DynamicDuo PvP [16×16] [32×32]

DynamicDuo is a PvP texture pack which revamps the graphical user interface to make it look more clean and subtle. Many of the stone and grass blocks have also been retextured to make them look more smooth and less pixelated. Another great part of this pack is that most ores have got new textures and brighter colors which make them a lot easier to see.

Creator: iSparkton, Twitter Account
Ported by: Jesus_HdzTP
Fixed by: EliminationsMC (Twitter)
Updated: 29 May, 2017 (bug fixes, it works on iOS too now)

dynamicduo-4 dynamicduo-3 dynamicduo-2



  1. Download Textures .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft PE
  3. Go to Settings > Global Resources > Apply texture pack
  4. Restart the Minecraft PE (GUI won’t work 100% otherwise)

Do you rather download a .ZIP? Click here!

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84 Responses

3.67 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. captainfour4 says:

    HELP!!!! I downloaded the .mcpack (I’m on iOS), it imported, then I enabled it in global settings, then I restarted mcpe, then it crashed. I tried opening it again, and it still crashed! Please help me. I have very important worlds that I have! DX

  2. SKKKKK says:

    R.I.P. Thee goes my MCPE on my iPhone 5s

  3. NFCorp2016 says:

    Editor, out a warning on this for iOS Users. It broke my MCPE but I fixed it. Please put the warning so people don’t break the MCPE.


  4. IndoGamer23 says:

    This work for 0.17.0 build 2?

  5. Lolling says:

    Does this work on the 0.17

  6. I NEED help says:

    im sorry to say but i followed instructions and it said to apply it in glouble resources thenr estart mcle so when i tried to restart it , it started crashing now ill nabe to delete and re install my game and lose all my worlds only because of you im neber going to jse this pack ever ahain and ill tell all my friends to not jse this

  7. Tedz_1207 says:

    Really good but could ypu try and add a custam xp bar thx

  8. Tedz_1207 says:

    Great pls add custom xp bar thx

  9. MichaelJ5921458 says:

    The GUI looks so cool!

  10. RevstaXBlades says:

    Theres goes my MCPE too. I had it backed up luckily:P

    • Editor says:

      You can always reinstall Minecraft PE to make it work again. You can also remove the files manually (they are in /games/com.mojang/resource_packs OR /behavior_packs)

  11. Icy Banana says:

    There goes Minecraft on my iPad…..😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Lele says:

    For all people who keep crashng bcz of this on ios…dont delete ur game if u have a laptop/computer…..install IExplorer on the pc and go into games<com.mojang<resource packs then delete the texture and,open the game and u shall be fine

  13. J says:

    Should I not download this?

  14. BQGhastVN says:

    Everyone !!
    Download this pack from pc and move it to games/com.mojang/resource_packs.
    It working in My ipad air 2 :))

  15. Dontknowname says:

    Gush don’t listen to instructions go put it on a world in recourse packs it works does not crash I had to install mc so much times cuz of the crash I did it I found the way put it in the recourse packs in your world it works put that in instructions editor but it takes a long time to load guys listen to this

  16. LiamKE says:

    I download the texture pack and i see nothing why? (IOS)

  17. Tironeiiiiiii24 says:

    Its not working on beta 0.17.2 ANDROID

  18. Anonymous says:

    There goes my MINECRAFT 🙁
    You need a pc or laptop to recover your worlds but sadly I don’t have one 🙁
    Need to wait for 0.17.0…

  19. Sam says:

    Guys I found how to make it work on iOS yeah if the world takes forever to load just double tap home go to this site then double tap it and go back to mcpe and it’ll load easy!

