Alto Shader

Alto Shader is a lightweight shader which has been optimized specifically for low-end Android and iOS devices. At this point it’s quite limited in its offerings, but it’s still a good improvement (assuming you like shaders) to the overall graphics of the game. It’s primarily the sky and shadows which look different. Also the water looks slightly more realistic.

Creator: shmoonjr, Twitter AccountWebsite
Updated: 18 December, 2017 (read changelog)



  • New water reflection (dynamic reflection)
  • New/changed world color while changing time (morning, noon, sunset and night)
  • Fixed glitch bug when looking in certain directions
  • Underwater waving effect
  • Natural waving plants and leaves


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this shader pack here.

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167 Responses

3.94 / 5 (93 votes)
  1. Jesley says:

    Please make this available for the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition/

  2. JPlaysPE says:

    Oh a new interesting shader! 😮

  3. AbbyRabbit says:


  4. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Does it work for Minecraft : Winows 10 Edition ? Cause some of the MCPE shaders don’t work on windows 10. And, on MCPE, I tried it, cool shader !

  5. Jaeon Kim says:

    Wonderful!!! and I want texturepack in shader:)

    • shmoonjr says:

      Next version will include texturepack in ultra. I have submitted updated version 🙂 alto shader 2.0 has been sent to mcpedl !!

  6. shmoonjr says:

    If you have any questions or requests, you can visit my twitter account.

  7. DeNoobizons1099 says:

    This is a good shader.I like the bugs of the shader like when you look straight down you go crazy! I love that bug. But overall it’s a good shader and first! (LOL)

  8. Vladu11 says:

    This is a really great shader! 5 Stars, well done shmoonjr!

  9. Hellooo says:

    Damn this looks better than sspe

  10. superspider3500 says:

    The 4th image looks like the Death Star.

  11. MrJcGunner says:

    I can see the potential of this. Just gonna w8 for the new features dou

  12. ShadowCake says:

    Finally someone made one 😀

  13. DARKDRAGON532 says:

    The glasses look weird

  14. Kittenz says:

    These shaders are absolutely beautiful for being “low end”. Awesome job to the creator!

  15. OwlWars101 says:

    My new favourite shaders! The shaders looks beautiful! Amazing job shmoonjr!

  16. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    I looked into the files, of this and many other packs, and now there is a stained glass texture. #1.2

  17. Jolly MAC says:

    Great JOB shmoonjr I hope this shader will be the greatest shader ever!!!!
    I hope on the next update, plants will have waving animations.

  18. LilahMoon says:

    Shmoonjr, thank you so much! This shader is not only beautiful it also amazing that this shader is for low end devices like mine! 5/5 for sure!!

  19. CubeMaster621 says:

    I can’t download ultra version but really great

  20. Carlos JRJ says:

    Please to minecraft windows 10 edition

  21. DinoDNA says:

    Also it says that there is to much traffic so the file is banned from Dropbox for ultra sooooooo put it on media fire cause I really want this shader

  22. ravynbird says:

    I can’t download it. I’m trying to get the low-end version and the link takes me to, and then to cinematrix and asks me to get an account so I can watch movies. I don’t know what to do plz fix!!

  23. REALminerAUSTIN says:

    For some reason, the Dropbox link has gotten too much traffic and cannot be downloaded. Could you make a new download link?

  24. No says:

    What is the map that is on the second picture?

  25. Hi says:

    Can you make this with the file plz

  26. NoHaxJustSkillz says:

    Thank you. 😀

  27. Mike says:

    To laggy 😔.

  28. GenArtGames says:

    These are some things that I’ve noticed.
    FYI I am using the Ultra Shaders

    -No Wavy plants/leaves
    -All of the plants and trees seem tilted
    -Lighting seems to be the same as vanilla

    Great Shaders, had great potential, maybe when there is wavy water and plants this could be my fav. shader.

  29. N. P. says:

    What map was used in the photos?

  30. Austooo🌴 says:

    Excellent shader😁 Love the lighting and shadows👌🏽 One problem tho my leaves on trees don’t wave or move like it says. I’m on an iPod 6th generation, please help

    • AwesomeGamer 350 says:

      THE same thing happens on my IPad Mini 4! I guess we’re two sailer so in the same boat! XD BUT FIVE STARS CAUSE THIS IS SO AMAZING!

