Faithful [32×32] [64×64]

Do you like the default textures in Minecraft but wish it existed in an increased resolution? If that’s the case then the Faithful Texture Pack is the perfect solution. It is faithful to the original look of Minecraft but the resolution is higher (32×32 or 64×64 instead of 16×16). This texture pack has already existed for a long time for Java Edition but today you can download it for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition!

Creator: Vattic (original PC pack)
Ported by: MaceCoronel (Twitter), FaithfulBedrock (Twitter), LukasPlaysGames (Twitter)
Updated: 6 January, 2019 (read changelog)

faithful-pe-1 faithful-pe-6 faithful-pe-3 faithful-pe-2faithful-1 faithful-pe-4 faithful-pe-5



Update (6 January, 2019)

  • Updated settings UI
  • Updated marketplace UI
  • Updated main screen
  • Updated pausescreen UI
  • Updated skinpicker UI
  • Fixed main screen store/sale button glitch view
  • Fixed marketplace buttons not showing up properly sometimas


Important 1.1.3+ Users: Restart Minecraft after you’ve installed the texture pack to make sure all game textures are applied.

Version 1.6 (Recommended)

Beta Versions

You can access beta versions for Faithful by going to either of the following GitHub pages.

Archive Files

Version 1.0.x

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Installation Guides

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972 Responses

4.23 / 5 (321 vote)
  1. Hahsh says:

    Is 0.15 out?!

  2. TheRedDiamond08 says:

    Is this compatible to mcpe 0.15.X beta?

  3. Ashaank says:

    Am I allowed to customize this texture pack for my own use?

    • Editor says:

      I think the common rule it’s fine to customize packs as long as you don’t release it anywhere on the web as your own without the permission of the creator.

  4. SieraNekoCraft says:

    Can this be used in the ToolBox Launcher app??
    Just wondering………??

  5. HANNIBAL_RICK says:

    This is a great shader, but the, fire block doesnt have animation, could you fix that please

  6. the says:

    cant install it on ios :3

    • Zuhair says:

      Now you can

    • Eduardo Montenergo says:

      It broke my Minecraft Pe 16.1 iOS and now it won’t even open after installing this texture pack

      • Editor says:

        If you have problems with a pack for your device then please do the following:

        If you don’t have any important worlds then just uninstall the Minecraft PE app (including all app files) and then install it again. This usually fixes most issues.

        If you have important worlds then begin by backing them up using the following guide:

        Then use one of the guides in one of the menus on this website to learn how to access the behavior_packs and resource_packs folders and delete all of the files in those files.

        Also check your worlds in minecraftWorlds, open each world, and delete the behavior and resource packs for each world.

        Hopefully that helps.

      • HarryKop555 says:

        That happened with me a couple of times you just need to uninstall it then reinstall it simple

      • Aary says:

        U can also go to my files, games mojang resource packs and then uninstall Faithful folder

      • PleXPleb says:

        Just put the TEXTURE PACK on a specific world that you will make but not at the global resources at home..Just in the world your making and wait until 3-5 minutes to load

  7. Woshua says:

    What ExplodingTNT uses in his videos. Thanks, i couldn’t find a clean download.

  8. TheBlazinBeast says:

    Does this texture has hd items

  9. Adwaay says:

    Does it work for 0.14.3
    ☺☺☺☺if not plz add support to the 0.14.3

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is This Compatible in MC:PE 0.15.0 Beta ? 128×128 pls

  11. XenowerkLifeline says:

    Is this working for 0.15.0 build 2?

  12. Jemi says:

    Are this is work on 0.14.3?

    • DashDroide says:

      It has no right texture resolution.It might be bug in low devices,But it work on item and it doesn’t work at the blocks.


  13. MCPE Lover says:

    plz add full mcpe 0.15.0 support!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The link isn’t working.

    • Editor says:

      It should lead to Then wait 5 seconds and click “Skip Ad” in the top right corner to get to MediaFire.

  15. RBLink014 says:

    This texture pack is awesome, but i got a problem with item frames, which causes items placed on them to appear bigger, which doesnt affect gameplay but bugs me out a lot. Any way to fix this?

    • Editor says:

      One option is to use Notepad++ to open “resources.json”. Then find all rows which start with “item.” and change the name on the “items” folder to something random, e.g. itemsxyz, like this:
      “item.feather”: “images/itemsxyz/feather.png”,
      What this will do is that all item icon textures will be replaced with the default textures (16×16). Then save the file and repackage the zip file and extract it to your resource_packs folder.

      Important note: I would expect that the person who ported this texture pack will fix this issue, but for now this is an alternative solution for those who want to do it.

  16. gab20028 says:

    Is there a way to only changes the item while they are in the item frames because i did what you said and it changes the iteme everywhere! ( sorry for bad english)

  17. KingRulez says:

    Please help when I place the zip file in the location on minecraft windows 10 edition and open minecraft it closes after 1-2 minutes what should I do?

  18. imAoesome says:

    How do u edit texture packs?

  19. Assasin_Ian says:

    this is awesome finally found the texture pack that youtubers always use well this is very hard to find

  20. MDPH says:

    It lags when i choose it my texture and after that will be minecraft has stop

  21. MDPH says:

    And closes after 1 minute!!! Pls help me!!!!!

  22. XxDutyActionxX says:

    Yeah just edit the resourcepack json file and change the name and description

  23. Jan says:

    The items are thin!

  24. Ian Tucal says:

    Pls help. When I import the texture pack nothing changes in the game still the default texture pack and my game crashes. I followed everything. Created the folder resource_packs and pasted the pack and imported in game but nothing happens

  25. Tiago_1098 says:

    Crashes on version, but works on, please update the texture pack, it is my favorite!

  26. Tiago_1098 says:

    I found that the problem is in the “Texture Pack:\images\blocks” Wen I remove the folder it works withow the 32×32 blocks. But I want the 32×32 blocks. Pls. update the texture pack. ;-;

  27. Torexx says:

    Can i use ES File Explorer to download this texture pack on iOS 0.15.2? Just wondering or i jave to get a mac for it?

  28. JackFrostMiner says:

    Doew it work for 0.15.2?

  29. Liam says:

    Your texture pack doesn’t work in 0.15.1. Every time it’s added to the resource_packs folder the game will crash once launched. You can test this in Minecraft Windows 10 edition. It was working fine before the latest update. Also hunger bar in survival doesn’t use the faithful texture. It just uses the default texture.

  30. ZomboidInvasion says:

    Is This Texture pack compatible With 0.15.2

  31. Aethan says:

    Best texture pack but the item frame is broken when you put like a sword it not on the frame can you fix it please

  32. FindingFood says:

    Does this work for 0.15.3?

  33. Troubled_Person says:

    Editor, I want to ask why whenever I’m sent to a MediaFire link, the page always says that the connection has been reset. If you know anything about this, please do tell.

  34. OpticalJezley says:

    dont ever edit this texture pack to pvp, i like the normal ones

  35. 1_Admin27 says:

    Is this already updated for 0.15.3 Editor?

  36. Luis says:

    Does this support 15.3????

  37. Jeffweirdo13 says:

    Does this work in 15.4?

  38. FloBoi says:

    Does this support 0.15.4 iOS?

    • Editor says:

      Yeah. I tested it on 0.15.4 Android and Windows 10 and it works fine. Quite certain it should work for 0.15.4 iOS too.

  39. No says:

    Your the Best McpeDl I got the Faithful texture pack

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hey Editor, what should can I do to fix the item frame issue without replacing the ll the 32×32 textures to 16×16? Please help. Overall the texture pack is great!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on 0.15.6? If its not please update it…

  42. Night Raven says:

    It’s great! Makes minecraft more realistic and I would suggest improving the clouds

  43. FURIOUSizz says:

    Great TP! Does anyone know a good custom texture pack maker?

  44. Yasin Arafat says:

    Does this work on on 0.16.0 build 4?

  45. Kushii Ryuuki says:

    Your Resource / Texture Packs is Very Beautiful, bur can i request for more realistic shaders !

  46. NASIR HUSSAIN says:

    New update for 0.16 not working .. is there a different way to install it ?

  47. TheGrassySceptile says:

    Doesn’t work :/

  48. Gedzion says:

    Is compatible with 0.16.X?

  49. Abdul Mohammed says:

    Can you update the faithful to 0.16.0 build 5??

  50. KenzoIX says:

    The link is down,please fix it!!

  51. littledude487 says:

    How do you make texture packs?
    I need a link to the default textures

    • Editor says:

      You need to extract the apk using some apk extractor app on Google Play and then find the resource pack folder to get the vanilla pack.

