Astronomic Expansion Addon

This add-on adds over 180 new items to Minecraft. Most of the items have completely new and magical features. For example, you can use one item to fly and another to become immune to explosions. If you are more a sneaky guy, the newly added Amulet of Invisibility might be the item you search for and if you are more interested in combat, there are 70 new weapons to explore. It’s really a huge add-on with lots of cool features to explore. A great part is that it doesn’t replace any of the vanilla items!

Creator: solvedDevTwitter Account
Updated: 15 January, 2018 (read changelog)


Easy Start

You will need villagers in order to get started with #AstroExp. In case you don’t spawn next to or near a village, make sure to enable the bonus chest which may now contain villager spawn eggs!

Detailed Guide

A detailed in-game guide provides any information you need to know about this addon. It has a clear structure, so it is very easy to navigate through it. The guide showcases every item with a picture, introduces you to all the new villager professions and gives you the most important facts to survive the astronomic world. You can find the guide by clicking on any of the question marks in the different menus or by clicking the “How To Play”-button in the pause menu.

On the first picture, you can see the ITEM section of this guide. To keep it easy to navigate through, there are four toggles for six letters. You first choose the region of the letter, than the exact letter. The chosen page introduces you to every item with the chosen letter.

The second picture showcases the ENTITIES section of the guide. I clicked on the Miner article and can now inform myself what this villager does and which items I can get by trading with him.

The guide is still a work-in-progress as of v1.2 of #AstroExp.


You are bored by the vanilla items? This addon allows you to discover Minecraft once again. The Astronomic Expansion Addon implements over 180 new items, you can surely imagine that there is no time left to get bored! There are new mob drops, magical items, weapons, …

The new items are not available through the creative menu. In order to get them, you need to enter commands. If that sounds too complicated for you, no worries! You can find the command for each item in the ITEMS section of the guide.


Builders rejoice: The Astronomic Expansion Addon also adds new blocks! From beautiful carved wood variants (known from the More Blocks Addon) to different gem blocks: This addon will boost your creativity once again. I am excited to see what you do with the new blocks.


Did anyone asked for new boss mobs? No? Well, the Astronomic Expansion Addon still introduces two new boss mobs: The Galactic Zombie and the Jungle Skeleton. Beat these scary monsters on your journey through this addon.

And for the players who are not interested in slaying new beasts, there are tons of other new ways to interact with entities: You can now boost your minecart, tame a bat or extract the life essence of even more entities…

Another example of entity interaction is that you can now transform a Spider into a Cave Spider by giving Poison Extract to her as shown on the picture to the left.

Additionally, there are some other new dangerous monster like the baby skeleton or the scout.


You don’t feel powerful enough? With the Astronomic Expansion Addon, you can transform into four unique mythical creatures: Hydra, Vampire, Werewolf and Dragon! You will get different abilities while being transformed like no fall-damage, breathing underwater or more health.


Villagers are the basis of the Astronomic Expansion Addon. The v1.2 update introduced a major rewrite to them so it is now much easier to understand who offers which items. Villager trades in general are the way to craft the newly added items in survival. There are 21 new villager professions with more to come. Neither of these villagers spawn naturally- You need to create them yourself by interacting with a villager while holding various items. For more details, take a look at the in-game GUIDE.

User Interfaces

You might be asking yourself what this means. How, why, my beloved interfaces…! The horse interface has changed and might be overwhelming on your first look. However, you can still use the saddle and armor slot like before. The other slots are boosting different characteristics of your pet. Have fun messing around with them! This isn’t fully implemented yet on all mobs.


This addon ships with an included map (“#AstroExp – Library”) to explore the Astronomic Expansion Addon. It provides you easy access to all items in case you just want to play around with this addon. You can find this map after clicking on “Create new” in the worlds section as it is a template world.

A new tutorial world will be delivered some time after the v1.2 update. For now, you need to orientate using the guide.

Notes From The Creator

v1.2 is the biggest update ever and the work of 3 months! A lot of my soul and heart went into this project and I am absolutely excited to share my progress now. Please note that not all features are finalized or perfect yet. I had a beta ongoing on twitter so I was I able to fix the most annoying and heavy problems. I cannot guarantee you that this version has no issues though. If you happen to find any problems, head over to my twitter profile and report them! 🙂

Apart from that, #AstroExp v1.2 introduces a new line of progression to this addon which makes more sense. In the previous version, the low tier weapons were useless because everyone was instantly going for the star tier. Now, I think I got something better ready: This means, that star items are now end-game items! If you happen to find something which is not well balanced, please let me now.

Terms of Use

By downloading this addon, you agree to the following terms of use. This isn’t relevant for the average user but might open your eyes for the crime happening around addons everyday:

  1. You are not allowed to re-publish this addon on any platform without asking for the permission of the creator! (@solvedDev on Twitter)
  2. If you are recording a video, you need to give the link to this page ( You are not allowed to give a direct download link of this addon.



  • fixed Villagers in villages running too fast
  • fixed Villagers in villages not being transformable
  • fixed Lightning in a Bottle making the transformed Witch way too  fast (Thanks to @_bisher for providing a fix before I was even able to look into it)
  • fixed Lightning in a Bottle on Creepers (spawned infinite Lightnings in v1.2.1)



  • added new decorative blocks
  • added Garlic
  • added Silver Dagger
  • added colored feather recipe
  • added Phoenix transformation
  • added Mother Cave Spider (boss)
  • added Big Cave Spider (mini-boss)
  • added Baby Witch
  • added Lightning in a Bottle
  • added Quests: A collection of tasks to guide you through the addon (found in th in-game guide)
  • internal change: New event system on the player is now live (makes it even easier to add new items)


  • fixed multiple mistakes in the guide
  • fixed steel lock on Villagers
  • shifted IDs to prevent “place-down” cheating
  • you can now use shackles to craft iron ingots
  • balanced Cave Spider loot
  • balanced Husk loot
  • you can now longer use a Voodoo Doll on a Baby Villager
  • fixed insanely high Baby Creeper spawn rate (left that accidentally in from testing)
  • fixed Baby Creeper’s head not being bigger


  1. Download Resources & Behavior .McAddon (Recommended)
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

Archive Files

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396 Responses

4.52 / 5 (171 vote)
  1. Jetmaster231 says:

    dude hope im first comment btw can you make a counter strike addon?

  2. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    Does that mean Mojang will stop this feature from working?

    • solvedDev says:

      Why should they? I am not sure that this is 100% intended but I think they like to see the new stuff the community created with it…

      • Aditya says:

        Oh u never know Mojang! They want you to pay for everything

        • solvedDev says:

          That’s just nonsense! Why should they provide free behavior pack & resource pack files when they would want you to pay for everything. They are pushing free content and providing the best creators a way to live from creating MC related content. I couldn’t imagine a better way to handle this ambiguity.

