Published on October 19, 2021 (Updated on March 25, 2022)

ZG's Vibrant Travel Addon [ 1.2 ] | Texture & Model Update

ZG's Vibrant Travel Addon is inspired by the famous mod called Project Vibrant Journeys Mod, this Addon adds custom blocks with its own custom model and few new items aswell...


All blocks can be found everywhere, so don't worry about the low chances

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[ v1.2 ]

  • New Addon logo 
  • New Addon Name 
  • Variety of sticks can now spawn on their own biome 
  • Added low, mid, and high scatter chance pack settings 
  • Added more models for rock, and sandstone rock 
  • Updated feature rules to 1.18+ 
  • Updated Texture, and Models 
  • Fixed hostile bone, sea shell, and pinecone block texture 1.18+ 
  • Fixed sticks & pile of leaf not spawning in swamp, savanna, and jungle biome 



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hola el complemento es genial pero al actualizar a la 1.19 me aparecen bloques sin el modelo solo con la textura espero lo pueda actualizar pronto para la 1.19
With other addons this addon bugs out what i mean is that all the mobs freeze
that and items float in the air
I want you to do modThis Can you rock?
Great Addon! I have a few suggestions. A thick leaf layer. Leaf layer and bushes for every wood type. Dried leaf block, layer, thick layer, and bush. And beach pebbles. Also the ability to not have the gravestone, bone, pinecone, mushroom, and shell. Thanks!
Hola, me podrías pasar el link de la versión 1.0.2, esa versión si me servía bien la reciente, la actualize pero no aparecen palitos tirados, ahora solo salen bloques desconocidos.
Realmente hermoso complemento, necesitaba algo así.
Solo como sugerencia deberías hacer que las rocas se pudieran arrojar como bolas de nieve...
En todo lo demás precioso te mete mucho en el ambiente.