  52. tred says:

    the fire is buggy, and ocean monument blocks are also buggy

  53. KenzoIX says:

    The link cannot be reached???

    • Editor says:

      Both works fine for me. If you get to an page just wait for the ad to load 5 seconds then click the “Skip Ad” button in the top right corner.

  54. Samyben100 says:


  55. Jare says:

    Errm, the some blocks are not been textured and some are buggy and has a error block texture like the prismarine blocks, this didn’t happen in previous version, is there a complications when porting or editing the texture pack? Please fix it ASAP, me and my friends use this texture pack always. I’m in 0.16 build 5 btw.

  56. Daniel Cifer says:

    It’s not working for 0.16.0 b5, all the prismarine blocks are error

  57. IcySnorlax says:

    How do you make this work in the latest build 5 update? Please tell me, or does it not really work?

  58. jan_ says:

    Hey, some ocean monument blocks have some error, it’s says update, but my mcpe is updated, also the items like sword have problems too, can you fix this? Btw I like this!

  59. CaptainBoom1234 says:

    Does it work for 0.15.10????????

  60. Yasin Arafat says:

    Does this work on the official minecraft PE 0.16.0 that just came out?

  61. Jare says:

    Can you add another link for 0.16? Google Drive isnt working it might be because many people downloading it.

  62. Yasin Arafat says:

    Thanks for changing the observer texture because i was annoyed about the last observer texture and the last observer texture really weird but thanks for changing it ti its real texture

  63. Alex says:

    The fire texture glitches out… Please update fix.

  64. Grant says:

    Can you add this in a .mcpack or .mcworld (I don’t know which is which) file. I am an iOS user.

  65. wattatopx says:

    Hey editor nice work. .
    I think prismarine blocks and other related blocks with guardian temple seems not updated…

  66. Co-Mastah says:

    The explosion particle is bugged
    could you fix that?

  67. Endergon says:

    Fire animation is bugged…

  68. 5tr4 says:

    Causes my game to crash at start up. I can’t remove it. Or replace it with an updated one that fixes that. Or do anything at all on mcpe. I can’t wait for 0.16.1 to fix that.

    • Editor says:

      To fix this issue please do the following:

      If you’ve got a computer then use the following tutorial to locate the following path on your device: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/ and remove Faithful PE from there (tutorial:

      If you don’t have a computer then you will need to uninstall the Minecraft Pocket Edition app and make it delete all app files. I think you can go to the App Store page for Minecraft Pocket Edition where you got the app from to uninstall it there.

      Then install it again. Keep in mind that you will lose *all* your worlds so make sure to backup those first if you can.

      • 5tr4 says:

        Thx uninstalling worked. But , I really like the textures. Guess I’ll have to find the next best thing. Any suggestions that have a .mcpack file that won’t crash the game?

  69. 1_Admin27 says:

    Make the items less thicker

  70. Editor says:

    It is fine.. you just need to take it easy.

    For some devices it might not work. If you don’t wanna wreck your device then just install it for ONE world first to see if it works or not.

    But in your case, just reinstall Minecraft and you’ll be fine.

  71. Stefplayz says:

    Hey dude it won’t work on iOS the download will work but when you put in and you join the world it won’t load

    Plz help

  72. SkyofMeow says:

    When I installed the mcworld version of this texture pack I went to a world and it froze before it started loading the world. Then after that the game crashed and whenever I tried to launch Minecraft it froze on the mojang title screen that appears when the main game is being launched. So I had to delete the app which I got really mad about because I had some cool stuff on there. Can I have an explanation why this is happening and how to fix it?

    • Editor says:

      The reason why it is happening is because texture packs for Pocket Edition are still fairly new and still a not completely optimized (I’d imagine). I know the developers are working hard on issues like these and hopefully it will be fixed in the coming updates of the app.

      You don’t need to uninstall the app to fix it. You just need to access the app files using a computer (/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/) and delete Faithful PE from there. You can find guides how to install texture packs in one of the menus on the website. Just do the reverse of that.

      If you need further help or explanation just let me know. Thanks.

  73. SkyofMeow says:

    Are you sure it’s not something in the texture pack?

    • Editor says:

      EDIT: There is a new download available on this page for 0.16.0! iOS users, please try this one! It might work better!

  74. Gojira69 says:

    Yay! Faithful works on ios (^_^)
    but you have to wait for awhile
    be patient

  75. Zero019 says:

    Editor, im using IOS, and using the .mcpack file.. it crashes my game and now i have to reinstall and i lost all my progress on survival.. HELP

  76. Yumilla says:

    Guys you know when you download the texture pack and put it on global resources then when you join a world it crashes and it won’t let it play well I found a way to fix it just add the texture on a world and hit play it might take a long but when you join the world you can see it works! I hope this helps

  77. Anonymous says:

    Does this link work for ios?

  78. SkyofMeow says:

    Sorry for getting a bit mad about you about the texture pack not working. It is Minecraft itself that is causing the problem. Another texture pack did the EXACT same thing. Sorry for complaining.

  79. hitsme says:

    HELP ME!!!!!!

  80. SilverDroneV2 says:

    Wow I thought this would actually work but instead it corrupted my game making me lose everything every time I down load this pack

  81. Krypto says:

    is it out for

  82. GlowingOne says:

    Please update to 0.17 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Someone updated it. 🙂

      • GlowingOne says:

        Tnx! But please fix the end portal after making it the game crashes 🙁

      • UltraPlasmaCraft says:

        Editor please tell LukasPlays to import a better version of the 64×64 faithful pack because the ARmour lost its glitter and the command blocks do not have a 64×64 texture but still nice Job just make the 64×64 have all the correct textures of the 32×32

  83. TechnoLogicalMC says:

    You and your stupid texture pack is so outdated. I downloaded the pack and it crashed my Minecraft. I had good worlds! I tried joining back into Minecraft but it wouldn’t work! I had to delete it and restart. Delete This texture pack immedialtely!

    • Editor says:

      Please read through the comments in the post. I have on several occasions described the exact steps you need to take to fix those problems.

      I have tested this and it worked for me. I don’t know it doesn’t work for you.

  84. DJ SlimeMC says:

    Hey editior if u see this plz answer me please
    ok i saw the new updated pack
    but its too big its 10 MB so i made 6 MB one much better so and to edit some better and edit all can u give me the ability to change and update your texture pack… and what program did u used to make this texture pack i need it to update more packs i usually edited all the packs and the new person who edited is exposing his own youtube so i don’t want it I will finish up the new pack so just tell me what program u use to make the texture pack or give me the .exe file so i can download it and edit more texture packs help me its too hard for me to edit these texture packs and if u help me i will add the new feature texture pack the new potion type texture if u tell me the program please help me and i will hope that u will.. thank you for making this at the first time XD

  85. Harvey says:

    Why I On the Texture Pack and I open a world… And I wait Over 3 Minutes Because its still Building Terrain Maybe Its Because of the 10 MB Texture Pack But my device had 64GB Pls answer my question I Hope you’ll answer this and The Game Crash I open it And Its not opening i have to download it again on the appstore.. Thank you For Reading this😀😀

  86. Nexo Craft says:

    Thank You For This Texture Pack!

  87. Vattic says:

    16.0+ ??

  88. Yasin Arafat says:

    Does it work on

  89. DJ SlimeMC says:

    Who has problems with the 10 mb textures and the gui when i enter your world and the custome text by the editor his wxposing him self i will upload my texture soon as possible with the lingering potion texture is done it will be only 6 mb for all

  90. Anonymous says:

    This has crashed MCPE iOS, but it’s okay i reinstalled MCPE. I’m on iOS 10.2 MCPE 0.16.2 and i’m not sure if i going to download this texture pack. Reply so fast as you can and please fix this!

  91. Alex says:

    This texture package is compatible with 0.15.4

  92. Hash says:

    Does it work for 0.16.2 iOS

  93. Shahzaib says:

    I am on 0.16.2 however, whenever I use this on a world, my Minecraft: Pocket Edition crashes and I can’t go back on it without it crashing at the start. Deleting Minecraft fixes this, however, this texture packs still doesn’t work and if I put it back on, the same thing happens. I’ve tried this 3-4 times now and it still doesn’t work. Please, how do I fix this?
    P.S This happens with all TEXTURE PACKS (not behaviour recource packs)

  94. Andrew says:

    This is a nice resource pack. It take longer to start the game and load worlds, but that is not much of a problem. Although, the game crashes more often You wil probably not have these problems with a high-end device.

