Coordinates Unlocker Addon

This addon adds coordinates which are displayed in-game once you’ve entered a world. Coordinates are a numerical representation of your current location. This means they can be used to more easily navigate the world. Up until now it has only been possible to find out your current location by using a lengthy text command (/teleport <username> ~ ~ ~). The Coordinates Unlocker makes it so much easier!

Creator: Fraxx01, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 June, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Open a world and look at the bottom right corner of the screen. There you will see a line of text containing the coordinates for your current location.

As soon as you move the coordinates will be automatically updated.

You might need to configure your current GUI scale to make it fit on your screen. To do that, just go to “Settings”, “Video” and then use the top slider to change the GUI scale.


Why is this useful?

Let’s say you find a desert temple but don’t have the possibility to explore it right now because you need to get back to your base. Then you can easily get the coordinates for the location using this addon. Just note the numbers down on a piece of paper.

And then whenever you’ve got the time you can more easily find your way back using the coordinates. (And if you’ve got cheats turned on you can use the /teleport command.)

There are of course plenty of more uses but that’s just an example to get your head going.

Demo Video

To really show that this works we’ve recorded a short video. Check it out and you will get a better idea how this works in-game!

Demo video is currently out of date. Will post a new one soon.


  • Updated to be fully compatible with the latest 1.1 PE version
  • New coordinates position for Windows 10
  • /title bug fixed!


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

Make sure to read all steps.

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE.
  3. Go to “Settings” > “Global Resources” and apply Coordinates Unlocker as an active pack
  4. Close Minecraft PE (important!)
  5. Open the game again.
  6. Enter a world of your choice and it should now be working!

Other Files:

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Installation Guides

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155 Responses

4.21 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. DarthChaos says:

    Wow, this is the most useful addon so far!

  2. felipe says:

    add a response button or instead of touch for anyone who uses the Windows 10, please put on some type f3 button one or some random fx

  3. AlphaModern says:

    Could you move it to a more convenient place please, like, a small button in the top left?

  4. felipe says:

    I found an alternative for users of the Windows 10, pressing F1 to acultar the gui and pressing again to show you updated gui and conseguentemente updates cordenadas give just press f1

  5. MinecraftTPlayz says:

    this will be usefull will finding diamonds xD

  6. Carl says:

    This amazing

  7. buildermaster07 says:

    Omg thank you soooooo much I am on ios and i have been looking for one like that since the arrival of the commands and all the mods were for Android with ModPe !
    You did a great job !
    I don’t know how you made it, but on my Ipad the word “position” is hidden behind the hotbar. Maybe it would be better to have it in the top right or left corner. Maybe it’s unmakeable because you use a trick, btw, it works thats important !

    • Zero says:

      Lol they should make more things in the world Android and iOS don’t u think? They r some stuff that r better on iOS but about the same on iOS but more things

  8. RaGinGWinD says:

    My sneak button and reload button are in the same place pls help me

  9. WityBarbecue89 says:


  10. Abdullah Enaya says:

    This addon is great! When the update came out I thought I had to cheat to get my coordinates (e.g. /tp ~ ~ ~) but because this is a resource pack, I can install it and I will still get achievements! Thanks for this!

  11. Benjamin Reynoso says:

    Don’t get it

  12. DarkCreeperz says:

    I tryed it didnt work ;/ i tryed on mcpe 0.16.1 ios so idk why it didnt work. i cant find the reload button or the cords
    please help

  13. J1G says:

    if u are using any other gui’s it won’t work
    also u may have to extract from the ZIP if u used the .mcpack version

  14. Powerless says:

    Omg thank you so much for this! Ever since pocket edition came out I wanted a way to see my cords and this delivers! Thank you! Thank you!

  15. ReimarPB says:

    This is so awesome!! 😀

    But why the reload button when it updates automatically?

  16. GriMFreaks says:

    Really like the addon, although I am playing on windows 10 edition beta and can’t reload the coordinates. Maybe there is a way to make it so whenever you pressed f3 it would refresh the coords. I would love this and hopefully you would be able to implement this as coordinates are still not in version 0.16.1.

