Zombie Hero: Assault

A very famous game mode comes from Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.  Zombie Hero! Zombie Hero is a Human vs Zombie PvP (Player vs. Player) mini-game which humans need to survive the attacks from zombies and one of the humans is going to become a “Hero” and another human will be “Side-Kick”, those players will help you defeat the plague.

Zombie Mod: 3, Zombie: The Hero or Zombie Hero is a game mode from Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, Counter-Strike: Online. It’s about surviving the infection that was spread by the zombies. This is a PvP map, meaning, you become the Zombie! The map is set in Assault, an urban Counter-Strike 1.6 map. There are Supply Boxes that spawn during the battle that refills your ammo. Once you have 4 players ready in the lobby, you will be given a controller to start the game. When the countdown is finished, 1 human will turn into a zombie and then start the infection spreading. That player can also choose any zombie class on the battlefield.



Human: Normal player. Can be killed in one hit.

Hero: Once the countdown is finished, one of the lucky humans will be selected as a “Hero”. The hero can get powerful weapons but not permanently. The Hero takes 3 zombie stabs to be killed. The Hero wears a special suit.

Side-Kick: Once the countdown is finished, one of the humans become a “Side-Kick”. The side-kick is the Hero’s helper, better than your average human. Can also get weapons, but not as good and he also doesn’t get it permanently. Can be killed in one hit

Regular Zombie: 100 HP, has the ability to berserk with fast speed and heal up instantly. Has 2 types of zombie grenades.

Light Zombie: 100 HP, can be invisible and holds 2 types of zombie grenades.

Heavy Zombie: 100 HP, he has a melee weapon and he also has the ability to trap people. Has 2 types of zombie grenades.

Rusty Wing: 100 HP, she has the ability to fly and berserk! but the bad thing is that you need to purchase her with Mileage.



Decoders can be opened t obtain permanent weapons from. There are tons of weapons! but first, you need Mileage to open Decoders.



Mileage is the currency in CSNZ. You get 1 Mileage for killing a zombie or a human.



  • AzozGamer936 (Builder, Coder, Owner)
  • KindlyCell26 (Coder 2018)
  • Ashus012345 (Helper)
  • EpicTh3Emilis (Helper)
  • Keyyard (Knockback weapons fix)
  • BilleyZambie234 (Map Porter)
  • NStalker
  • Steve and Jobs (Plane)

Important Notes

  • You need 4 players in order to play.
  • Any bugs found? PLEASE tell me in the comments, I will check every day at least 5 times a day.
  • The map is 150MB. 
  • The map accuracy to actual zombie hero in CSNZ is estimated at about 89%-93% (Very good replica!)


Remember, 4 Players!

Changelog View more

The Hero re-work Update!

Added SVI Infinity Red

Removed Infinity Red

Removed Winchester

Removed HK416

Removed XM8

Added STG-44

Added M3 Black Dragon (No OP Abilites like from CSO/CSNZ)

Armor icons

Berserk Ability! (Only for Regular Zombie, No texture for the item yet)

All Zombies are now equpied with Zombie Grenade

Weapons have Knock-Back! 

New texture for BALROG-XI

Removed old Supply boxes and replaced by Chests

Added Python Desperado (Slowness effects)

Compound Bow replaces the Crossbow

Added PP-Bizon (No knockback because too much ammo)

Sounds when berserk is used

SVI Red Infinity now replaces the Bow

Hero is lv=3, When countdown finishes he will pick weapons in-game!

Side-Kick is lv=4, When coundown finishes he will pick weapons in-game!

When countdown begins, on tick 8, A human is going to be lv=1 which means he's going to turn into a zombie when the countdown is finished. Humans and others don't know. If you see a player is shooting and has no Haste ability on, RUUUUN! (Or pre-fire)

Zombie can pick Zombie sets in-game (5 seconds and then you cant pick a set)

Mega bug fixes

Zombie's second hand will NEVER go in Human's left hand anymore

Added HK MP7

And much, much more!

The P.E Update!

In this update, Zombie Hero is now balanced for both Windows 10 players and Bedrock players!

- Added Light Zombie (First ever female zombie!)

- Added Heavy Zombie.

- Added Trap, Heal abilities. 

- Better way of getting things, Back then, you needed to throw a item to get that item, Instead, you need to spawn an egg and you will get the item. (Much faster and better for P.E Players).

- Not much bugs found! fixed all that has been found.

- Removed viewmodels! (They will come back soon).

- All zombies from CSO/CSNZ!

- Zombies have Night Vision.

- Zombies have slow attack.

- Removed disease.

After the P.E Update, I got messed up and instead but Zombie Hero V2 (2018) link instead, But thanks for Jxcksonn, he contacted me about it and fixed the link!

- Tweaks to Zombie-Selection area.

- No bugs were found!

- In the entrance, you can no longer boost to the other side with a Zombie Grenade.

- In bridge, you can no longer boost up and get outside the map with Zombie Grenade.

- You can still shoot while you're in the bridge, these blocks are actually Invis Bedrock.

- Bug fixes.

- Fixed bug where you get heavy zombie's knife when you select regular zombie.