  95. henr1k says:

    Is there a tutorial out there to convert a texture pack to .mcpack file? I would love to have FlowsHD on my iOS MCPE. I tried to fiddle with it but the game keeps on crashing when loading it.

    This one however works fine. Thank you!

  96. DJ SlimeMC says:

    Guys every one who sees this and having crashing or taking long to upload users please reply if this helped u when u see this im a texture pack editor (If u want custom texture packs DM me one twitter ) So the way to fix the crash i made the faithful pe for more developed versions i will upload just 6mb texture pack u guys will have no custom text or strange gui when u open the world or 10mb so it crashes the only thing left for me is making the texture of the lingering potion texture. The texture pack that i make could take time so please be patient if this takes too long i will ask the editor to edit the lingering potion texture for all of u so guys be ready to enjoy the 0.17.x and all other versions. I will be updating all versions of faithful if I can so guys be ready to get your mcpe be better by this pack i wish i can make it in to 4.6mb as before but i think its hard just be patient and i will be there to release the faithful pack if anyone can help me for the lingering potion texture leave me a link after u make the lingeing potion thank u

  97. OpticalJezley says:

    Dear editor and porters, would you please try adding the font as well? It would be much appreciated 😀

  98. HarryKop555 says:

    You need to update it again it doesn’t have a texture for Zombie pigman!But on the other hand it’s great love it😄😄😄

  99. Jacob109tl says:

    This doesn’t work for mcpe 0.17.1, the zip is bad, the texture doesn’t work. Please help and yes I have es file explorer

  100. Ethan says:

    Umm I tried to install it but it crashed my Mcpe and now I can’t play it and I’m very sad! Can someone find a solution?!?! I can’t go on not playing mcpe!!! Help!!!

  101. trepidlearner2 says:

    can you fix the crashing problem for IOS please

  102. Fried chackin says:

    Hi my world with it on hasn’t loaded yet do you have advise?

  103. Carsar the1 Pizza says:

    Does this work for 0.16.0 ipad 2?

  104. Ryan says:

    How do i uninstall it, every time i try to get on a world, the game crashes! It’s also glitching up the game. PLEASE HELP!

  105. Ryan says:

    i have an alpha ware alien computer and is windows

  106. brothers brothers says:

    Every time I download it on iOS 10 for 0.16.1 I create a world with it enabled I make the world and it says building tearain for hours I won’t open the world plz help

  107. vicky says:

    please reply sirr😭😭
    i really want faithful textures and now my mcpe is the latest version its 16.2 but still doesnt work

  108. GTMinecraftGamingpro says:

    Lag so much lag:(

  109. TheDarkLock1 says:

    Is compatible mcpe 1.0.0x?

  110. IndoGamer23 says:

    Work in

  111. LloydAlmond736 says:

    Plz fix this I tried to download it & it worked but when I went on Minecraft & it crashed I condensed open minecraft any more I tried re installing 10 times and it still doesn’t work so please fix this

  112. Yudhis says:


  113. keithross39 says:

    Hey LucasPlaysGames would you mind if I used this pack as a ‘base pack’ for a port of another PC texture pack?….
    2101 A Minecraft Odyssey
    assuming he gives permission.

    • LukasPlaysGames says:

      Sure, but I would recommend getting the base files from the APK file, since that is always up to date. Just be sure to edit the pack manifest and create a unique pack ID.
      That’s all.

  114. AlphaModern says:

    Unable to find manifest in pack.

  115. RizaCraftings says:

    Can you build 64 x 64 faithfull?

  116. Ralpzkies007 says:

    This is a good texture pack but there was a few textures you must change, such like dyed shulkers, it uses old textures and also saddled pigs has no textures.

  117. Ella says:

    I noticed the disclaimer for iOS is gone. Was the issue resolved????

  118. admanny says:

    Nice pack, few bugs, including enlarged items in inventory, and the windows 10 edition still has beta at end,

  119. John Doe says:

    Please fix it it keeps on crashing on my IOS device!!!

  120. Anonymous says:

    So if I already had the pack before the 1.0 update do I need to reinstall it or does the pack automatically updates it self

  121. John says:

    Do I need to restart my mcpe 1.0.0 on iOS?

  122. Sean iOS says:

    Editor i use this Faithful Pack on iOS when it imports i pit it in global resources i closed the game i reopened again it doesn’t crash even on a world who is the developer thank you developer of this pack

  123. PinkPizzaPony7 says:

    Very nice texture pack. Great job MCPEDL!

  124. Jas says:


  125. OliFlamez says:

    Does this work for MPCE iOS 1.0?

  126. Juuno says:

    I forgot how to install .mcpacks XD Is it installed the same way as texture packs ever since 0.15.0?

  127. Luka says:

    I Like This Texture! Can You Please Do 64×64 Faithful. Please Reply How I Can Download Zip In My android Divice end Install into minecraft pe 1.0.0 Full or beta (Android) REPLY

  128. Luka says:

    End You Have Problem About All Plants Textures MAY CHECK???

  129. Me says:

    Why in the Pack (1.0) The weapons,armor,etc are normal?
    Please fix it

  130. Mbah Gaming Producer says:

    Very Nice Texture Pack! How to Porting or Convert?

  131. Griffyng says:

    When I installed the 1.0 version of the texture when I exit a world Minecraft crashes been trying to fix it but I got nothing I’m using a kindle fire HD 7 and it says I’ve got version not1.0.0.17 its confusing the crap outta me

  132. Youssef ibrahim says:

    it says duplication failed when i open the mc.pack help plz

  133. Sean iOS says:

    What are the bug fixes?

  134. JackThePenguin says:

    Hi, I’m loving the 64×64 pack, but I have noticed some bugs like with the grass texture being pink in the hand.I would also like it if you could reduce the lag when you open the world.Ps if possible, can you change the health ,hunger,and interface textures.

  135. TheGrassySceptile says:

    It messes up the title screen :/

  136. Nikitasebrenev says:

    Please fix in 64×64 : 1- rails are green if you so far
    2 – torch are pink if you so far
    3 – fix sheep texture
    4 – game crashes )))
    5 – fix ? Pig-zombie head) black hole in head
    And yea! Very awesome texture!! Thx


    This does not work for 1.0.0 and I have an iOS device 🤔

  138. Aspergerian says:

    For the 64×64 pack, the only bugs (visual) I’ve noticed were;

    -The sword (tools), seeds (miscellaneous), and magnifying glass (search) icons in the creative inventory aren’t re-textured.

    -Leaves (all 6) aren’t re-textured, even when held.

    -The chests in creative inventory look weird (white outline).

    -Stonecutter isn’t re-textured.

    -Grass Block when held, and in creative inventory have a white shade covering the top (it doesn’t show when placed down though).

    -Custom Font (64x) isn’t updated.

    That’s all the visual bugs I find that were odd, but otherwise, nice job with everything else.

  139. Ben says:

    The lit redstone torch texture does not work and is replaced by the null texture so its just purple and black.

  140. julian says:

    This looks cool, just like the sharp texture pack I want!!
    ρєσρℓє ѕнσυℓ∂ тσтαℓℓу ∂σωиℓσα∂ тнιѕ!!

  141. keithross39 says:

    Hey LukasPlaysGames thanks for the permission. I think your 32×32 pack is a better option than the default 16×16 as some of the blocks to be ported are quite detailed. I was thinking of going the full 64×64 but 32 will probably be enough.
    Thanks once again…

  142. RizaCraftings says:

    Fire bug…, Sheep bug…., Grass bug…..

  143. XxSnowStormxX says:

    I have found some bugs within the 64×64 pack. The torches are colored as purple when seen in a few distance and the Grass Block texture in the inventory is gray on top. These are the bugs that I have seen so far.

  144. sailed says:

    I have found some bugs within the 64×64 pack. The torches are colored as purple when seen in a few distance and the Grass Block texture in the inventory is gray on top. These are the bugs that I have seen so far.

  145. Brady says:

    The 64 x 64 is awesome I even saw the little Easter egg on the floating enchanting book on the enchanting table, sun and moon look great 10/10 for me

    Bugs: if you look at a torch from a distance it’s tinted purple and same with rails but tinted green

  146. Marshmello Gaming says:

    The Resource pack has ported by Vattic & xMrVizzy! And Original Resource Pack PE

  147. InnocentHaloMC says:

    Does this work for IOS? Everytime this texture pack updates , I try downloading and it always crashes my game. Please immediately reply after you see this. Thanks – InnocentHaloMC.