          • solvedDev says:

            If they would be after the money, they could just keep the files secret and only provide them their partners on the Marketplace which is obviously not the case.

    • Mojang-dev says:


    • Ballsofsteel says:

      In the end; the commenter Pdtheyoutuber never responded with a thanks or thank you….

  3. Xbow003 says:

    This is about as close as iOS will get to real mods great job

    • solvedDev says:

      No, the plugin API is on its way… It should enable full support for new items, mobs, blocks,…

      • Sefferdoodle says:

        If custom Crafting Recipes come out would you upgrade this addon to have custom crafting recipes for the addon? Also I had a thought while I did a Mod-Review for this, if steak has data values, you could make like new food items, not sure if this would work, just a thought

        • solvedDev says:

          That’s the plan. Once custom crafting recipes are out, there will be an update to this addon.

          Custom food isn’t possible.

      • Josh_2Boss says:

        Really? I have heard of this, but I didn’t know it was close

  4. cookiebuild3r says:

    Cool, but when I try to download it I am spammed with malware and viruses.

  5. Radoric says:

    Sir, you are a genius! Here is a challenge for you. See if you can make some of these items equipable. It would make this addon much better. Also, here is a suggestion. Try using items that are not placeable, and use textures that cannot be found in minecraft. One way to get these items is a command like this. /give @p dirt 1 10. This normally would give you the regular dirt, but this dirt does not stack with other dirt’s, because it has a different number, in this case, 10. You can retexture these other items.

    • solvedDev says:

      Ehm… I know this trick, in fact I am the one who made it popular… 😂 I’ve create More Blocks, Mob Trophies, Modern Devorations…

      • Sefferdoodle says:

        You should Actually consider adding ranged weapons, because I am sure data values will probably be added to everything in the future, so when that happens it would be a cool idea for like a space gun or something.

      • Isaiah Torres says:

        Wait it’s after the 1.2 it’s currently v1.2.8, where’s the tutorial

        • solvedDev says:

          v1.2.8 is the Minecraft version, not the #AstroExp version. #AstroExp is still in v1.2.0.

          The tutorial world is a lot of work. I am currently spending my time fixing bugs in v1.2.0 of #AstroExp.

          • TheDinoBeast says:

            When you make the tutorial world, can you also add on the guide how to get the items in the item list? Because right now the only way is going to the villager section and finding the villager that sells the item.
            Also can you add in the villager section where it shows the items, the name of the items?
            Here is an Ex
            😀 – SmileyFace

    • zachgamers1 says:

      Your right it just a normal dirt he is so dumb how we can enjoy that addon

  6. Herobrine says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    It crashes my game when I add this add on and play the world. Can you fix that please?

    • solvedDev says:

      This addon isn’t compatible with MCPE 1.1. It fully works on 1.2 and shouldn’t crash your game.

      • ComoSrgt says:

        When ever i use it for Windows 10 Edition after loading it up and leave the app or put it as global Resources it crashes at start then if i dont out it as a global resource and leave it be it take FOREVER for the app to load because it freezes on the main menu then after a while its fine

  8. DevlinPlayzYT says:

    Nice 😉

  9. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    Hey editor, why wasn’t I credited for my builds on pixel playground? I asked Fizzman, and he said he would, then I wasn’t there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job! I’m on IOS so it’ll be a while before I download it, but this definitely revolutionizes the way addons work and can be used! Amazing work though… I look forward to seeing the future updates for this addon! 🙂

  11. SuperiorZod says:

    This guy is a genius. WOW.

  12. MinecraftGirl_374 says:

    How do you get it on creative mode?? Please help (I’m on MCPE Beta

    • max1024 says:

      Addons cannot add items to creative inventory, so you can use only /give command.

    • sanik says:

      These items are using unused block Ids,so solved dev replaced their textures with custom behaviors and textures. In simpler terms, they can’t be found in the creative menu.if you want the villagers, try using /summon villager multiple times.

    • solvedDev says:

      /give @p yellow_flower 1 – 17
      /give @p red_flower 1 [8-201]

  13. pro redstoner999 says:

    i made a less glitchy version using command blocks but I do not have textures

    • solvedDev says:

      Doing it with command blocks is relatively easy but has a few huge downside:
      >Command Blocks are placed in the world, so a lot of them would cause lag.
      >You cannot work with the player entity with commands like you can with commands. (e.g.
      increasing damage without using an effect)
      >Setting up the command blocks in your world is not as easy as installing an addon.
      >It is very hard to keep track of which command block does what: Json is a lot easier to work

  14. Vladu11 says:

    Amazing behavior! Where did you find this “on_environment” behavior?

    • solvedDev says:

      It’s used quite often in vanilla Minecraft… e.g. Strays & Spiders

    • England is My City😂😂 says:

      Hi Vladu11!! What is your next project Would it be Addon or Map?? BTW LIKE YOUR NEW Map The Illusion of Terror Really Creepy and Scary Too

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great, I love it

  16. NoorMuhammadAkmalSulaiman says:

    Can you make an custom armor addon with special abilities? Btw, very nice addon 😀

  17. Jason says:

    Nice job

  18. PedroCrafter23 says:

    This add-on also works on the beta 1.2 for Xbox One?

  19. Tandy says:

    I try making an add-ons with you principle
    But it is not work. Can you help me

  20. Minecraft Champ says:

    Cool addon although I did find a bug when I attacked almost every mob that isn’t a armor stand and I don’t 1 shot just floats up into the air even through blocks including villagers also I think that the sword should actually give the mobs levitation or the debuf that only parrots get when you give them a cookie (it’s called fatal_poison) also I got a good block idea add a star blockfor the star texture you could use the end sky texture bc that has stars also I hope to see a feature of this addon that isn’t being used rn get used in the next update and that feature is [
    //Golden air bubbles item – not in use
    “astroExp:golden_air_bubbles”: {
    “minecraft:type_family”: {
    “family”: [ “player”, “holds_golden_air_bubbles” ]

    What I thought you could use this for is (of course an item) to have unlimited breath underwater but the downside to this is unable to breath on land also I think a few more things should have a downside the things I think should now have a downside are the sword you move fast have more health but attack slower, and the Panic Necklace let’s you move fast but have a little bit less health the Umbrella I think is sort of bugged bc when you fall from a height that would normally kill you you go to half a heart so your able to get 1 shot by anything also the Elytra Booster you can have a firework or a firwork star used to trade for it bc (for me) it shows I can do the trade and when I do it takes the firework rocket and the fallen stars but when I place the Elytra Booster anywhere in my inv it vanishes so really the Astronomer is stealing so you can’t use an item that has nbt data like the firework rockets or there stars used to craft them just use like quite a few fallen stars and star powder or you can only get it by commands also plz don’t have at least the sword be a flower bc when fighting like baby zombies you sometimes accidentally place your weapon and if you die and don’t find it it’s lost forever but if there’s no way to fix that then ok but let’s hope the new item thing for addons come out VERY soon

    • solvedDev says:

      Wow, thanks for the feedback!

