CustomCommand Guide [Redstone]

CustomCommand Guide is a map that is for people who want to make their own map with custom things such as custom item skill, custom mobs and so on. This map aims to showcase all of those things and teach you all things you need to learn them.

Creator: ZucthTwitter Account

Creator’s Note

WARNING!!![The map recomend for people who have some knowledge of things about commandblock and redstone before! If you are the newbie here it will be really hard to understand!] And yep after you know something from this you can improve yourself and develop your own custom map now! Hope you are all like it!

Note: I know some of your (fans) who know I’m doing this map, are all waiting to see this! Sorry for lately update. I hope you can develop or upgrade your own map now 🙂 thank you for all the support


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4 Responses

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  1. Just A Passerby says:


  2. GrassyGamez says:

    Bad English,
    The Commands Doesn’t work
    Italic Font,
    Suuuuper Basic Commands You dont even know how scoreboards work
    and i exploded this map cuz its bad
    1 star!!!

    • Zucth says:

      I have already note on the information. 1.for a starter that know some of cmb and redstone 2.I show what I know, I don’t to be a dictionary so I have no need to know everything on earth. 3. My english is really bad! I said at the first time! 4.this map work on only! No available for the new command change! Sorry for disturb your day!

  3. Radcoolgirl616 says:

    I might make a map but I doing play the map yet is it good? Comment to me and tell how it is please! Thanks!

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