Faithful 32x for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

All textures from the original Java Edition resource pack have been transferred to work with the Bedrock Edition. Textures exclusive to the Bedrock Edition have also been created! Apply this pack in the Global Resources tab to have the classic vanilla style with a new touch!

Ported by: Offroaders123Website
Creator: Vattic (original Java pack), xMrVizzy (original Java pack)
Updated: 29 October, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Added Kelp block textures
  • Added Seagrass block textures
  • Added Bubble Coral block textures
  • Added Horn Coral block textures
  • Added Tube Coral block textures
  • Added Bubble Column block textures (Fancy Bubbles disabled)
  • Added Dolphin entity texture
  • Added Drowned entity texture
  • Added Salmon entity texture
  • Added Trident entity texture
  • Began creating Book & Quill user interface textures


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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99 Responses

4.5 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Goldie says:


  2. OpticalRainbowz says:

    Finally an updated one! Thanks Editor.

  3. MA1315 says:


  4. Tom Cat 16 says:

    Faithful 32x Was Released On July 23
    So You Could Apply The Resource Pack On Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Aquatic

  5. Minh says:

    It support for 1.5 ?

  6. Tom Cat 16 says:

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Aquatic Faithful 32x resource pack
    6 Bug Fixes
    Fixed Errors Of Resource Pack
    Fixed Nasty Resource Pack Crashes
    Fixed Achievements Bug
    Fixed Loading Experience Bar
    Added Faithfu Phantom.png

  7. Tom Cat 16 says:

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Aquatic Faithful 32x resource pack
    7 Bug Fixes
    Fixed Errors Of Resource Pack
    Fixed Nasty Resource Pack Crashes
    Fixed Achievements Bug
    Fixed Loading Experience Bar
    Added Faithfu Phantom.png
    Added Faithful Spawn Phantom Egg

  8. EnderPro303 says:

    There’s a bug that the blue glowing parts of the drowned are white
    Other than that it’s awesome!First comment!

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Yeah I saw this when I was building my trident farm; I will try to fix that when I get the double resolution png from xMrVizzy!

  9. Realy says:

    First :3

  10. Gapple says:

    Does it have aquatic textures?

  11. cookiebuild3r says:

    This is the best Faithful texture for Bedrock Edition! 😀 Please continue to update this! The pack is incredible! P.S. Conduit textures need to be updated to 32 x 32.

    • cookiebuild3r says:

      After playing with the pack, I realized this pack has none of the Update Aquatic textures. I fixed this manually though xD.

      • Offroaders123 says:

        When the official Faithful 32x texture developer for Java Edition releases the full 1.13 pack, I will port those textures over to a later release. I tried making a 32×32 conduit texture myself, but I was ugly.

  12. Cesar says:

    Amazing! Can you port the 64x version too?

  13. Offroaders123 says:

    Hey it’s the creator! (and port-er I guess) Yes, this release is made to work with 1.5.1, and it has SOME of the Update Aquatic textures. I port all textures from xMrVizzy’s Java pack, so I am waiting for his official release to do the rest. I hope you like this pack! P.S. I’m making a vanilla AND Faithful 32x DARK UI right now and it’s gonna be uploaded soon! (1.5.1 of course)

  14. Offroaders123 says:

    EnderPro303, yeah I saw this when I was building my trident farm; I will try to fix that when I get the double resolution png from xMrVizzy!

  15. Mr. Meeno says:

    Why do u repost the same pack so many times?

  16. WRLXTST says:

    Hey btw this is cool that you rolled this out n all but it isn’t complete like the tools are still on vanilla ??? Armor the hud text n stuff all that you forgot

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Are you on 1.5 or later? If you are on an older version of Minecraft than that could possibly be the problem. I use the pack myself and the images work fine for me, and I am up to date on update 1.5.2.

  17. REX miner says:

    Faithful the best texture please

  18. epicdad843 says:

    How is this one different from the one that’s been around a while?

  19. OrangePlayzMC says:

    Wish I had a high-end device. Why did Minecraft add Down-Scale?! The pictures look nice!

  20. dogfan859 says:

    Sorry editor but isn’t there already an official Faithful texture pack for Bedrock Edition? That’s the one I currently use, and I got confused when I saw this one.

  21. AATG21 says:

    Fix the blue ice,dried kelp,bucket of pufferfish

  22. Well there’s a official bedrock edition’s faithful check this web right here

  23. Martin says:

    Bug with a coco plant. its so big
    (Win10 Edition)

    • Offroaders123 says:

      I have seen the same problem on Mobile and Windows 10. I will look on for a solution. Any texture pack with higher than vanilla resolution has this problem, even content from the Marketplace.

  24. Djsjd says:

    You finally made the button sooo much better. I looovee the GUI!!

  25. HungGamingDz says:

    Can you transfer the purebdcraft from java version to bedrock version

  26. q4leks says:

    Finally a really really nice texture pack! Thank you! 🙂

  27. akaSquint says:

    Hi, i noticed that inside the monster spawners you cant see the animal that is inside. Please fix this please, Thank You.

