CCTV Security Camera Mod

A CCTV Security Camera is a wireless security system which allow you to place a camera wherever you want in-game and then at any moment type a text command in-game to switch and see whatever the camera is seeing.

It’s a perfect surveillance system to use if you want to go out to hunt or do some mining but want to be kept updated on what’s going on back at your house. For example, see if any zombies are trying to break in to your house or if a gang of creepers are hiding at your house waiting for you to come home.


  • /cctv name <camera name> – after placing a CCTV camera you need to name it
  • /cctv show <camera name> – to show live what a placed camera is recording
  • /cctv leave – to quit showing what the camera is recording
  • /cctv cameras – show list of existing cameras
  • /cctv remove – remove an existing camera
  • /cctv list – show a list of all these commands in-game

Block ID: Camera – 18

Creator: wilco375

How to craft?


Place the camera and choose a name for it.



The camera is saved and can be accessed with the show command whenever you want.



You are in the show mode seeing the things the camera is recording. It is only possible to show the live recording of the camera.


Download (Dropbox)
Download (GitHub raw code)

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41 Responses

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  1. Alex bryan says:

    How do you download mods on IOS and the mod is the camera mod

    • Editor says:

      Most mods are actually for Android but you can find some for iOS too. Make a search for “iOS mods” in the search field.

      Reason why there are less iOS mods is simply because you need to jailbreak your phone to make mods work. That’s not necessary for Android.

      To learn how to install check out the install guides in the 2nd menu.

      • Ihateminecraft says:

        If it is not for IOS you need to follow my instructions first you download a app named GoodReader then get a mod you want to get only for a android download it and put the file into GoodReader and select that file and rename it by deleting letters ZIP then replace them with mcaddon and press the file without selecting it and press build in another app copy to minecraft and there.

  2. Robbie Robles says:

    How can i download tis mod its only codes?

  3. Matt Pietrini says:

    Where can I download the jailbreak app, and the mod downloaded app? I have an iOS iPad mini 3, and I’ve downloaded all these apps like MEGA and iFile but nothing’s working.

  4. Sonny says:

    Is there mods for

    • Editor says:

      Many of the mods here are supported by 0.10.4. The only problem for some mods currently are that BlockLauncher is a little bit after in the updates so we need to wait for them to keep up with the new Minecraft PE updates.

  5. Robin says:

    This is shit I hate it when I try to load it it gives an error and I copied the code I hate it I wish I could rate this mod -1000000000000000000

  6. mark says:

    guys how to use it i click download then it goes to ad.flythen theres s many letters

  7. Chandler says:

    I cant name cameras after placing please help

  8. red says:

    When I click download this is the letter//CCTV Mod V2.2 (Compatible with both 0.9 and 0.10)

    ***lots of code – edited out by Editor***

  9. Pedro R says:

    Hello I have a question, does this mod work in a textured pack world?

  10. XenonTNT says:

    Works for me! It’s suuuper cool! Now i can survive my bro when we play together! Thanx for thiz mod ! I love your site! It is the best of the best ! ☺

  11. Ayame says:

    Please reupload it but this time in .js file please in my device dont appear the save button ill be gratefully with u if do it thx n.n

  12. Ryan says:

    Is this 0.11.1 compatible? If it isn’t, can you make it so? This seems like a great mod, I can’t wait to try it!

  13. jakson says:

    i whant cctv mod

  14. Kelly belucio says:

    Awesome mod

  15. Purple~chan says:

    I am able to see the “/cctv list” thing but i cant see the rest! Plus, i got the materials, to make a camera and it didnt appear on the crafting table, and i tried putting the ID and that didnt work either, please help! I really want this mod!

  16. juaan says:

    how to i can see the video?

  17. Ilovecake MCPE says:

    org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid category 8: should be one of ItemCategory.MATERIAL, ItemCategory.DECORATION, ItemCategory.TOOL, or ItemCategory.FOOD (Camera.js.js#18)
    How do i fix this?

  18. noel says:

    How to use this in mcpe master?

  19. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Hello editor what do you think is better for my minecraft version 1.0.3 this mod or ultimate security cams?

  20. Nick says:

    Hi I made a version for ios dude it’s cool I love the camra and I didn’t really make a knew version and I’m not going to post it but me and my friend made it work for ios but it took 3 days

  21. Sura says:

    When I open block launcher and I added the code and its not working!I copied the code from the raw code and pasted on a script creator and created the script and added it when I open block launcher it says everything is broken and now I can’t find my cctv 🙁

  22. Brayden says:

    It is not working for my brother and he said it is not a mod and it sucks

  23. Herobrine says:


  24. Hafizh says:

    How to instal the textures?

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