Zeppelin Mod

Build a zeppelin, basically a ship or a balloon and fly with it. Most of you have probably sometimes felt that it can be time-consuming to walk areas to explore them. The Zeppelin Mod solves this and lets you quicker explore areas.

Creator: DAW330073

A ship can be created out of any block and the size is also completely up to you.

Design a ship of your liking and then type /zeppelin. Use the feather looking item to tap with on your ship to define it.

ScreenShot088 ScreenShot089

Once your ship is defined you can fly your ship!ScreenShot090


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16 Responses

  1. El_MuroSBC says:

    Can we get an updated version. This is my favorite mod ever made.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can i download it it just puts me in jumbo

  3. DanTDM fan says:

    This is a really old version of minecraft dude update it.

  4. Fabiano says:

    Friend, in my minecraft is giving error by the graphics, appears the pen, but has no effect …

  5. vincent says:

    why is mine isnt working?

  6. KingGamer says:

    Pls make a download link in mediafire I can’t download it on dropbox

  7. bluh says:

    Hi, I’m typing in /zeppelin but it won’t give me the definer, so I have an awesome ship, but no way to fly it. Please help!

  8. Liberty says: showed me “This acount was suspended.” How can I download the mod?

  9. Endermanonwechat says:

    Dear creator who made this mod,sorry for fool question. How to install this. What is Server when i type? 🙁 please send long answer at my email or here 🙁


  10. Dan Lopez says:


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