Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon

This addon replaces several of the mobs in-game with characters and creatures from the Doctor Who universe. The models for the mobs are very well designed and also some of their behaviors have been reconfigured to better suit their new character behaviors. If you consider yourself a true Whovian then you definitely have to give this addon a try!

Creator: DingDong61Twitter Account
Updated: 19 October, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Most of the hostile and neutral mobs in-game have been replaced by characters from the Doctor Who TV show. Some of them also got custom behaviors. This add-on was created mainly to use with the Tardis Prototype map.

Further down on this page you will find a full list of changes and new features.

The creeper is replaced by a hostile Dalek. It will automatically detect and attack cybermen and players within a certain radius.

Items such as the bow has been replaced by a Sontaran Rifle. It works very similar to a bow except that it fires lasers instead of arrows.

There are plenty of more to experience. Check out the list down below to learn more about the new mob behaviors and items.

Items & Mobs

Here is a full list of changes for the items and mobs in-game.

  • Sontaran Rifle (Bow)
    • Custom sounds (doesn’t always play for some reason)
  • Laser Bolt (Arrow)
    • Gravity set to zero.
  • Dalek (Creeper)
    • Fires lasers
    • 2.5% chance drop rate for Dalek Head (Creeper Head)
    • Attacks cybermen
    • Custom sounds
  • Silence (Enderman)
    • Resized to match player size
    • Long strides from legs unavoidable due to DingDon’s lack of success with pivot values
    • Custom sounds
  • Sontaran (Skeleton)
    • 2.5% chance to drop a Sontaran Helmet (Skeleton Skull)
    • Custom sounds
  • Ice Warrior (Stray)
    • Fires lasers without a rifle
    • 2.5% chance to drop and Ice Warior’s Helmet (Steve Skull)
    • Custom sounds
  • Vashta Nerada (Wither Skeleton)
    • Custom sounds
  • K-9 (Wolf)
    • Tamed with iron ingots
    • Healed with iron ingot (5 health) or gold ingot (10 health)
    • Pups can be fed with gold ingots, iron ingots, gold nuggets and iron nuggets
    • Breedable with gold ingots, iron ingots, gold nuggets or iron nuggets
    • The eye and box on the side change color depending on tamed (red), wild (green) or angry (purple)
    • Removed the collar option was it was on the nose and looked bad
    • Custom sounds
  • Cybus Cyberman (Zombie)
    • 2.5% chance to drop a Cyberman Head (no handles)
    • Custom sounds
  • Mondasian Cyberman (Husk)
    • Custom sounds
  • Cyber Villagers
    • Custom sounds
  • Ood (Zombie Pigman)
    • Custom sounds
  • Time Lords (Evoker and Vindicator)
    • Skins changed
  • Priestess from the Sisterhood of Karn (Witch)
    • Skin changed
  • Chronovore (Vex)
    • Skin changed
  • Germ Spider (Cave Spider and Spider)
    • Skins changed


  • Bug fixes
    • Removed the files for the polar bear (caused crashes previously)


  1. Download Behavior & Resource .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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73 Responses

4.85 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. MicroJP says:


  2. The Redstone Miner says:


  3. ThatGuyKieran says:


  4. maisong says:

    Thank you very much. I requested this months ago and it is finally here. This is my favorite show. This might become my favorite add on.

  5. ThatGuyKieran says:

    Also the ood skin is glitched at the moment so can you please fix this

    • DingDong61 says:

      The skin is not glitched, it works fine, as long as the file is actually there. Seems the idiot behind the keyboard (me) neglected to copy it over to the pack. Good catch Will update it a little later, but until then here is a link to download it directly. Just put the file in the resources/entity/pig folder for the texture pack.

      • Jeremy Winstead says:

        How about you replace the giant with the cyber king

      • The Doctor says:

        Was wondering if it is actually possible if you could make a weeping angel as well. Full functional. Or would it not work?

        • DingDong61 says:

          Initially, I was going to use the Enderman as the Weeping Angel. Plan was to have it receive Swiftness when not seen by the player and Slowness when seen; and have it randomly teleport the player when hit. None of that worked however, so I went with the Silence as a backup. If I can get them to work, I would gladly put them in.

          • The doc says:

            Hey, im the doctor just on different device. It’s really good to know that you was going to do it, and tried. But yes if you can get it to work that would be great. 🙂

      • Dwfan says:

        The tardis only gos to the cyberman planet ,plz fix it

  6. Mhamad15 says:

    Pls how do you made this because i want to make my addon

    • DingDong61 says:

      Used Paintshop Pro X (old program, but still does what I need it to do), referenced screenshots from Doctor Who episodes and screenshots from Doctor Who Skin Packs for PSX/Xbox, a lot of back forth with the mobs.json and my model testing world, and lots of coffee and tylenol.

