Zombie Rush

Recommended Players: 1 – 4

Welcome to Zombie Rush! In this small map, you and/or a group of friends try to kill as many zombies as possible before you all die. Can you survive the zombie outbreak?

3 spawners are around the map, each having a zombie spawn egg inside. These will work as your ‘wave’ spawners.

I myself have tried the map and am going to say that if there are vines leading straight up to a house roof, the zombies can climb it. Be careful!

Upcoming Updates

I will make the map larger with lots more houses, and maybe soon there will be chests that you have to grab loot from to refill.

Changelog View more

Added description and an upcoming updates section. Updating the map soon!


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

3 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Enlace roto

  2. Guest-4870943217 says:

    Se necesita mejorar

  3. Guest-3929456072 says:

    Good Map!

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