      The golden_air_bubbles aren’t yet in this addon because the corresponding component is very buggy at the moment. That’s why I left it out.

      I cannot make the sword something un-place-able because we cannot at items at the moment. 😐

      I tried messing around with the attack effect, but it doesn’t seem to work on the player.

      • Minecraft Champ says:

        Oh btw is alright of I like edit some things in this addon to help you out a bit? Bc I do have some items in mind that are hard to explain but are pretty cool and I might even be able to help out on some bugs so is it alright? Btw I’m not a texture creator and also not very creative on the textures but I am on the items and blocks themselves

        • solvedDev says:

          Sorry, I am preferring to work on this addon on my own. You’re free to shape the addon by suggesting features for me to implement.

          • NinjaX3 says:

            I’ve tried to make custom item and it work fine for me.Except for one problem,it make some of item texture corrupted.I don’t know how to make custom armor yet.

  21. Spirit1 says:

    Could you possibly make fallen star armour and add flight to it when you have full armour pls thx

    • solvedDev says:

      Custom Armor isn’t possible. 😐

      • Spirit1 says:

        How about an angel/flight ring than? It could enable flight even if it’s in an offhand or in your inventory

      • edward789121 says:

        Well.. Your right, but wrong. I thought of an idea. I’m no expert, but if you check then you will notice it says there are tons of possibilities for leather armor. You can pick one color for any leather armor or horse armor and modify it, hoping no one makes that color leather armor/horse armor. It would probably work.

        • solvedDev says:

          No, that’s sadly not how it works because of multiple reasons. The first and main one is that I simply cannot test whether someone is wearing a piece of dyed leather armor and which color it has. I can only test whether someone wears leather armor.
          In addition I cannot set the color of a piece of leather armor in loot tables or in villager trades.
          And the last reason why I personally won’t do that (-even if I could-) is because it is still a piece of leather armor. I can’t rename it, change the armor points or make it not accessible through crafting.

    • Spirit1 says:

      What about an angel ring than to just regular fly?

  22. nErP says:

    Hey,Are You Adding Armor/s On This Addon,If You Do Thanks And There Is A Bug When I Traded For The Elytra Starter It Suddenly Disapeared When I Put It In My Inventory Can You Fix It Please.

    • solvedDev says:

      This seems to happen with fireworks which have extra NBT-data. This doesn’t happen with regular fireworks… I am going to change the trade.

  23. MemesfordayzBoi says:

    Man Theres Alot Of Bug But I know you can Fix it Solvedev

    • solvedDev says:

      What bugs do you mean? I currently have no bugs on my list. (I fixed to more issues for the next update) Please explain in detail which issues you’re experiencing! 🙂

      • Sefferdoodle says:

        This may just be 1.2 beta, but i’m experiencing a glitch where if you place an item down, it becomes a different item from this mod, I have no other addons installed. (I call this a mod because it is that sort of tier

  24. AntoineMCDL says:

    Cool but I cannot access the tutorial world. (LG K 7) May you put in a .zip later?

    • solvedDev says:

      The world automatically installs with the behavior & resource packs! Check your world screen after the installation the game installed the behavior & resource pack. If it still doesn’t show up, try restarting Minecraft.

      In case that all doesn’t help you with your problem, you can rename the .mcaddon file to .zip, unpackage it and double click on the .mcworld file. But as I said, this shouldn’t be necessary.

  25. Therealdeal says:

    This is amazing adding new items to the game could you make a terraria addon?

  26. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Would you please make a Sonic the Hedgehog addon with custom items? (Rings, speed shoes, invincibility, etc.)

  27. MCHurt12 says:

    Cool addon. Pls make more addons liek this.

  28. BrisingrWolfI says:

    I can’t use this add on bc it keeps crashing my game. 🙁

  29. Bonaden says:

    This addon keeps crashing my game. 😯

  30. Samuel says:

    Umm were it says fell should be felt. For instance: it should be Pooler bear “felt” not Pooler bear fell. Sorry if I come across as rude though editor, if your reading this, please fix this small error

  31. TK-6606 says:

    This Add-On is a amazing!! Now one of my favourite Add-Ons!!

  32. TK-6606 says:

    Best Add-On ever

  33. TK-6606 says:

    The Astronomer and the Magican look the same as the Librarian, they don’t look like the cleric/priest to me.

  34. TK-6606 says:


  35. Barret918 says:

    Hey solvedDev.Can You Help Me?The Tutorial Map Was Broken.When I Enter The World I Just Spawn At The Spawn Place No Nothing Just Normal Nature.Please Help

  36. Nate says:

    Awww man. I play 1.1.5 and I can’t use it 😛

  37. Junior says:

    Very nice and could you make like a mcmmo type addon or mod

  38. Charlie 23 says:

    How do you get A firey potion? Please tell me!

  39. PlaysMinecraft says:

    Can you change the download link for this addon becasue that link is so dangerous. please change the link to mediafire or Dropbox… I cann’t even download the addon.

  40. Jeff says:

    Why does this addon have to be for 1.2 that’s dum I want it for 1.1.5 BECUASE I’m on iOS so it’s not fair for us iOS users because the android users have the beta stuff

    • Anonymous says:

      Because this addon only works with stuff added into the next update, it’s not the creators fault or the minecraft devs fault either it’s just because apple likes to take forever to release updates and if you could get this addon then it wouldn’t even work cause it NEEDS the behaviors added in the 1.2 update to even work

  41. Kronos says:

    Can you use a different site like mediafire or add fly

  42. 007 says:

    How do you import maps? I Have Tons. How to get fiery potion?

  43. 007 says:

    How do you import maps? I have tons.How do you get fiery potion?

  44. Coolrico07 says:

    I was wondering if i could take you idea of the flower pot and yellow flowers and make a more swords addon?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I was just wondering, is this addon compatable with the more blocks addon? I LOVE your more blocks addon for building and such and it would be amazing to have bolth addons in one world is that possible?

  46. Wierdtangaming says:

    I found a bug @solveddev If you are a vampire or a werewolf and hold umbrella in your hand then it is glitchy Cool add-on though!

  47. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Lol my cousin tried this addon for 1.1 but when he tries to join his world with this addon it crashes him. 😄

  48. NightBoyZ says:

    Hey nice addon… finally i can make new items 🙂 btw i found a bug of the effect stuff it still work tho :/

  49. NightBoyZ says:

    Lol? 2 am? Guess ill sleep again xD

  50. 5tr4 says:

    Suggestion for more fences… nether brick fences use a different block ID…

  51. Someguy45 says:

    If you do still answer people, the magician isnt spawning, and when I make one it doesnt sell the bottles. I read what you said about tranforming them before reading the trades and it does get rid of the villagers previos trades and adds new ones but it still wont sell tue bottles. I hope you can fix this soon

    • solvedDev says:

      If you follow the instructions correctly, he’ll sell bottles. Please note that you have to unlock some trades by trading a lot with him. Otherwise not all possibilities show up.

