CSPE Shaders

CSPE Shaders (short for Creeper Shaders) is one of the most realistic looking shaders available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Most aspects related to the in-game graphics have been tuned up. This includes everything from much more realistic water to an entire new skybox with shifting clouds. It’s best suited for high-end Android and iOS devices.

Creator: Haoguang Liang, Twitter Account


  • Improved shadows
  • Moving leaves/grass
  • Much more realistic sky with shifting/moving clouds
  • Realistic sun and moon
  • Heavily improved water graphics
  • And more!


  1. Download Resources .McPack (Click here if it doesn’t work.)
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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141 Responses

4.19 / 5 (74 votes)
  1. Ryan Souak says:

    Like it, but too laggy!!

    • Bl4aze says:

      It’s for beefy tablets like iPhone X or the iPad 7

      • Nathan says:

        Ummmmmm-? How do ya’ll put it in WINDOWS 10? My maps, mods and my texture pack (This Shader) does not work.

        • Explicit says:

          go to settings, then global resources, make sure you have imported your resource pack into minecraft, then click add when you’re at the global resources screen, i dont recommend this pack though, it crashes your game alot.

      • Mizly says:

        It works on my crappy iphone 5s flawlessly

    • Handlebars says:

      Ok so I downloaded this on my iPhone like 4 months ago and am very happy with it but suddenly now every time I try to open my game with the pack, my phone crashes immediately. Any way to fix this?

      • Jonathan says:

        Yeah I was going to put it on again and every time I went in my world it just was crashing nonstop

        Please update or fix the mod I’m getting really mad and I like playing with my friends and it just looks so beautiful and it looks good with a lot of my builds so please just fix it because it’s really annoying

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because when you updated minecarft the shader can’t run on that version. I know it happened to me

      • Error 303 says:

        If it keeps crashing re-install minecraft or use a file manager app go to the file called games go to resource_packs or something and delete the texture pack and it should stop the crashing but it will get rid of the texture pack

  2. LolCraft says:

    GOOD SHADERS!! ☺But, when I enable the shaders pack at the settings then pressed ‘x’ It freezes and stays in that screen Forever😢😢😢 Can you Please Help me? I really want the Shaders Pack😥😥

  3. Olivares says:

    For that versión ? 1.2.7 ?

  4. Boofle says:

    PLEASE say that this can work for windows 10 if it does i will thank you for all eternity

  5. MCHurt12 says:

    Finally, The Creeper Shaders has been updated. I LOVE THIS texture pack and Mcpedl

  6. Brenden says:

    I really like how you did the sun. It’s a very good shader. 🙂

  7. LeeTheENTP says:

    Causes the game to crash on Windows 10.

    Windows version 1709 (Fall Creators Update)
    Ryzen 7 1700
    GTX 1080

    • Mega_Pineapple says:

      I have the exact same problem. As soon as I load the world, it crashes. I had tried to load it several times just to be disappointed with it crashing. Please fix this, other then that, the people who ut does work for say it’s fine 😀

    • gabe w says:

      it crashes on my laptop, has a i5 and a gtx 980m in it, no reason for it to crash

    • gabe says:

      i have a laptop with a i5 and a full gtx 980 in it, no reason for it to crash…!!!!

    • Enderman says:

      It happened to me. Every time. And the worst part is it’s an incredible shaders! What the hell people!?

  8. Skittlz says:

    What’s the map you used?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It keeps crashing my game whenever I add it onto my global resources.

  10. Taylor Roof says:

    Preaty cool. Waves need to be improved.

  11. MattR43 says:


  12. ThinhCT says:

    It look good! I will try it 😀

  13. umario says:

    I tested this on my high end phone and it worked smoothly, I like it. But one question, does it work for the windows 10 edition?

  14. TheBlockHead182 says:

    will this work on windows 10 edition?
    Btw first comment

  15. Nathania says:

    my first shader! its so cool u must try it 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    does it work for windows

  17. ano says:

    Does it work for windows

  18. MarySays says:

    I like the sky on this one much more than other shader packs. It looks much more realistic and smooth, great job on this shader!

  19. Marc Aparicio says:


  20. Marc Aparicio says:

    Better than seus pe 😍😍😍

  21. GreenKeeper says:


  22. Wolfyia says:

    It’s AWESOME! 😻

  23. GamingWithBroYT says:

    It made my device not play Minecraft anymore because of it. What a rip

  24. ShirutoMC says:

    Does it support low-end device?

  25. scuttle06 says:

    Could atleast release another version where the sky is blocky. Overall, good shaders. But I don’t like the realistic sky

  26. HirwrC says:

    Does it work on Windows 10?