  148. MakoIsHere says:

    Will you be making Faithful 128×128 and Shaders Soon?

  149. InnocentHaloMC says:

    Thanks so much editor! The texture pack works very well with my shaders pack. YOUR AWESOME!

  150. maisong says:

    I don’t know if you would call it a dragon skull. Maybe dragon head?

  151. EpicAppKnight says:

    Oh My Goodness This Texture Pack Is Too Good But Can U Make It Load Faster Like..1-5 Sec
    For x64.Uhm Other Than That If I Use X64 Faithful Texture Pack PE In Global Resources Will It Work But I Test On My World First I Havent Try It Takes Like 5-11 sec to load it.

  152. Aspergerian says:

    As of the latest 64×64 update, the only bug I noticed (aside from custom font) is that the Enderman’s eyes are purely white, there’s no purple-ish texture to them. I’ll continue looking if there’s more.

    • Aspergerian says:

      Not to mention zombies look slightly off with their arms (slightly blue in some areas).

      • Aspergerian says:

        One last thing I noticed is the fire. It looks kinda buggy (64x), it flickers very weirdly from time to time (especially when being lit on fire).

  153. Haze says:

    can you access the faithful 32×32 with pc gui cause it cant, pls help ty

  154. Phone1214 says:

    Hey is there an update on 32×32? Because it shows that it have 13 MB and yesterday it feels like it was less, please tell me if there is

  155. sailed says:

    fix bugs please,bugs is texture sheep

  156. Brittlock says:

    when i try to download the shaders of this, it only comes on this page, please help.

  157. Kylee says:

    Nice I love the texture pack!

  158. FiniteQuasar says:

    Is there a possibility anything could be done about ghast and spider eyes? Neither appear to glow at the moment. Thanks!

  159. Tiana says:

    I downloaded this and I love it but the white wool and carpet are showing up as a black and purple block

  160. Hype says:

    Many bugs in 64 x 64 bit still a great texture pack…..please make a 128 x 128 for this texture pack or at least fix 64 x 64. 😂

  161. Landon says:

    Is there a 16×16 version of this?

  162. Zathuraboy says:

    Please Add 32×32 Font too Please!!!!!!

  163. Osric says:

    What’s the difference between 32 x 32 and 64 x 64?

    • UltraPlasmaCraft says:

      Open a world with 32×32 and look at a grass block when your done screenshot it then try the 64×64 then look at a grass block then screenshot it then compare the two photos 😄

    • Logan Tomasak says:

      It’s the amount of pixels vertical and horizontal. 32 has 32 colored pixels horizontal and vertical. 64 has 64 colored pixels vertical and horizontal

  164. Aspergerian says:

    One more bug I have noticed;

    -The boat textures (paddles) have the tree-bark texture, as well as the bottom of the Dark Oak Boat.

  165. BorbingoBoy says:

    One of the best texture packs ever for Minecraft.

  166. Moka says:

    I port faithful from pc its better than this one

  167. Supermaster2005 says:

    I love this faithful texture pack I play with the lifeboat servers

  168. PinkPizzaPony7 says:

    Could you try putting the fonts in the pack?

  169. Charlie Holton says:

    The resource pack is not downloading

  170. OCBalance says:

    The texture pack is good, but every i’m played my worlds, the loading world is soooo long 7 minutes +

    • LukasPlaysGames says:

      This depends on the device you are using, as well as how you are installing it.

      -If you have a low-end device, loading times may be longer.
      -If you are putting the .zip or .mcpack file in the resource pack folder without unzipping it or installing it, the load times will be close to 5-10 mins. If this is so, open the .mcpack file in MCPE and install it, or unzip the .zip file in the resource packs folder.

  171. AMVsGalore says:

    Hey LukasPlaysGames, I was wondering if you could help me. How do you combine the grass_side_overlay.png and the grass_side.png to make the grass_side.tga? I have been trying to figure this out for like 3 days now.

  172. anon21 says:

    The observer texture is awful..

  173. Ralph says:

    Hey why its not downloading

  174. Zathuraboy says:

    Always been a fan of these textures

  175. Dan says:

    I have a problem that when I spawn a pig it shows a white pig , please fix it for me

  176. Haze says:

    what does UUID means??

  177. Someone says:

    Hey why is the previous 32×32 has more MB’s than the current one?

  178. Gmyt says:

    You Spelled Oak As Oat
    (Just Letting You Know)

  179. InfiniteDroidHQ says:

    Please add the texture of the text….Change the font please

  180. Ethan says:

    Is there a beach in there?

  181. Aspergerian says:

    Current bugs I’ve noticed (64x);

    -Ladders (when viewed from above or far away) turn green.

    -Ferns (when viewed from above or far away) turn red.

    -The magnifying glass icon (in the “Seed Picker” menu) is too big.

    -Dead Bushes (when viewed from a distance away) turns red.

    -The top half of Rosebushes becomes lighter (when viewed from a distance away) meanwhile the bottom half stays the same.

    -The fishing pole line doesn’t connect to the fishing pole itself.

    -Redstone Torches (when viewed from a distance away) turn green.

    -Arrows/Tipped Arrows (when shot from a bow) aren’t re-textured.

    -Torches (when viewed from a distance away) are rendered with a dark colour.

  182. Matt says:

    The pack won’t download for me.

  183. Emily says:

    Please fix this lilypads are gray when I place them

  184. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    is the string fixed? Sometimes it’s invisible

  185. mectilano says:

    Will you ever add faithful font?

  186. Brian Dickson says:

    Love this texture pack. Can’t wait to see the 0.18.0 (1.1) blocks and items (maybe new mobs as well) because this would be the best, wonder what the villager trading screen would look like!

  187. Gago Ulol says:

    Works on windows 10

  188. Alvation says:

    The elytra textures for Faithful 32×32 is not there. Plz fix

  189. DANTDM/TheDiamondMinecart says:

    Does this texture pack work for 1.0?😟

  190. StormBringer228 says:

    there is a major bug . Purpur,chiselled purpur purpur slabs look like red sand . Pls fix !! Really good texture pack but this bug is kinda annoying.😿

  191. CuddlyPuff says:

    I love this texture pack, it’s looking good and reduce lags

  192. Huahwi says:

    why does this look like faithful PE?

  193. TheEnderKid says:

    There is a problem with the mcworld file for 32x it takes me to the media fire website (the sign up page) not the download file

  194. xXEnderWalker_YT says:

    Does it work for the new Mcpe update?☹️☹️☹️☹️

  195. Sean iOS says:

    Editor, i have some issues with this pack when i put it in global resources and open a world, my game lags even though i remove files existing in the game hopefully this will be fix i am using ipad mini version 9.3.5 mcpe version: 1.0.3 before this come out it doesn’t lag my game as of now it lags my game. Thank you

  196. Andrew Morales says:

    Idk if this is a MCPE bug or the packs needs a update but the heart, hunger, and amour won’t show. Nothing is up there is survival.

  197. Timmy says:

    Editor, there is a bug with the texture pack. The Health, Hunger, and Armor bar look glitchy and needs fixed. Thanks.

    • Chakithelazy10 says:

      Put the resource pack in global resources. Then Swipe Minecraft and join a world. It should work now. It dosent work if you put it in the world. Idk why😕

  198. Zathuraboy says:


  199. Voicemail says:

    For the update it says February instead of March

  200. Mehrshad says:

    You’re just so amazing man ! This is faiv texture pack

  201. Aj says:

    The 64×64 keeps crashing my game on ios 1.0.4 PLEASE FIX

  202. TheKillerGaming says:

    Why cant i see my heart starting at the 1.0.4 update? Plz reply

  203. Dex says:

    It doesn’t show the hearts or hunger bar. It’s just a black streak. Plz help

  204. 5tr4 says:

    Fix hearts of 32×32 plz

  205. Kanhaplayz says:

    It doesn’t show health and hunger bars in 32 x 32

  206. Dalaskano says:

    Fix hunger bar please

  207. MCMike says:

    When will this texture pack out for version ?

  208. ShaDownS says:

    Dear Editor, the textures have a problem… mainly with GUI texture. The hearts, armor and hunger stay with bug, non-showing her respective information. Please, update to fix this bug, about the rest, is fully functional 🙂

  209. Templalchemist says:

    Some item glitch into the side in the inventory to get stuff in creative

  210. GlowingOne says:

    The bed texture is in a wrong alignment please fix 🙂

  211. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    YES It’s Finally Updated 😄

  212. ChrisplayerTV says:

    Great Job…. I just updated…… and now it doesn’t work. Thanks alot😠😠😠😠😠😠

  213. jake says:

    why mine is crash when i load it in mcpe1.0.4

  214. Jerry says:

    Can you tell me why did they receive an unable to download message when I opened the world?

