yFantasy is here! Bringing magnificent and dangerous resources to your exploration, you can hunt down dangerous vampires, tame baby dragons, trade wizards, meet several new biomes and much more!

You must use the add-on in 1.14 betas or official 1.14 versions, with experimental gameplay enabled.

More features will be implemented in the future!


Creator Channel (Brazilian): yBrothers (Review with recipes)

Creator Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Always leave credits !!



Models made by:

– @GabrielCas29007

– @Gabriel020725

Explore, and have fun with this amazing add-on!!

What we have!

yFantasy is a feature-packed add-on tailored and uniquely designed to enhance your exploration of your worlds.

Filled with fanciful, mystical, and mythological creatures, each with their incredible characteristics.

Some Bosses, some friendly creatures … or maybe not so much!



Magic Swamp:

A mysterious new swamp for your game, with new, cute, sweet, aggressive creatures and a powerful boss … and I can’t forget The mysterious aquatic creature!

Elf Forest:

So beautiful with this lovely blue lawn! It’s full of flowers, magic trees, fairies, and… elfs!

Twilight forest

A dense forest, full of chestnut trees and diverse trees, with its large lawns, which hide secrets, like, houses of wizards!


Oh how beautiful! Filled with natural flowers and tame unicorns! And at night, centaurs and satiros await you for a battle!

The dark biome! 

How dangerous! Filled with age-and-powerful vampires, dead trees as their main vegetation, and … Listen to the howl at night, is a werewolf!

New Creatures!

Goblins, thieves! What they hide in their villages … in the middle of a magical swamp!

Gnomes, these are friendly, with their beautiful and humble mushroom houses! Do not steal your resources !!

Wizards! Oh, you can get amazing exchanges! But never attack them, they are powerful creatures!

Phoenix! The powerful bird of fire! You can fight them by getting an egg, where a phoenix emerges that can be tamed by offering apples!

Vampires! They can’t stand the sunlight, they’re cool and have powerful attacks!

Mermaids, they will not attack you if you leave them alone!

They are found in the great seas, or in the form of women by the beaches! 

The Dracula! Vampire Boss, if you kill him, you can get a powerful resource! Do not waste the chance! It turns into bat in the morning, so you will miss the opportunity to get a good loot feature!

Dragons! They drop a great food, able to recover all their hunger, but for that you will have to face it, or wait until you get a dragon egg, to have your protective pet!


yFantasy goes way beyond that! Several other creatures can be found!

In addition to creatures and biomes, we have NEW ITEMS, from food to powerful magic sticks!

And also New Blocks! For decoration and uses!

The add-on also has New Potions, with amazing special effects!


– Atlanta’s Rock

– Blood Stone

– Bright Rock

– Nut

– Mushroom Magic

– Mushroom Stew

– Dead Potion

– Dragon Meat

– Dragon Leather

– Fairy Potion

-Fairy Powder

– Fenix Ash

– Magic Wand

– Merlin Apple

– Orc Residue Stew

– Rotten Tooth

– Sentinela’s Potion

– Unicorn Horn

– Vampire Blood

Explore this amazing add-on !!

Deeper recipes and features will be featured in a complete add-on review (yBrothers Channel)!

Changelog View more

- Many bug fixes!

- Generation improvements for add-on biomes!

- Added Swamp Monster!

- Removed test block (block that was wrong in the first version of the add-on)!

- Fixed an issue that crashed the game when a swamp monster dropped slimes along the way!

- Improvement made for Hostile creatures!

- Link now works correctly!

- Generation of vampire castles are rarer.


Supported Minecraft versions


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99 Responses

4.48 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Rhemmy says:

    Não sei se sou o único que acontece com ele, mas quando estou tocando, tudo parece correto, exceto o Monstro do Pântano, que parece ser invisível. Meu mapa tem um pântano ao lado, o que significa que não posso deixar meu abrigo improvisado sem ser morto. Primeiro pensei que fosse um erro, mas quando eles me mataram, a mensagem parece que o monstro do pântano me matou.