  17. GriMFreaks says:

    That is awesome, Thank you so much.

  18. mixon606 says:

    This is works On MC Win10 Edition?

  19. Keith says:

    Sorry autocorrect kicked in. Can you let me know how to get this Addon onto an iPad using a legal game. No access to computers at moment.

  20. Keith says:

    Did that but it didn’t load in. Have finally got it to do so. iPads are behaving strangely after last upgrade.
    It is the best thing to have happened to Minecraft. Congrats.

  21. XoticDefine says:

    Pls make a mini map with cooords so a little map at the top of your screen and u can see the land pls make that for iOS with the easy Mc.pack download make it soon and I’ll be the happy ist person ever

  22. GriMFreaks says:

    Thanks so much for moving the coordinates into the top left, so helpful.

  23. Farlander670 says:

    Wow thanks this is so useful!!!

  24. JoJo says:

    Very helpful for teleportation, ore finding and traveling in different dimensions.

  25. JoJo says:

    In survival wih this addon enabled the numbers of the items you have disapear in survival needs to be fixed

  26. felipe says:

    Please, I beg you, update the addon to 1.0 to correct a bug if it makes the tool’s durability disappear in hotbab and also the number of items contained in the pack

    • Editor says:

      I have reported the issue to the creator.

      • felipe says:

        Today’s update did not correct the problem, the durability of the items and the quantity of items still do not appear in the hotbar, as if I were in creative mode

        • Editor says:

          I have reported this specific issue to the creator. Hopefully he’ll respond/fix it soon. Sorry about that.

          EDIT: It has been fixed in the latest update! 🙂 Download it again. Make sure to delete the old pack if you got it installed.

  27. DG says:

    Can u plz update the addon?

  28. NFCorp2016 says:

    Kool, BEST Evar

  29. Minecraft_player says:

    I play Minecraft 1.0.0/0.17.0 on my non jail broken iPhone 5s. I have tried downloading this awesome looking pack, but when I click “open in Minecraft PE” it says “importing coordinates unlocker” then, “import of coordinates unlocker failed.” I checked the errors, and it said “Unknown pack manifestation” and “unknown pack type.” All the pack information said “Unkown.” Please help!

  30. Clarky says:

    nice work 🙂

  31. JustSomeRandomGuy123 says:

    NICE Addon I even played it in servers for fun

  32. virtualinsanity says:

    For some who wants to change position of coordinates.
    If you undestand what are you doing you can edit hud_screen.json file and search for “position” then replace code from controls… to binding with this :

    Result : nice looking green semitransparent coordinates with background at the top-middle of the screen. You can change to any position.

  33. stephen says:

    can use make it remember the place by /tp command
    For example: You want to save your location as a Village (with coordinate 99 99 99)
    so you just type /tp village instead of /tp 99 99 99
    can you do this??
    thank for watching.

  34. Clarky says:

    is this allowed 16.2 in minecraft? because it isn’t working.

  35. DitDitGamingDL says:

    Okay… it was amazing. But with the new update it takes up too much space and my game crashes when going on a new world or it sometimes crashes on a world I already had.

  36. AboodyCraft says:

    Hey, just a note, you no longer have to restart mcpe after applying the addon in global resources, because in 1.0 they mad expensive it so that you don’t have to restart mcpe for GUI addons it will update the GUI automatically so you can remove the close and open mcpe

  37. Maki says:

    Ist very good

  38. Lightning Falcon says:

    This is by far the best addon ever on PE or win10 minecraft. you have saved me hours of time when trying to sync nether portals. Thank you so much!

