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Published on March 03, 2018 (Updated on September 08, 2018)

ZeusoPack Texture Pack

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how do i use it?
It would be so great if we didnt have to use adfly
Hello Everyone Just to let you know Alex is not Updating his pack anymore I am as disappointed as you guys and I wish he updated it but yet he has not responded and he is no longer the creator of this pack as you can see it says Claim meaning that no one owns this pack anymore and Sir Zeus if your listening somewhere and somehow I just want to say thank you for making this it is beautiful and all the haters out there that says this pack sucks they are wrong Personally I like the Zombie Pigman, Evoker(Replaced with herobrine thx) Ender man witch and everything else I wish you reclaimed this pack and continued updating this by the way Hybred Has used some of your sounds from this pack hope your fine with this(you probably are)
I was trying this pack on a realm with a friend and the pack worked for me since I use Windows 10. But my friend uses a Nintendo Switch but it crashes for him. Can you update and make it work for console users?
Honesty, I didn't like the new textures for the witch and evoker. It looks unnecessary, in my opinion. I'd appreciate it if you change it back.
Love it. Absolutely Fantastic. Great Job!?
The illusion you used to make mob eyes look like there looking at you is pretty realistic! and the mob style
is good! Alex-SirZeus, your a pretty good pack maker!
Pls update this in
The exact date or date is accurate or just tell me if you update it?
very cool texture pack but please update it to version 1.9x
Muito bom mesmo mano, é muito legal saber que tem pessoas inteligentes assim no Brasil também cara, porém enquanto ao porco. Hmmmmmm
This pack is similar to the pack that I found in
Can‘t download it
Simply beautiful! I love this pack! Can't wait for nwxt update :)