Death Mansion (Horror) [Adventure]

This adventure takes place in a haunted Woodland Mansion far out in the woods. For some reason you find yourself locked up inside the mansion. Your objective is to find all the items, solve the mystery and then escape. But you are not alone. The soul of the previous owner is still haunting the mansion and he will do everything to stop you from escaping!

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter Account



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43 Responses

4.87 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Leyten says:

    OMG i like it

  2. JeremiMcPE says:

    Even the thumbnail scared meh, cant even play it.
    But the trailer looks to me its a 5 star rating!!!

  3. Zdksmith says:


  4. ALinuxLover says:

    Most horror maps aren’t very scary (like, at all). I saw the thumbnail for this one.

    I HAVE to play this.

  5. TongQH says:

    When I saw the thumbnail, I said to myself : I AM GOING TO PLAY THIS GAMEEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. ender gamer says:

    I screened and sayed what bloody h e ll is that thing get it bloody. ha ha a pun.

  7. Sithlocks says:

    I’m Sorry but now offense to the creator, that face is hilarious xD

  8. Eishayne says:

    The map Is Creepy I can’t really even play the guy that chase you he’s face is creepy like his teeth is many blood and the music is creepy!

  9. Cats says:

    The thumbnail is so creepy that I love it

  10. Pandajam79 says:

    The thumbnail looks moot funny than scary

  11. AlexZander0107 says:

    I found the way out but it was scary that this thing was chasing me

  12. Ya Boi Rater says:

    Looks hard but is it multiplayer compatible!

  13. Ya Boi Rater says:


  14. Fire5kull30 says:

    i dont want to man

  15. Luv4eryone says:

    A+ in disturbing and freaky XD good job u made a pretty cool adventure map out of a woodland mansion

  16. SilvermiteYT says:

    I love this map. You guys have to play this!!

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. RageElixir says:

    Creepy, GOOD JOB

  19. Awesome guy says:

    Does this map include him chasing us and we have to escape? If so then I won’t play it.

  20. Lorraine says:

    When will this be released? If it is already how do I get it!

  21. bloody Chicken nugget says:

    Not scary but challenging
    Really don’t put blood everywhere

  22. Wolfa says:

    This is so creepyly good! Love it!

  23. Redslimetime25 says:

    Great job on this map I really enjoyed playing it! Hey u also have a team called team Smelted! We are trying to get onto mcpedl to make maps weekly care to join?

    • Redslimetime25 says:

      We* sorry lol

    • Cyber_Shinigami says:

      if you are looking for someone to help you with map creating i down with it as i create my own maps but get bored with doing it on my own and i have no friends that play mc as much as i do or that are willing to create maps with me :O

  24. SpookedCow says:

    The thumbnail looks great hopefully its good for me and my friends to play!

  25. LivingWithGaming says:

    Wow.Just Wow.When I First Saw It,i said ”Now That is some scary freaking thumbnail”.And,when i saw the trailer ”Okay I Really really REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS MAP!!”.Good Job,Vernian Lemo,Good Job.Keep It Up!

  26. KaiKai says:

    OH MY WORD! DUDE THAT “THING” CREEPS ME OUT!! Had to delete the world!(lol)

  27. Bách 1516 says:

    Good map💪👍

  28. Samurai Orochi says:

    That map was scary! I couldn’t finish it. I screamed like a girl (I am a boy) I don’t even have tonsils!

  29. BOBBYCAT says:


  30. Saleh Abdulla says:

    I LOVE IT. i was screaming the whole time. but i was able to complete it because i was playing it with friends..
    please we want mooooore maps like this

  31. Flucx_ says:

    That, THUMBNAIL!!! map downloaded. I’ve got to play this. . . And trick my younger brother to play this

  32. Kaito says:

    ……that monster makes me laugh… and im still playing it…. …also the monster was unbeatable… you only need to hide.. or run away.. … … … … (what mod did you use on that monster?.. i want to put it on my world.. so i can scare my Friends..)

  33. TsirGero says:

    He does not come to me!

  34. soup guy says:

    when i went upstairs i heard “CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP” i would have heard more but i was like “NOPE SCREW DIS IM OUT” and then i exited the world and turned of minecraft ;-; R.I.P my courage it lived from never to never…

  35. MEIG says:

    Is this Mulitplayer Or not?

  36. Zehasep says:

    Its so scary its so awesome like you

  37. Cyber_Shinigami says:

    im not easily scared but being chased by this thing defo gets my adrenaline pumping hahaha and especially when it pops out of nowhere haha but i havent manged to finished the map yet thou as i dont really know how lol any tips? but no walkthru please i just need a hint hehe

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