practically unplayable. Otherwise great addon but please fix!

  45. Guest-9502630815 says:

    Its a awsome add on but i cant fing amber or the biomes and when i kill dino no dna drop neither in menu for crative mode for all of theese if you fix it it would be 5 stars

  46. Guest-4771764452 says:

    This addon would probably be one of the best on here if you guys let us control the dinosaurs we tamed and stuff! At least carnivores or the ability to make them stay and stuff! Otherwise, please keep adding more dinosaurs! This addon is amazing but really could use taming and dinosaurs helping us!

  47. Guest-1226942203 says:

    Muy buen addon pero me gustaría que le bajarás la vida un poco a los carnívoros y dieras más vida a los dinos mas grandes y por favor que más dinos sean domesticables Eres el mejor creador de addons sigue así hermano

  48. Sprintt1 says:

    It’s great and is the best Dino addon(it looks like a mod) I have ever seen but you should make them drop meat an feathers or other stuff. You should also make some of them tameable by knocking them unconscious with tranq arrows then placing food in their inventory and waiting for them to eat it. (Basically the taming system in the game ark survival evolved check it out)

  49. Guest-2403130641 says:


    Btw can you add these dinosaurs?

    1. Sarcosuchus.

    2. Not a dinosaur: Wooly mammoth.

    3. Sabertooth.

    Only these.. Btw G–rrreeaattt add-on!

  50. ABEREX1 says:

    I like the mod, but when I went in creative, I couldn’t find amber in the menu or in my survival world. And the dinos don’t drop DNA. And tame dinos don’t follow you. Can you fix that?

    • Guest-4017086192 says:

      Same, I went into to creative as well to check if everything is there and the amber ore appears to be missing, I’m sure its a bug though

      • Guest-4744485510 says:

        Not all custom blocks go in the the HUD go use commands search the missing blocks/items in /Give @s You know.

        man remember the give command!

  51. Guest-5161597846 says:

    Stygimoloch and several
    And fix the dinosaur lag

  52. Guest-2107564229 says:

    love addon but how do you use dna combinator

  53. Guest-4184415089 says:

    better to addon that I’ve seen, only that there could be more mounts on dinosaurs and aerial and aquatic mounts. para os Br: melhor addon que eu já vi, so que poderiam ter mais montarias nos dinossauros e montarias aeras e aquaticas

  54. Guest-3120048230 says:

    The velociraptor is a little overpowered. It can take on a triceratops by itself, maybe you could lower the damage and health a little? Addon is still awesome tho.

  55. Guest-2472360325 says:

    As annoying as the download page jumping and ads were, I got it downloaded and running. It was super fun playing with my 6 year old, but we realized after a while that none of the dinosaurs were dropping anything but leather. No feathers, meat, eggs, etc. There were also no normal animals around ANYWHERE. I could not find a cow, sheep, chicken, or pig anywhere around us for quite a distance. Not sure if the mod is broken or if we did something wrong. We had experimental game-play on, and the dinosaur graphics worked great.

    • Guest-8888700924 says:

      It might be because it replaces other mobs

    • ABEREX1 says:

      I think Minecraft can’t handle all the mobs so it picks the dinos over vanilla animals. I have the same problem, and I also have on this guys animal add-on. I did find a cow in a village that was far away from my base. You need to go to a village that you haven’t been to yet.

  56. Guest-5055482604 says:

    I hate the the dl site. Why its on linkvertise. Also I cant download the addon. I cant click on dl button.

  57. TheWolfPE says:

    Esta bien pero arreglen ese bug de que el ámbar no aparece en la versión 1.14 por favor esta horrible ese bug

  58. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    Why is not for 1.14 why?

  59. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    Why is not for 1.14

  60. Guest-6397208332 says:

    There is no new ores or biomes I’ve been looking for ages
    Pls fix this

  61. Guest-6397208332 says:

    There is no new ores or biomes I’ve been looking for ages

  62. kacc says:

    yoo my man, hats soo cool, Iove it but can you add more dinosaurs and abbilyti of taming them so i can play ark in minecraft, btw you have beeest mods and addons ever and can you make some updates on ycreatures plsss

  63. Guest-2567647128 says:


  64. Guest-2567647128 says:


  65. Guest-5344658335 says:

    I’ll be fine if you don’t but could you add some more animals to the ocean plz thanks

  66. Guest-5606759408 says:

    Pls add therzaniosaurs and pls make a new swamp biome called the “the blacks swamps” where bugs and dangeoua mobs spawn anyways good addon

  67. Guest-7157881271 says:

    How to craft machines?

  68. Guest-5216185037 says:

    Exelente complemento amigo.. estuve esperando un addon así como este por más de 1 año y al fin lo encontré.. estaré esperando la actualización de este addon… Felicitaciones por tu gran trabajo.. te doy 5 stars.

  69. Guest-7411461632 says:

    Please all dinos can be Tamables

  70. Guest-3578726348 says:

    Gabriel please add african wild dogs

  71. Guest-1999302779 says:

    Click the watch video and see some sites above the premium button and you can click a button that will redirect you to mediafire links

  72. Guest-8485532564 says:

    Amazing addon, but the gigantoraptor is too small and the ceratosaurus is too big. Would be great if you make the velociraptor accurate (if you can), overall very amazing.

  73. Guest-7403942599 says:

    I hate this it literary
    costs money

  74. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Make the Dino can be tammed

  75. Guest-1200598464 says:

    When i tried to save to my files it put me into my mediafire account but it didnt get installed please help me i have been waiting for a dino addon like this for soo long

  76. Guest-8855598090 says:

    how do i get through linkverse without buying premium

  77. Guest-6840494053 says:

    It took like 5 minutes to download but after that it was great

  78. M.M.16 player says:

    I wait all time for this addon thanks for releasing it!