  39. Optimus711 says:

    I love this addon i don’t cheat at all, my main reason to use this is to know what level i am at…so now i know at Level 12 i found 16 diamonds in 1 hour :3

  40. Tyler walk says:

    How do I use it with setting world spawn❓

  41. newb2onq says:

    i absolutely love this add-on super well done, extremely helpful and with the new updated version i can again see number of items and tool durability in my hotbar. 6 out of 5 stars!!! you rock

  42. buildermaster07 says:

    Hello Fraxx01, Ive downloaded the most recent version of the add on. I am disapointed because you have added a new button to the pause menu, taking the spot of the last button. Now everytime I want to leave my world, when I click on the last button, I am seeing your twiiter account. Please move it’s position or I will have to remove it myself.
    Thank you

  43. YoloYT says:

    Can someone tell me one for 1.0 pe

  44. Minecraw OLO says:

    Nice add on!!

  45. player 99934 says:

    This Addon is AWESOME!!!! Now I won’t lose my house as often!

  46. Marius_Oni says:

    Is there a way to change the position of the coordinates to the top left?

  47. Holroy says:

    Will this be updated for MCPE 1.0.1? It seems to trigger a crash when entering the pause menu, and removal of health bar when playing in realms

  48. Stiw91 says:

    This is probably the most useful resource pack I’ve ever seen & downloaded, & I have a suggestion I don’t think it’s possible but can you add a way to show which way you’re facing towards the positive X or/& Z axis, or which chunk you’re currently in, all in the same add-on or have it in multiple downloads, I’m not asking 4 a whole f3 screen it’s just a suggestion, thanks for reading.

  49. ZzZzZzZz says:

    Wow this is so cool!!!!
    Can you make command blocks addon?!

  50. MrSheep25 says:

    Hey, first of all I wanna say excelent add-on. It is extremly useful. I have a question, how can I edit the text of the add-on? I mean how can I change the “position: ~ ~ ~” to “coords: ~ ~ ~”? or whatever I want for example.

  51. RobMims says:

    Great Work. This is an incredibly useful addon. If you are able, could you make a version of this addon that changes the hotbar to the PC version (E.G. and still includes the coordinates?

  52. Roger says:

    Can you let me know how you discovered the ‘ui’ resource pack assets? I can’t find any documentation or mention of hud_screen.json and pause_screen.json on any of the Add-On sites.

  53. blah says:

    The pause_screen.json file is not needed. I don’t need a link to twitter added into my game.

  54. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Is this work for 1.0.3?

  55. Master Craft 874 says:

    Veru USEFULL.. now i can build COMMAND BLOCK ELEVATOR

  56. coolie says:

    only thing that downloaded is hud_screen and pause_screen
    and the pack icon … nothing else to click open

  57. Kaka_rot says:

    When this addon’s active,titles can’t successfully be displayed.
    Could you fix this bug?

  58. Nathan says:

    The download is MediaFire gamine

  59. Chris says:

    Is it possible to also show the direction you are facing? I know I can work it out by moving and see which X/Y coordinate moves, but it would be nicer if it also showed the direction (e.g. -Z or +X).

  60. Radja says:

    Useful addon, but just a little and annoying bug with command /title which doesn’t appear when you run a game with this add-on.

  61. SimpleMinecrafter says:

    Can you please update this for mcpe 1.1 because titles wont show when this texture pack is activated and it also says that there are some problems with the pack and i need to update it. Thank you 🙂

  62. TheLuxuryShovel says:

    This WAS cool, untill I found out /title doesnt work on me when its applied, it says command successfully executed but nothing shows up. Can u fix this plz?

  63. ReimarPB says:

    Awesome add-on! I’ve used it in a long time and this is probably my favorite add-on 😀

    I have a problem though, when I have this add-on installed, title commands doesn’t work. Not really a big problem, but it would be great if you could fix it

  64. Sk3llyMc says:

    Can someone Make Or Teach Me How to make coordinates near the hearth bar Beacuse other coordinates addon does not fit on my GUI so the only thing works for me the near hearth bar I saw one on useless X-ray there’s a coordinates near the hearth bar but I don’t want X-ray I only want coordinates near the hearth bar pls someone answer :))))

    • Blue_Ninja says:

      You can either change the offset in hud_screen.json or you can just isolate the one found in the useless x-ray pack

  65. DillzerTheBeast2008 says:

    Please make an X and Y symbol, and maybe also a Z symbol!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Definitely one of my favorite addons.