- Fixed python not inflicting damage

- Lag is now gone (On most devices).

- Samsung J8 Users may lag, but not as before.

- You get night vision when you open a supply box.

- Zombies deal -60 hearts of damage...beware!

- You get mining fatigue, survival mode and PvP will be enabled after the countdown.

- You are A mode in the lobby.

- You can't fight in the lobby.

- The human suit from 2017 zombie plague has been replaced.

- STG-44 has been replaced with Newcomen Expert.

_ MP7 has been replaced with BALROG-III

- Textures have 0 lag
- New Nata Knife texture, I can make it bigger but it is going to be ugly, so I made it small instead. It looks cute and fits mining fatigue effect.

- Weapons do more damage.

- Light Zombie is very fast now.

- Jxcksonn removed from credits since textures have been changed. Thanks for helping.

New Update! What's new?

- Added Red Dragon Cannon!


  • Leaves golden fire behind.
  • Splash damage zombies!
  • Can take out all zombies if they are in a group.

- Removed PP-Bizon.

- Removed BALROG-III.

- No bugs were found.

- Fixed M3 Black Dragon's texture.

- Nata Knife has a new skin: Korea Paint.

- Removed Dual Phantom Slayers.

- Removed Compound Bow.

- New Berserk icon. (Red).

- Fixed sky, moon.

- The trapdoors on the Truck's wheels are now invisible.

- Fixed Newcomen texture.

- Most of weapons now have skins!

- Improved gameplay.

- New link.

Hero re-work V2 (Get ready, this is the longest update list in MCPEDL ever!!)

- New GUI

- New Crosshair

- New Zombie (Rusty Wing!)

- New Weapons!

- M3 Black Dragon has the OP ability now. Shoot a couple of times, then you will active the "Black Dragon". If you shoot while it's active, the zombies near the projectile will FLY! (and take decent damage) then get on the ground.

- M4A1 Dark Knight

- SVI Infinity replaced

- Single Berretta Gunslinger (Yes, that overpowered weapon..)

- Holy Sword Divine Order (Yes, that sword that literally acts like a tactical shield)

- Guillotine (Headshot machine)

- Hub is edited

- The hero wears a suit

- Zombies can one hit humans

- The hero survives 3 hits from zombies

- New knives!

- Seal Knife

- Nata knife (no skin)

- Hunting dagger

- Butterfly knife

- Warhammer storm giant

- You can now choose which melee, secondary and primary weapons you want!

- Most of the weapons need mileage to obtain

- Removed skins

- Aug Guardian

- Barrett M95 White Tiger (Aimbot)

- AK47

- Desert Eagle

- Costumes! 

- Mileage system:

If you kill any zombie, melee or ranged, you and your whole team will gain one mileage.

if you kill any human, you and your zombie team will get a mileage point.

- Decoders!

Decoders are like cases, you can gain mileage points or weapons that you don't have. Or, you can get costumes from another Decoder type.

- Costume decoders contain:

- Ash's Skull

- Azoz's Skull

- Wind's Skull

- Epic's Skull

- Cape

- Added keys

- Rusty wing is not free, you need to purchase it by opening some costume Decoders

- Rusty wing has;

- Berserk

- Fly ability

- Jump boost

- All humans have jump boost

- Regular zombie has a new ability: healing

- All zombies can heal over time

- Zombies can get berserk, fly, etc abilities over time 

- Light zombie is the weakest zombie now

- Light zombie has invisibility ability!

- Zombie grenade texture is changed...

- Decoders cant get bugged, it will vanish the player's keys instead as a "punishment" if you put 2-9 keys at a time

- Assault is now full of barriers

- You can no longer grenade armor stands

- Armor stands are now 28+ blocks above you

- Removed a teleport location (inside)

- Air ducts are bigger

- Only Desert Eagle, AK, Seal, Hunting, Butterfly, Nata knives are free

- You now need to unlock weapons

- Removed TheEnderface from credits

- Removed SolvedDev from the credits

- Removed Laser Beam

- Removed Python

- Removed umbrella gun

- Red Dragon Cannon has no longer the laggy golden effect, it was replaced by a smoke particle instead.

- Red Dragon Cannon is nerfed

- Some weapons are buffed and nerfed

- BALROG is removed

- Supply boxes have been changed, once you open them, it will give you night vision and ammo. This is an example

If you have 5/10 Guillotines, and you open the supply box, it will clear all of your guillotines and give you 10/10. (Hope you get what I mean there)

- AK Paladin has been removed

- Added WindLight to the credit list

- Added Ash to the credit list

- Added Emilis to the credit list

- Added GameFanatic25k to the list

- Removed Scar

- Removed Newcomen

- Zombie Hero now only uses the top popular weapons from CSNZ

- Sounds have been changed

- Texts have been changed

- Zombie Hero is now CSNZ (not CSO anymore)

- Added a "Tip" book or list in the lobby

- You have time to pick your weapons

- When you open a supply box, there is a sound

- Hero and Sidekick gets random weapons

- Inside the warehouse, lighting has been changed

- Removed glows tones from warehouse

- Humans now have the sprint ability

- Humans now have the Bloody Blade ability (Strongers your melee attacks on zombies for a short period of time)