  2. matt says:

    I need help, all the mobs and blocks are showing up, but the stuff like the potions and meat is not showing up in my creative inventory. Along with the vampire blood and unicorn horn. Basically all items except for mob spawn eggs and some blocks are not showing up in my creative inventory, please help me figure this out

  3. Don’t use my model again

    • PopGoesTheNoobs says:

      This person stole work?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh shut up he’s not using your model. It’s very clear that he’s not. I’ve seen your dragon models and you’re just using the model of the ender dragon. So don’t even try to throw shade at a creator that’s just making his own content. Get over yourself.

      • My mountains++ dragon model!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah! I mean, I think a thief stealing another creator’s dragon mob for their own Addon and profiting off of it is totally acceptable, and I think it is definitely justifiable as it uses the same model of the Ender Dragon, you have the best logic I have ever seen!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello, I have decided to return here in order to apologise for that immature comment I left responding to you’re response to DragonBoy. I had had a terrible day today and since I highly disagreed with what you had said, I guess my anger sort of built up and I decided to respond. Of course, DragonBoy cannot own the model of the Ender Dragon but he can still own the texture/appearance and the actual mob itself. I would respect it if you would give respect back when making replies to certain things that you disagree with, as if you give respect you receive more back. Of course this response was quite quick and I do not know if this can repair the immature-ness of my reply, and all other habits I have done upon the Internet. Hopefully this can be resolved and we can look back at this as a simple mistake, although I wish I could delete the comment, this site does not have the feature. If you are still angry at me, then that is ok, I do deserve it. I have made many arguments and mistakes along the past few years, and I am quite glad I have defused the situation.

        Hopefully this has been resolved and we can move on.

    • User-8473284923 says:

      He didn’t use your model, go cry elsewhere

  4. Sebastián Ramos says:

    What an amazing mod, best I’ve seen for console so far 👏. I really hope you can add costume sounds to all the entities, it will make the perfect mod. I also would love to see a recipe book with the new things. Great job!!

  5. DLWGAMING&CO says:

    Super good you should look into doing something with the vampire and werewolves like giving us the ability to become one! Other than that fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you do with this

  6. Werewolf says:

    Hey this mod is brilliant and the flavour it adds to the Minecraft Universe is exactly what was needed! Thank you!! Is there a chance that in the coming update, a list of crafting recipes, might be something included? I’ve looked and looked for the list out there in the web and can’t seem to find any. Either way, keep making brilliant mods! And thank you again!

  7. Neutrino says:

    Excuse me can I pubulish your addon on a chinese website called mcbbs?I just want more chinese people to learn about your great addon while some chinese players may have difficuty in reading English.I will translate your introduction into chinese and also give them a link to this page.(forgive me for my poor English ’cause I just a chinese student)

  8. Ack says:

    I didn’t work I not sure why I downloaded it and added it with expiremtal gameplay I would like to try it out so if this could be fix I would love it

  9. Kohab29 says:


    Cuando estoy en creativo, me aparecen los huevos de las criaturas mod, pero cuando estoy en un mundo de supervivencia, ¡NO aparecen criaturas! ¡Solo en el océano ves sirenas! Pero entonces no veo ningún elfo ni nada que me AYUDE; (

    • Ernesto says:

      Así es esto….. No salen todos en cualquier lado. Yo igual no veía ninguno hasta que caminé bastante y encontré el bioma de los hombres lobo….. Sólo continúa explorando y eventualmente encontrarás algo.