  27. ArikHn says:


  28. imKent says:

    looks nice tho

  29. Ardito says:

    Why,the dirt is also moving? This makes the gameplay more lagging:(..

    *sorry for bad english

  30. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    Nice….. i’m still downloading it 😀

  31. LAZZA says:

    Epic shaders , I did a video on it 😁https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHcZJEAUbDY

  32. meemedmania says:

    Looks really good but it lags but iPad Air 2 and drains the battery, and the trees/water doesn’t wave

    And there is this bug with the blocks: https://imgur.com/a/C6pdr

    Please fix this i really like the way it looks and i want to see more

  33. meemedmania says:

    I restarted the game and trees and clouds started waving again, but other blocks waved too and water is still not moving: https://imgur.com/a/ZhByf

  34. Random guy says:

    It looks better than SEUS PE.

  35. Hothaifa says:

    Its doesn’t work on my minecraft and I have version , the game is stooped ! 😠

  36. Random guy says:

    And it also works on Xbox one?

  37. Peter says:

    Crashes Minecraft Windows 10 1.2.8 when going ingame. Same for both starting a new game and loading and old save game :\

  38. Di4ry says:

    Why i alway crash im using windows 10 and it never crash before

  39. LegitMichel777 says:

    Wasn’t this on the Chinese Minecraft Marketplace?

  40. TheGamerAneh says:

    Always crash the game whenever i use this texture pack, idk why..

  41. RomanFox2 says:

    @Editor please tell the author of this shaderpack to fix it or remove it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Finally! A shaders pack that actually has good shadows! The only problem is that the grass and leaves aren’t moving, idk why

  43. Micheal says:

    How come the grass blocks wave too?

  44. Erwin says:

    Mantap jiwa

  45. DoomGuy77 says:

    Great resource pack!
    It’s almost perfect, except that night vision doesn’t work. But still very good!

  46. Wow says:


  47. Johannk manlangit says:

    What’s the map?

  48. Wafity says:

    does this work for windows 10?

  49. Olli says:

    The blocks keep moving!

  50. Mistory hunter of Minecraft says:

    It is so laggy

  51. MinerX says:

    can you add another version of this but the water is a bit less realistic? My device can’t handle it. Just a suggestion for low-end devices 🙂

  52. Xabier says:

    How tho I tried everything that the instructor says but it doesn’t work
    For me

  53. umario says:

    Editor, what is the name of the map used in the picture?

  54. Sulaiman Ansari says:

    If you could make the water look like seus pe it would be even better.

  55. Daymine_482 says:

    It’s ok working nice

  56. Felliniq says:

    It doesn’t work on my Samsung note 3. It’s getting stuck after activating then exiting. Help me please

    • Haziq says:

      Your Samsung can’t handle this shader enough. That why Samsung are not suitable for gaming. You have to buy another Samsung phone that using the chipset Snapdragon 835

  57. Disha says:

    This is soooo goood

  58. Tho144 Gamer says:

    This is the moat beautiful shader I’ve seen that works on iOS, I really like all the features, but it does have a few bugs, blocks like grass, wood, wood fences and bedrock I’ve seen move like how the leaves do, so could use some fixing

  59. Akira Fenix says:


  60. justin says:

    Pros: good night sky, good clouds, good water, and nice shadows. Cons: don’t download this if ypu have the iPhone 5, the iPhone se can handle it, but the iPhone 5 gets rather laggy with this shader on.

  61. Random guy says:

    Remove the chinese… just remove it…

  62. Random guy says:

    And answer to my question:
    Does it also work on w10/xbox one

  63. Haziq says:

    The shaders is too awesome and might be a laggy too. But it still awesome because its look like very beautiful world. Hope you guys can improve the water wave like adding the water reflection. It might be the complete if the shaders.

  64. Haziq says:

    Editor. Could you make the water look very realistic like adding the water reflection. That will be the most perfect shader.

  65. Christo says:

    Excuse me does it works on Android with 4GB ram?

  66. EvilBloxBoss says:

    Every time I attempt to enable this for a world, or just for me in general, it crashes my MC. Please help?

  67. Matrix_Warrior says:

    I like the shaders, but for some reason it crashes when I open it, and yes. I am on windows 10 edition.

  68. TeenageGamer says:

    I’m on windows 10 edition and I tried to add the shader and close the tab and it crashed a lot when I keep doing the same thing.

  69. Epic_Gamer_YT_ says:

    Is this safe?

  70. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, but at night time it’s too bright.

