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Published on March 30, 2015 (Updated on March 30, 2015)

YouTubers Weapons Mod

The YouTubers Weapons is a mod which allow you to craft several new and powerful weapons. Each weapon belong to a specific YouTuber related to Minecraft. When you hold such a weapon in your hand you'll transform into the skin of that YouTuber.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • The Raw Chicken (472) - 4 raw chickens + 2 iron blocks + 3 iron ingots
  • #IWannaBenjYou (473) - 4 roses + 2 iron blocks + 3 diamonds
  • Betty (474) - 3 diamond blocks + 4 gold ingots + 2 sticks
  • Salt (475) - 1 water bucket
  • The Salty Blade (476) - 4 salt + 2 iron blocks + 3 iron ingots
  • Dezzy's Sword (477) - 2 diamond blocks + 4 gold ingots + 3 iron ingots
  • Blade of Goodness (478) - 2 gold blocks + 4 gold ingots + 3 diamonds
  • Lava Prick (479) 2 lava buckets + 4 iron ingots + 3 gold ingots

The Raw Chicken (Vikkstar123)

Every time you hit something you'll gain some attack damage. So the next time you attack something with the same sword your dealing damage will be a little bit more. And every time you hit a mob you'll get one piece of raw chicken.

#IWannaBenjYou (TheBajanCanadian)

Hitting a mob with the sword will deal 13 attack damage, set it on fire and within 1-2 seconds it will die. All mobs will drop its default loot plus some roses.

Betty (JeromeASF)

Every hit it will deal a stunning 60 damage but every hit will also decrease one half heart of your own health.

The Salty Blade (Lachlan)

If you hit a mob with The Salty Blade you will be healed one heart.

Blade of Goodness (MrWoofless)

Owning the battlefield has never been easier. Scared of being hit by a swarm of zombies? Don't be! Because everytime you hit one with this sword you'll be healed to your full health.

Lava Prick (Preston)

Pour lava on your enemies and watch them burn (try not to be too sadistic about it though, it's not good for you!).

Dezzy's Sword (DezNik45)

Enjoy the wealth simply by swinging your sword at enemies. Every time you hit a mob it will drop one iron ingot, one gold ingot and a diamond.

you forgot briannaplayz her sword because you have Preston you should have Brianna
Plz can you make a popularmmos weapon he is a great guy
Hi I think this is a great mod! I have it and it is awesome
Yeah PopularMMos and gaming with Jen are awsome and you skipped them how dare You she's so right!
I completely agree with you guys
and i say f that
It is not letting me download it
I Wish Im There My YT Is Bong-Bong Juniar And I Want Legendary Tron Sword
It say there is too much traffic you should just use mediafire
Who do you like more Notch or Herobrine?
Can u put this on media fire for people who dosnt have andriod? Or ios?
it says error please fix it editor
This is not an addon.
Pls fix it I want so please fix
error 429 fix this plz
the is a dropbox error 429 how do u fix it plz help
Is this avalible on minecraft IOS?
I cannot use a Blocklauncher in MCPE 0.11.0
MCPE 0.11.0 is still in BETA and BlockLauncher doesn't yet support it. Once MCPE officially is released BlockLauncher will likely support it fully again. So please be patient and wait or downgrade to 0.10.5 again.