  31. CoolGuy81 says:

    HEY! You have great potentiomal 🙂 but me and my friends want a ultra shader for windows 10 editions, please! We have tried SS10, Energy shader, but they aren’t as great as Seus or this Alto shader 🙂 ( I know they were supposed to be made that way.) but we need a ultra shader for windows 10 😀

  32. AwesomeGamer 350 says:

    I really love these shaders! This shader pack Truly excels above all shaders! The only thing tho, there’s a bug where during night everything turns blue at an angle and entities turn grey all night no matter how much I twist or turn. Also the leaves and grass aren’t wavy like they are supposed to look. Like they look like… I don’t know how to put it but they look like still but like curved? I hope you fix this but overall this is truly the best shader ever! Oh and make the night brighter!

    • shmoonjr says:

      I know about those bugs;;; so I’m working on fixing bugs:) please wait until next version!!

      • AwesomeGamer350 says:

        I know how hard it must be to maintain this shader and how much work you put into it. I will be patient! 😉

      • The Mixer says:

        The loading screen’s background look different.It’s like the the world being destroyed.I saw some tentacles at the snowy hill.It’s like the Wither Storm tentacles.Does it do like that or is it a bug?Please reply.Btw,Five star for fantastic shader.

        • AwesomeGamer 350 says:

          The Mixer, no that is not a bug, in fact I think that could be the wither storm at the snowy hills! But that is meant to be! 🙂

    • shmoonjr says:

      and thank you for using my shader!!!

      • AwesomeGamer 350 says:

        OMG I didn’t know you would reply! Thank you for replying and seriously, these shaders are awesome! Oh and I have a YT channel the same name as my name just to let you know! Anyways, have a blessed day!

      • AwesomeGamer350 says:

        No problem at all! 🙂

    • AwesomeGamer350 says:

      And please no texture packs… I just want the default textures but these wonderful shaders!

  33. Dobes Ore says:

    Does it crashes or lag when I’m using 1.1.1 iPad device?

    • shmoonjr says:

      Umm.. can you tell me more in detail? I have tested only in my iphone6s, but I think you have to wait in patient.. sorry 🙂

  34. ravynbird says:

    Not for low-end. I have an iPad 4 and I downloaded this thinking it would work, but maps don’t load and it lags horribly. BLPE is better. Also it changes crosshairs and health bars, which I don’t like.

  35. JeremiMcPE says:

    Hey if you got lost in, Just tap again the “Skip Ad” Button, After you will send to the Mediafire.

  36. JeremiMcPE says:

    I mean after you Tap the “Skip Ads” you will directly go on Mediafire :/

  37. ii_PoisonFlaming says:

    When I download Ultra Shaders The Leaves aren’t waving…
    But it’s a really Good Shader Keep on Making more Please

    • YY Minecon says:

      The leaves not waving should be a mcpe glitch and has nothing to do with the shader… It’ll probably be fixed on the next few Minecraft PE updates or so…

  38. Dark says:

    Hey editor or maker of this shader. Can I get the sounds as a separate file. I like the shaders but it has some really annoying bugs and I like the sounds. If you can great. If not oh well I tried.

  39. KeshTEG says:

    One of the best shaders.!
    Is the health bar and other bars not supposed to be the original ones? I’m using medium

  40. SnowyTheIce_Wolf says:

    I love the shaders except one glitch were when you look in a certain direction everything goes bright and while it bright everything is Blue.

  41. WincerCambaya says:

    I love this shader! 😀 its perfect i didnt test this out yet cuz its now downloading… but if my phone lags because of the shadows is not sharpened ill give it a 3 star 4 now 🙂

  42. ShadowLemon says:

    Yay! I love the shader I got the low and ultra low, seeing what one will work best! This is beautiful! Good work!

  43. joshua says:

    Could you make it so the leaves and grass move please. I really like that feature

  44. Lyk_Aunn124 says:

    These are nice shaders but the tnt will say WTF when you blow it up

  45. Richard says:

    Love your shaders but it’s really laggy for my iPad 4 mini. Even the Super Low pack is laggy. Could you please alter the shaders so that the gameplay is smooth? Thanks! 🙂

  46. Mike says:

    Even the super low laggs a lot!
    PS: Ios ipad 4.

    but 5 stars😊.

  47. biostory1 says:

    I really like this shader, but I have noticed that chests, enderchests, and shulker boxes turn completly grey at night. Also, there is a really weird lighting bug when you look at an enderchest it gets super bright. I see a lot of potential with this shader, and addressing those two issues would make it close to perfect

  48. Bypasser says:

    Whoa, think the shader is glitched for me! Everything turns all bright and the shadows turn all weird! Am i on the wrong version?