  79. Guest-7242327675 says:

    What your pteranodon attack

  80. Guest-9121391638 says:

    Can you not use link versite, it wastes time, especially when it doesn’t work

  81. Guest-2695384986 says:

    How dowload this add-on

  82. Guest-7473753514 says:

    I don’t like that the machines are entities you can’t find the amber in the creative inventory but the addon is great you did a really good job

  83. RenzMcpe123459 says:

    Why giganotosaurus is sound t rex ahha

  84. Sirmeawsalot says:

    pls add an option to disable dino spawnining, like a command or something

  85. Guest-5166772242 says:

    If the addon does get updated in the future will you add any crocodilian creatures such as Sarcosuchus, Deinosuchus, and more?

  86. tonypraf says:


  87. Guest-4071089432 says:

    Todos son domésticables?

  88. Guest-6612642027 says:

    Add More Ores As An Update

  89. Guest-2074614531 says:

    Use Media fire because linkverse is for trash people

  90. Guest-1388722699 says:

    Better then some marketplace addons

  91. Guest-2586749733 says:


  92. Guest-4334068417 says:

    Hi when I open the world with yDino the game crashes…

  93. Guest-7204856440 says:

    Can you make it so when we press the download link it instantly lets us download it because i cant download it

  94. Guest-6286712322 says:

    The damage and health are not totally accurate and how can a albertosaur can beat a t rex? Like how does that even happen pls fix this add-on and make it totally accurate damages and health

  95. Guest-6047872757 says:

    This Addon looks awesome but please use a better link this one is stupid Mediafire is a better link.

  96. Guest-8969623082 says:

    could You make an addon where the Dino’s don’t spawn but you have to revive them in fossils with like a Dino restoration machine please I just think that would be great thank you

  97. Guest-2080793406 says:

    everyone stop saying it bad it is something he worked on for months and not a ripoff of storage+ and project prehistoric it is no ripoff it good add-on

  98. Guest-5049515133 says:

    Change The link please I hate the link

  99. Guest-9820768578 says:

    I have a paleocraft. but Ydino has a nice jurrasic theme song. the addon is pretty good. I haven’t found anyone else thankyou ybrother

  100. Guest-2310602112 says:


  101. Guest-8369768322 says:

    muito bom

  102. Guest-3862823140 says:

    This is a Great addon. I was going to ask if you could make a version without the music but I’m big brain and deleted it in the files. you might want to add a version without the music though, just in case others don’t want it and don’t know how to do it. Besides that I love the addon.

  103. Guest-4503794974 says:

    How in the world do I use the DNA combiner? I read the desc but when I right-click the DNA to the DNA combiner it does nothing, Do I need to punch it?

  104. Guest-5311123618 says:


  105. kingofdrago123 says:

    it would be cool to see all the movie hybirds and maybe the ones not in the movie
    (one not in movie anklodocus, spinoraptor)
    (ones in movie not there stegoceratops, and 2 unamed)

  106. Guest-8161905027 says:

    Aome the dinos may be bit meh but with the amounts and the content this gives u i wouldent cear less

  107. Guest-7852938278 says:

    Doesn’t work

  108. Guest-9947123111 says:


  109. Liam TDP says:

    Bruh are you all guys are dumb yBrothers Make this Addon They look simular but they just ma kg e both all the types of dinasours and copy of storage+ no Can you see theres no storage items here Its just some machine from dna yBrothers didnt stole and copy anything he did all of this

  110. Guest-9530753748 says:

    Awesome add on finally some dinosaurs

  111. Guest-2151084503 says:

    Add Marine Dinosaurus

  112. DarkCrafter says:

    The addon is wonderful, although the ores do not appear to me, due to the fact that I am at 1.16, I like it, I think it will be my favorite, very good animations, designs, everything, I loved it very much !!

    • Diolight says:

      I don’t believe blocks are able to be put in 1.16, I’ve had this issue with other addons were the ores required for certain weapons wouldn’t appear when using the /give command

  113. Guest-3220471255 says:

    Stfu about him stealing it has nothing in common with those the textures and behaviors of many things are his hard work nothing in there has the same textures for it and he has most of this as an original idea

  114. RonnieMcDee says:


    I can’t wait to try this a couple questions tho.

    Does this work with yCreatures?
    Can I make a realm friendly version with just the dinos no dna and extra items?


  115. Zantheman says:

    Can’t find the amber or anything to mine or blocks

  116. Guest-1071844284 says:

    incredible add-on.

  117. Guest-3135740268 says:

    This is the best addon I ever seen but I can’t download it so please add a mediafire link too

  118. Guest-9039790890 says:

    Wow this is a great addon I don’t know about everyone else but I love the models so keep it up

  119. Guest-7497603079 says:

    how do i domesticate them

  120. Guest-5315364731 says:

    I want this mod very bad but can’t of Ford to pay for what is needed please upload it on an app where I can get it free but anyways it looks awesome just from what I’ve read and the pictures I’ve seen

    • Guest-9470526802 says:

      Good,but you can make the dink’s more realistic like the fallen kingdom mod by 62 people,their models are great,but your add on is still good

  121. Red Fan says:

    Amazing Addon!

  122. Guest-7672440204 says:

    When i go to mediafire it tells me that the link is copyrighted

    • Guest-2769057179 says:

      When I attempt to download but it says ydino and it says in Minecraft it’s not correct, can Someone help?

  123. Guest-5305191050 says:

    I think the model is bad

  124. Guest-3350899510 says:

    This addon is incrible

  125. Guest-3908823226 says:

    All this time since February I’ve been waiting, Thank you

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