Zombie Mode Add-on

The life of a zombie is like the opposite of a human being’s life. Avoid sunlight, infect villagers and spread fear across the world. The Zombie Mode Add-on lets you experience all of these things by yourself. It’s a really unique and fun add-on to use, especially in survival mode, as it lets you explore the dark and evil side of Minecraft.

Creator: DiamondKing567, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Stay away from sunlight. From now on you will only be able to survive in darkness, preferably away from any sunlight. Find refuge in a cave during the day and then only return to the surface when it’s nighttime.


Hostile mobs will not longer attack you. They look upon you as a friend and together you shall spread your infectious disease all over the Minecraft universe.


Raid villages but be on the lookout for iron golems (and snow golems) as they are now hostile. However, your attack damage has been increased and this definitely gives you an advantage now compared to before.


If you kill a villager it will turn into a zombie villager. The zombie villager is still hostile. Hopefully that’s just a bug which will be resolved in the future.



  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download a zombie skin (optional)
  3. Apply pack for a world

Do you want to download it as a .ZIP? Click here.

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123 Responses

3.83 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Guest-7787885162 says:

    I have a zombie skin I jest edet the Steve skin

  2. Guest-1431653345 says:


  3. Guest-1023332511 says:

    maybe you could change the normal player damage sound to sounds when a zombie takes damage

  4. ariel says:

    hey maybe when you eat rotten flesh you should get golden apple powers and maybe if you make drownd mode then make us if we stay in the water for too long before we drown we will turn to a drownd and we have a chance to get a fishing rod trident shell or nothing same with the zombie we have chance to get an armor or weapon or both maybe also husk mode

  5. Hmm... says:

    Nice, but villagers doesn’t be a zombie villager. Others are super good.

  6. EnderNinjaPlays YT says:

    Please make a illager mode addon

  7. Anonymous says:

    chỉ dùng tôi cách tải đi

  8. DJ Awesome says:


  9. odyn2009 says:

    It’s don’t work sun not fire me

  10. Почему says:

    Подскажите что делать. Я не горю н солнце.

  11. Steve says:

    Still don’t burn in the daylight, but still functional more or less. For those with problems of villagers not turning to zombies make sure you are in survival mode and this is very important… Make sure the difficulty is set to Hard and then the villagers will turn. As others have said the zombie villagers won’t normally attack you, but if you do accidentally hit them as they turn or right after they will turn hostile. This Add-on is fun to play around with with cheats on so you can switch between game modes and make zombie story based MC videos, but its more of a gag thing more than anything. Very exciting concept but perhaps due to limitations in game code it’s not living up to it’s full potential.

  12. ArcticWolf627 says:

    May I ask but can you modify in such a way that you are vunerable to the sunlight but yet the hostile mobs can still look at you as a threat. ( could you also make it if you wear a helmet, you wont take any damage but the helmet gets damaged slowly by each day? )

  13. Carlotta says:

    Aaaahhhhh 8 still Don t burn under the sunnnn ;-; pls fix it

  14. TyG says:

    When I killed a villager it never turned into a zombie villager and I hit a zombie then it started chasing me and I never burn in daylight this is broken pls fix it

  15. Derpy says:

    You do not burn in the sun, and when I kill a villager, it doesn’t turn into a zombie!

  16. Ty says:

    I don’t burn and it makes the game too easy

  17. KandyIsStillLost says:

    I’m not burning in the sun, and Zombie Villagers attack if you attack

  18. Endragon VN says:


  19. Ecreeper91 says:

    it because you hit the villager zombie then it becomes hostile!

  20. Jakey says:

    it doesn’t work?

  21. Via Petek says:

    Its Very Cool addon but when im on daylight im not burnning can you fix it btw you are very cool to make this addon

  22. Tristan says:

    It doesn’t let me burn can you fix that bug please

  23. Clownmastery says:

    I don’t burn in the sun because your supposed to burn after 25 second which I didn’t so pls fix this I would like it to be more like a zombie than just the husk (which is a zombie that doesn’t burn in the day but can still turn villagers into zombie villagers.)

  24. SpacierLime310 says:

    everytime i download the pack it says it failed

  25. Nightmarefoxy684 says:

    I remember this being a mod on block launcher where your a zombie and the zombies and skeletons used your custom skin and killed you which would make sense because they would be the player in a way, but the fact that this is an add-on is amazing!!! It’s even better than the block launcher mod!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  26. kakebake12345 says:

    why wont the mcpack work? can someone help?