  52. Anonymous says:

    What’s the yellow-ish potion needed to trade for an empty extract bottle and how do I obtain it?

    • solvedDev says:

      It’s a star potion. You obtain it by giving a zombie star powder and fighting this strengthened zombie. He’ll drop the star potion.

  53. legoman8304 says:

    Pleeeese make all the items named in the future updates: it is very hard for me as a beginner to know what each item is

  54. xXCharaKillsXx says:

    AWSOME!!!!! Dude can u make a Ben 10 add-on I don’t care if u remove a few items from the game but it would be fun and don’t forget never give up!

  55. Nici says:

    Nice Work!
    I like this addon!
    How can I get the empty extract bottle?
    I now by the villigar, but I ned a glass bottle and also an astronomic item but I don’t now how I can get this.

  56. Blackblot says:

    I have a problem because the magician asks me for a yellow potion to get the extractor

  57. Anonymous says:

    How to get fiery potion

  58. Nate says:

    I’m sure this is a cool mod but for some reason when I apply the behavior and resource packs and I go into the world nothing changes. The yellow flower is named astronomic item or something but the resource pack and behavior doesn’t work for me. I play iOS.

    • solvedDev says:

      I am sure it does work. The fact that the yellow flower is named “Astronomic Item” means that the resource pack is definitely applied. Please play through the tutorial world template in order to get an overview over the new items as you cannot find them in the creative inventory.

  59. failopati says:

    Hello! I can’t craft any items… I can only buy some things from the villager, but can’t craft anything from the mod. And also please say the id of all the items of the mod

    • solvedDev says:

      You can find some screenshots of the IDs over at my twitter (@solvedDev). You cannot craft any of these items- That’s not because I don’t want you to be able to do it, it’s just not possible within an addon yet. That’s why I am using some ways to get around it. (trades, loot, “machines”)

  60. Azul.Exe.Pastel says:

    I love this addon alot but in my opinion it’s kinda annoying when you place down the weapons in the game while attempting to kill a mob in the overworld………………. But ik this is still in development so yeh….

    • solvedDev says:

      I cannot change this sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  61. George Somin says:

    Dear addon creators or someone like that,

    I would LOOOOVE if someone would add an addon simmilar to the witchery mod, I lovethat mod and i would like to see it be in mcpe

  62. Fiction3636 says:

    I cant seem to find how to get a fiery potion, the enhanced zombie gives me a yellow potion not a red one. Where do I get the fiery potion. Otherwise amazing addon.

  63. FICTION3636 says:


  64. iExplodeGaming says:

    What do you use to make this addon? Is it complicated to use? I want to make my own addon but don’t know how to. Please tell me!

  65. Cameron says:

    Can you please make a wiki for all of the recipes, damage values, uses, etc?

    • solvedDev says:

      A wiki is a lot of work, that’s why it probably won’t happen. However, I am planning to rewrite this mcpedl article to make the features of this addon clearer.

  66. TheDJ says:

    Best addon/mod ever doesn’t replace any item all the items have special abiliteys all it needs is speacial armour that has cool effects and is better than diamond but plz make it an addon still just try not to replace the armour if you have to replace the armour to keep it an addon I’m fine as long as there is the armour.

  67. Hamza says:

    i have the add-on but it said I downloaded the world but a can t find it pls answer

  68. GIRL says:

    How do you obtain the wings?

  69. PiXeLmAnIaC says:

    How do you get the tutorial world on your device? I did the same thing I did with the last update, but it is not working with the latest update.

  70. Minecraft Champ says:

    This is still a great addon but do you have any plans for a star block so adventure map creators can make a adventure map of this addon of where the player is in space and have to prepare to fight the moon boss (any planet just chosen the moon) the Galactic Zombie you can make the zombie have special attacks like shot tnt or fireballs or wither skulls or texture a projectile that explodes into a star I have a awesome adventure map idea of just this 1 addon but the addon rn (and maybe for rn) doesn’t have or do some of the things I just said for a adventure map but I just mainly want for rn is the Galatic Zombie (or astronomic zombie) boss fight to be a little bit more harder the the zombie going melee on the player and going slow (like a normal plain old zombie) and a star (or space) block


    This is my favorite addon

  72. NightBoyZMC says:

    Hey nice addon… finally i can make new stuff… Btw where do u find the codes? Did u found it at the mcpe apk or using another method?

  73. DaggerDG says:

    There is a big problem when you place some items down, I saw that you said you can’t make them true items, but some items turn into other items once placed, such as the golden feather; when it is placed down it always turns into the speed sword. Is this something you can fix? Otherwise this is a great add on 😉

    • 5tr4 says:

      Unfortunately , they can’t fix it.

    • solvedDev says:

      I cannot change this sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  74. Lachlan says:

    This is so much to take ^_^ its amazing but im never gonna be able to use it

  75. Minecraft Champ says:

    Also when I use the shackles on a villager it just changes the villager into a normal weapon smith (not any kind added from this addon) also when you place some of the items from this addon some of then turn into something else and the tutorial map some parts of it was confusing and I didn’t know what was next

    • solvedDev says:

      The normal weaponsmith has a few new trades and therefor new items which are needed to get the advanced weaponsmith. That’s why there’s the shackles feature.

      I cannot change the other thing sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  76. Pickle Rick says:

    Amazing, very close to being a mod, but still a add on. Better than most pe, ehhhh bedrock (yea) mods. Good job

  77. Anonymous says:

    This addon is very cool! Problem is, I HATE the new tutorial! There’s too much stuff to do and my inventory gets LOADED! I am overwhelmed by stuff to do and it makes me not want to play anymore.

  78. Bob says:

    Are you only able to transform villagers in survival? Beach use nothing seems to do anything to the villagers

  79. $tryker says:

    I like this addon because it adds NEW WEAPONS, VILLAGERS AND ITEMS which I find unique for an add-on. It also find it useful because you can place the items down as decorations. (ex= Test Tubes for a lab)

  80. Zamuthegamer says:

    This is the best update yet
    Cuz of creepers blowing me up regularly

  81. Darkwolf says:

    Alright, so this addon needs a liiittle bit of cleaning up, but other than that, it’s good. :3

  82. YOYOYO Prankster Gangster says:

    I’m experiencing a problem with the Magician Villager part – I can’t use the star potion to turn the villager into a magician. Help, please?

  83. Lauren says:

    So are they still flowers or are they there own item now?

  84. Jamie1423 says:

    If it is possible can you make them so you can’t place them cos I made a survival with this addon and it was really cool cos it was like a mod but I finally got the weapon I wanted and I accidentally placed it and it became a worse weapon plz look into it or just when you place it it comes out as the thing you placed.
    It might not be possible but please try.

    Love the addon it is awesome could u make a star Wars one so some unused items are lightsabers so I could still use swords if you read this thank you and goodbye.