  7. Op says:

    Amazing love doctor who

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great just the villager wasn’t working otherwise amazing

  9. Sisime63110 says:

    its AWESOME !!!

  10. natejb2003 says:

    Woah! You did it! Will it work if I add it to the TARDIS Prototype map? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  11. Doctor Who Is the best says:

    This is awesome I have been waiting for this forever thank u this is the best

  12. Gabriel says:

    Great job pal. I’ve tried it out and the reason why the darleks and cyber men aren’t responding when you wanted them to fight is again beacuse minecrafts base code over rules it. You’d need to find too mobs that actually hate each other to make that rivalry. I recommend making a cyberman an vindicator as when there nametagged jhonney (great reference to the shining) It will attack everything. I’m sure that Addons makers in the future will be able to help alter the vindicator so that it always is on jhonney mode. Just trying to help. Gabriel

    • Gabriel says:

      Sorry that I’m giving you help when you said you didn’t want it I just want this addon/map to beacome as huge as the doctor Who mod for Minecraft pc edition.

      • DingDong61 says:

        No apologized necessary. I am open to criticism and even help. When I stated that I didn’t want any help, it was at the time I was working on the mob packs and wasn’t ready to proceed. My loose plan: Create map structures in Java and make them into schematics. Create worlds in Java with large biomes. Try a cut and paste using MCEdit or World Editor to bring them all together. Use World Editor and/or MCC Toolchest to bring them into Windows 10 Edition. Before I proceed with the final map, I need to test it out and see if it will actually work like the distracted mouse in my mind is telling me.

      • DingDong61 says:

        There is actually a place in the behavior file where you can add enemies to a mob (minecraft:behavior.nearest_attackable_target). The Dalek (Creeper) and Cyberman (Zombie) ignoring everything else to attack each other, could have been because of where I placed it in that entry. I added them before everything else. Can also add another attackable entry, but give it a lower priority. Something I will be looking at in the near future. After doing some thinking today, I may hold off on starting the new Tardis map until after 1.2 is released. There are some things in that update that I would like to see if I can make use of there.

  13. natejb2003 says:

    Please can you replace gold with Dalekanium and Daleks drop Dalekanium ingots. (Just change the name and Creeper’s drop)

    • DingDong61 says:

      Was not sure what to use for Dalekanium initially. While my computer died, I thought maybe having redstone powder. Any further updates will be after I get new computer up and running. I lost everything.

    • DingDong61 says:

      I have received permission to use a PC map for the Dalek City on Skaro. It uses the Dalek Mod by SWDTeam, based on the use of Dalekanium in the city, I will be using Gold.

      • Jeremy Winstead says:

        You could replace the horse with the dalek with the original dalek still replacing the creeper(bear with me), and make each horse variant a Paradigm Dalek variant, snow golems could be ironside daleks, mules could be Average Daleks, the donkey could be replaced by Dalek Sec, skeleton horses could be Renegade Daleks, and zombie horses could be Dalek Soldiers. Dalek Variants Website =

        • DingDong61 says:

          I want to try to avoid replacing utility/neutral mobs, like horses, that have player centric purposes. I have been working on porting the Gallifrey Citadel and Dalek City on Skaro from PC to Windows 10 Edition, but I have been thinking of updates to the Mob Pack. Specifically, going to try replacing the rabbits with Daleks and switch the Creeper with a Weeping Angels. The rabbit’s foot drop would be moved over to the Witch. However, the Windows 10 Edition could stop that. If the AI would still insist on the Dalek/Rabbit hop around, I would abandon the idea because of it looking silly. If the AI would refuse to use the Dalek custom sounds in the Dalek/Rabbit could be a drawback as well.

          • Jeremy Winstead says:

            Even better! That’s a wonderful idea! Can I suggest some dalek variants?

          • Jeremy Winstead says:

            In Pocket Edition mobs replaced by the rabbit do indeed hop around[Or they used to(I’m not really sure about 1.2 beta)], but if they don’t hop around anymore, I strongly suggest that you keep your current dalek model[unless you are thinking about the Paradigm Daleks, the Special Weapons Dalek(etc.)], and just use a different skin for each variant. P.S. -Please use the website link to see all of the different variants. Thank You!

        • Jeremy Winstead says:

          Average Daleks=Time War Daleks

          • Jeremy Winstead says:

            OOH and the squids can be sized down and replaced by the kaled mutants(tentacled things inside the daleks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome thank you so much for this. I just have one request could you make it so the DALEK is hostile to all entities it would just seem more accurate

  15. Cyber caan 101 says:

    This is awesome thank you so much for this but could you make it so the DALEK is hostile to all entities it would be more accurate thanks

  16. Davros_ADL says:

    Amazing! Can you please add the dalek moving sound?