  10. Kohab29 says:


    Quando eu sou criativo, os ovos das criaturas do mod aparecem para mim, mas quando estou em um mundo de sobrevivência, NENHUMA criatura aparece! Somente no oceano você vê sirenes! Mas então eu não vejo nenhum elfo ou qualquer coisa ME AJUDE; (

  11. Eren Yeager says:

    I agree with legit Dragon boy you did kind of steal his model but the add-on is great other than that. The thing is I didn’t really like the model much anyway and if legit Dragon boy is saying that you stole his model i would change it. Maybe base the model on the dragons from game of thrones or work on another kind. But this is a great add-on and I would like to see it continue to grow.

  12. ZNathanGamingZ says:

    How to tame Dragon

  13. poplegos says:

    make a new link that you can actually download from in under 2 minutes

  14. Angel says:

    I only download 1.0.1 and not 1.0.2, why ??

  15. Guy with wifi says:

    We as a whole bedrock community are approaching java. Some of us maybe HAVE java. What I’m trying to say here is a jojos reference and a realisation.

    Oh, you’re approaching me?

  16. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    Can you Add The Cryptids in there like BigFoot and the Jersey Devil?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Amazing add-on. Can’t wait for the update.

  18. Caleb is cool says:

    How do you tame the dragon

  19. Somebody says:

    Make the dragon and phoenix rideable and fly control

  20. Flex says:

    Dose this work for multiplayer?

  21. Mortikate Gaming says:

    Could u add Flying/walking Animations to dragon

    -Sky attacks
    Fire ball
    Fire spread
    -Ground attacks
    Fire spread

    And armor u can make out of dragon leather and spikes?
    If so that would be perfect for my RP series”Wyverncraft”

  22. carma says:

    needs a recipy guide for crafting

  23. Diana says:

    Can you put sirens, is just kind like mermaid but evil and looks like monster and can you put some new animation to the mermaid and make some realistic fins for mermaid??

  24. antonio says:

    me encanta el mod, ¡es fascinante! pero seria mejor si pudieras arreglar lo de la criatura del pantano, es que es invisible y me jode mucho, o intenta colocar una poscion para verlo.. ¡gracias!

  25. Jordan says:

    I can’t install this addon as the recent update on my iOS device won’t allow it. Is there a way you could add a link where I could download the resource and behaviour packs separately so that I can add it to the game folder? That would be so helpful. I really want to try this Addon. Thanks.

  26. Jordan says:

    I can’t install this addon as the recent update on my iOS device won’t allow it. Is there a way you could add a link where I could download the resource and behaviour packs separately so that I can add it to the game folder? That would be so helpful. I really want to try this Addon.

  27. Marlon8612 says:

    Es bastante completo me gusta mucho además que la mayoría de mobs tengan su propia estructura es genial espero que lo actualicen ya que es genial

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can change your dragon to rideable dragon
    And put some bp with realistic flying function pack hahaha im asking on permission hehe

  29. Acotax says:

    Yup LusciousKneez right u could join zahf disc and maybe partner project with them they are good in modelling and coding plus zahf knows how to code so u could have realistic flying function on the dragon it would be sad they cant fly

  30. Michael says:

    Great addon but can you make different eggspawners for the structures and others for the mobs? It’s nice but you know i would like build my own houses for them and etc… And them spawning with structures its a bit bad :/

    • I think of changing this system eventually 😉

      • You are amazing says:

        Please add this to the mcpe addons app i really want to pleat this stop ignoring me and please put it one there iOS 13.3 broke the files so I can’t download i Louvre this so much and I really want it but I can’t download it unless you put it one the app so please just do it and also liegitdragonboy leave him alone you are just envious!!!!

        • Ha envious… Compare the models in blockbench… Yeah I’m totally envious. Also, why would I be envious to a model stealer? Bruh

          • Hi says:

            Hi dragon boy merry Christmas bit when is swamp ++ coming

          • You are amazing says:

            Yes you are his model is better then yours and his dragon actually is there your dragon is just a shadow because you are to lazy to update no do us a favour and grow up “you are my Enemy”come on just leave him alone you have potential so use it!!!

