Zombie World (Part 1)

The Zombie World map is the first part of what is going to be an on-going series of maps. It’s a survival and adventure map which takes place in a doomed world where zombies have arised trying to destroy mankind. Your objective is to survive and get through the world of death and sorrow.

Creator: Detrais


  • Don’t break or place blocks
  • Don’t cheat
  • No crafting



The download does include a texture pack which can be applied with BlockLauncher Pro if you want to. The vibe and feel throughout the entire map feels more realistic and scary if you do apply it.






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7 Responses

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  1. Aljun Gillego says:

    Can this be a series in my YouTube video?

  2. DANTDM says:


  3. Corbenader 22 says:

    Hey editor,can you please make this a .mcworld pack please?it would be much appreciated😊

  4. DanTDM Fan says:

    Wouldn’t’ work I got only the texture pack and even when I set it as my texture pack it wouldn’t work.

    • Editor says:

      First off, did you try to load the “ZombieWorld Texture” file with BlockLauncher Pro?

      Try to use a file manage app like Cheetah File Manager and unzip the “images” folder and the rezip it again.

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