ZooCraft Addon

If vanilla Minecraft is getting a little boring with the same old mobs being in the game, this addon is perfect. From bears to elephants to welters, this addon has many different types of animals or monsters that will spawn in your Minecraft worlds! This is great for expanding your survival worlds or if you want to build a zoo.

Experience the world of Minecraft in an entire new way. Lots of brand-new animals have been added to the wildlife and this both adds new challenges and fun ways to enjoy the game. What are you waiting for? Download it today!

Creators Note

All of the mobs in this add-on are from the Expansion+ Add-on.

Changelog View more
  • Updated for Minecraft versions 1.10-1.11
  • Fixed/Enhanced some animal animations
  • Fixed where custom zombies have bugged heads when they are a baby
  • Added all new mobs from v2 of Expansion+
  • Updated all mob models/textures since previous version
  • Fixed various bugs


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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139 Responses

4.2 / 5 (71 vote)
  1. Guest-5990821660 says:

    How do u tame the dogs/can u tame them?

  2. Guest-7728611193 says:

    Hi so this is probably weird but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to teach me how to make addons for mcphee it doesn’t matter how long it takes i just can’t find anything on yt or anything :/ if u know how or even just have an app to recommend i would appreciate it 🙂

  3. Guest-5138500577 says:

    Love your addon

  4. Guest-2670874034 says:

    How do you download it?

  5. Guest-1373845286 says:

    i don’t have the foggiest idea.

  6. Guest-3624104094 says:

    how do i log in? im on pc

  7. Guest-9255569437 says:

    How do you even download this

  8. Hey says:

    No ones talking about this but it said it was released the 18 January 2019 but when I’m doing this comment it’s the 8 2019 so this was made by a time traveler or what

  9. AnimalLover says:

    Could you also add orangutans?

  10. AnimalLover says:

    I love this addon. Can you add zebras,cheetas, and kangaroos in the next update?

  11. Patata says:

    If You can ride the elephant this mod Will be perfect

  12. Anonymous says:

    The mobs from expansion are NOT all hear. All the sea animals and fun stuff are all gone

  13. Biazitas says:

    I loved it!! Is so nice and it works on weaker devices. Thank you 🙂 ♡

  14. Anonymous says:

    remove the brown mooshrooms, they are alredy in game

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have not tried it yet

  16. Anonymous says:

    Your addon was the best can you add at your next update tarantulas

  17. Anonymous says:

    please make it mcworld so i can download it!

  18. Аноним says:

    Так, так так понятненько всё с вами! Просто появился мод ycreatures с огромным количеством животных с топовыми модельками – и вы решили тупо хайпануть типо вернуть популярность: не выйдет лучше мода чем ycreatures вам не сделать!

  19. Naveed says:

    I love mincraft and there

  20. Naveed says:

    I love animals

  21. Mudassir says:

    I love animals

  22. Emma says:

    I’m a bit confused about how to download it. Do I have to sign up or what? Also if you could add some of the following animals, it would be much appreciated. Dogs (not wolves), seals, sharks, kangaroos, koalas, wombats, lizards, snakes, ostriches, monkeys, apes, whales, butterflies, giraffes, rhinos and squirrels. I hope you like the suggestions and I would be ever so grateful if you used some. Thank you and have a nice day.

  23. Hope says:

    How do you get the add on?!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a huge adon

  25. Marco Vinicio Parra Zeledon says:

    please help the hostile mobs are invisible

  26. GamingWithYassin says:

    Just download Expansion + Add-on, Same creator did this, it is better, like WAY BETTER, it’s like an update to Minecraft!

    So go checkout the add-on!

    Also five stars, not because this add-on is good it’s because I like the other add-on more so here’s a rating!

    • Wait what you are wrong says:

      You know it doesn’t work well with other item addon if you add expansion addon every item from another addon will be broken so nah this is better

  27. Arandompersonlol says:

    Uhm, I can’t download it. but i’d Love to.. the download button just never works for me on the website you’re using for your installation

  28. Aaron says:

    this is the best mod i have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only thing i ask of you is that you fix your lions.

  29. Sven says:

    Since the new minecraft update some of the eggs are totally black and thier mobs are invisble (but they are still there). But otherwise a great add-onn!

    • Sven says:

      The mobs that are invisble are the following: brown mooshroom, corrupted skeleton, Alex (npc), pingiun, camel, Steve (npc), duck, welter, ender skeleton and emerged.

  30. DinoDude says:

    Add hyenas


  31. Anonymous says:

    can you make the birds a neutral mob or do less damage, plus can you makes some tamable?

  32. Sophie Harty says:

    How breed animals specifically bears and elephants???

  33. Fred says:

    This is a great mod i love all the npc’s and animals, but the lion seems to not have a body.

  34. OOF says:

    Do these npcs spawn naturally?