  27. Guillermo says:

    Cool!! So, I hope that the zombie villagers don’t attack me in the next update.

  28. Steve says:

    This addon has great potential, but you don’t burn in daylight. Anyway you can fix this?

  29. Anonymous says:

    You don’t burn, and as you said villager zombies attack you. It’s a cool concept, needs updating

  30. ezezeus says:

    I can’t burn and the zombies kill me

  31. lucas says:

    steve (zombie) is not burning by day, fix it please

  32. Sean Dargue says:

    I can’t burn in daylight.

  33. AwardedMussel49 says:

    Why i dont burn in daylight? Fix it..

  34. Kros says:

    Why I do not burn in the sun

  35. madison collier says:

    im not burning in sun

  36. MineOssus says:

    How about Skeleton Mode, Wither Mode, Ender Dragon Mode, Vindicator Mode, and Evoker Mode?

  37. Ashton says:

    The addon is great but I don’t burn in sunlight even though I don’t have a helmet on and I can’t go back on horses after I get off pls fix otherwise it’s a awesome!

  38. Ashton says:

    I don’t burn in sunlight (even though I’m not wearing a helmet and once you get off a horse you can’t get back on.. (I’m on the latest version of minecraft) pls fix otherwise it’s really good!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sunlight doesn’t effect me at all, either my version of minecraft pe won’t work with it (the version with the woodland mansions) I didn’t install it right or something’s else pls fix otherwise it’s a great addon

  40. ARHAM says:

    It doesn’t effect us of we go in sunlight and zombie villagers don’t attack us only if we hit dem

  41. TriforceGamingYT says:

    Everything works and I think the add-on is awesome but… I’m not burning in the sun…

  42. Not important says:

    It’s not working on meh iOS device I turn on the add on I type my village seed I go to the village and I’m not burning mobs still attack me and I cant Infect villagers pls fix

  43. Lavalinater9000 says:

    I installed this and for some reason at day I don’t burn and I don’t have a helmet and still I don’t get attacked by mobs but at day mobs burn but not me help!!!!

  44. Indigo says:

    I downloaded this and infected a zombie villager. It then became neutral until I accidentally hit it again, causing it to kill me. Can you fix this? Also, THIS IS AWESOME.

  45. Emma says:

    Can you make a wolf mode

  46. ZzFireligtzzz says:

    Zombies are still trying to kill me . Which isnt supposed to happen

  47. Claire says:

    Cool I always get attacked by mobs thanks for this addon

  48. Tatar says:

    I think you forgot to say this You won’t get the poison effect even if a witch throw a potion
    of Poison at you or anything that give you poison (You are resistance to poison)

  49. mario says:

    what is and addon

  50. Scott says:

    I love this addon to minecraft thank you!

  51. Anonymous says:

    So cool but!!!in sunny day just wear a helmet and boom you will survive i sun…what a nice addon ever

  52. Whizzhup says:

    What Version is this? i cant even play it… it said import faild 🙁

  53. Quan says:

    How do I download it

  54. None of business says:

    This is so cool

  55. None of business says:

    This is so cool but how do I install it

  56. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool but how do I install it????

  57. Tyler walk says:

    I ❤ this addon! I really like riding zombies.

  58. DarkClaw2703 says:

    I can ride the zombie horse, yet I can’t control it, anyone knows how?

  59. Jack says:

    Hi well I me And my friend joined each other my friend din’t burn but I did And on his world he burn but I don’t help!

  60. Tip for add on says:

    Could you make an add on where you can choose which mob you want to be and then you can live the life of the mob without needing to get a skin I mean for example a creeper you have four legs and you look exactly like a normal creeper

  61. Wolfgirl says:

    Zombie mode iz awezome but the zombie villager glitch…. it not glitch it’s called neutral.

  62. A girl says:

    Make more!!! 🙂

  63. Andy says:

    I haven’t got a chance to use this yet but to fix the villager just use this addon with the friendly hostiles add-on ␎ they won’t attack you?

  64. HackerGaming476 says:

    Awesome addon!