    • solvedDev says:

      I cannot change this sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I have found s bug. when u tap an item on the ground it will transform into a different item. I found this annoying while playing, so please fix this.

    • solvedDev says:

      I cannot change this sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I hope u see this, but when u so a weapon on the ground, the weapon transforms into a different one, so please fix this great add on btw

    • solvedDev says:

      I cannot change this sadly. It’s a MCPE limitation of the trick I am using :|. You could take yourself the build rights before getting into heavy fights or switch to gamemode 2 while not building. I know that this isn’t a good solution but there’s no other way at the moment.

  87. Minecraft lover says:

    EPIC but i wanna know how to get jewels fast and i wanna know how to trade from a villager and get like emerald daggers and other weapons PLZZ

  88. Asais10 says:

    SolvedDev The link doesn’t work. please use mediafire or, because i clicked skip ad and it leads to an ad not downloading also i pressed backspace and it still didn’t work

    • FireCreeper1033 says:

      Yeah I had the same problem but I found that you have to click/tap the skip add twice (first takes you to the add, second takes you to the download

    • solvedDev says:

      I did a lot of testing with other pages but most pages are region & time specific. This means that I get a totally okay experience in my country but someone else might have problems at a specific time. I made a worse experience with other pages for my region.

  89. 5tr4 says:

    Could you add an item which shrinks the player entity from two blocks to one block? And a way to get back? Or put that in a seperate addon?

    • 5tr4 says:

      Ideas for ways to make one block tall not overpowered (and to help the adventure map I’m making): You cannot go on obsidian at all. It acts like there is a barrier block over it , even though there aren’t barriers in pocket edition yet. Slime blocks are not bouncy when you are smaller. This can be both a buff and a nerf. Cobwebs don’t slow you down. A buff. Fire , lava , and magma blocks affect the smaller body more , and insta-kill the player. Unless they have fire resistance. And the magma block works even if you shift over it… all of these only affect the small player. The big player doesn’t get any of these. And only the small player can fit through one block gaps. Is this possible to add?

  90. 5tr4 says:

    Could you add a way to remove the effects of the vampire/werewolf potion so you can get the effects of the other one? Because it doesn’t go away upon death.

  91. FireCreeper1033 says:

    Great mod only downside is that it’s incredibly hard to get all the items in creative mode and sometimes the villager transformation won’t work. A new section that has all the new items would be fantastic.

  92. Demon lord says:

    You know what…….ur a legend this is the best thing I’ve come across in Addons! Pls make more of this kind of stuff u add cool stuff without removing things

  93. Demon lord says:

    Pls consider giving us night vision in vampire mode it would look more realistic

    • solvedDev says:

      Custom spell effects with addons seem like being broken. I can’t get them to work on the player but on any other entity.

  94. Kae says:

    Hello. I am having difficulty with this add-on. It kept crashing on me for awhile after I would be in game for a bit. Now no monsters will drip anything and the textures as well as items are gone even in the tutorial world. What did I do wrong? The only thing that changed as far as I know was that I waited a few hours in between playing. Can you help?

    • solvedDev says:

      Please make sure that you got no other (maybe even outdated[?!])resource or behavior pack applied and that you’ve installed MCPE 1.2.
      There’s no reason why this addon could crash on loading.

  95. yodehartono says:

    cool dude

  96. YUNO says:

    How do you turn a villager into an magician?

  97. Anonymous says:

    i get the magic village/trade whenever i spawn a villager it doesn’t do anything with the magic bottle

  98. solvedDev says:

    That’s a bug with the current version. Star Powder works.

    • Anonymous says:

      That bug will be aolucionated? I really want to play this add-on pleas fix the bug

      • solvedDev says:

        The addon works just fine. Use Star Powder instead of the Star Potion on a villager and you’re good to go.

        The next update (v1.2, I am currently working on it) will fix the bug then.

  99. Anonymous says:

    The star powered don’t works!!

  100. Josh says:

    Great addon any way you can teach me how you made it? I can’t figure out how to edit items with different ID’s

  101. Keeley says:

    Will we ever be able to drink the potions instead of placing a sword when you try

    • solvedDev says:

      If MCPE allows that in the future… It’s just not possible yet. That’s why you’re supposed to hold potions to activate them. If nothing happens, this potion is probably not meant to be drunken.

  102. shadow33366 says:

    @solvedDev getting magician and the villager that requires I think its steel ingot wont work on windows 10 or xbox 1

  103. Keyyard says:


  104. Sam says:

    I currently need help. >.<
    How do you create Magicians? I was on the tutorial but the Star Potion won't work on the villagers, help?

    • solvedDev says:

      Sorry, this is a known issue in v1.1 and it’s fixed in v1.2 of #AstroExp. You can use star powder in v1.1 to create a magician.

  105. Anonymous says:

    How do we get the gems? I have no clue

    • solvedDev says:

      In v1.1, you can get gems through sieving star powder in sieve (created out of a machine block.) For more detailed information on how to use machines, play the tutorial world which is included in the download.

  106. Merik james says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    Some textures are messed up I first tried to take it off and put it back on and it sort fixed one though I think it is supposed to be an empty vile but now I deleted it and re-installed it but havn’t put it back on t world but could you please look into this for me because I really want this mod.

  108. Dr. Strange says:

    Some textures are messed up I first tried to take it off and put it back on and it sort fixed one though I think it is supposed to be an empty vile but now I deleted it and re-installed it but havn’t put it back on t world but could you please look into this for me because I really want this mod.Ps I have 1.2.5

  109. SupaGama says:

    The single best addon ever made. So much content you’d think it was a mod!

  110. SupaGama says:

    Also, what exactly do the different shulker boxes do?

    • solvedDev says:

      That’s an issue with MCPE not correctly applying the textures provided in the terrain_textures.json file. (They use the shulker texture) I am working on v1.2 were machines won’t exist anymore so this issue will be fixed. It will still take a long time until v1.2 is ready for a first full-release though.

  111. FuntimeFreddy says:

    Pls make a way to heal yourself from vampire or werewolf

    • solvedDev says:

      I have added the Potion of Blessing in the newest beta to do exactly that. You can download the newest beta version of #AstroExp containing the Potion of Blessing here:

      You need a way to unzip a file and reorganize the content though. It’s not hard on Windows or Android but a bit more difficult with iOS. You’ll probably need a computer in this case.

  112. Unknown says:

    How do I summon the advanced weaponry villager? Or the jewel one.

  113. Joshua says:

    vadlu11 commented i love his addons

  114. Diamondc250 says:

    Wow! Really cool

  115. Jghj says:

    How do you get jewel shards my device won’t let me play the tutorial

  116. AustinW2020 says:

    Hey keep updating and add more machines please and lots more items and tools and weapons keep going with this awesome add-on that’s like it’s own mod

  117. Jghj says:


  118. Viridian says:

    Whenever I try to make a jewel weaponsmith it turn into an advanced weapon smith is this supposed to happen

  119. Aerospace Vortex says:

    WOW I rarely see an addon this complex!!!!
    I LoVe It

  120. AnimalFriend1 says:

    For some reason, all of the behaviors(except transforming a villager) do not seem to work. I have the behavior pack applied.