  67. Burning fighting fighter says:

    You are my hero.

  68. 5tr4 says:

    Works great , only problem is that with it the /title command doesn’t work. Still , other than that it works wonderfully. If the title command worked with this then I would give 5 stars.

  69. Ghosty_JH says:

    Cant get this to work, on my 1.1 realm, works fine on my private world (same as my realm) but for some reason if I load the realm it does not display cords, this has only happened since the 1.1 update

  70. Martin says:

    The addon that we need most in the mcpe, had been missing the rockets, but it’s great, I just wanted it to be in the center over the hotbar, but that’s fine. Thanks man, it helped me a lot.

  71. Lachthegamer says:

    The best Add-on I’ve ever used, Thx 😀😎💩

  72. Stephen says:

    Awe man, I’m not digging this on an iPhone 6s. It interferes with armor. How can I download the old one again?

    I’d rather have it in the bottom left and I assume that was messing with /title command.

    Id rather have the coords not crammed in with my health, armor and hunger bars. It’s already taking up space on a small screen.

  73. Jack says:

    First of all
    – You just needed to type /tp (your name) ~ ~ ~
    Boom gives your coordinate
    BUT! This one is way better since you dont need cheats!

  74. Slime BRO says:

    How on earth are people finding diamonds with this addon!?

    • HerobrineAC0318 says:

      Diamonds typically spawns near Y level 12. The middle number displays the Y coordinates. If it reaches 12, diamonds will be near, as the player can just mine around and can easily find diamonds.

  75. Kenn E. Jorolan says:

    Hey Editor,how do make the coordinates change its position from top to bottom and where can i change it.In mcpe ok not windows 10.Thanks

  76. Anonymous says:

    Very usefull

  77. Tilose01 says:

    I love this add on and wanted to update it, but clicking the mc.pack link to download it just gets me redirected to an unskippable ad page. Trying to skip it just results in yet another ad redirect. I just want the add on, so i can play mcpe on my ipad without getting lost.

    • Shi Yang Saw says:

      U must close the redirected page first
      After then, u press skip ad again
      Then it will automatically redirect to mediafire

  78. SkyofMeow says:

    Never mind found the mcpack link.

  79. Soraka the Star says:

    Great addon. This should be essential, especially that you don’t have a map and you don’t want to play with cheats (I am looking at you /tp)

    Although my Armor stat has been interfering with it. Would give an extra star if you fix the UI in Windows 10 by just raising UI a little over that armor stat.

  80. Mack says:

    Uh, This isn’t working. I’ve tried both the .zip and the.Mcpack to no avail. The zip makes the Hud disappear, Ive had a good play around with the Gui settings and still nothing.
    Anyone having similar issues?

  81. JjWat says:

    I love the addon, but every time I make a creative world, it shows nothing in the inventory.

  82. Bradley says:

    Suddenly stopped working, coords only show when I’m holding a map and that’s in the top left

  83. Busybee says:

    Thanks for the awesome addon! Without it, would be stuck up a creek without a boat (in other words, lost!)
    I’m using Windows 10 Edition. The latest version 1.13 is that only meant for MCPE? When I install it the coordinates display in the middle of the screen centered between the hunger and health bars. So I reverted back to the previous 1.11Final one and it seems to work fine. Is the new one only for PE? Should Windows 10 users install the older one?

  84. herobrine says:

    The is a great addon 🙂

  85. JustARandomGuy says:

    The new update to the CoordinatesUnlocker Addon only shows them while in survival. When I am in creative it does not show up at all. Please fix. Thank you!

  86. Georgo10 says:

    Mostly helpful mod so far!

  87. Gareee says:

    Same issue as others in windows 10 edition… the word Coordinates is covered by the armor display.. you could simply drop the word from the display.

    VERY useful, with the exception of the display issue, and gui scaling does not correct or even change it.

