3D Models Skin Pack (Beta Only)

There are already multiple skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace which have custom models but this is one of the first packs you can get free of cost. However, it might not work in multiplayer so that’s definitely a downside if that’s the case. (Please give it a try and let us know in the comments.) Keep in mind that it will only work on the current Minecraft Beta (1.2.5).

Creator: DharenL, Twitter Account

If you can’t see the skins then simply restart the game.


  1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Go to the skin picker and select a 3D skin!

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144 Responses

3.41 / 5 (81 vote)
  1. JC says:

    Nothing working it says failed

  2. YTGraveTheRaven says:

    Can you make 4d skins like mcpe master did

  3. ELMCHACKER says:

    Im like

  4. ELMCHACKER says:

    Im like its cool

  5. Vladu11 says:

    It works on all versions, and works on Multiplayer too!

  6. Therix says:

    Failed to import! Highest version currently

  7. random man says:

    How do you make it?

  8. Quaid says:

    Plus help me out and tell if it a website or a app because it not on my google play

  9. NobakynNogame says:

    Loved it, great job DharenL, works fine on multiplayer for me.

  10. Quaid says:

    If u can tell pls also make a cool map like bendy tattletail FNAF

  11. Quaid says:

    Also I not eckosolider is gonna see so dear echo u are a liar i see some of videos and the structure block so do me a big favor make a video that invold sructurenblocks also make map and upload here also the liar thing was a troll XCDAND WHEN U MAKE THE MAP ADD MY NAME ON IT ON the sign we both get half credit

  12. BillTZG says:

    If you have installation problems try zip method

  13. BillTZG says:


  14. LebronJames says:

    Doesn’t work

  15. TK-6606 says:

    Didn’t work. All the skins came up as fully black skins. (not being racist)

  16. $tryker says:

    It doesen’t import. Curse this clickbait.

  17. joe says:

    Can you make dragon ball super skin pack with 3D model

  18. SwiftNinja99 says:

    You did really well on this one. I didn’t know you could do that in the new version.

  19. Ryan Bhugmonia says:

    Best skin pack ever ! . Great job. Now i’m known as the Pumpkin Man in servers.

  20. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    its not working 😡😡😡

    • keyboardmannow says:

      Why are you mad that its not? It’s not like you paid for it. Infact, you could have given actual feedback instead of being mad at the developer. You, and many others, are the reason some developers quit. Next time, actually think about your decision.

      • SkylerSpark says:

        True, some peeps are just rude everyone makes mistakes STOP BEGGING FOR LINKS AND ACTUALLY FIGURE IT OUT URSELVES 🧐🤯😌

  21. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    oh yeah 1 star only because not working 😕

  22. DereK says:

    It doesn’t work 🙁

  23. EnderCoolIndo says:


  24. Quaid says:

    Some one tell me how to get Skin picker is on computer or phone or app or website tell me PLS

  25. HimyarTGP says:

    This is great!

  26. Burak says:

    İts not working its says failed on android

  27. ChasCraftMC says:

    It works on all updates and is awesome for multiplayer trolling

  28. KaiTheGamer266 says:

    It doesn’t work it says failed to upload 🙁

  29. Strange Dude says:

    This is T H E Thing i’ve been waiting for since skin market introduction!

  30. BOI says:

    Not really working 😕

  31. pom6universe says:

    i need the zipped version

  32. Anonymous says:

    This skin need minecraft,+

  33. DereK says:

    Guys, I’ve found a way to fix this: first, you need ES File Explorer, after you downloaded this pack, go to ES File Explorer then change the .mcpack into .zip, then unzip the file, move the file into games/com.mojang/skin_packs and you’re done

  34. Kurtis says:

    Could you make a binding of Isaac skin pack? There are some characters that involve 3D moddels and I can’t make them pls and thx

  35. MrCreeper says:

    Can you make a 3D AntMan skin I would definitely use it and give it 5 stars

  36. tenderblocks says:

    It dosent fore for me using the mc.pack, can you make a zip version because thats the only way i can make it work right now.

  37. Chloe says:

    Why it say failed to import

  38. Chloe says:

    Please gix this it does not work i am using samsung j7 why fix it pls pls pls

  39. Nick says:

    Hello maker can u please make this for 1.2.3 it looks like real awesome but i can’t install it because im in 1.2.3

  40. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Doesn’t work 🙁

  41. Danny says:

    The skins arent 3d they just mashed up and stuff plz help

  42. Anonymous says:

    how to download it? when i press the download skinpack .mcpack it just opens a new
    tab 🙁

  43. Cheese says:

    Dosent work!! It keeps saying failed to import!! Is it because I’m on iOS??

  44. Anonymous says:

    Can we finally play as mobs without mods?!?