  121. I Hate Adfly says:

    I am just….MINDBLOWN!

  122. Spirit1 says:

    How can i activate the dragon potion. Btw i dont know what exactly it does?

  123. Hobson says:

    I am having some trouble with the transformation potions, all I have figured out how to do is place them on the ground.

  124. Hamza says:

    How to get the shards

  125. Someguy45 says:


  126. Anonymous says:

    does it work for windows 10?

  127. HoodedFrost says:

    so some of the things dont work on Windows 10 thats a bummer

    • solvedDev says:

      Everything works on every Bedrock device. If you experience an item not working, look it up in the guide to find out how to use it!

  128. RadioDiamond says:

    How do you use the transformation potions?

    • solvedDev says:

      You need to hold them while meeting certain criterias. Look the potion up in the in-game guide to find out more!

  129. Red#5 says:

    My gosh, solvedDev, you have outdone yourself this is the most advanced addon for mcpe to ever have I’m sure 1000/10

  130. Red#5 says:

    You’ve basically created a new update to mcpe XD

  131. TnecnivBEATS says:

    PLEASE CREATOR!!!! Bring the chunk loader back. I need that for certain red-stone creations. Plus, it makes /clone commands a whole lot easier. That block made it possible in IOS to move move blocks major distances in just a few small clicks. For IOS users, this block is massive, as you can’t find it anywhere else.

    Don’t get me wrong, this addon is the best I have ever seen, but I really needed that chunk loader, and this addon updated the day I was going to download the addon. This is literally the only thing I want you to fix, there is nothing else. This addon is amazing and I will be using it frequently. FIVE STARS for sure, but please, please bring back the chunk loader.

  132. Kat says:

    I’m on an iOS iPad and whenever I try to enable the villagers, it never works! I have been trying for literally HOURS. Please help

    • solvedDev says:

      Please interact with villagers with an empty hand. If you got e.g villager spawneggs in your hand, the trading inventory won‘t open up.

  133. TnecnivBEATS says:

    Wait!! solvedDev. I have another idea. Instead of bringing the machines back, why don’t you just release a separate addon that utilizes the chunk loader by itself. I noticed, in the old version, that the chunk loader simply replaced one of the shulker boxes, could you not do that again?

    • solvedDev says:

      That‘s what I am planning to do. I had to remove machines from #AstroExp because there concept and themselves were confusing. Hardly anyone found out how to use them all even though I explained it in the tutorial world.

  134. Uhhhh says:

    Does it need block launcher? or does it work on win 10?

    • Editor says:

      This add-on doesn’t require BlockLauncher. It should work for all platforms supported by Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. 🙂

  135. TheWeirdSquid says:

    I have a few questions and a few issues with this Addon. First of all, how do you get the blocks using commands? What are the gem blocks and stuff replacing? I am very confused about it.

    Ok, now the issues. I am having an issue where when I trade with your special villagers, whenever I get my item, it disappears. It took the items I traded in, but the item I traded for disappears and shows just the name. The name bubble acts like it is attached to an item, but the item is gone.

    Also, every item/block that is gotten via commands or Villager is named either Astronomical Item or Astronomical Block. It’s hard to tell things apart. Just thought I should let you know. Love this Addon!

    • solvedDev says:

      The item disappearing sounds for me like an issue that happens with items with NBT data. I doubt that you use those items though which makes me think that this is an issue with MCBE. Please try not quick moving them maybe?
      Apart from that, I cannot rename items and blocks yet. I suggested adding a new ”set_name“ function for loot tables on Minecraft‘s feedback site and the good news is that they‘ve actually implemented it in the latest Java Snapshot. Now, we only need to wait for it to hit MCBE! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Forgot about the blocks: The jewel/star/steel/silver blocks can‘t be gained through commands. You can get the carved wooden planks with the command /give @p planks 1 6-15

    • TheWeirdSquid says:

      Ok. I figured it out. First, the Astronomic Item/Block thing…
      … I feel kind of dumb. Right after posting the comment, I reread your guide and it said it right there. Sorry. The Villager glitch was when I was using the named items in your library world. If I got it another way, and it was named Astronomic Block/item, then it worked fine. Sorry for the complaint. My rating is now 5 Stars.

      I would still like to know how to get the blocks though. Thanks!

  136. Heloisa says:

    Hi. I have a problem with behavior manifest. It says missing dependecy ID 50bc185d-aee7-4662-822f-29f406aac772 and version 1.2.0.
    Im using MCPE 1.2.8.

  137. bonelesspizza says:

    How do i give the Miner a mining order?

  138. Curthickory7103 says:

    Love it Solved been on your twitter all the way through this almost Very good! Love it 😀

  139. I Hate Adfly says:

    Hey solvedDev, you forgot to add a tab for the letter “Q”.

  140. DatOneScout23 YT says:

    Just a question for the dev, How do you transform?

    • solvedDev says:

      You need to hold the corresponding potion while meeting certain criterias. 🙂 Search for the potion you want and then you can read more about it in the in-game guide!

  141. Wargamer_hero says:

    How do you obtain mineral shards in survival? Been playing for two hours and having had any drop.

    • solvedDev says:

      You need to create a miner and a banker villager.
      Simply buy a mining order from the banker (looks like a pickaxe on a paper) and then interact with the miner while holding it. The miner disappears for 1-2 minutes. When he’s back, you can collect your loot by clicking him again. The loot includes the shards.

  142. CheckedMorrow81 says:

    Actually, how can I submit maps so that mcpedl can feature them? I have made a map with command blocks that added lots of features to the game and I’m inspired by how this addon become popular. I think it’s time to release my map to the community but I don’t know how to.

  143. LegendaryPH12 says:

    Hey. The initial download link doesn’t work. I tried the ZIP file and it works but I want the MCADDON file. Pls help me. Can you give me the direct link to this Addon? Pls

  144. MarkusJones says:

    The addon is great. Im happy that you made this addon so close to a mod. But I’m having problems with the items they all say Astrology item. Please fix it. I want to make a survival world.

  145. Cheeseyt says:

    Every Item Says “Astronomic Item” idk Waht Items the names be. Fix it. But Great Job! 5Stars

  146. Panda says:

    Is there anyway you would be able to make it so you can’t accidentally place down your weapon on the floor? Other than that it’s an incredible addon and exactly what I was looking for! I’m hoping I’m future updates that there is armour added

  147. YokaiGab says:

    Its awesome but when I start a new worlds with this addon when I get an item it says astronomic item and it doesn’t really work…
    Pls fix because this addon is very awsome

  148. Ranger says:

    How can you tranformation to a ccreatures

  149. Emma says:

    How to I add this add-on to my game because it’s only in one file

  150. Diamondc250 says:

    Awesome Addon! By the way, I already made my second video on this Addon!
    I’m looking forward to future #AstroExp Updates
    Here’s my video:

  151. AndrewRadu says:

    You can replace bow textore to make junge bow… Ex: /give @s bow 1 2

  152. TheWeirdSquid says:

    Are the gem blocks replacing sponges, because they keep dripping water. That’s kind of strange.