    • Edson says:

      Make a ydinos i WILL love play It

  31. Please says:

    Please put this on mcpe addons app as iOS 13.3 broke it so I can’t download tho please I’ve been waiting for so long and I’m missing out so please Putt it one the mcpe addons app😭😭😭😭

  32. DogE says:

    AMMAAAZING! Tis is everything i wanted for a long time! Can’t wait to try it out!

  33. Roiyut says:

    How do i can tame dragon?

  34. YeetMaster says:

    The swamp monster thingy doesn’t spawn

  35. Ben surace says:

    Probably the only decent Fantasy mod for Minecraft Bedrock, just the swamp monster seems to be indivisible

  36. Ден says:

    Мод крутой!но можете ещё добавить гидру?

  37. A Friendly wolf says:

    please can you become a werewolf or vampire or any creature, i need for server

  38. I’m a Spanish/English person... I think... says:

    Amazing mod mister!! Espero que este addon sea uno de los mejores, tengo buenas expectativas de el.

  39. Arshil says:

    Addon isn’t pocket edition compatible

  40. Aquadoggo7825 says:

    It dosent let me download it, what app installs Addons?

  41. namvhd says:

    it verry good, you can update animation in last version

  42. Aquajato says:


  43. Will says:

    Muy bueno el mod pero tengo una entidad que me sale invisible en el mod saben como arreglarlo soy de Windows 10 comprado

  44. You used my dragon model and edited it. You should be banned.

  45. Eugene says:

    It’s useless if you can’t download it 0 stars

  46. George pithyou says:

    Does this replace vanilla mobs from spawning?

  47. CJ says:

    Se puede en 1.13?

  48. CJ says:

    No se puede en 1.13

  49. Nicolas Palmisano says:

    Such a cool mod. !!! Where is the swap monster? I keep dying can’t seem to see it

  50. Anonymous says:

    Really good

  51. Just name me Anonymous says:

    This add-on is amazing, works perfectly

    But, one question, what can I do with the items? Could you make an crafting recipe list? Thk you

  52. Modded Survival lover says:

    Awesome mod! I really enjoy using I on my modded survival world!
    Here are some suggestions for the mod: Medusa She hides inside the desert temple and gives you slowness and poison if u look at her
    The kraken: a boss with 200 HP he’s very slow but he can do a pack a punch of Damage

    New mod idea: Y Weapons
    Ideas for the new mod: Battle Axe,Katana,Dagger,Scythes,Hammer,Double Bladed Sword,Short sword, Long sword,heavy sword,Great Sword,Rapier,Blade,Hatchet.

    Light Weapons Tier (Gives u permanent haste and speed 2 only when holding the weapon)
    Daggers,short sword,Rapier,Katana.

    Medium Weapons Tier (gives u strength 1 and speed 1)
    Hammer Battle Axe Hatchet Long sword

    Heavy Weapons Tier (Strength 3 slowness 1)
    Scythe Double Bladed Sword Blade Great sword Heavy sword

    I hope those ideas help

  53. Nodnarb says:

    i’m having issues when i make a world. Lots of errors splash my screen and some textures appear to be command blocks

  54. Fartman says:

    Could you add custom crafting plz and how do you get the dragon egg? I really love dragons and thank you for this addon

  55. DuhVirus says:

    Great addon but would it be possible to add the structures to natural generation instead of them spawning like mobs

  56. Does the dragon actually fly or is it not even rideable?

    • will be mountable in the future 😁😉

      • Kohab29 says:

        I have a little problem, when I’m playing on survival i can’t see the creatures, but the mermaids I can see them in the deep of the water, pls help me, when I’m in Creative I can make appear the creatures, but in survival I can’t see any creature (except the mermaids) pls help me

  57. LusciousKneez says:

    Hello I am one of the developers for the dragon add-on, I would like to ask if we could maybe partner our projects. This would greatly help both of us. Thank you!

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