BlockGears [Minigame]

BlockGears is the perfect map for anyone who enjoy racing. You’ll be able to select among three different racing tracks and in each one you’ll be driving a different vehicle. The vehicles include a Ferrari 458, a dirt bike and a Formula One car. It is a really awesome map which includes a great variety of experiences and it’s probably best played with friends!

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)Twitter Account
Vehicle Addons byGonaTwitter Account

How to play?

Select a race track by stepping on one of the pressure plates in the hub. Right now there are three different tracks but one more is expected to be added in the near future.

Just remember to install one of the vehicle add-ons before entering any of the tracks. You can find links for those further down on this page.

Mega City (Requires Formula One Car Addon): This is a car race suitable for up to four players. This track is the largest track and mostly so because of the speed of the vehicle.

Surrounding the track are buildings, trees and other structures such as this amazing billboard. 😉

Downhill (Requires Dirt Bikes Addon): This is a dirt track for dirt bikes which includes multiple obstacles which you need to avoid and sometimes use to your advantage.

Retro Race (Requires Ferrari 458 Italia Addon): This track brings memories back to Super Mario Kart. But instead of driving go-karts you’ll drive a Ferrari 458 Italia. Fancy, huh?



Important note: This map consists of three different race tracks and in each one you will need to activate a separate addon. You cannot use all of the addons at the same time due to compatibility issues.

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36 Responses

4.28 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ FINALLY!! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    I have never clicked anything so fast in my LIFE. Okay, maybe except for that time in Starfy…
    Seriously, all jokes aside, this map was even better than I expected it to be. Great job.

  2. Kent says:

    This Map is awesome!!!now i can play with my friends to beat them in the race
    Thanks for this map.

  3. Koito says:


  4. Nogard says:

    COOL !

  5. runnerman15 says:

    Great tracks can’t wait till u add more

  6. Xjarrod21 says:


  7. MP7GamerFTW says:

    I wish gona could make the cars and all that for Mediafire cos it takes me straight to adfly which does nothing 😭😭

  8. Aidan Cyrenne says:

    This is honestly the best map/ add on mashup pack I have ever played! The maps are very amazing, and I can tell a lot of work has been put into each and every map, as well as each and every vehicle. I DJ have one suggestion though…

    Please make one add on for all the vehicles, as it would be a lot easier, and you wouldn’t have to change the add on each time you want to do a different track.

    Thanks for reading this, and once again, great map!

  9. Ftvgbhnh says:

    It spawns spiders when I try to get the dirt bike

  10. mÿthëłłâ says:

    It keeps on bringing me to Adfly and I won’t able to download. Please help!!!

  11. PRO HEROBRINE says:

    I am HEROBRINE!!!!

  12. Ibby Shott says:

    It’s Rubbish

  13. Acepatch says:

    Hello This was AMAZING i did this minigame with my cousin and we LOVED IT
    this is amazing to see here thanks

  14. DankMemes says:

    Nice mix of addons…I have an idea for an addon. Grand Expedition Yak from World Of Warcraft. That’s something I’d love to see in minecraft

  15. Anonymous says:

    @MCPEDL Send My 6 Mansion, Pls

  16. Bokep bru says:

    Why the mediafire download button became authorize download?

  17. Wolfstriker16 says:

    Can you add NASCAR to this. I would prefer you add Indianapolis to the map bet it is a great add on and I am loving it.

  18. Mason says:

    It doesn’t work it just takes me to a dumb bee Ad.ify app 🐝 😭

  19. Random says:

    Truly amazed, next add helicopters or planes!!!😄

  20. Хрюн Хрюныч says:

    I download all addons but still when i choose ferrari i am riding a witch (i add addon) sad!

  21. SolarGamers says:

    Uhhh…. Is there a Problem?
    After I clicked The Adfly Link.. It lead me to MediaFire and the Download Button is missing.. Is there a Problem with the download link?

  22. Hamza Shishani says:


  23. Abby says:

    Does not work!

  24. Riolu says:

    I found this by typing back to the future map

  25. Chickenugets says:

    I love it! My little sister was so excited she she saw it!

  26. Chickenugets says:

    *when she saw it

  27. Tristan says:

    How do you get on the bikes? Overall amazing add-ons and the map is outstanding

  28. Anonymous says:

    why is motorbike cave spider and spider but it said it was pig and horse so when I tried F1 car it just spawn motorbike F1 is supposed to be spider and cave spider

  29. CggamErr says:

    Great,nice,amazing,awesome vehicle and map.This is my first time try vehicle in minecraft pe (except minecart and boat)

  30. Memes says:

    Gona I couldn’t download the vehicles. When i went to adult and skipped the ad it took me to mcpeup and that website said not available. Please help me with this I really want to play this map. Also it said that for all the vehicles

  31. Scott says:

    I tried it before on my sisters iPad and it didn’t work. That is why I am debating whether or not to get this map.

  32. abcd says:

    how icant download it if i open the download link always said this site cant be reach internet is 100% working

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