  49. RTSoftAdmin says:

    Today is July 1, 2017… Still doesn’t work for Windows 10? Why doesn’t it work? I’m so confused.

  50. Nadid says:


  51. ACEofSPADES says:

    Which iOS devices are considered “low end”?
    Is the iPad air(1) with A7X and 1gb ram low end and which version should I use for it

    • shmoonjr says:

      I use ios so I know about ios devices. low end device is under iphone 5. and the ipad air1 that you said is medium version is proper:) thanks for using my alto shader!!!

  52. Dark says:

    Make a media fire link instead I can’t open it up on my iPad Air 1. It redirects too many times and I was trying to get the ultra.

  53. Water :( says:

    Under the water looks pretty weird…

  54. Aslan says:

    Great resource pack… Well it was until I found out the noise the creeper makes when they explode… Sadly I uninstalled, as I was really happy with this until I found out. The sounds where my favourite part too :/

  55. Elijah_Cool says:

    I almost kept it. It was almost the best shader ever. But then I heard the creeper sound.

  56. DragonFire3640 says:

    If you have a higher end device try seus the shader is the best shader for now in the mcpe community but I gotta say this shader is great even at the lowest setting ^-^

  57. BranPlaysMcPe says:

    Can you make the shaders compatible with Windows 10. Think about it, if your downloading shader packs, you probably got a high end android (& ios) or you have windows 10 version of Minecraft.

  58. MinorFello says:

    At night, this shader is always glitches out like whenever you point at a certain direction it turns very dark or very bright. At day however, this glitch is gone and this shader becomes the best shader in the world.

  59. MD Chowdhury says:

    I want to get this app because I want to get lots of mods

  60. HELP says:

    @Editor, the link for super low takes you to google drive. Shitty Google Drive won’t detect that mcpe can open .mcpack files. PLease add a link for the file that can be directly downloaded, like on adfly or something

  61. Connor jorge says:

    Link has been downloaded to many times for ultra pls fix

  62. BananaSlayer says:

    Awesome shaders! Please could you fix the issue where the whole world (all blocks) disappears when you look in certain directions.

  63. EliTheLatios says:

    Unspeakably Amazing!!! Works perfectly fine on my KitKat!!!

  64. YY Minecon says:

    For people who do not like the explosion sounds, I suggest going into the files (the sounds part) and delete whichever one you are not pleased with. For me I deleted all the sounds as I usually play on silent and it would just take up space. But anyways this shader is one of the best out there for PE. No lag and it’s just great… Good job shmoon!

  65. Hiam says:

    can you add player shadows and make it move ok.

  66. lol says:

    When you look at the bottom or under you, it become dark and its weird

  67. Redahki says:

    Dude u just reach the level that i wanted
    with the help of SFX its very COOL
    But in shaders could u fix when it is night when you are looking down
    everything goes black but if u return up it get back pls fix
    best shader i ever had

  68. Vicky says:

    Why I don’t have grounds?
    CLICK –>

  69. LOGSTER 9999 says:

    This looks like sues Le. Idk maybe it’s my iPhone glitching or its a copy and the water doesn’t wave

  70. Gabbie says:

    Every time I try to download it, it brings me to ad fly and then re directs me to some fre movie website… I’m just clicking the mcPack link. Am I blind and not seeing a button or something?

  71. Pierce says:

    Please make the .zip not go to google drive because the download is not working for me
    Also please remove the weird health hunger and armor bar

  72. Dice27x says:

    One of the best shaders, very impressive graphical improvements. But the fps counter isn’t placed corrected and there is a little transparent rounded rectangle covering my vision in the latest version, good thing you allow downloads to older versions. BTW I am using a iPad Pro running IOS.

  73. IIKyutieChanII says:

    Could you put this on media fire plus I can’t download it with your website that your using!

  74. PandaPerfectionz says:

    Says it is not available anymore. Or viewable. 🙁

  75. GoopyGamer says:

    I like how it looks, but I can’t install it, Microsoft one drive doesn’t seem to wanna work.

  76. RenzRainbow says:

    Help me. The medium download link (one drive) is not working. I thought that it was mediafire. Plz change it now.

  77. IOS USER says:

    Hi, the clouds aren’t showing: it’s just a big rectangle in the sky, can someone help?

  78. Anthony says:

    Ummm, this is 100% BPPE shaders, so, just give up making shaders @minecraftpeall , you better just make texture packs

  79. PLEASE HELP says:

    PLease help me! None of the links other than ultra work for me, they take me to Onedrive and then it says the file “has been removed or you do not have access to it” something like that . Otherwise your shader is AMAZING. Love it, keep up the good work!