- Fixed the system when you choose a zombie

- Level 5 is Rusty Wing

- Level 6 is Light Zombie

- Level 1 is Normal Zombie

- Level 7 is Heavy Zombie

- Removed human suit

- Removed armor icons

- Removed potion icons

- New icons for Rusty wing

- New icon abilities for Rusty wing

- Removed jump boost ability for Light Zombie, it was useless and anyways Light Zombie has a Jump Boost

- Human abilities are a one-time use

- Side-kicks and Hero can now see and hear supply boxes (bug fix)

- Regular Zombie texture has been changed the old one turns out to be the beta host regular zombie from CSNZ, the old texture is still in the files

- Hunter Killer X-12 coming soon, it works, you can try it your self but its gonna come soon for several reasons. Also, it has aimbot (Yes, seriously.)

- The world is now 64MB

Now, this is the end. Let me tell you what things have been changed during the Update:

- Evolution;

Zombies will evolve into host zombies if they kill 4 humans or more, that was cut due to the fact zombies will have a lot of health and advantage against Free to Play players

- Humiliation Points;

Kill zombies with a melee weapon, you will be granted money but of course, that was cut and replaced by Mileage

- Stun rifle, a rifle that shoots...Lightning bolt! well, replaced by an AK.


Just some hotfixes, if you want to know what I added in the last update, just go on the update list and choose "1.0.9" or something like that.

- When you hit something, there is a sound.

- The hero will get his full health after the countdown.

- Some other bug fixes.


- Bug fixes, the map is now actually playable.

- Added more pictures.

- Added grenades!

- Red zombie grenade returned!

- HE (High Explosive) grenade is now given to humans.

- Sidekick and Hero will get their HE's cleared. Maybe in the future that will change, just to see if the game is balanced or not.

- Zombie grenade's scream is removed.

- The map is more protected.

- Sounds when Hero/Human dies.

- Sounds when a Zombie dies.

- Removed some weapons.

- Added Bunker Buster LTD!

- New decoder room (no longer in the lobby).

- The lobby is fresh and clean now.

- You can choose your weapons in the lobby.

- Instead of "ZOMBIE WIN!" on your screen, it will say [Game] Zombie Victory. Just like CSNZ!

- New countdown sound.

- Zombie Hero theme playing in battle. (Game is scarier!)

- You can't get LTD from supply boxes.

- LTD is a one-time use.

- Fixed bugs.

- Fixed sidekick bugs.

- You are not guaranteed to be a Hero in every single round, it is rarer to be a Hero now.

- Nerfed some weapons and also buffed some.

- Regular Zombie is now LV=8.

- If all the game is human and one is a zombie, and that zombie leaves the game, it will say "Human Victory" same goes to the zombie team if a human leaves.

- Tutorial! Are you new to zombie hero? Take the tutorial before playing. There is an option to skip the Tutorial if you are an old player.

- Humiliation Points! They are not in CSNZ, but they are here to "show off" your knifing skills in the game. Every time you kill a zombie with a knife at close range, it will give you a point and it will play sound "Humiliation!" from CSNZ.


I got a lot of reports about lag. if you are lagging hard in the game, please use Block Launcher as it K I L L S the lag. That's the only solution for P.E players now.

Fixed 25+ bugs!

- Added Cyclone and Hunter Killer X-12!

Hunter Killer X-12

  • Low damage in A mode (nerfed before it was released).
  • Ok accuracy.
  • Long ranged.
  • Shoots fast, auto shotgun. 

    B mode

    to activate B mode, you need to shoot around 14-16 bullets.

    • Aimbot!
    • Can kill a lot of zombies in aimbot.
    • B mode duration is around 5-10 seconds (didn't count).


  • New custom item!
  • Low damage.
  • P E R F E C T accuracy.
  • Laser beam when you shoot with it.
  • You do not need to crouch to fire it, hold your screen.
  • Knockback.
  • Sounds!

- M3 Black Dragon is now fixed, it's B mode has been changed, you need to shoot 8 bullets in order to get the B mode which allows you to shoot 1 Dragon Bullet. Well in MCPE it's 2 Dragon Bullets but hey it's still balanced! 

- If there are 4+ players, the owner will be given a controller that will start the game if dropped. The owner can start the game any time he wants. This is great because if someone is opening decoders you can wait for him.

- Fixed Cyclone.
- Added 2 links, one is adfly and one is Mediafire.

- Added a little more info about the game.

- Gillutione has been removed due to the model being accurate to the actual game.

- Holy Sword has been removed due to the model not being accurate to the actual game.

- Removed WindLight and 25K from the credit list.

- Revamped Decoders

- More weapons are gonna come to the map (Shotguns, ARs, etc) soon, but don't take my word as a promise.

- Added more pictures.

- You can only use green zombie grenade once.

- Fixed heavy zombie texture.


If it says you need to enable notifications. Just click deny and wait 10-20 seconds until it redirects to MediaFire. 

Remember, 4 players!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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