  71. YuruKino says:

    Dang this is amazing a realistic!! Can you add a player shadow for a higher resolution pack since I am amazed on how this works on my phone just fine and I want to push the limit to see how amazing it can get

  72. Jake says:

    Hello i love the shader but its very laggy and i can’t even move i use Samsung Galaxy J 1 phone will this work pls i beg you make the lag dissapear i will rate 5 stars if you so that. Thank You MCPEDL for the everything

  73. A says:

    Great I have loved it and it is my favourite shaders pack ever

  74. Josh Densisen says:

    Woooow AMAZING!!!!!!!! Only the water is not Verry real AND it works sometimes a bit slow moving around not verry good graphics. Please fix this in a new update and this wil be the best shader!!!!!! For realism!!!!!!!!

  75. Lol man says:

    The shader looks soo nice in my mcpe
    If you are getting lag thats because your device is not strong enough

  76. Minecraft lover says:

    Really nice 👍. I love it
    One of my favourite
    Great work done!!!

  77. Toxic says:

    Its super laggy and i keep crashing

  78. Powerfighter076 says:

    Nice, but it lagged my brother so much when he played on my world. 😑

  79. DylanBlockster says:

    I wanna know if it works on Windows 10

  80. ProFrl1744 says:

    Ouihhhhhhhhh good shaders wooooow

  81. FluffyOne1995 says:

    This is a GREAT shader pack but the blocks even move with the plants and also can u make a shadow of the avatar and when it runs plz thx!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I’ve found that my grass blocks and some others are waving like the trees are meant to.

  83. Paul says:

    The shader is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood it’s nice, but it’s too dark when I was mining in the dark but it is still worth it

  84. Trey Anderson says:

    Wow this is a great mod on my IPhone Se! Doesn’t lag at all. But why is it when I look at a block, like I’m running, you can barely see underneath the block like u for the world. It’s weird. Does anyone experience this? Also, when your underground like 4 blocks down, if you look up to the surface, the blocks like wave like water and it’s weird. But this pack is beautiful and I highly advice everyone to get this.

  85. Trey Anderson says:

    Like if you stay still, the blocks like move like water. It’s weird. That’s what causes underneath the block to be invisible just slightly. Why does it do this?

  86. ShadowSky says:

    Th15 15 D8 L4GG135T TH1ng 1 3V3R H4D…

    Otherwise that it’s amazing…

    BUT ITS SOO LAGGY…… I can’t even move in some of my worlds
    And it always kicks my bro out… 🙂

  87. Olivio says:

    Hi there i love your shader pack but I would like you to add something, when you place a block the shadow goes on the ground in stead of on it and when the player goes on the ground a shadow of the player is on the ground and make the water reflect like trees and stuff like that. Oh and with the animals you should make them have a shadow to. #1. Best comment please add this I wil literally kill my self if you don’t add this.

  88. Lol says:


    I know this is made in china and thats why its so good

  89. bubbafet360 says:

    OK, my PC is low end but it still crashes my game. If you can’t improve this that’s perfectly fie but i’m keeping the rating until this problem is fixed.

  90. Pyrrhic_Victory says:

    Using W10, and this keep crashing my game! Wth??

  91. sen. says:

    I put this shader onto minecraft education and it removed my options button!
    now i cant turn it off

  92. Anonymous says:

    This is a wonderful shaders, but it doesn’t work for Minecraft PE v. Please, resolve it!

  93. Anonymous says:

    Can you help me with this? It used to work before but since the update with minecraft it would just crash… I even downloaded the one if the normal one didn’t work. Either the shaders need to update or i need help.

  94. If you give a mouse some memez says:

    Hi can someone help me with this? It keeps crashing my game and ive tried everything. It used to work before the 1.2.13 update??? I REALLY love the shaders and would love to use them. Thank you~

  95. Please fix says:

    It’s not working for me in the new update please fix

  96. Hans says:


    With MCPE it does not work.
    When i create a new world, or add this to an other world, the gam still loading and loading.
    I waited about 5 minutes to load the world, but it still loading.
    So, for me it is unusable

  97. Arianne says:

    i think i tried this shader but it crashes me

  98. LoJJiu says:



  99. GZAC18 says:

    When I activated the resource pack, it crashes…And even if I restarted the game it still crashes please fix it…..

  100. Anonymous says:

    Please update version,I love this shaders

  101. Simone says:

    real shader good shader

  102. MiKeCYGAming says:

    It keeps crashing my Minecraft!!!! 🙁

  103. Alex says:

    I reccomend use organized options

  104. xhris says:

    My minecraft pe crushed….Help me please i cant open it

  105. Marc says:

    I like this shader. But Why is there moving blocks which makes the game play kinda weird cus the void could be seen or thats really how it is? but if not how to fix? pls respond

  106. MDMMOS says:

    To say, It is a very good shaders pack yeah its not lagging and very beautiful looking

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