A man working in a bar serving drinks and such.
By: DragonsDungeon
Netherlands Fan
A supporter of the Netherlands soccer team.
By: chikorita
Lionel Messi
World famous soccer player. Currently plays for FC Barcelona and the Agentina national team.
By: AquaGirl
A girl working as a lifeguard.
By: Meggles
White Hoodie
Guy in a white creeper hoodie.
By: Danori
Blue & White Stripes
A guy in a white and blue striped sweater.
By: Jason
Scarf Boy
Boy wearing a blue sweater, beige pants and a scarf.
By: Hunterboii
Bright Girl
A girl wearing blue clothes.
By: alone
Fatal Cyborg
He used to be normal, but after a bomb exploded beyond his knowledge, he was turned into this fatal machine.
By: Ruckus Designs
Nyan Cat Girl
A girl dressed in a nyan cat outfit.
By: dolieelove