Zombie Commando Boss Add-on

The Zombie Commando is a brand new boss that doesn’t replace any mobs. You spawn it instead by using a name tag on a specific mob in-game. This add-on was inspired by GamerJon’s Pesky Chicken Boss add-on. Check it out, because it’s a good one!

Creator: PrivatePeashooter28
Updated: 19 August, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

The Zombie Commando doesn’t spawn naturally in the world. The only way to fight him is by naming a zombie “Commando” using a name tag. It’s important that you name a normal zombie, and not a husk or a drowned. Place a name tag in an anvil to rename a name tag.

Be careful! This is an extremely dangerous boss!

It’s highly recommended to gear up with some diamond armor and a diamond sword before attempting to spawn the Commando boss.

Commando Features

  • Health: 400 (200 Hearts)
  • Attack Damage: 75 (A devastating hit, even with a full set of Diamond Armor)
  • Effect: 6-second Blindness
  • Ability 1: Summons Zombies ranging from a mere squad to a full-on army (also summons Skeletons and Creepers)
  • Ability 2: Inflicts a 6-second Blindness debuff to players who got hit

If you think fighting the Commando on water would make things easier, you may be wrong, as it doesn’t slow down the Commando even by a tiny bit. It only disables his ability to summon in squads. So unless you think going for a dive and damaging the Commando underneath is also a good idea, it’s best to avoid fighting the Commando on water at all costs.

There’s also a Husk variant that summons Husks and Strays instead of Zombies and Skeletons, but still spawns the usual Creepers.

Breaking News

The Skeletons have made up their mind and decided to join you and protect you from any upcoming mobs (except for Creepers, cuz those pesky kamikazes blow up pretty quickly). So you could either have them wide open supporting you by shooting arrows at them while you fight the Commando, have them stay on towers to keep them from getting killed by the Commando or other mobs, or just do it the unfair way and trap the Commando while the skeletons do their job (that would ofcourse ruin the fun)

You can tame skeletons by offering them gold ingots, bones, sticks, arrows, flesh or strings! Just give them one and they will be tamed! You can heal them with bones, sticks, arrows, flesh, and strings.

Other Features

  • Skeletons can be hired (tamed) by offering them with gold ingots! Just give them one and they are all yours!
    You can even have them construct a beta(baby) skeleton by giving both of them bones (this ofcourse means breeding). I forgot to make zombies drop bones so for now, the only way to get bones is by making skeleton sacrifices or challenge a random Stray for a Bowmaster style battle.
    You can heal skeletons with bones, sticks, arrows, flesh, and strings.
    Zombie Warrior: an armored zombie that always wields an enchanted Iron Sword. Has a Husk variant. (30HP/15 Hearts)
  • Zombie Elite : a tougher version of the Zombie Warrior, always wields an enchanted Diamond Axe. (50HP/25 Hearts)
  • Zombie Runner: a zombie that runs faster than other zombies. Has a Husk variant.
  • Zombie Gladiator: a golden-armored enchanted axe-wielding zombie that is tougher, having 50HP (25 hearts), and hits harder, dealing a total of 10DMG (5 hearts). a Husk exclusive.
  • Zombies, Skeletons, Strays, and Husks (with the exception of it’s Gladiator type) have their health reduced to 10HP (5 hearts)
  • Creepers have their health reduced to 30HP (15 hearts) and a shorter fuse duration (seriously, start getting your diamond gear)

Future Updates

  • Drowned Commando counterpart
  • more summon choices for the Commandos
  • New Zombie : Grenadier


  • Skeletons have now joined your side and are willing to risk their life to protect you.
  • Some slight tweaks to the Zombie Commando summon choices
  • Zombie Commandos no longer swims fast (this change was already made before this update. I just forgot to say it)
  • When different variety comes with different difficulty (wow, that rhymes). Husk Commandos now has a new and exclusive summon choice : 4 Blazes, one Ghast


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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27 Responses

4.75 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. SoulxReaper84 says:

    Is there an Xbox tutorial?

  2. Jake says:

    Can you make a creeper boss addon

  3. Beastie says:

    Can it work for iOS

  4. KentSpidey says:

    Skeleton only work but Commando is corrupted or glitched

  5. PranXter_yo says:

    Can it work in

  6. DeathManDiamond says:

    You are awesome.

  7. PrivatePeashooter28 says:

    Please read this before you complain on why you couldn’t tame Skeletons with the said items above

    it seems that MCPEDL mistook the items needed to heal the Skeleton allies as items needed to tame them. Taming/hiring Skeletons aren’t really as easy as you think, because the only way to tame/hire them is by gold ingots.

    Please read this before you complain on why you couldn’t tame Skeletons with the said items above. Repeated the same thing just incase you missed it!

  8. PrivatePeashooter28 says:

    the zip file link has been fixed!

  9. skueakyharp says:

    how to make mod

  10. Caleb says:

    The windows 10 edition minecraft said that it was incomplete i think it was that there was no resource pack.

  11. PrivatePeashooter28 says:

    after some days of pure laziness, it’s time i get back to updating my Zombie Commando add-on!
    the Drowned Commando counterpart is currently too hard for me, since i’m an ameteur at add-on making, and that i’m using ES Note Editor on my Phone to modify the mobs’ behaviors

  12. Pokeminesuper14 says:

    this is the best Addon I’ve seen… nice job!

  13. Jesse says:

    The zip file link just gives me a zip file with the MC packs, please fix! Thanks! 🙂

  14. Jesse says:

    The ZIP file link just gives me the .McPack version, please fix

  15. Ddragon says:

    Loses hostility when named fix this
    Otherwise good

  16. Ideas-man says:

    Hello, I am the ideas man and I have… a IDEA: can you make a addon that combines astronomic expansion, pesky chicken boss, undead invasion, and the commando addons together, that would be something I would love to see…

    • PrivatePeashooter28 says:

      you can always just have all of those add-ons equipped in one world, but that might cause problems

    • GamerJon 41 says:

      That seems like a great IDEA, but permission would be required from each creator.

      • PrivatePeashooter28 says:

        not to mention the modifications
        since both your Pesky Chicken add-on and my Zombie Commando add-on both modifies the zombies, it would be hard to merge it together without the Pesky Chicken summoning Zombie Commando’s soldiers (as i like to call it)

  17. Tomodachi Master says:

    The mcpack leads to the same thing as the zip, can you fix this?

  18. King Black Simth says:

    Awesome but can you add nametagbosses of blaze,phantom,puffer fish,drownd,husk,enderman,zombiepigmen,

  19. CowchMuphin says:

    Made a mob farm with the commando… Fantastic mod… Maybe add more mobs to the commando club…

  20. GamerJon 41 says:

    Nice, and your welcome for the inspiration!

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