    • solvedDev says:

      Yes, they are. That’s what allows me to add one name (“Astronomic Block”) to them. Might have found another block which is not dripping and allows me to do that a day ago.

  153. Swoopy_1 says:

    This is amazing! The one problem I’ve found, though, is that when using custom tools/weapons, it shows them as if they were normal items, and it looks strange holding them in third person mode. Can you fix this?

  154. DannyBoy says:

    For some reason the items, weapons and literally everything is called “Astronomic Item” not what it is. Plz help!

  155. Game Reviwer ;) says:

    Absolutely Terrible. Didn’t think I’d have to write this comment yet it’s so bad! Villagers are just villagers. Weapons placed are turned to flowers, Atleast make them a non place able item. Also what two items do you need to evolve??? I WOULD LIKE A ANSWER. I saw the brand NEW Addon, looked cool downloaded it wanted to make a video on it I was ready to put the link to the addon in the description but mid video i realized nothing worked well.

    • solvedDev says:

      Your knowledge about MCPE is absolutely terrible. You just embaressed yourself by showing that you have no clue on how addons (!!!) work. Because otherwise you would appreciate the hard work I did to make something impossible (at the moment) possible.
      We cannot add items add the moment. That’s well known. We cannot even add new entity textures. I am adding flowers which are looking like items which makes them placeable.

      Apart from that, you showed pretty well that you aren’t able to read the description of this addon and the in-game guide.
      Both tell you that no new villager can be found spawning naturally. You need to take initiative and transform them with items you find spawning in your world and dropping from mobs.

      ” I WOULD LIKE A ANSWER.” -You don’t get one. You need to learn to write in a professional way to get an answer. The sentences above show additionally that you are not interested in playing this addon. But maybe the in-game guide could help you… Oh wait, you are too lazy to read and therefor have more fun grumbling on others work.

      I don’t have anything about criticism but there’s always a “how”. This was definitely the wrong way.

    • Diamondc250 says:

      1. It’s not possible to prevent the items being placed (they are all secretly flowers)
      2. To transform: hold Hydra Potion for hydra, same with the other transformations

    • AlexCreeper25 says:

      Hey you, before everything you should learn how addons works. Actually, this is one of the best addons ever

  156. CaptainSalazar says:

    How do you use the transform potions????

    • Diamondc250 says:

      There is a potion for each transformation, and you transform by holding the potion (werewolf potion to transform into werewolf, etc.)

  157. Kman says:

    Hello solveDev I’m having an error when I give a villager a magic potion it turns into a magician instead of a dragon master. Can someone please help me? this is a great addon btw.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Hey, overall from what I’ve seen, this mod looks like it has a lot to offer. That is if it can work. When I try loading the mod with the resource pack and behavior pack for a new world, nothing showed up that was new and the villagers had nothing new and there was no “How to play” guide menu or anything like that. I digged a little bit into what could’ve been wrong and apparently, the game said that the behavior pack had something wrong with it but I don’t know what. It says, “Missing Dependency with ID” and then “50bc185d-aee7-4662-822f-29f406aac772 and version 1.2.0”

    -Any help is appreciated-

    • Anonymous says:

      (Same Person) Also when I try to load the template world, it says “A newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded. Unable to connect to world.

      • solvedDev says:

        What MCPE version are you using? This addon was created for version 1.2.8+. It is most likely not backwards compatible.

    • Diamondc250 says:

      That means you had some error in installing it

  159. Anonymous says:

    I can’t figure out how to summon the giant, because the tutorial says use “star powder”.
    However, I checked every item on the list and there is no star powder. Also , the star potion says it is dropped from a “galactic zombie”. I have no idea what that is. I just want a star potion 😰

  160. I Hate Adfly says:

    I have a suggestion: you should make the items holdable in your offhand slot. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible, but you can probably add a new box in the inventory screen. In that box you can put items and they will still grant you the boost (ex. amulet of speed still grants speed if in the box)

  161. It’s a secret says:

    What are the vampires weaknesses?

    • solvedDev says:

      “It’s a secret”

    • Diamondc250 says:

      This weakness isn’t in this Addon yet, but is coming in the next update to this Addon. The weakness is: the vampire will be weaker in daylight, and the werewolf will be slightly weaker on nights without a full moon.

      • solvedDev says:

        I actually changed my mind about it… For now I feel like the Vampire is balanced as I added the mechanics to hunt him in the v1.2.1 update. Maybe needs something additional for singleplayer but I am quite happy with the current solution. I still want to give the Werewolf a moonlight behavior though.

  162. It’s a secret says:

    Also how to you get a dragon master in the manual it said with a magic potion but that just makes a mage or wizzard or whatever it’s called

  163. Anonymous says:

    Help the horse interface is not working for me is it because I am on beta?

  164. Adolf Hitler says:

    Can you make the player skin changes when they use the werewolf potion at night

  165. Bailey says:

    I absolutely love the addon. However, according to the guide you give a villager a magic potion to make a magician. That works, but it also says to give a villager a magic potion to create a dragon master and it just makes a magician again. What item do you actually give to a villager to create a dragon master?

  166. Hugo says:

    How do you make the miner mine for you? I tried everything and couldn’t find out.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Amazing but how do you use the dragon potions and stuff and please add a custom crafting recipe and be accessable in the creative menu and also please add a damage indicator it would be so cool

  168. ECG says:

    1.2 is AMAZING! Good Job!

  169. Daniel says:

    Dude, hats of to you! This is by far the best ever add-on I’ve seen,
    I’m going to be making a detailed video on it on YouTube if that’s ok(I’ll credit you don’t worry!)
    To help people understand how this add-on works, and show it off a little!
    Very good job!
    (My YT name Is DanRobzProbz)
    Look forward to more updates!

  170. Jacob Morris says:

    Im just asking because ive been trying to do this for a while how did you add NEW items and blocks without replacing others thats all they do is replace items and entitys usually

    • solvedDev says:

      I have added new items and blocks.

      • solvedDev says:

        Oops… Misread the question. xD
        I am using unused data values in order to add blocks to Minecraft.
        Items were a different story. I needed to do two things: Make an item-like thing appear in your inventory & make it functional. Took me a while to figure out that the on_environment component is basically the loop I need in order to add functionality to them. Previously I tried all other possible things but they only allowed one item to be added.
        The item-like-thing is actually a flower. Since v1.2 we can add infinite textures to a block which actually render in your inventory.
        They don’t render in the world though.