  215. Z.YT says:

    Why the heart and food bar is glitch in my game?

  216. Janito2 says:

    Edit the command block

  217. Arian says:

    Why the food and hunger bar is lagging in my world (i am on android with mcpe

  218. Ryan says:

    Hey I already restart the Minecraft and the GUI is still same bugged even changed notnubbackup to notnub please help me

  219. MCGamer says:

    Hi guys 1.1 came out today i just want you to know

  220. NetherExplorer78 says:

    My favorit e texture is faithful

  221. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Hey, This texture pack is cool ! How do you post it on the website ? I have create a pack “X-Tra Faithfull Fr” and I don’t know how to put it on this website, can you help me ?

  222. Murat says:

    Health bar buggy.. Its brown and grey.. fix please

  223. AceRaig says:

    I downloaded the texture pack, but when I join a world, my health bar and hunger bar isn’t there! :c

  224. TTD94 says:

    For some reason the armor and elytra don’t look like they do as items when you wear them so plz update

  225. Someone says:

    The dual wielding slot is not appering so please make sure to fix that problem

  226. Andy says:

    Hi, I am on IOS-iPad, this texture pack used to work but now it’s doesn’t show the health bar hunger,armor and bubble. BTW I mean it show really strange picture for them. Like the health bar is retabgular with all different colours. Pls fix this. On minecraft 0.1.5(iPad Air 2)

  227. MickMick says:

    I have a problem when I am want to download 64 bit of mcpack it’s says to go file Explorer can fix that of mcpack that u can go to minecraft sitting and global recourses plz fix that

  228. Templalchemist says:

    The command block lost the signal texture

  229. Akshat.Jain says:

    The healthbar, hungerbar and the armourbar are very buggy. They appear as a mix of different colours and also the duel weilding slot is not there! Please make sure to fix this! I really love this texture pack but im not able to use it for a couple of months bcuz of that bug of all the bars. Hope u fix it soon!

  230. MtrayYT says:

    Here’s a problem what’s is up with the health bar

  231. xXDylan27Xx says:

    There’s a GUI bug on version which is the health, armor, hunger bars when you’re on PC GUI. Hopefully​ you’ll fix that.

  232. Someone says:

    AWESOME 👍🏼

  233. Logan Tomasak says:

    /title @e title “…” doesn’t work because the texture pack either moves the words that you right off the screen or the texture pack doesn’t include the .png files for the letters.

    • Logan Tomasak says:

      The version I’m using is 1.0.6, it probably is the save for 1.1.0 too. Please fix I love the faithful texture pack but I can’t use when I’m messing around with command blocks.

  234. ZzHzGaming says:

    Please updated again to be compatible with version 1.1 MCPE. Thanks!

  235. Martwin says:

    There is a bug in windows 10 the health and the hunger bar both appear white please fix that.

  236. PHRaidYT says:

    Are this support texture concrete and concrete powder

  237. Endermanlover1000 says:

    Here’s a random thing from this site

  238. MickMick gamer says:

    Can u update 64×64 of faithful texture pack of 1.1.x

  239. Riverdale44 says:

    Health and hunger bar textures are broken and I am on iOS help

  240. The_Plasma says:

    Finally the 64×64 has been updated

  241. AfifNemanyCraft says:

    Plz Support Editor!

  242. AlanMaulana1404 says:

    Awesome. I like this

  243. MickMick gamer says:

    Plz update 64×64 for 1.1.x plz I am been waiting for it

  244. SnappOFF says:

    Any chance of a hot fix for 64×64 pe iOS? everything looks good but sheep have no faces or feet with the current version of this texture pack

    • Dark says:

      Yeah ikr textures are good even the wither painting has the new texture but the sheep have no faces or feet and it’s kind of disturbing to me

  245. idiot says:

    On v1.0.7 Everytime I use the 64×64 Faithful. The command block has it’s normal textures and the sheep only has it’s wool visible and not the body.
    Someone please fix this.

  246. ..... says:

    Ummmm the sheep’s face and feet are gone for me.-.

  247. Secret says:

    everytime i go to my inventory mcpe crashes! please help me!

  248. Saiyan004 says:

    This R-Pack’s buggy for the stable mcpe version (1.0.7) . Lukas, Kindly fix your work 😂

  249. MedAli says:

    Hey can you add HDexplosion in this resource packs please???

  250. Kevin says:

    The lilypad is bug when i put to block the lilipad color is go to gray

  251. cookiebuild3r says:

    The Sheep Is bugged Where You can Only See It’s Wool, Not The Rest Of It’s Body. The Explosions are also not 32 * 32. Other than that great texture pack! This Is(In My Opinion), The Best Texture Pack Out There!

  252. SkyofMeow says:

    Um… Why do the sheeps look like you threw an invisibility potion at a sheep in an early version of MineCraft PC?

  253. LuluSushiKawaii says:

    Hi, why doesn’t the sheep appears normally? Could you fix the lag pls

  254. Clyde says:

    Is it work for

  255. Thirdy says:

    When I Use The 32 By 32 Resolution The Sheep Only Had Its Wool Visible And Not The Body
    Please Fix This

  256. Master says:

    the font in 1.1 texture pack in weird in mc win 10 plz fix

  257. MayzaGamingHQ says:

    Why The Sheep don’t have face and legs

  258. Blockbreaker0501 says:

    Health and Hunger bars still broken

  259. PaulaoDosGames says:

    Hello Please Update Resolution 64×64 For MCPE 1.1

  260. Bao says:

    Why can’t I see the sheep face or legs??? Some kind of glitch of the texture

  261. CesarAlvarez says:

    Can you add connected glass texture just like the good’ol Faithful had?? Please the Java version has connected glass and looks so cool.!

  262. haha says:

    the HUB’s hearts and hunger bar doesn’t appear

  263. MickMick says:

    Where is 1.1.0.x faithful 64×64 make it plz and make glazed terracotta texture and buttons bars and bed and mobs and powders plz make them plz plz plz 😓😓😓

  264. MickMick says:

    All people say to you update 64×64

  265. Natethegreat says:

    Hey i read above its possible to customize this pack (but do not post) for personal use. i wanted to know what application would work best for that, thanks.

  266. Eduardo says:

    I am furious with the texture the textures of the bed is not appearing some terraconta ne has texture and you better update that texture

    • Chakithelazy10 says:

      It’s not their problem! They port what the creators of faithful made! So if Faithful hasn’t made the beds and some terrocata blocks in 1.1, that’s because they haven’t made the textures

  267. M1N5X says:

    Add texture for “Totem of Undying”

  268. Whales4ever11 says:

    Great texture pack

  269. ShaneTheRager says:

    This is the best texture pack ever. So helpful to make my world look better. 5/5 stars from me

  270. Oswaldo says:

    Is there a 128×128 version for this pack?

  271. Sean iOS says:

    Love it

  272. Josh says:

    Why is the purpur slab a red sandstone slab lol?

  273. Official AlanMaulana1404 says:

    Awesome, I like this. \(^_^)/

  274. _Oxygen_ says:

    My favorite!

  275. Snehith975 says:

    I love this resource pack

  276. Snehith975 says:

    well now it is 1.0.8 minecraft pe so douse it work for 1.0.8?

  277. jarrowgaming says:

    I like the smoothness and can u also tell someone to make an xenomorph addon

  278. Steve says:

    Awesome new update for faithful 1.1

  279. idiot says:

    The custom text 32×32 texture pack is good. Just one thing that made me want to delete it.
    When I press the inventory button it crashes my game.
    Also the text looks like it has gaps through it.
    I’m playing on 1.0.8 if you need to know.

  280. FariedzDroidG says:

    The texture…i love it…thanks creator,for create a faithful texture like a pc faithful be succes creator😊😊(Dont forget to up for Mcpe 1.1 again😁😁).

  281. Oridabomb says:

    There are many crashes on IOS for no apparent reason

  282. Steve says:

    Can you make a unique textures for all different enchanted books would be cool texture pack pls!

  283. ThinkPotato says:

    The texture is great but my phone has a bug that in the survival mode the health bar and food bar have a bug. It’s a error texture, I think so. Can u guys help me?

  284. XxLSoldier says:

    Yo I found you tubers using faithful pack also in PC
    Most of the time

  285. Akshat.Jain says:

    It does not shows the off hand slot section in the classic gui.!
    Please fix it.! It is really annoying to chnge to pocket gui to put arrows in the off hand.!

