Zombie World Mod

Zombie World adds an apocalyptic feel to the world of Minecraft. Everywhere you turn there will be zombies and they are just as hostile during the day as they are during night. To survive this world of horror you must kill zombies to get the items needed to craft zombie-proof armor, night vision goggles and firearms.

This mod is entirely in Portuguese/Spanish but we’ve done our best to translate the names of things to English in this post.

Creator: MasterPE3Twitter Account


Once you’ve spawned zombies will randomly start to spawn. The world has quickly gone mad and the only ones who are surviving are those who can protect themselves. Choose from three different armors sets and plenty of weapons. In this case I decided togo with the Night Vision Goggles and a Bulletproof Vest.

  • Night Vision Goggles (1700) – only creative inventory
  • Bulletproof Vest (1701) – only creative inventory

Press the buttons on the right side of the screen to enable armor protection and night vision.


There is also an FBI armor set and a Modern Soldier armor set which you can use. You can find IDs for those items further down on this page. Neither of the two sets provide any extra GUI or special abilities. They are just for the looks.


There are tons of weapons but only a handful of them can actually be crafted. Some of the weapons require money (dollars) to be crafted. Money can be crafted or obtained by killing the different types of zombies.


  • Magnum .44 (1703) – 4 iron ingots + 1 x 100 Dollars
  • Medic Kit (1702) – dropped by Medics
  • AA12 (1704) – 1 x 100 Dolars + 5 iron ingots
  • AK47 (1705) – 1 x 100 Dollars + 5 iron ingots + 1 gunpowder
  • AK74 (1706) – 1 x 100 Dollars + 5 iron ingots + 2 gunpowders
  • Desert Eagle (1707) – 1 x 20 Dollars + 4 iron ingots
  • R 870 (1708) – 1 x 100 Dollars + 5 iron ingots + 3 gunpowders
  • G3 (1709) – 1 x 100 Dollars + 4 iron ingots + 2 gunpowders
  • 1 Dollar (1715) – 1 iron ingot OR dropped by Blooding Zombies
  • 2 Dollars (1711) – 2 x 1 Dolars OR dropped by Clickers, Day Zombies
  • 5 Dollars (1712) – 2 x 2 Dollars + 1 Dollar
  • 20 Dollars (1713) – 4 x 5 Dollars
  • 100 Dollars (1714) – 5 x 20 dollars OR dropped by Iron Golem Zombie

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find IDs for weapons which can only be obtained by using the creative inventory or a commands mod.


There are a couple of new zombies and all of them spawn at random during the night and day. Kill zombies to get money which you can use to craft weapons.


Other Item IDs

The following items can only be obtained by using the creative inventory or by using X-Commands to give yourself the items in survival mode.

  • FBI Helmet (1721)
  • FBI Chest (1722)
  • FBI Leggings (1723)
  • FBI Boots (1724)
  • Modern Soldier Helmet (1725)
  • Modern Soldier Chestplate (1726)
  • Modern Soldier Leggings (1727)
  • Modern Soldier Boots (1728)
  • US Gun (1716)
  • Barret (1717)
  • GL6 (1718)
  • RPK (1719)
  • AT4 (1720)
  • Medic Spawn Egg (1729)
  • Iron Golem Zombie (1730)

Install Guide

  1. Use ES File Explorer to extract Zumbie Sagas Mod v3.0
  2. Copy the ZS-Sounds folder and move it to /games/com.mojang/
  3. Start BlockLauncher and use it for installing Zumbie Sagas Mod V3.0.modpkg
  4. Restart BlockLauncher.


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  1. da T boi says:

    I clicked the download button on the website and it didn’t work

  2. Jddhdh says:

    It not work

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a xbox plugin?

  4. MinecraftPe Pro says:

    Not that bad

  5. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    Umm I’m making a Alien vs Predator map and this is the one!! Although I’m not looking for zombies, the weapons are the chosen ones!

  6. Ethan says:

    How do i install it for PE?

  7. Fangknight says:

    Its so good and cool bro and ther new armor new weapon its soooo coooool

  8. SeanIsMe says:

    My zombie textures got crazy their legs are in their body old help

  9. __StaffSargent__ says:

    Can you make this for iOS too??

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    How can you download it for iOS

  11. Alyson Law says:

    It’s cool

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    It works for iOS

  13. Kevin says:

    Can you please update it i would love to download this for my mincraft I have iPhone

  14. Megan says:

    Ugh I can’t get many things because I’m IOS

  15. Jack says:

    Am very love it

  16. Youssef ibrahim says:

    how to download om windows 10 edition i am on my pc is their block luncher for pc

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    Pls Add .mcworld file

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    Do you use IOS or Android?

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    Lol the iron golem zombies can’t attack villagers, pls can you change to zombie AI.

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    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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