  171. Ahsan says:

    I think it is going to be cool

  172. Anonymous says:

    Will u change the names for the new items and blocks cause they all say astronimic item

  173. juan diego says:

    friend can you put the mod translated into Spanish for those of us who speak Spanish
    because if we start to see the things he brings, we can not because we do not speak English
    until this I have to translate it into English so that you understand

    • solvedDev says:

      Good news: I designed v1.2 of #AstroExp to have full translation support. This wasn’t the case in the previous versions.
      Bad news: I cannot speak Spanish. If the Spanish community wants to play this addon in Spanish, someone needs to volunteer and translate the addon.

  174. VargasGGKing2004 says:

    Can they make objects appear in the creative for next updates? would improve the addon. The best Addon 😀

  175. Logan says:

    So I Can Assume The Woodworker Is Currently Bugged Since He Does Not Sell The Custom Planks And The Iron Weapons. Also Is There Anyway To Tell When This Add On Is Updated?

    • solvedDev says:

      You can follow me on twitter (@solvedDev). I am posting development screenshots there and announcing the next update 🙂
      The woodworker does sell the planks and the iron weapons. For the planks, you need to trade a bit with him before. The iron weapons are the last trades.

  176. VargasGGKing2004 says:

    There is a small fault, the command of the ordinary yewel is the same as the amethyst and then it gives the player the amethyst and not the ordinary yewel, and that is why you can not create the villager “Ordinary Yeweller” I tell you to help, not in the form of criticism, the rest I do not get another fault. Excelent Addon

    • solvedDev says:

      The data value of the Ordinary Jewel is 45. I already fixed the mistake for v1.2.1. Small mistakes like this can happen as I am only one person developing this addon, you cannot expect such an huge addon to be bug free after an update that big 🙂

  177. SupaGama says:

    Undoubtedly the single best addon for Minecraft PE. Five stars to you. So much content that you might think it’s a mod, but the best part is that it replaces NOTHING! The new update is great too, and it’s handy new guide makes it easier than ever to see all the content it has to offer. A must-have!

  178. Caleb says:

    Make a magic AddOn where there is a skill tree a mana bar spells wands new mobs dark magic and more such as a new boss which replaces the wither with bone dragon ps. Please do and I will be so happppppppyyyyyyyy.

  179. The Potato says:

    Just so you know, the getting started section off how to play is the vanilla anvil tutorial

  180. Niko says:

    Great add on but the only problem is that it says that you have to give a magic potion to a villager to turn into a dragon master.But,it’s the same thing for the magician(you have to give him a magic potion to turn)so every time I try to transform into the dragon master it transforms into the magician instead.

  181. LolCraft says:


  182. ExoticMiner says:

    Can you make a tutorial on making this addon and can you find me apps like vsc and for android

  183. Andru says:

    Can I get the newer one because this doesn’t work

  184. Andru says:

    Do u know the commands for it if so can u list them please

  185. Felix says:

    Can you please make that you can not place weapons / tools?

  186. PrettyBoyMilo says:

    This is Amazeballs! I just wanted to thank you for this. It is great! Also I thought you might like to know that I think that the latest update might have a new bug that does not allow the miners to come back. I have respawned quite a few brand new miners, gave them orders and they boop, disappear, but never return. Poor fellows are probably lost in the mines….:)

    • PrettyBoyMilo says:

      Nevermind. Apparently they came unglued. I found them wandering around the village! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  187. Finley Wade says:

    Incredible Mod, well done. I’ve just started playing in survival and I’ve got some shackles. It says to give them to a villager to make him into a steelsmith. I don’t know how though. I tried left and right clicking the villager, throwing it at it and putting into the trading menu and no dice. Please could you tell me how to give items to villagers. Thank-you.

  188. Ultra Ninja2006 says:

    Amazing adding!!! Just an idea, can you pls add some armor? Thank you!! Tho I understand if it is hard to do…

  189. The time lord777 says:

    Very freaking awsome addon man you should be proud of yourself you are the first one to make awhole function mod in beswrok engine without changeing vanilla items but i have some ideas
    1. If it.s possible change the items id from flowers to something diffrent like slime balls because it really sucks when you click the ground with an item by mistake and it turns to a flower
    2.add some new awsome structures if it.s possible
    3. Look up if you can add some of the potions in the vanilla brewing system

  190. Lol says:

    Coooooooool finally i can play something like mod on ios

  191. Demon lord says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! LOVE U(no homo tho)

  192. Ben says:

    You can use nether star ids to make items
    That is better because you cannot play it

  193. Sizar Mayi says:

    Can u also add another behavior that prevents putting items down like flowers

  194. Thetimelord777 says:

    Man you have to be so proud of your self this is like the first ever addon on the bedrock edition to work this well without changeing the vanilla items but i have some ideas to tell you and issues
    1 all the items arr called astronomic items
    2. If it.s possible change the id from flowers to something like slime ball because it.s annoing when the items turn to flowers if you click on dirt with it
    3. You chould consider trying to do someting with potions if it.s possible you should add some potion recipes instaed if tradeing for it
    4. May be you can add come sepcial crafting tables of brewing stands
    5.add a skills system that gives you abilites when you go higher in diffrent skills like you can do more damage if your power skill lvl is higher and you can add some awsome ways to get your skills higher
    6.consider addinf some new mob heads foe the bosses so that you can have a prize like the ender dragon egg
    7.add some new enchantings

  195. Anonymous says:

    I am a big fan!!! Love this addon

  196. I Hate Adfly says:

    I have an issue: how do you get rid of the effects that you get from a transformation potion? I put the potion away but nothing happens. I kill myself and i am still the same. I even DRINK SOME MILK and nothing happened. I EVEN KILLED THE COW!

  197. Sharma says:

    Is there any way to identify which villager is which. Btw some of the villagers turned into witches when it rained.

  198. james21huiskuel says:

    Nice, an update? WITH A PHOENIX TRANS?!?!? THATS HEEP A NICE! New decorative blocks? Few that some were needed, but the nether star gem blocks look cringey.

  199. Do u no deh wae says:

    Mate, could you add armors? I realized how hard it would be to turn a flower into armor that you can wear, but if possible in the future, would you be able to add armors, cause it is awesome have all these sick weapons, then you just have to settle for plain diamond with your… let’s say steel dagger. So if you could it would be awesome, but if not I understand 100%, and by the way, this is a great addon, it almost feels like a mod! Keep the great work up

  200. Qzthewin10 says:

    The new item didnt work with the Horse.and you can not controll the llama

  201. Zacky says:

    How can I get a shard in survival without cheat??

  202. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    I am going to edit the files to my liking, and add it to the addon that I’ve created.

  203. CoolGamer_RO2 says:

    This looks like a mod! Love it 😀

  204. lleyton weaver says:

    Your a God!!!!! Great Add-on…..

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