  65. Mintz007 says:

    I can’t ride my horse :3
    First time mount to tame it
    After that I can’t ride it again :/

  66. Eli says:

    Great add on but it doesn’t work multiplayer, is there anyway you can fix that?

  67. SenpaiHackz says:

    Hey you should do one like this but with the player playing as “HEROBRONE”! That would be awesome!

  68. FurenZ says:

    I can finally eat some money stellers brain 😛

  69. Darius1st says:

    This is a really cool addon you an make it better if you use rideable zombie horse’s addon as well . You can even make it more challenging by adding villager guards but I’m not sure if it works or not I’m going to try it now

  70. Vexy says:

    I absolutely loved enjoyed this add-on, great job!

  71. Ecksdee says:

    Can you please add night vision? That would make it more realistic for a Minecraft zombie.

  72. LeeAm says:

    Bad Things : Herobrine loved u

  73. LordOfBrightnes says:

    Is Ultra awesome mod

  74. Wolf says:

    So a couple of bugs some i dont mind some need to be fixed. for survival challenge etc

    1 mobs are nuetral not friendly. If attacked they will attack (dont mind)
    2 can still break blocks even tho mobs cant (dont mind)
    3 cant turn villagers into zombie villagers no matter how many i kill (plz fix)
    4 zombie villagers not friendly nor nuetral XD they hit on the spot (plz fix)
    5 hostile mobs dont attack if spawned from creative they need to be spawned in survival or naturally spawining (plz fix)

    Other than these five bugs its honestly fun and i feel like theres more to it than just being a zombie. In fact theres more to this add on then just doing zombies remember this is minecraft youve got multiple options with this. You can get the ender pearl add on and become endermen you can get tnt and blow yourself and other things up like a creeper my personal favorite get a bow and SHOOT DOWN ALL THE THINGS! Lol. hopefully they fix the bug so if you kill a villager with melee weapons or hands it turns thems into zombies. You can even turn this into some kind of map or minigame and use the sun as some kind of reasson they cant step outside like its space or something. Great world ideas im using this add on for!

  75. Spider Z says:

    Can You pleeease make throwable fire charges addon???? it’ll be great if it come true!!!!!

  76. Hero342 says:


  77. Hero342 says:

    Nice dude!

  78. Carl223pogi says:

    If you update this can you do this first you can see clearly when dark second when you infect a villager you will not starve third you can sleep daylight fourth when third person there like regular players.

  79. TRON says:

    I myself found a way to make villagers not be hostile to you problem is if you kill a villagerit turns to witches i gotta fix that soon ill make a addon
    Anyway GOOD ADDON 👍👍

  80. Carl says:

    This is amazing addon but if you update it can you do this first you will see clearly in the dark second if your hungry if you infect a villager you will not starve and third you can sleep in daylight.

    • LegoAidan10155 says:

      You realize that addons are very limited and so this is impossible to do? It’s a really great idea but unfortunately it’s impossible

    • End Crafter 16 says:

      Addons have been updated now but the sad thing is that the author doesn’t update the addon anymore

  81. Brantley Laney says:

    Night vision would be cool to have.

  82. Anonymous says:

    You should make it so when you have a bed you can sleep in the day

  83. Vienna says:

    This is a really cool add-on I LOVE IT! Please make more like this.

  84. Layton Dalton says:

    Won’t work with multiplayer but it’s good it would be nice if everyone that joined u had the zombie characteristics as u but yeah definitely needs an update to the addon

  85. Eli says:

    Really cool and fun to use in a survival world. Do helmets, keep you from burning?

  86. Allen says:

    Is so cool

  87. Anonymous says:

    Can u please make it so the wither won’t attack you because your a zombie?

  88. DitDitGamingDL says:

    Hey guys, I’ve made a fix to the Z Vilager and Z baby glitch when they attack you. They are now neutral.
    Oh yeah, and Editor, can you put this as an un-official release on the actual page? That would be amazing!

  89. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Ha. I have a Vampire skin that conveniently fits with this add-on. It’s really fun to do the castle siege map with this and you can even create your own base to try to attack. You can even have some kind of stealth game going on with this which is even cooler! Once again a simple yet amazing add-on on this website. Thank you, Creator, and “Editor” for publishing this.

  90. Juan says:

    So cool. I love it, it really adds difficulty and makes it easier. Somehow….

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