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Would you mind linking a screenshot of the issue? I haven’t seen the problem myself. Sorry for the late reply!

  28. YomamaplaysMC says:

    My favorite texture pack yes yes yo is this for 1.6


    • Offroaders123 says:

      Yes, you can use it with 1.6, but it doesn’t have all of the 1.6 exclusive textures included yet. Sorry for the late reply!

  29. explodingTNT says:

    Noice I already have it Xd

  30. ItalianMiner92 says:

    the cocoa beans on the trees become giants with this texture :\

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Sorry about that 🙁
      It’s a bug in the game that I currently can’t fix; this will occur with any high resolution resource pack.

  31. ssb beat says:

    Does it have the fish texture ass well?

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Currently, only the cod entity texture has been “up scaled” (haha great pun 100%); I am currently waiting for xMrVizzy to release the rest of the Update Aquatic textures (including the different fish textures).

  32. ÜberAbuser says:

    I have an issue that Minecraft is restricting me from using this resource pack. What I mean it allows me to use it but when I load a world 95% of the textures are not loaded in 32x . Its more odd-looking objects worse than the default pack.
    I thought that my device is not 32x but it is. the game only left me a note saying
    “Not enough memory”
    Even though my phone has alot of storage and RAM, it only answers that.
    Do you know any ways of removing this error?

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Possibly try downloading the downscaler pack (Applied above Faithful 32x); I have heard this fixes the problem. I hope this fixes it for you!

  33. Netherz says:

    This is what i say, so good textures.. and i like it. Faithful 32×32 is cool!

  34. ZaidMbarki says:

    It s amazing but the drowned is soo glitched in the aquatic update

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Yeah sorry about that… It has to stick around for a little longer. I’m waiting for the high resolution image to be officially released.

  35. Johnaros says:

    Oh yeah it’s for “Bedrock Edition” then why is not working and why it says to the changelog things for mcpe 1.5?!

    • Offroaders123 says:

      What is specifically not working? I can fix it with an update for you. I am working on release 1.6 right now, and it is going to be released this weekend.

  36. João Pedro says:

    Update pls

  37. Somxr says:

    Hey offroader, nice texture pack. R u from sweden 🇸🇪?

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Thanks! No, the editor linked a different Faithful 32x creator’s Twitter account on accident because they thought it was mine but it wasn’t.

  38. TheRealTomCat16 says:

    I wish they’re add faithful phantom texture and faithful slow falling potions and arrows

    • Offroaders123 says:

      I am not sure about the Phantom texture, but I will add the Potions of Slow Falling and Arrow textures in the next update. I wish the Phantom and Drowned textures would come out already!

  39. TomCat17YT says:

    I wish they’re add faithful phantom texture in
    Faithful 32x for Minecraft Bedrock edition

  40. xxscienceboyxx says:

    I really love this pack. I think it looks much better than the other Faithful 32x on this website. This one stays more close to the original Minecraft textures. It’s glass has a border and the inside.

    • Offroaders123 says:

      I’m glad you noticed all of those! I wanted to create this pack partially around that since the start. When I first downloaded the other pack from this site I was disappointed as well, so I thought I would make my own and fix the problems I had with it. Vanilla is the #1 goal here!
      P.S. I’m glad you like it 😉

  41. Anony-mouse says:

    Wow this is awesome! It’s so detailed! Thank you so much. And you reply to almost everyone!

  42. Anony-mouse says:

    Wait the phantoms came out already didn’t they? Or did the textures not come out yet?
    Oh and can we get this texture pack on ps4?

    • Offroaders123 says:

      The Faithful version of the Phantom texture still isn’t out yet 🙁
      Sadly, PS4 can’t get this pack because it doesn’t have the Bedrock Edition yet (or ever).

  43. Anony-mouse says:

    Ok one more thing. For me when I look under water the kelp and sea grass textures aren’t showing up. The items are good though.

  44. TomCat17 The Youtuber says:

    Please Update Faithful 32x For Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.6.1
    There’s 3 more Features That Added To Faithful 32x For Minecraft Bedrock Edition Version 1.6.1
    1st translated faithful phantom to tga into png and retextured faithful phantom
    2nd retextured faithful glowing obsidian
    3rd translated drowned to tga into png
    And retextured faithful drowned

  45. Zzpekeno_yVamp says:

    Does it work in version

  46. Bal Masque says:

    Nice work. I hope you are aware that there is currently another texture pack which is also a ported version of Faithful. It includes both the 32x and 64x. So I don’t understand why you would make this one on your own?


  47. Umbreon2020 says:

    Can you make a faithful version of the horse

  48. GameJoshX9 says:

    This is great now that you can have HD Skins!

    • Offroaders123 says:

      I thought the exact same thing! Any custom skin with the 64×64 file format can be upscaled to 128×128 and used as well 👍🏼

  49. Maxx says:

    Update please

  50. Ilikepotato says:

    Did you know I like potatos

  51. JASON says:


  52. Jason says:

    Just upgrade in 13 Desember,2018 is be so Happy in This Faithful Can’t you upgrade

    No Or Yes

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