  35. SirBreakfast says:

    May you please fix the lion model? It’s body is not attached the whole body.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I love the addon but the intense lag is not fun If you let them spawn , tho the rest (exept the lion XD) is amazing

  37. Bellahh says:

    For some reason it crashes with 1.11.3

  38. VinnGogh says:

    Addon Maravilhoso, amei demais, meu animal preferido é o cervo!!

  39. Fg1000 says:

    Awesome addon, great work. Apart from the lions body, yet made my kids laugh. Thanks

  40. Curssed says:

    Please fix the invisible new animals, it’s not compatible with the latest version
    and please fix some bad sounds…

  41. Alzzez101 says:

    The Lion has its body sticking up in the air and the legs are floating. It looks like it has a giant butt

  42. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Really good mod! I can see every animal! But can you please fix the lions body and add zebras please 🙂 just a horse with a pattern but you can add more too it

  43. Keeven says:

    The animals don’t have animations and the sound the deer makes is horrible can you please fix this

  44. WildDemonLord says:

    Some of the animals aren’t even able to be seen. The players can see some of the animals but the rest are completely invisible and make no noise. Also, it would be nice if these new animals spawned more often. Please fix this.

  45. Unknown says:

    Can’t wait for the update

  46. L says:

    Hi, any chance to 1.10 compatibility? For now Penguins and few others are invisible for me.

  47. Anoymous says:

    Love it but add some monkeys and giraffes, and fix the camels and ducks 🙂

  48. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for version 1.11.01?

  49. Jason says:

    Great addon but the ducks, camels, Alex, Steve, and all of the new skeletons are invisible in Beta, please fix this then I’ll give five stars. 😁

  50. AwsomeOcelot says:

    Best Addon I’ve had yet

  51. DaBigfoote says:

    If anybody has seen the trailer already and wants a deeper look, I made a video!
    This add-on is awesome!!!

    • Guest-4028491192 says:

      Are you DaBigFoote I am your fan I subscribe your channel I watched your Dinosaur mod video

  52. Could have some improvements says:

    Please add flamingos giraffes rhinos whales jellyfish panthers peacocks Komodo dragons sharks owls eagles toucans ostriches anteaters aardvarks scorpions foxes roosters camel spiders gorillas monkeys ants snails worms mantarays lion fish mahi-mahi’s moose lizards geckos stingrays crabs seals swordfish dragons ogres cheetahs leapords jaguars red pandas and improve the models of some of the creatures like the camels

  53. Emilia Jordan says:

    I can’t see the animals

  54. Jamir says:

    I hate the hostile mobs NPCs Steve and Alex Remove them and add Giraffes Rhinos Monkeys Snakes and Seals Right Now

  55. Tateacko N says:

    He/she has added tortoises genius but they don’t move!

  56. Tully says:

    I can’t see them

  57. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see the mobs

  58. Pyro says:

    Turtles are already in the game genius. add something useful like variations of dogs

    • Anonymous says:

      Turtles are different that Tortoises. You see, the turtles in minecraft are sea turtles. These are different as they live primarily in the water of the oceans. The turtle you see in the addon is a tortoise, who live on land.

    • AwsomeOcelot says:

      She added tortoise not turtles

    • Apple pen says:

      This was before the sea update came out. Be nice! If you want dogs don’t come here and be rude about it. Install the doggies ga lor e addon.

  59. Madtester_Gaming99 says:

    Hey JEBR_Gaming, Can i use this addon for my upcoming map i needed to make, Please Give me Permission to use it. And also I like the Addon its Awesome thx

  60. Noone says:

    How to summon

  61. Nick says:

    Can you at least give us information about where these mobs spawn

  62. Ryan Huff says:

    Vocês poderiam por tubarões corujas capivara outras aves girafas rinocerontes onças cobras iguanas formigas colmeia de abelhas de cupim e avestruz.por favor foi um dos melhores alunos que eu já baixei de animais no meu Minecraft e tomara que vocês continue atualizando porque sinceramente esse bate qualquer mod ou Addon

  63. Anonymous says:

    WORST ADDON EVER!!! It doesn’t make any sense! Every time I try to spawn these animals, they’re invisible! Idk why this isn’t happening to everyone! Please fix this! Or I’ll give it as a 1 star rating! I do not recommend this to your worlds!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  64. Anonymous says:

    awesome addon, I love turtles so the more the better . The only animal that is missing is a monkey or gorilla 🙂

  65. Mission Impossible says:

    It is amazing! I love this addon. Can you please add flamingos, giraffes, rhinos and zebras?

  66. Lucy says:

    My animals are invisible can someone tell me why?

  67. Jenna says:

    The only problem I can find is that the animals sometimes get stuck in water and then they drown. Or maybe I made a bad zoo. Also the fleas are impossible to see once you spawn them in. Other then that I LOVE this addon. I made the coolest zoo with this! Please add giraffes and maybe some monkeys in the future!

