zom6: Two Survival Islands

Actually to be entirely accurate it isn’t two islands but very close to it. A couple of blocks are actually combining the two blocks together. But with a little help of some terraforming that shouldn’t be an issue for long!

The spawn is on the greater island which is covered by lots of trees which make the island a perfect start point to gather wood for a house.


The only downside we could find about the seed is that there are not a lot of animals. We couldn’t find any but then we didn’t look in every corner of the seed so please tell us in the comments if you find any animals.

Seed: zom6

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3 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    Great seed, found a few animals, enough sheep to make a bed, thx for share.

  2. GeekGirlKatie says:

    Mine spawned next to a duck family. I had two adults and two little ones.

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