You are a Zombie Addon (UPDATE!)

Have you ever wondered what living as a zombie is like? WELL now I have the solution to your problem! This addon changes hostile mobs and makes it where you burn during the daylight.

Hostile Mobs will not attack you unless you attack them first.

They dont care about me at all.

During the day time you will start to burning to death unless you can find cover from the blazing sun.

You have a very long breathing time but you will not transfer into a drowned.

Villagers are now afraid of you and will run away.

Iron Golems will now attack you


Villagers will turn into zombie villagers when you kill them


List of mobs that wont attack you until you attack them
1 .Zombie
2 .Skeleton
3. Spider
4. Cave Spider
5. Slime
6. Blaze
7. Wither Skeleton
8. Creeper
9. Drowned
10. Endermite
11. Ghast
12. Ravager
13. Witch
13. Husk
14 Phantoms (They will not spawn as you are a zombie now)

15. Stray

16. Enderman

17. Zombie Villager

18. Shulker

19. Vex

20. Vindicatior

21. evocation illager

22. silverfish

You are NOT allowed to redistribute this addon on ANY website.

Changelog View more

Changed the featured image to something less stupid.

Changed text

Iron Golems and Snow Golems will now attack you.

You can no longer trade with villagers and they turn into zombie villagers when you kill them.

Will no longer say "Missing Dependencys"

Changed the following mobs: Hush, Stray, Silverfish, zombie villager, vindicatior, vex, shulker, and evocation illager to no longer attack you.

I am still experimenting with night vision and other things to make this addon better!

PLEASE report any bugs you can find so that I can fix them


How to install mods on xbox one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFKO1HdwTlE

MCADDON should import when opened


Supported Minecraft versions


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57 Responses

4.12 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. ihategravel says:

    Might be broken from the 1.13 update, will test to see if it is.

  2. Pilly says:

    How about making some thing about pillgers…?

  3. Not compatible with xbox says:

    Adfly does not work on Xbox . Stop using you tested it because you obvisly didn’t please put direct , other than that it’s a good add-on but make pillagers not attack you

  4. ihategravel says:

    Update will be out in a couple days. : ) Maybe

  5. Неизвестный. says:

    it may be difficult to implement, but still. You will automatically slowly (like zombies) move to the villagers, even if you do not want to. And yet, maybe it’s a bust, but you can restore hunger if you kill the villager.

    • ihategravel says:

      I cant do that, in fact that’s INPOSIBBLE to do. The game cant control your movements.

      • JalTheDude says:

        Haha heres how you do it.
        /execute @p ~ ~ ~ tp ~ ~ ~ facing @e[type=villager,r=10]
        /tp @p ^ ^ ^0.1
        The first command would happen first, then the second would happen second. This basically turns you to face the nearest villager that’s <10 blocks away, then slowly tps you to it by 0.1 block. I've done it before and it is very funny to watch.

  6. Aaa says:

    Bug Report(Maybe): For Xbox, both links don’t work. You can only get as far as ‘Skip AD’

  7. Mission says:

    My xp isn’t accumulating. I’m still gathering it, but it’s not adding to my xp bar. Is that intentional, or a bug? It makes it impossible to use anvils and enchantment tables

  8. Hilmi876 says:

    BUG REPORT?!?! You still can trade to wandering trader and he wont run from you!

  9. Kris says:

    It would be cool if there was an option to be zombie for multiplayer. Or if you add a player mob that is the new enemy.

  10. Alpha says:

    Sounds fun I’ll try it out

  11. Неизвестный. says:

    Здравствуйте, мне очень понравился ваша модификация. Я бы хотел, чтобы в отличие от зомби, мы бы горели в броне. Так будет более балансно и честно. +Будет хорошо, если на нас будет постоянный эффект голода 2. Спасибо за внимание.

  12. ihategravel says:

    The update will come out tomorrow or maybe the day after.( I have Xfinity so slow Internet wouldn’t let me push the update button) soooooo annoying! Commented this on 9/13/19

  13. William Afton says:

    Make to where only you are a zombie and other players who join your world aren’t

    And if you Can make it to where I could turn my freinds into zombies then I could do a zombie apocalypse rp

  14. Geonic says:

    Hey can you make villager to be effected when we punch them to death, and make the iron golem to fight us when he sees us. Please!!!!

  15. Tony Stark 69 says:

    Can we have the burning in day without the “immunity to mobs” and villagers fearing us? It’d be nice staying indoors at day, and going out at night.

  16. End Crafter 16 says:

    Could you make a feature in which you will turn villagers into zombie villagers if you kill them?

  17. Timingplanet says:

    Says missing some dependencys whem i try to use it

  18. ihategravel says:

    1000 downloads in one day! That’s awesome
    I’m already working on the next update so expect it soon.

  19. mike says:

    Its good but could you make it so if you kill a villager it turns into a zombie villager

  20. 09 sharkboy says:

    Hey man shot out to you great add on maybe on my channel

  21. Kaza says:

    this is neat but the fact that most mobs don’t attack you until you attack them is a bit odd, in terms of survival. Could you make a variation of this where it’s just the burning in daylight? That’d be cool.

    a few other suggestions I have
    -villagers won’t trade with you
    -villagers run away from you
    -perhaps killing villagers turns them into zombie villagers
    -and killing human like mobs (Villagers, Illagers) gives some kinda benefit, maybe like a random potion effect? healing? more health? I dunno

    this add-on does have a lot of potential though, I like where this could go

  22. CloudWolf says:

    Good addon, everything works well, but one suggestion would be to be able to sleep during day, that would really make it great

  23. oof says:

    This is a cool addon but can you do an update where all the mobs don’t attack you? if you do that would be cool.

  24. Broach says:

    It would be cool if zombies had night vision, it would be more realistic.

  25. Panda girl says:

    Great add on i love it cant wait for the update

  26. 09 sharkboy says:

    Great add on love it maybe in one of my vids

  27. 09 sharkboy says:

    Great add on love it thx

  28. Will I drop rotten flesh if I die?

  29. ihategravel says:

    Posted on 9/9/19 The silverfish, iron golem and custom effects from spider eye and rotten flesh will be in next update. (In a few days as of)

  30. KrisDreemurr says:

    Add night vision, plz

  31. Hilmi876 says:


  32. NoNe2902 says:

    this is awesome addon pls in the next update iron golem and snow golem are attack you for more realistic expirience and plz add mob that could be you for example the enderman you teleport in 10 seconds then your weak in a water😇👍

  33. lUlSkillz says:

    I love this add-on!Could you add this feature:
    If you wear a helmet it takes durability(at day)but you don’t burn at daytime

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