  20. Austin_gamers says:

    If you guys got issue on the texture pack follow me on twitter for the info TWITTER USERNAME:@GamersAustin

  21. Austin_gamers says:

    Uhh editor I think there a bug on your texture is the sapling it’s too weird btw I using iOS device and it work properly

  22. I NEED help says:

    Guys don’t ever apply any texture pack to global resources ALWAYS apply it in a world if u put it in global resources it will crash

  23. Anonymous says:

    Best texture pack ever

  24. Hatethistextpack says:

    I hate this text pack,hate it,it broke my Minecraft!! i redownload Minecraft,and is 1.0,I DON’T WANT 1.0,I can’t play on server anymore!! is all because this textpack,I am so mad,and so dispointed,u guys suck.And all iOS player is bunch of lier,and after that,I can’t use my Plastic Textpack anymore,I spent 3.00 on it,U GUYS MAKE ME STRESSED OUT,I HATE U GUYS,I WILL NEVER TRY YOUR STUFF AGAIN.NEVER!!!

  25. Weird dood says:

    Can you make it for 1.0 I can’t install it

  26. Blue Flame says:

    To iOS users who crashed their minecraft, you guys shouldn’t put ur texture packs on global recources, just insert it in your world. Less lag. There, problem solved.

  27. Seif Prince says:

    ITS AWESOME!! I am iOS and I was scared if it was gonna crash my MCPE but then first I got my laptop and saved my worlds incase sth happens.Then I downloaded the resource pack from the laptop imported it into the files then I opened MCPE and it took at first a while to load but then opened and from the GUI at first I was very amazed by how everything is good like the custom cursor and the custom XP bar and custom hearts and hunger it’s just awesome I recommend it for players who like PVP and Mining it will help u sooo much and thanks for making this awesome texture pack <3

  28. Colden says:

    It doesn’t work for me… It says couldn’t parse texture

  29. Help Me says:

    it’s says it can’t download please help

  30. Diego Aguirre says:

    Creator please remake it and make it less laggy for iOS users please. I haven’t been able to use it because the file has been deleted, please remake it

  31. MySil3nt says:

    Hey when are you going to Update The pack? Because I installed it but it keeps you know it keeps making things like “error this pack is invalid” ;-(

  32. DiamondHunter says:

    It says failed to import dymamic duo v2 why though?

  33. xMetrix says:

    i hope this works

  34. Minecraftien111 says:

    Thats a cool pack!
    Will you make an item animation like the sea lantern is animated (with item_textures instead of flipbook_textures) ?


  35. Gabe Cassesa says:

    Man I love this map so much😎

  36. Minecraftien111 says:

    Can you make the destroy stages like the Nems UHC Pack is?


  37. Lolgaming says:

    There is still weird texture in V1.1
    Please fix this problem

  38. ProximinityPlayzMC says:

    Good texture butt bad ass mcpack plz do media fire not add fly

  39. Camo says:

    This is the only good pvp texture i can find i want huahiwi infinite edit but i cant download anywere plz add it!

  40. PowerMuffin says:


  41. SuperKalel2407 says:

    Excuse Mr. Editor Is this compatible with the Latest Minecraft Version ex. Gladly appreciate it if you would reply Love the pack!

  42. xHaeilleh says:

    Omg like I’m a UHC fan and PvP person and WOW this helps so much PLEASE UPDATE IT THIS TO 1.2!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Thx for destroying my game

  44. 1215a1 says:

    Good job you just broke my resource packs and realms

  45. Elise says:

    When I added the texture pack it all goes fine but I can’t throw anything away or I can’t ad other things I’m stuck with the texture pack and can’t undo it HELLLLPPP!!!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get out of the texture pack when I go to global resources it says that the original minecraft pack is active and it doesnt show the other packs please help

  47. HiItsMe says:


  48. shadow says:

    This pack is amazing! It goes great with my queen skin! Five frikin stars to you!

  49. shadow says:

    Oh wait wrong pack. Keep the stars.

  50. MOJANG says:

    Cool all the addons mods and others [editor you are part of MOJANG and 4j


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  54. Arhan Erdoğan says:

    Hey editor please help me i’ve installed this pack and for some reason i cant join my worlds and do anything. Please help me i tried to delete the pack but it doesn’t work! Please help(sorry for english because im turkish.

  55. Micheal says:

    The adf. ly link isnt working plz help.

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