    • DingDong61 says:

      In the middle of re-installing everything after a complete system failure. All files lost. Not sure if that is possible with Windows 10 Edition, as I do not think there is an entry for it to begin with. Will check after getting new computer up and running.

  17. Dalekjast100 says:

    Add weeping angels

  18. Blue lumber Max says:

    It looks exelent

  19. Hate the texture says:

    I hate the texture pack

  20. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU Could you later replace a type of villager with the 11th Doctor

  21. king of pvp says:

    I love doctor who and thank you who every is the maker thank you!

  22. Jeremy Winstead says:

    I LOVE IT 🐴

    • Jeremy Winstead says:

      And I still insist on the Ironside replacing the snow golem(Not sure about the Iron Golem), but tell me if you think that this is a good idea. Thanks for this amazing addon! -Sincerely, TPW

  23. The Doctor says:

    YESSSSS. I MUST HAVE MISSED THIS. just looked today. This is soooo cool. Been waiting for ages for mcpe doctor who pack. Really cool. Thank you!! ( please make weeping angel that works that is what i was really waiting for!! Thanks.

  24. Ace says:

    This was a great addon a GREAT addon but a few things that you could do
    1.make a sonicscrewdriver that if you hold on the derek it would exsplode but it would not cause damage to any blocks frames and so on
    Thats all :p

    • DingDong61 says:

      I am hoping to add the Sonic Screwdriver. Since I am working with Windows 10 Edition, I am a bit limited with what I can do. But I am trying to figure out a way. Been working on my next version of a Tardis World currently, which will include Gallifrey, Skaro, Trenzalore, Mars, the Moon, and Monas (trying) as destinations; it may end up in that pack if I can swing it.

  25. The doctor says:

    The daleks dont attack cybermen at all?? Please help

    • DingDong61 says:

      That feature had to be removed as they were ignoring everything else for the Cybermen. Have to try a few things to get it back into the addon, but I am currently working on my new Tardis map.

  26. Njmcq says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing creation! I do find that the varied pitch on some of the mob voices are quite odd, but nonetheless, it is fantastic! One bug I have noticed though is that when you try to kill a Snowman (Polar Bear), the game crashes on the last hit. Not sure if it’s my world or my device, but wanted to share it in case it is a missed bug. One again, thanks!

    • DingDong61 says:

      The game seems to randomize the pitch of the voices no matter what they are set to. Also checked the Polar Bear issue and it is confirmed. Probably has to do with one of the updates between the time I released the add-on and when you discovered it. Will be revamping the add-on after I finish my new Tardis world and release the new version with it.

  27. DingDong61 says:

    I removed the Polar Bear Behavior file, it was the cause of the crashes when killing a Snowman/Polar Bear. New update submitted with the change. For those that can and do not wish to re-download, you can remove the Behavior file manually.

  28. Mr miner says:


  29. Klinge says:

    I do hope you get that new TARDIS operational, with the new update. We got some new commands, but with THAT, we got A LOT of bugs. I myself am still having problems getting the ship operationa;, but i’m getting close! good lord man!

  30. Samurai Orochi says:

    Cool add-on!, you should add the Harris and sonic screwdriver. 🙂

  31. Anonymous says:

    The teleports for the tardis doesn’t work
    I can only go to the cyber plant,otherwise this map and texture pack is awesome

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you are referring to my latest Tardis map, you have to turn the tripwire hook that is in a frame on the console to set the destination. Otherwise, it will just continue to go to the last destination used.

  32. Hoyse says:

    Please do a renegade daleks vs imperial daleks or daleks vs cybermen

  33. Rubic says:

    Please add the sonic screwdriver.

    • DingDong61 says:

      If you check out my Doctor Who Tardis Map, there are download links for an updated version of the mobs and it includes the Sonic Screwdriver. Though that pack has the armor stand changed into the Police Box. Been thinking of updating the Mobs Pack to what I used on the map, but without the Police Box/Armor Stand.

  34. Coolnathan49 says:

    Loved it! Used this mod for my map. I was gonna upload this map called The 1 Tardis on iOS and custom Tardis evolution but I don’t know how. So I putted up a update room for all maps and pretended I actually uploaded my maps xD. If you give me a guide that is amazing. But I think people will be confused by the update room only because I went ahead xD. Thanks for the mod it’s very good for my map. When you give me a guide on how to upload my maps can you check it out? I’m not an expert at command blocks. All I did with them was lights and Throttle. And teleporting to maps that are buttons on the console. With corridors with rooms that are coming soon with the BEHIND THE SCENES ROOM. So give me a guide please to figure out how to upload maps. I already seen videos of it but it doesn’t seem to work on iOS. So help? I don’t have minecraft on Android.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I just downloaded this, it’s so good, love the sound affects, K9 was my favorite. 😀

  1. December 18, 2017

    […] All mobs have been replaced by creatures from Doctor Who (Doctor Who Mobs Pack) […]

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