Connect 4 (Fully Automated) [Minigame]

This map is a fully automatic minigame called Connect 4 in which players take turn to drop sand blocks (by pressing buttons) into a huge a grid. The first player to line up four cubes wins and you can easily restart the map by pressing a restart button in the lobby. It’s very easy to get started!

Creator: TeamBOB123

How to play?

Choose and team and then step one one of the two pressure plates to be teleported to the operating platform. Decide on which person to start and then take turns pressing the buttons to drop the sand cubes into the grid. The first person to get four cubes in a row wins!

You can return to the spawn by standing on the pressure plate at the operating platform. Press the Restart button to restart the map.

It is as new again!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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12 Responses

  1. Esteban says:


  2. Nathan says:

    Why is this posted, the owner could at least stop people from breaking out and let the restart but actually work!

  3. JustMikaiGuy says:

    Make Pls a SUPER SECURET BUNKER Like by UnspeakebleG Vid
    With commands

    • TeamBOB123 says:

      I will try to make. I watched the video, it looks hard but I will try:) Look forward to it. Thanks for your idea.

  4. SFGalGamer says:

    Thx I learned some Redstone now it’s helpful

  5. Therix says:

    Hey Editor! You should make a new map section: Command Blocks!

  6. Adtht Fdu says:

    the map is good but you have to use this command is better because is not leaving block /fill 54 35 60 54 18 61 air replace

  7. Cooligix987 says:

    This is a cool map

  8. Anonymous says:

    Best game ever

  9. Sean says:

    Is there a cpu

  10. Kristinajoy125 says:

    Good game

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