Command Block Tutorial (Quick) [Redstone] (1.0.5 Only!)

This map provides a quick and easy tutorial for the new Command Block which can be used for executing commands. It’s being introduced in version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition and right now Android users can sign up for a beta here. It has already existed for Minecraft for PC for a long while and has proved to be a very useful block for custom maps and multiplayer servers.

Creator: Assassiner 003, Twitter Account

It’s primarily useful for people who have never used a command block before and want to get a glimpse of the endless possibilities. For example, here are three different buttons which I can press to change the weather in-game.

You can access the interface for the command block by tapping on the block.

All of the functions are explained with signs in-game. Make sure to read it all!

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Android users can sign up for a beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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61 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. RubyPlayz says:

    This is legit

    • Headphone says:

      Absolute.I have been testing the beta for and its shaping to be the second best 1.0.0 MCPE update.

  2. xXNiceAssassinlo says:


  3. 04DanTDM says:

    Seriously…why the chat isnt glitched on low end devices?

  4. Cycade says:

    Yessss! I hope that people will make command block creations like pc!

  5. SolidMoney25979 says:

    Dang they must make maps pretty fast cuz this beta just came out this morning (March 11)

  6. Sebbysoccer says:

    Is this possible to be compatible with iOS?

  7. Dark_knight says:

    What?! Command blocks already in mcpe? The 1.0.4 just came out and here is another update? Mojang… you are the best team of the world! Please come to iOS quickly!

    • Maysel_02 says:

      Yeesssss i wish it come to ios fasttt !!

    • Lester says:

      1.0.4 was out a month ago thats not wut you call quick but atleast lots of the features from pc are gonna be added in pe

      • Fawfuls TNT says:

        As long as the update comes as fast as the last one, I am happy. This update will definitely have a build 2, with all the problems with the chat and worlds not opening.

  8. Voicemail says:

    One maybe two days after the release of 1.0.4
    There’s already a addon for 1.0.5 wow just wow

  9. Therix says:

    Wow i had it before that map came out

  10. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Command blocks? 😀

  11. Bob™ says:


  12. Sam says:

    YESSS Command Blocks!!’

  13. ProMinecraft says:

    For all of us iOS users, it’s nice to know that command blocks are coming in the near future.

  14. NinjaBGmc says:

    Am I the only person to not be able to access my mcpe files, because everything is in the games folder, but when I go inside minecraft it doesn’t show my worlds. Does anyone know how to fix it? Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8″.

  15. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    I like it even know me and Notch did it

  16. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Command block will added in minecraft 1.0.5?

  17. Matthew says:

    Soon there is going to be a section full of command block mods!!!!

  18. Marshmallows says:

    Nooooo I’m making this to😬😬😬😬😬😬

  19. Anonymous says:

    I Can’t wait for 1.0.5 to come out!

  20. Adam says:

    Android I will get you make you be a iOS user:(

  21. Alterlolz says:

    When will it come out on iOS I need to know

  22. KhGamer says:

    What does the chain command_block mean

  23. xX_EndKing_Xx says:

    Guys try search minecraft tutorial about command blocks using redstone it will help you so can make like EVERYTHING!!.i am an ios user so is all for androids first.

  24. BladeDustGames says:

    Also check out guys the /title command.IT IS REALLY COOL

  25. Srikandi1954 says:

    Yay 1.0.5 is out……. 🙂 invite me on your Realms please…

  26. xJmexx says:

    This is amazing i can get new ideas to make creations and experiments 🙂

  27. Weegee says:

    I would have hoped I could open the world and take a look without the command blocks and learn before the ios update

  28. Alifiarsa says:

    Build the command clock creation

  29. AgarAndroid says:

    There is not just Command Blocks in 1.0.5. There is also the /particle command which was added.

  30. EXIMIOUS says:

    LINK :

  31. Mohammad says:

    I have problem that when you insert a command from commands that use in pc in pe not work is that mean command block not complete or is different from command block in pc

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ah, android, the version that always gets versions first and then a week or two later iOS gets it.

  33. Lavaboy says:

    I told my frend nb mate this and he said “they will never add command blocks to pocket edtion” and I showed him this and he looked AWESOME!

  34. Fawfuls TNT says:

    To everyone wanting to make awsome only one command creations, data tags are still not added, so that means we will not be able to make lots of the command creations that we want. A lot of PC command blocks require the /blockdata and /entitydata commands, so a lot of PC command block mods will be impossible until entity tags, /blockdata, and /entitydata are added. We also need armor stands for most of the only one command creations to work, and it is not possible to summon falling sand.

  35. Andrew says:

    When is 1.0.5 coming for IOS?

  36. Chrezelle says:

    Lol. Here are fun commands for you guys.
    Do these on repeating blocks

    /playsound random.explode @a ~ ~ ~ 1

    /playsound mob.ghast.scream @a ~ ~ ~ 1

    /summon lightningbot

    /execute @p ~ ~ ~ setblock ~ ~-10 ~ stone


    You can also /summon dragon

    But that glitches the game waaay too much.

  37. Redstone Builder says:

    Why won’t they tell us how to make a command block???? I don’t want to get an app for command blocks.

  38. PRO67 says:

    you have to type /give command_block [player name] [how much]

  39. Ogre 5 says:

    I’m playing beta version on my tablet. I can’t wait for it to come out on IOS. Then I can look forward to fixing my IPad.

  40. MCPECommunityPE says:


  41. 09sharkboy says:

    Hey guys follow my YouTube channel

  42. Minecrafterperson101 says:

    How can I use a command block to build a house in MCPE without using some complicated string of numbers, letters, and symbols? Please either give me a link to a website that tells me how or tell me yourself.

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