  286. DashMaster327 says:

    v has released and dyed beds and glazed blocks etc have been added. Please fix the texture of these items in Faithful PE w with resolution 64×64. Thanks!

  287. Son Goku says:

    I have 3 animation blocks. It’s a kiln, a remedy and tnt, do you want to see it? 😀😀😀

  288. HUSKYPUP756 says:

    The textures arent working they keep failing

  289. TheOmegaDerp says:

    I am having a problem with the texture pack, the texture pack isn’t working properly the Grass wood and other stuff look different from what I supposed to see the items and mobs are fine and some blocks too, Should I send you a picture on Twitter?

    • Chakithelazy10 says:

      I had the same issue! It works perfectly fine on my android, but on my iOS device the textures are blurry and not faithful! I thought this was a bug, but Helen said the pack needs a update.

  290. Polar Whale says:

    Hey, this is a great texture pack, I’ve been using it since 1.0 came out but when 1.1.0 came out for iOS, the textures were giliched meaning all of the textures are blurry. Please fix this, Faithful PE is my all time favorite texture pack!

  291. InsydeH20 says:

    The blocks are not changed but the items and the ui did. Please fix this, as this is my only favorite texture pack. Thanks in advance.

  292. Mr. Helpful says:

    We are going to need an update for the latest version of Minecraft.

  293. Jarley says:

    Does it work with ??

  294. Jesus says:

    Something is wrong with item frames

    • dylan zosimo says:

      Editor Can You updated this texture pack because a.k.a 1.1.0 is released the glass texture is So invisible I can’t even see it’s texture and grass stone and cobblestone’s texture are still the same Compare to non faithful and you need to update it

  295. TheEpicSteve says:

    I think this is the best texture pack!

  296. Anonymous says:

    Hey Editor can you update the faithful texture pack because 1.1.0 has been released

  297. Anonymous says:

    hey i love your texture pack but i think the glass and plants are messed up i would be so greatful if you can fix it

  298. fajrilakmal says:

    Please fix the bug blurry for mcpe 1.1.0

    This my favorite texture

  299. The_Plasma says:

    I am demanding for the 1.1.0 version (Where are the illager, totems and other stuff at) Especially 64×64 Where’s the Update! Editor….

  300. AGamingBeaver says:

    The colors of grass Glazed Tarracota wool Concrete Powder are blurring.

  301. Anonymous says:

    Please update the textures are blurry on my Android so get up and update now

  302. G0nzal01 says:

    I love using this texture pack and could u possibly update it to current version 1.1?

  303. CesarAlvarez says:

    Bring connected glass! Like in the good’ol original Faithful by Vattic, Connected glass like in the PC Java version please!!!

  304. Waber says:

    It bugs the beds and the textures in the creative inventory

  305. iRedstoneEater says:

    Does the 1.1.x version support Windows 10 Edition?

  306. Unknown says:

    Weird,sometimes the item is crash into weird item…is this a crash?

  307. Ariel says:

    Is this even working for mcpe 1.1.0X non beta because when I tried the texture pack the blocks are blurry ????

  308. Polar Whale says:

    This is my all time favorite texture pack, but after the 1.1.0 update, a lot of the textures are either blurry or they have a white outline (the plants e.g. samplings have the white outline and some of the blocks e.g. wood planks are blurry) please change this because this is my all time favorite texture pack.

  309. AbbyRabbit says:

    Its blurring

  310. Tommy says:

    wheres the 64×64 on v1.1?

  311. Mr. Say_Finally_Like_A_Lot says:

    I actually downloaded the file, some things have changed, but its still 16×16. Is that just a downloaded error?

    • Inazuka says:


      • Editor says:

        What’s the issue?

        • MrNiceWater says:

          It actually loads the resource pack, however, on a 16×16 resolution(The cow’s eyes are rounded, but with fewer pixels in relation to the picture above). I checked the downloaded files and they were okay. Is this a glitch of the resource pack or in Minecraft.

    • Busybee says:

      I hope you enabled Faithful in your global resources? Need to click on + to add it and then restart the game. It will then apply to any and all maps you play.

  312. Hellooo says:

    Just to let everyone know ios textures are broken except for default. It is a bug with 1.1, it still works properly in windows 10 and andriod. When 1.1.1 comes out textures should be fixed for iOS.

  313. Ganteng says:

    Is 1.1 Out?

  314. Ananymoos says:

    should i get the v1.1.0.x version or the normal one? cause v1.1.0.x is out

  315. Busybee says:

    I totally love this texture pack on Windows 10 Edition (I’m a newbie to MC). However, I found that if I travel a few chunks from home I’m getting some bad chunks not loading. Disabled teh texture pack and they load fine again. Shame, it looked so much smoother.

  316. Busybee says:

    Update to /\
    With new update 1.1.1 out today the game seems to run better (doors don’t glitch and who knows what other bug fixes they did) and I can enable Faithful32 again (so long as I don’t turn on any Antialiasing! (tested with Texel antialiasing enabled and travelling around got chunk loading issues again.)
    More details: I’m running all fancy graphics settings on, with render distance of 12 chunks (half of full). Also in my graphics driver settings I’ve changed Texture filtering to performance instead of standard.
    (Processor is i5-6400 with 8Gb RAM, but using old video card ATI HD5770 with only 1Gb RAM onboard)

    So glad to have this texture packs. The jaggies of the original textures hurt my eyes on a 1920×1080 monitor (ok on a small tablet playing Minecraft PE though)

  317. Busybee says:

    Sorry I should add. I’m also running coordinates unlocker at the same time with Faithful32 as the top resource pack above it (it adds coordinates to bottom of screen – and is availble on this site).

  318. EndLord says:

    I was looking through the files of the updated 64×64 pack, and i found Christmas chests!? Whats that all about?

    • Jefffffffffffff says:

      Vattic is the main creator of the texture pack, and he made it for the Java Edition. In the Java Edition, the textures of chests change at the time of christmas, so when the date on your computer is set to the first day of christmas, the chests’ textures change to christmas chests but only in Java Edition. The person who ported this texture pack forgot to remove a few files that were only usable in the Java Edition.

    • superspider3500 says:

      I think that’s supposed to replicate the Christmas chest on PC. On December, the chests turn to Christmas chests.

  319. HaleSpOoyJIM says:

    Ummm…. sorry for the hate rating but it doesn’t work for me it crashes and the Block look all blurry I restart the game and the blocks r still blurry can u please fix this cuse I LOVE this texture pack bye!

  320. GamingKing2436 says:

    The bed covers and pillows (not the wooden part) are the same resolution in the 32×32 pack. can you pls fix that? (bed texture:Faithful/textures/entity/bed)

  321. ADoorWithKnob says:

    This resourcepack is addicting! Mostly because the 64×64 is smooth, if you’re willing to exchange performance to quality, use this resourcepack! (It has less usage than the HD ones)

  322. Luis says:

    I need some help… Some of my textures are messed up still even after update for this pack (stone,dirt,grassblock,wood planks, wood blocks,leaves, wool, etc) PLEASE HELP I LOVE THIS PACK

  323. DeNoobizons1099 says:

    Thanks for fully porting 1.1 in 64×64 cuz I love it!

  324. Downwardknave says:

    I liked this texture pack before all the blocks look so PLASTIC.Im on IOS and it would be great if u can help me if it’s just bugs or that’s how u Made it look like.

  325. Kendrick says:

    For short… the blocks are blurry and the glass is like connected, no lines, its just plain boring glass. Plzz fix it, its my fav texture pack

  326. Minton says:

    For some reasons, I can not put any TexturePack or World into my MinecraftPE App. Help me!!!! 🙁

  327. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Nice Texture pack! This texture pack gave me pure inspiration! Keep it up!

  328. Legend says:

    btw maybe could u fix the some textures i feel like some blocks are to shaded i prefer the old 64×64 blocks and glass is weird

  329. AGamingBeaver says:

    Why is it blurring i dont use faithful anymore because its blurry and the glass you have to change that because clean glass is ugly why creators please fix this i love faithful pls pls pls

  330. Avery says:

    Why does the newest update not look good for iOS. The blocks are really plain if u have any info plz let me know

  331. Calvin Mikhail Del Rosario says:

    Plsssss fix it it crash 😫😫😫

  332. IBGGaming says:

    Why is it crashing on my mcpe ios?

  333. Keyyard says:

    What is 32×32 ; 16×16 ; 64×64 and 128×128?