  45. PETE says:

    HEY IT DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!! U NEED A UUID Generator go in the manifest file and put two of ur UUID GENERATOR ON TOP AND BOTTOM

  46. superkalel2407 says:

    Cool i can now prank my friends

  47. Pepper says:

    Give people some unique girly skins

  48. whydo you need to know me says:

    doesnt work on 1.2.3 ipad

  49. Quaid says:


  50. LEGENDS77YT says:

    There is no zip method on this one…

  51. Rio says:

    It is good i love in cuba but I speak UK language

  52. Usefull Bot 5000 says:

    So if you guys are wondering, “How can I import this the right way?” If you are on Windows 10, you have to download this one soft ware called 7z. This allows you to chop the mcpack into pieces and put them in a zip file. Then you put the zip file in the skin pack folder inside the mojang folder.

  53. Blazeman012741 says:

    It is not working . It say failed to import.

  54. CHERRY says:

    didn’t work said fail to import

  55. Aidan says:

    Whenever I try installing the skin pack, it keeps saying: Provided ‘/header/uuid/‘ element is not a valid UUID in pack manifest.

  56. Ultmate_Mario says:

    Hello! I am the one who put together the tutorial this guy use. Seriously though. Credit people for their work. They go out of their way to teach you cool things.

  57. Lol c cooll says:


  58. Pino says:

    Poeple start hating on this because t doesnt import but you need 1.2.5 beta or full,full is getting released later.

  59. Freddie says:

    I love minecraft

  60. Freddie says:

    Minecraft is my fab game in the world

  61. Nicky says:


  62. Pls do it!!! says:

    Can you make a skin pack like a baby skin pack for mcpe 1.2

  63. SpideBlocks says:

    Gud Pack..Love it!

  64. francis says:

    Not work😭😭

  65. francis says:

    Why not work😭😭😭😭😭😭

  66. ElusivePython55 says:

    It looks cool so 4 star there is no 5 star cause it won’t work but nice skin 😊 😇

  67. Gustavo says:


  68. ShiroHD says:

    Guys I Know How to Fix This Using Es File Explorer But Only For Android Version only.
    1.Download the Mcpack
    2.when its say open Don’t click it It will still Fail to import Just leave it be.
    3.Go to Es file Explorer Then cLick
    the 3 line horizontal thing on the top left And Click Download
    4.Find The 3D-model.Mcpack
    5.Rename it to just leave the 3D-model-skin Thing When u see like this .Mcpack change it to .Zip
    6.Extract it Then When u Get the Folder
    7.copy The Folder Go to Internal storage Find games With Minecraft icon
    8.Click on Com.mojang Then Click skin pack Paste it on the Skin pack folder
    9.Load Up Ur Game Make Sure U Restart it It May Not Load up
    10.Pick Skins u want Then Done Have Fun

  69. ShiroHD says:

    i mean why won’t work

  70. Javier nicholas says:

    Can you make roblox skin pack because i love roblox

  71. Javier nicholas says:


  72. Gibson Milne says:

    It’s on my mcpe but not 3d!!

  73. gageo777 says:

    I have made a fixed version for people with the ‘/header/uuid/‘ problem here:

  74. PPPPPP says:

    🙂 works well. Too OP in Survival games tho…

    For those who don’t work it only works on newest public released versions 1.2.5 or above

  75. Arashdehghani says:

    Please make a zip file

  76. Johnny says:

    It is in a earlier version but, doesn’t work in other versions than 1.0.0

  77. maximos138 says:


  78. TheRainbowPizza says:

    I downloaded the mob skin pack and the block skin pack and the skin packs were suddenly changed into two legacy skin packs please help me

  79. Is_Micin says:


  80. BlockbyBlock says:

    It Looks Good But I Cant Download It, It Says Something About A UUID Or Something…

  81. Coolboi says:

    Well it says it failed to import

  82. JumboM says:

    It doesn’t work and says ‘Failed to import’ blah blah blah!!

  83. A minecraft player says:

    Please fix the uuid.

  84. Hazzard says:

    Hello everybody, its not working becouse I thnk its patch.

  85. Nguyễn vinh says:

    The best mod

  86. Iker says:


  87. Noob man lolololo says:

    For the guys that dint work
    1.Download the.McPack
    2.Download and go to RAR download on playstore
    3.Go to the .McPack file
    4.Extract it to SDcard/0/Emulated/0/games/mojang/skin_pack/
    5.Enjoy it!

  88. Minecraftpro says:

    It didnt work for my minecraft pe I did the right thing :'(

  89. N1NT3NBR0 says:

    Can someone please tell me how to add my skin? I mean like i want my skin to be holding a block of TNT on their head and not just a steve.

  90. Johnathan says:

    I did download the zip file i extract already but when i add it on minecraft the file/the picture doesnt support 4D skin…the skin only support the regular skin not the 4D skin…

  91. Your fault says:

    Guys don’t give bad comments it’s your fault stop saying it’s his fault Mojang stopped these because he said it was unfair that’s why

  92. mackinley says:

    Wow it worked!

  93. flabbier says:

    rip it do not work it use to work

  94. Realy says:

    plz put it on 1.5

  95. Coolness says:

    Don’t work! Whoever made this should fix it

  96. Anonymous says:

    I cant do it

  97. ??? says:

    Just download those kind of skins on mcpe master

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