Zaturn’s Simpl3 Texture Pack

An edit of the original texture pack by URNR.

A mix of vanilla with a simplistic theme and some pvp features to it! Cooling to the eyes as the pack offers colorful and less bright textures while remaining its lively surroundings.

This pack is released WITH permission, PLEASE read the description for further info!

First of all, let me tell you that I was given CONSENT to release this texture pack by its original author, URNR. His Twitter is @URNR__ and here’s my proof:

I’m very grateful that he allowed me to release my edit! Make sure to check out the original 3t3 Simple by URNR! Official 3t3 Simple website:

Now moving on to the pack, thanks again URNR for letting me publish this!

This pack has multiple objectives, which are to: keep the vanilla feel with a simplistic look and smooth textures also with PVP features. Such as low fire and grass, improved items, foodstuff, tools and weapon textures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The old clear UI has been replaced with the original 3t3 Simple by URNR! I didn’t think this through long enough to have the UI to be transparent, and now that I made up my mind. It’s also to avoid complaints about it. The clear UI was from originally from my main resource pack called Zaturn’s Faithful!

Side notes:

1. Animated textures was meant to be implemented in this pack, but later was cancelled.

2. This pack WILL be updated for future updates after MCPE 1.10.

3.. The sneak peeks you would’ve seen from my Twitter is old. Some textures might have been changed. I’ve had a few players voting and testing my pack while it was on beta release.

Please contact me if there are any broken textures. There will be more fixes once I note them down that I find myself or by my users. Thank you! Discord – Zqturn#1323

Changelog View more



Better coloring for the diamond

Fixed minor mistake for iron sword (at the end of the blade)

More contrast for all iron tools and weapon

Fixed wooden sword's design being the final beta one, now the same as the other swords

Better fishing rod and carrot on a stick design


Better coloring for the diamond block

Enchantment table's diamond now has the same color tone as diamond block


The recipe book icon is now the same design as normal books

Better inventory/chest icon

Better design and vibrant EXP/experience bar


Fixed minor mistake for pulling back bow animation


Fixed the color tone for the diamond armor.


Updated featured image.


The UI has been changed to the original 3t3 Simple's UI. There might be some fixes in the future

+Movement pads/buttons are now visible


Improved armor (helmet) design


Removed the realistic sky for optimisation.


Changed the pack's icon

Changed the description of the resource pack

Removed some custom sounds

Confirmed to work for 1.11 update. (Please contact me if anything is broken in 1.12 beta)

Minor fixes


Fixed some prominent UI issues


Updated the critical hit particles color

Changed the birch leaves color (wasn't noted last update)

Changed the sun and moon phases (wasn't noted last update)


Changed the description of the pack once again


Download via .zip if you're on mobile, go to your file manager, find your "downloads" file, search and copy Zaturn's Simpl3.

Go back one file, then find: games/com.mojang/resource_packs and paste the .zip file there.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9



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37 Responses

3.4 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-1508981296 says:

    I love the look of the sword, but not the tree i don’t know if i wanna get this..

  2. Kev The Purple Fox says:

    Is there an mcpack file of this?

  3. Zqturn says:

    MINOR, MINOR UPDATE: Monday, 23rd of December, 2019. The texture pack works fine in 1.14, I’ve done some testing myself (so far) but will update if there are any major bugs! Please contact me through Discord (Zqturn#1323) if you have anything to report!

    I am still active but I don’t have anything to note for new updates

    **Turned out I wasn’t logged in so I accidentally put up my comment as anonymous lmao. But seriously, please contact me if there are anything you want to report about the texture pack. I will update once necessary and possibly put some changes like outlined ores version, short swords version, et cetera (:

  4. Clutcheq says:

    Zqturn anyways to make a pack on iOS for mcpe? Also, amazing pack for pvpers.

    • Zqturn says:

      Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, I am thinking of adding .mcpack version for the texture pack, but I don’t have any iOS testers to try it out whether it works or not. If I still cannot get any iOS testers, I will temporarily release an experimental one

  5. A guy says:

    When are you going to update it?

  6. Sean says:

    Please outline ores…

  7. Crishbiskit09 says:

    I’m giving you 5 stars because your an active comment reader that cares about his community and tries to help them out

  8. terrs says:

    It is a nice texture pack in all. But, my hotbar is not showing and I have my HUD opacity settings all the way up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    how can i download it?

  10. Anonymous says:

    cant download, make it a mcworld

  11. Meme3810 says:

    i cant download it, please make it mcworld

  12. Shaiel says:

    Please fix the inventory because is not showing it please fix it

    • Zqturn says:

      I’m sorry about that! But can you tell me what platform are you playing on? I genuinely do not know why doesn’t the hotbar show up for some people! The resource pack is confirmed to work for W10 just fine though

      • Shaiel says:

        I playing minecraft pe on android

        • Zqturn says:

          Please contact me through Discord Zqturn#1323, Instagram @zqturn, or Twitter @zaydffa so we can figure out this matter together. I do not know myself why it does that for some users! If you don’t have any of the specified social media, please tell me any social media that you have!

        • Zqturn says:

          Have you tried restarting Minecraft PE while having the pack on?

  13. Kidz says:

    I like this texture pack very much this is one of the texture packs that I’m willing to use for a long time I like the simple clean graphics but the only downside is the transparency..i don’t like the idea of having a transparent inventory im not a PvPer so I don’t like it that much and it’s harder to find blocks in creative mode as well…so Id like the creator of this texture pack to make another texture pack for non PvPer so it won’t have the transparency anyways that’s its other than that I love this texture pack

    • Zqturn says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve taken the clear UI into consideration and I HAVE made some improvements for the UI, however it is not released for Zaturn’s Simpl3 yet! Instead it’s done on my Zaturn’s Faithful! The UI for Zaturn’s Simpl3 was originally from my main resource pack: Zaturn’s Faithful, which was actually the first resource pack that I’ve worked on last year before Simpl3

      There are some difficulties trying to work on clear UI because they sometimes overlap with each other and be confusing, but I’m trying my best on improving the UI.

  14. Anonymous says:

    its really nice but, i find it weird that its supposed to be simple and all, but what does it have a realistic sky?

    • Zqturn says:

      Yeeeeeeaahhhhh I kinda thought of that too xD, until now I still do not have anything to replace it with lol, I am currently focusing and working on my main resource pack though. So there will be no confirmation when will I update this, sorry!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey this texture pack is really nice, but one thing please change it, I know it said it’s simple but it’s actually more simple that I thought it was going to be so please fix the ores and that’s all I need you and please update it cause it’s 1.11.02 just put it in 1.11 please, Thank You if you did it I appreciate it Thank you!

    • Zqturn says:

      There will be no confirmation when will I continue working on this pack due to me busy updating my main resource pack. Although I will take this into account and think of a new ore design! Thank you for your feedback!

    • Cloudy says:

      Not only is this a great looking pack, but for once the creator actually responds and genuinely cares about the comments to help out the people who have problems. Definite five stars.

  16. PUMPKINSIDD says:

    nice pack!!

  17. Person says:

    Love this, but I can’t see my hot bar while using!

    • Zqturn says:

      “Hotbar” or movement pads? If you’re talking about movement pads, they’re transparent. You can still move around without movement pads being visible.

      If you mean the actual hotbar, then please check your GUI/UI opacity settings

  18. Jeff says:

    Can I use this on MCPE 1.11 beta?

  19. Wakz says:

    You just copied 3t3 and add stuff to it-.-

  20. Jill Beuhring says:

    cannot download!

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