  80. Master Craft 874 says:

    Dude.. What happend with the link ?? I want to download the shaders!

  81. Help says:

    Please help: it doesn’t work for me it says item no longer available when I try to download it please help!!

  82. matistis says:

    “This item might not exist or is no longer available” :/


    What happened to the download link? I’m having trouble downloading the shader pack

  84. HugoTDM1 says:

    Have an issue. When I look at a specific spot during the night, it goes in a wrong colour, the when I look down, everything went black. Quite an annoying bug but otherwise awesome.

  85. natejb2003 says:

    It says it’s no longer available on OneDrive. Am I doing something wrong, or is Microsoft evil?

  86. TeenageGamer says:

    All of the links I tried to download doesn’t work.

  87. Me says:

    Creeper sound is innopropriate.

  88. RdnRaid3n says:

    The link doesn’t work :/

  89. Zeebrus says:

    Can’t download it, all the links say it was removed and no longer available

  90. Saga says:

    Links not working. Please fix them.

  91. Merisays says:

    Does anyone have any idea how to install from to iPhone? I am having issues where I click the download link and it takes me to adfly, and when I click skip ad, it takes me to some random website. I tried a YouTube link that took me straight to the download page, but I clicked the button and it did nothing. Please help!!!

  92. neO says:

    I cannot download any of the pack because the files are no longer exists in onedrive please fix it

  93. neO says:

    I cant download any of the packs because its no longer exist in onedrive please fix it

  94. DeNoobizons1099 but logged out says:

    Cmon! I thought you would care about us! Look at this! Everyone is saying the same thing from August to now. Just fix this and we’ll all be happy again.

  95. DeNoobizons1099 says:

    Now that what I’m gonna say. Fix this.

  96. Ashton says:

    Can you change download link to mediafire pls? I really want this shaded and onedrive won’t work thanks 🙂

  97. FirstAstroGuy says:

    Good idea to fix this.

  98. Yabe5 says:

    It won’t let me access this via OneDrive. Is there another way to download it?

  99. Cameron says:

    Ok, seriously mate I’ve tried a thousand times to download this shader and to be honest I’m a bit frustrated. The shader itself is absolutely stunning, but I can’t download it because it ‘might have been deleted or removed’. Please do something about this.

  100. Nekko says:

    Hello, this shaders are really interesting but I can’t download it. Can you please update download link? Thanks for any answer.

  101. Guest173661 says:

    Would make 5 stars if the file wasnt deleted on OneDrive, Put it up on MediaFire or Google Drive.

  102. SomeGuy says:

    All the links for the shader is gone or been deleted even in your site

  103. Fredbear14 says:

    Fix the link I want this shaders but how I’m I going to download this shaders if the link is broken fix it why don’t you just put a mediafire link of the download fix it right now

  104. Therix says:

    It says it has been deleted! Please reupload it or something!

  105. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    Same, plz fix the links 🙁 or a panda will be sad. :'(

  106. osa219 says:

    Hi dude i really want to try your shader but when i open the link the server of “one drive” say : we have problems , so can you please change you link to another site like mediafire
    And thanks!

  107. King jude says:

    Why i cant dawnload the file, give me another link pls so i can dawnload the texture pack and enjoy it

  108. Firewarrior4278 says:

    Can you please make this available for minecraft pe

  109. Anonymous says:

    Link says error 404. What should I do? Pls help!!!

  110. d says:

    The link wont redirect me to my download. otherwise i would give 5 stars ☹️

  111. Anomyous says:

    Why The Download Link Is ERROR, BITCH?

  112. ridas says:

    can some help then i pres extrem low end dowloand and then press skip this ad and i go to one drive and it not let me download shaders wtf?? aloim on ios

  113. Mircat9000 says:

    Broken link, please update.

  114. GooferMcGoofey says:

    Too bad, so sad I can’t seem to download using any of the link provided

  115. mr.unknown says:

    Cool shader!

  116. Creeper person says:

    Um the link doesn’t work, it says the item is no longer available. Plz fix.

  117. ProsRDaBest says:

    Nice but idk why a cant download it in OneDrive it says that file is not available pls help

  118. PpkillplayZ24 says:

    Can u fix this link to MediaFire?

  119. TheYeads says:

    Error.Both links are useless. Fix it.

  120. AnimalFriend1 says:

    When I tried it on Win 10, it crashed, but I didn’t try it on Android. Please make it available for Win 10! 😢

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