    • cs127 says:

      16×16 means the resource pack being the normal Minecraft resolution
      32×32 is 2x resolution
      64×64 is 4x
      128×128 is 8
      256×256 is 16
      512×512 is 32
      1024×1024 is 64 …

  334. Cakey455 says:

    Can you change the wood textures back? I think that in the brand new 1.1 version some of it is just too smooth. I used to like it because it was realistic but now it’s too smooth? Idk how to fix it or what to do.

  335. Christian says:

    Can you fix the tipped arrow wither its default

  336. Kenzo says:

    When I placing a glass or pane glass its just like invisible I cant see it ! Why? Please reply

  337. ImTheCoreOfMc says:

    Creator, Could You Please Fix Some Of The Textures In The 32 x 32, grass doesn’t look like grass, it’s just dots, glass has just white squares in the corners so it’s completely see through, all the flowers don’t look like flowers but have weird white spots around the edges same for saplings, and growing carrots, potatoes all the growable plants won’t show unless they start growing up too, plus why does 64 x 64 pack crash the game when it’s being used

    • AdvDreemurrFr says:

      It’s done, but on some devices (like my old phone, not very good, like your device) the performances & quality are not good at all…so the 32×32 textures of blocks aren’t in 32×32, but in 16×16… But on my windows 10 & my samsung galaxy S5 it’s in 32×32 ! & the fact that your phone crash with 64×64 textures is because of your device !

  338. cs127 says:

    Dude this is awesome! Especially the 64×64 (4x resolution)!

  339. Tegar Nur Indra says:

    Are just me who see the armor stand in file ? Sorry bad english

  340. HTV04 says:

    I really like these textures, and I want to use them in the Java Edition. However, I can’t find a fully updated one for Minecraft 1.12, yet the 1.12 textures are in this pack. If the textures are still being ported, where are they being ported from? And if not (the people who ported are creating new textures), can someone make a download for a Java Edition version of these textures? Thanks, and I know the original creator was Vattic, but he’s no longer developing the pack and the community is, so that’s why I wanted to know where the textures are coming from.

    • Argo-Minor says:

      Obviously the Creators of this pack. (Faithful PE)

    • Blue_Ninja says:

      The 1.12 official pack can be found on the curse repository

    • HTV04 says:

      I forgot to add this, but I was talking about the 64×64 textures. I guess I thought that I originally added that before, but I forgot to double-check. I know where to find the 32×32 textures.

  341. Vuleplayz says:

    For the creator of this texture pack,please make the nether rack looked more faithful and the sword,I really likethe texture pack but if only you fixed the thing I told you.plz make it much love <3

  342. Warrior_392 says:

    I downloaded the 32×32 pack (Updated) for my IPad Mini 2 and only some of the textures are 32×32 (Chests, signs, most items, armor and tools, to name a few) and regular blocks are just re textured 16×16 blocks. All though it still looks nice, it’s not what I thought it was. Please Update the 32×32 pack to look identical to the PC.

  343. DankMemes says:

    What is the Unified Edition it talks about in the latest changelog? Btw this is one of my favorite texture packs

  344. Me says:

    The 32×32 looks way better than the 64×64 idk if its just me but the 64×64 looks like solid colors

  345. HASSAN says:

    Who is the best ?
    64X64 or 32X32 ?

  346. Polar Whale says:

    Lol my textures are still blurry after 3 updates 😛

  347. Argo-Minor says:

    Amazing! Just one bug is so annoying. the blurry block texture bug. UGH!

  348. respeck says:

    I think the EXP Bar is bugged, check it out if you can :]

  349. Nadid says:

    Theres a bug in my device where the resoluting is a bit glitchy in 32x

  350. 100,000,000 times better than normal one. says:

    Default sucks, here’s why : It doesn’t have good textures. It looks extremely ugly, and its gay.

    • cs127 says:

      The game is supposed to have low resolution, to make it look “pixelated” because that’s how the game is supposed to be. I’m not gonna say everyone that uses the resource pack are noobs, but this resource pack is awesome for noobs that say “MiNecrAft hAs LOw rEsolUtIOn” like you.

  351. MickMick says:

    The better when it didn’t have pocket edition in title screen and green wavy loading and that’s cool in 64×64

  352. Issac says:

    The grass (long grass),windows, and spiderwebs all look bugged on my device. Anyone else have the same problem? (also please try to fix this)

    • NinjaMatthew says:

      I have the same problem. The glass and cobwebs have little to no texture to them

    • AdvDreemurrFr says:

      It’s because of the new mcpe versions, i’ve noticed that on older devices : 32×32 textures are in 16×16, the game do that because of lags. On my recent phone, it’s on 32×32 !

  353. James says:

    I download the 64x texture one, but when i applied its only like 16x, can you fix it ??

  354. NinjaMatthew says:

    The textures for the glazed terracotta are really blurred on my device for 32×32. Also, when is support for 1.1.3 going to come out?

  355. Ipangcols4210 says:

    Please fix glass is error

  356. dylan zosimo says:

    Editor I have a problem my faithful texture pack is messed up grass blocks look the same I was finding a faithful That would be compatible to v.1.1.0 back then and now it’s this BROKEN? I wish I could give you a picture of it but i can’t it’s a mix of 2 faithful texture pack it has combined?

  357. Nikolioskiller says:

    Its 1 of the best shaders but after 1.1+ updates of 64*64 everything looks like weird like Im moving on creative and looks like that the pixels have a problem……… so i use the 1.1 64*64 only…..I think that needs a little fix…But great job….

  358. Firemage26910 says:

    I’m on pocket edition 1.1.3 and everything is blurry in hand and in block form and 32×32 breaks my minecraft and makes it so I can’t have the default game mode creative, I can’t use command blocks, and can’t change world versions (ex: flat,old,infinite)

  359. EarthNotch10843 says:

    Here are the blocks that don’t work: glass, glass panes, red nether brick, nether wart block, magma block, bone block, ores, gravel, beacons, chiseled red sandstone, chiseled sandstone, grass block, all flower types and plant types, doors, wood planks, ladders, wood, cobblestone, all stone brick types, moss stone, stone, mycelium, podzol, dirt, ice, packed ice, and command blocks. P.S. the compass is very buggy please fix that ASAP. Thank you and have a nice day

  360. KeshTEG says:

    When I play with either tp the ores love ok wrong.

  361. Orlando says:

    When i import the texture pack and use it the blocks in a world look odd and like a different texture pack. Please fix this.

  362. Cosmicpegasus34 says:

    Both Packs make the dogs look all Red. This bug need to be fix asap.

  363. Dark says:

    I don’t know why but after 1.1 all blocks are broken for iOS… Microsoft needs to fix it. Editor do you know why?

  364. OKAIME says:

    Cool Tecture This is my favorite Teture of all 😀 😀 😀

  365. Cathal says:

    Editor when I use this texture pack most of the blocks look ugly and slightly blurred. It looks nothing like what everyone else looks like

  366. cs127 says:

    The dog collar color applies to the whole dog, instead of the collar
    Pls fix

  367. Legend says:

    Yea all the blocks are blurry.

  368. DREDD GAMER says:

    please fix the transparency issues with the following blocks: glass block, glass pane,beacon block,cobweb,tall grass + bugged end crystal movement.Version

  369. Captain20022 says:

    The textures are blurry for me and the textures weren’t loaded properly, I even restarted minecraft

  370. PrimoTheCat says:

    Hey, so I am in the new update and stuff. I am on iOS as well. I installed this because I just first started Pocket edition. I went into a game and the textures didn’t look like the faithful texture I see on these pictures. Like, they are different apart from the picture. I don’t know if this is a bug or something, but please fix it. I have been installing one of each links and when I go to a game, it still looks different and looks the same from the ones I installed. Help me please, if this is a bug, then, please squish it!

  371. Nekko says:

    Hello, can you please add 16×16 resolution, with new updates 32×32 and 64×64 is blurry. I very like this texture pack, I will gratufull you for add 16×16 resolution.

    • Dark says:

      A 16×16 version would just be normal minecraft textures. If you want a 16 x16 faithful then just use normal textures.

  372. Kuttys says:

    For ios users on mcpe 1.1.3 when you upfated the blocks so they arent blurry on the 64x pack it made all the other texture blurry it would be much appreciated if you fix this pls 🙂

  373. Dawko says:

    Hello, I really wanted to tell that in version 1.1.3 iOS Everything that has the shape of a block and everything that is made out of a block is blurry. The grass is invisible. For me only the items work properly. This is all about 32x, it’s even many times worse on 64x because there are soooo much bugs and it’s even more blurry than in 32x. I really hope this will be fixed.