  68. Manofquestions says:

    How do you remover the npcs

  69. ILoafAllThingsDinosaur says:

    Wow. Majorly impressed! This is an excellent Addon!
    Also, in the next update could you please look into adding snakes and/or monitor lizards?
    Thank you. :3

  70. Answer says:

    How do you do this??? I am on iOS but every addon created just lets you replace stuff. What addon creator do you use to add entities??!?!?!

  71. Blaze says:

    I dont know… The models just like those old blocklaucher mods back before the aquatic update or combat update. I mean the models are too smooth or just simple, for example the deer, its a horse with antlers.. second the hippo.. man i dont like that movement or model. But still good addon

  72. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! The elephant is my personal favorite. Just a suggestion tho can you move the elephants eyes a tad closer back, towards its ears. It just looks a tad weird to me. Otherwise the addon is amazing. Thank you. I’ve been looking for an addon like this. In the next update could you please add giraffes and rhinos?

  73. Jaccob Cook says:

    Please re-texture the animals to be more minecraft-ish realistic

  74. Yeah says:

    Whenever I click download it just brings to to a website and won’t let me do anything???

  75. Santi Juárez espantoso says:

    I cant play localy

  76. Epic says:

    Better than anything! I should know, on a hunger games mars map I once shot a person super far away. (I’m really really good with bows)

  77. Ace says:

    Can you make a pokemon addon 🙂

  78. Anonymous says:

    this pooply godie

  79. No Name says:

    Wow This is Not A Addon this is A Mod ! Is this Amazing Mod

  80. ThePotato says:

    This is so good but I have one suggestion. Please make some suitable mobs tameable like the penguin or elephants so you can ride the elephants. This would be epic!

  81. Aiden says:

    Can you make another Addon of Godzilla because the other one that some other guy made replaces creepers and Godzilla seems to be small and only have a ranged attack of fireballs

  82. Nice addon! I like the mobs and NPCs. However, I do think that there is definitely issues with the sounds. They seem very compressed and don’t necessarily match all of the mobs too well.

  83. Gabriel says:

    Make a zip file please.

  84. Akira Fudo says:

    does this mod add mobs or replace mobs?
    cuz since the game version 1.8.0 it is possible to realy add mobs and not just replace the normal, if im right.

  85. Logan says:

    The sounds are somewhat annoying to some animals so if you maybe quieted them it would be better but other that that awesome

  86. Maxil89 says:

    I love it, it’s very good indeed but I need more information about these incredible animals

  87. HirwrC says:

    This is just amazing! So many new animals and other mobs that make the world much more alive! There are only three only issues I found. Birds are sometimes stuck on the edge of a block. They can be freed by destroying the block underneath them. The other one is that when riding a camel it sometimes just make two rounds go to other direction you face and the result is that you are even further from final destination as you were before. Also when you try to put a chest on the camel, it will just eat it! And you won’t be able to open that chest. But otherwise everything just works well. Haven’t found all mobs yet. Really looking forward to find them all 🙂

  88. Yes potato says:

    Can you tell us any information about the mobs?

  89. HirwrC says:

    The trailer looks promising… I can’t wait to try it out!

  90. Nobody says:

    (My comment isn’t showing up on my screen so I can’t reply) but their are a few good textures. Some models too.

  91. Nobody says:

    The models and textures are to classic. It’s just too smooth. So I probably won’t get it. I’ve seen Addons with some of these animals that are WAY better.

    • Qwertyuiopasdfghjkkllzxcvbmm says:

      Whatever this is the most animals added in a add on well done guys ignore this guy

    • Nobody says:

      Nvm this has more

    • Grace says:

      I agree. After seeing this mod: some of the mobs are disappointing. The lion is just terrible. If he could get a copyright of the pocket creatures mod and use that model for the lion, deer, elephant, camel, crocodile (so the mouth doesn’t always have to be open) and penguin (the sounds are really cute but I think I still like th either model better) that would be perfect. Or maybe just give credit, since the creator of pocket creatures isn’t responding anymore to any of the comments. I really like the mouse, frog, and bird, but I still really want the gorilla, chimps, Goat, boars, giraffe, zebra, and Squirrel from the other mod!

      If anything there also needs to be a way to pick which ones you want in your game. I really like the Steve and Alex npcs but that could be a separate mod, I’ve seen that before. So this mod could just focus on animals. Because I don’t really want the npcs either even though they’re kind of a cool creative idea because I already have a mod to make my villagers look nicer without big ugly noses. Also the hostile mobs are kinda cool but they shouldn’t be forced if you want the animals. I don’t really need those.

  92. Danial says:

    Finally somebody added tortoises to the game but can you use the texture from the mo ‘ craeatures mod?

  93. iEatDragonMeat says:

    stinky cheese and ivory tusk don’t have textures for some reason

  94. RapidRacism says:

    Very Good Mod 🙂 5 Stars

  95. Dante says:

    Do they have any drops and spawn rate?

  96. KirbyFan64Bro says:

    This addon is AMAZING!!! And this is just version 1. If you make the sounds less annoying this addon will be even more fantastic than it already is! Keep up the good work!

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