  88. Elijah says:

    I can’t download it once I press the download button it brings me to a page were their is a ton of ads and if I skip the ad it will bring me to another ad please fix this it sucks

  89. Anonymous says:

    It bring me to

  90. Daniel says:

    I downloaded it and went into my minecraft and I couldn’t find it under global textures. So either it’s not compatible with minecraft version 1.1.3 or it isn’t compatible with my kindle fire HD. Either way, version 1.2 is coming out soon. Can you please make this compatible with kindle once version 1.2 comes out. Thanks 🙂

  91. TeenageGamer says:

    The latest McPack solved the problem of item names covering the coordinates but the armor bar still covers the ”position” text.

  92. Adervae says:

    It would work great if the entire HUD wouldn’t disappear when I use a controller on Windows 10. Unacceptable.

  93. Adervae says:

    To clarify, the HUD disappears when I press anything on my controller but reappears with the coordinates when I move the trackpad/mouse.

  94. Chloe says:

    its working now, i had to reload the game 4 times before it worked though. thanks

  95. GamesAddict says:

    I can’t download the addon it says the site is blocked.. Any help?

    • rchrdcrg says:

      Are you trying to download from home or at work/school/etc? Sites like and MediaFire are commonly blocked.

  96. rchrdcrg says:

    Yes!! I got used to having coords on a map with the Faithful texture pack, then switched texture packs and was lost! This sure fixed that! Like others have said, it shows under the armor bar, specifically in the Classic UI (I prefer MATTIS, but it’s glitchy as hell and somewhat limited as well). Switching scale just does the same thing but smaller. One tiny fix and this would be perfect!

  97. CRH says:

    With the new version just released, the app seems to have quit working. Is this true or have I messed something up

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m having the same problem. Since the 1.2 update, it has stopped working. This is actually really frustrating to me because they instituted a coordinates system in the actual game, but you have to have cheats on which makes it impossible to get achievements which is what I was in the middle of working on. I can’t understand why they would put something so necessary behind a wall like that, but sadly until either this or the game gets an update, I’m not sure how much I’ll play it considering being in creative doesn’t really appeal to me all that much.

  98. FLGamerZ says:

    Yes is not wirk since 1.2 official update mojang have a strange idea to turn on cheats for coordinates don’t like java edition have a debug mode for see coordenates what the nether mojang 🙁

  99. Janson says:

    Are you working on get it on 1.2?

  100. Ceci says:

    Can you upgrade to the newest version of minecraft Windows 10 edition? (1.2.0) Please!

  101. JR says:

    please update to 1.2.0

  102. Phoenix says:

    Does it work with 1.2?

  103. Uwajimaya says:

    Also requesting an update for 1.2 please

  104. M says:

    Are none of the add-ons on this site working with the latest update (1.2)? I just want a cord add-on that works!

  105. \____ says:

    Seriously. THIS IS USELESS. TRY THE COMMAND /gamerule showcoordinates true

  106. Angelo says:

    Does it work starting from 1.2 version onward? Addon is active but coordinates are not visible…

  107. Matthew009 says:

    This is not working to my divice what should i do?

  108. b their vrfjk says:

    Looks great but not working for me I downloaded open mcpe it said successful thingy i go to global resources forgot to close mcpe went into a world realised need to close so I close reopen to into a world but not work possible i do something wrong or broke it?

  109. Anonymous says:

    Y’all, someone please fix this!

  110. Chris says:

    Just installed on Windows 10 edition. Not working.

  111. Mark says:

    Broken… please fix!

  112. DigitalClark says:

    Please update :), mod is broken for current version…

  113. sword says:

    why do we need this now? there is an option in the ‘edit world’ menu to turn them on in game without this addon!
    Although, if you are playing pre- 1.2.0, then this is recommended until you can update to 1.2.0+

  114. Anonymous says:

    This would be so incedible to have but it isn’t working… 🙁 Please update for current version your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  115. Anonymous says:

    Does not work with current version

  116. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work

  117. JosephGaming135 says:

    Anonymous, coordinates have now been in the official, vanilla game for some time. Look under the settings for a particular game, and you should see coordinates. You’ll have to toggle it on and then when you next load that game, coordinates will appear on your screen.

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