  374. Dark says:

    It’s a bug for iOS that makes everytexture have at least 1 texture that is broken.

  375. Rafael Piloto says:

    I’m on iPhone 5s MCPE 1.1.3 and my textures are a little blurry. Using the 32×32 the main thing I noticed was planks textures are blurry and almost every block was blurry with the 64×64. The items in my hotbar inv. And chest aren’t blurry or items I am holding. I’ve rest minecraft and my device. Any fixes? Thanks

  376. Lorin says:

    I saw someone else had the same issue I am with the update. Wolves are fine before they are tamed but after the entire wolf turns red not just the collar. If you dye the collar the entire wolf changes to whatever color dye is used as well. If I choose grey or white dye it looks more normal but the collar is red. If anyone knows how I can disable just the textures for the wolves please let me know

  377. Toine says:

    Please help the glass texture is broken and the plants are broken and when I use the 64× all the blocks are blurry please help

  378. Adam says:

    Why is blur everything . Its not more the old version.i mean the long sword and the beutyful grass plis fix it plisssss.

  379. AgentCPU0 says:

    With this pack, the textures didn’t update to what they’re supposed to be. They’re the same 16x texures, but blurred. I opened the files to compare to what they’re supposed to look like, and they don’t match. I even downloaded 32x, since my device cant handle 64x. I like the idea, but I’m really disappointed

  380. BitPitz says:

    good pack!, but where do you get the textures if it is for download please give me the link. Thanks in advance 🙂

  381. MickMick says:

    Hey there editor I have mistake in 64×64 faithful the dragon head isn’t well of 64×64 it look like 32×32 and the dragon head item isn’t look like well

  382. Cesar says:

    Make connected glass, Make so the glass is connected plz! Like in good’ol original Faithful for Java Edition, At least do it on x64 resolution

  383. Jen says:

    I tried downloading this pack numerous times, and everytime I load it on Minecraft, all the blocks aren’t the way they look like in the image. Back in the 16.0 update I believe, it worked perfectly fine. However, I tried downloading it on 1.1.4, and it hasn’t been working. It also happened when I had 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Anyone know a fix to this? Thank you! <3

  384. William says:

    It’s great, but I can’t access chests on llamas,donkeys, and etc. and if you try to color the dog the whole dog turns into that color. Apart for those, it’s great!

  385. William says:

    Btw I’m on the MCPE

  386. Anonymous says:

    Glass and grown wheat looks different from what is it supposed to be

  387. Hedgiehuffles says:

    All of the bed textures aren’t imported in the 32×32

  388. Anonymous says:

    Please help. Most textures don’t work, and magma block is 8×8…
    Also, the textures that work are sort of blurry.
    I am using mcpe iOS 1.1.4

  389. iRedstoneEater says:

    Hey Editor, I have a request. Could you notify the creator and ask if he/she/they are updating the pack for Beta or are they waiting for full release?

  390. Jogamingnerfgun says:

    Can you update it to beta

  391. liamgt300 says:

    Hello editor I like your texture pack but it would be great if I had shadows as a shaders and that plants, leaves of trees etc … had subtle movement but great animation like the kuda shaders of minecraft for pc by favor

  392. liamgt300 says:

    The editor will wait for the complete update of better together minecraft to update the texture pack because the texture pack is great still do but put shadow and motion animation to plants leaves flowers and water please

  393. Jay says:

    I’m not able to install more than 16×16 textures, even following the “How to install texture pack” most of the blocks are still 16×16 and items have white contours, levers have a purple and transparent stick, glass is bllue bordered (very ugly). In fact it’s horrible. Can someone help me (using 1.1.4 ios 10.3.3 MCPE)

  394. qwertyuiop says:

    pls make this pack support mcpe

  395. Mr. Meeno says:

    Glass texture is really bad on 32×32. Please fix this creator

  396. MickMick says:

    When i got 1.2 faithful 64×64 there is wierd bug
    That when I am in creative i am canthinking take any tools

  397. Hi says:

    Fix it I’m on 1.1.5 it’s broken fix it please just plz

  398. THE EPIC BEGGINER says:

    Fix it I’m on 1.1.5 it’s broken fix it please just plz

  399. Glass hater69 says:

    I love this texture pack but the glass is ALWAYS glitched, waiting for the version when it isn’t glitched!!! P.S. I redownloaded mcpe and it is still glitched…

  400. nubiezz says:

    Can i use this to make my own texture pack!? I wll credit you

  401. AJAWESOME065 says:

    the creative inventory is so messed up
    its not show the new items
    and if I try to use /give @a its glitches and says invalid syntax!!!
    but thanks for the update on the texture pack

  402. MrBP says:

    I absolutely love this texture pack, but there’s only one tiny little detail which I’m wondering if you could maybe fix… The netherak: the blocks do not line up properly and look a bit out of place in the nether and when put them next to each other. Please see if you could fix it because this is my absolute favourite.

  403. superspider3500 says:

    You accidentally typed armor stand twice in the “Added Textures” category in the beginning of it.

  404. superspider3500 says:

    I feel worried that if I try this pack for the third time, (I removed it twice for the same issue as what I’m about to say) it will make blocks blurry again.

  405. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for 1.1.5

  406. Aviana Brady says:

    ummmmm I think this texture is great but one problem I have two hot bars and the some of the items are blurry even that you said it was fix please fix this and I’ll rate this a 5

  407. NukeDaKola says:

    When I start playing mcpe with this texture in the start is great but when I came to my one of my worlds all of the block are blurry not all of them can someone fix this? This can’t work for low end devices pls I really need help…

    • Helper says:

      Faithful does have a bunch of Files ,, Your device can handle the files and can’t read perfectly the Images of the Texture ,, Let me know what device are you using!
      Also Fairhful doesn’t work for Lower-end-devices! So Sorry

  408. SolarGamers says:

    Where is the download link for the 1.2 Faithful 32×32? It’s only 64×64

  409. Enderstranger says:

    Make faithful 32×32 for beta 1.2

  410. EvilBloxBoss says:

    can you add a full XP bar texture? its just a little on the ends right now

  411. EvilBloxBoss says:

    Can you make a full XP bar texture? its only a little on the ends right now

  412. SuperKalel2407 says:

    Hello, Good Day Could you kindly please make The Minecraft PE 1.2 Update on your Beautiful Faithful Texture Pack 32×32 because i would greatly appreciate it. Please make it ASAP

  413. Enderstranger says:

    Make beta 1.2 32×32 texture pack

  414. Nekko says:

    I love that texture pack but I can’t play with that ugly blurry textures. Editor please do somephing!

  415. TDG7w7 says:

    I downloaded the pack in 1.1.5 the gui was perfect but the blocks were blurry please reply to this comment

  416. Ashton says:

    Dude I downloaded in version 1.1.5 and the blocks are blurry and weird. Also the glass looks weird it’s only four lines in the corners pls fix I really want to use this pack!

  417. Naman says:

    Well some blocks like cobblestone are not looking good. And the inventory items look so bad.When I downloaded this texture pack, it was completely different. Plz fix this 😟😟😟

  418. NinjaMatthew says:

    On faithful 32×32 for 1.1.5 The glass textures, the cobweb textures, and some of the glazed terracotta textures are bugged. The glass and cobweb textures are completely invisible besides a few glitched pixels in the corners of the block. Also, the Glazed Terracotta textures appear blurry, including the red terracotta, and the dark gray terracotta

  419. AngelverseGames says:

    Umm… what’s with the hotbar? ITS HUGE! And if you put things in the item frame it’s HUGE!! FIX IT PLEASE

  420. darwin says:

    Which is better 64×64 or 32×32?

  421. AhmadHabibie says:

    it would be the good when f4ithful textur3 using saturation in texture bed, wool, stained glass, and shulker. and new texture for purple shulker

  422. AhmadHabibie says:

    it would be the good when faithful64 texture using saturation in texture bed, wool, stained glass, and shulker. and new texture for purple shulker

  423. Adam says:

    It doesn’t work is the wrong texture!!!
    Can you guys help me I did everything it just doesn’t work!!!

  424. HackerGaming475 says:

    Chill, it takes time for a developer to push updates to a addon/texture pack, plus, it’s just a game, so chill.

  425. CrenixVoid17 says:

    Why is the texture for my iOS looks weird… what do I do? I’m in 1.1.5

  426. logan says:

    idk why but it shows 16x textures that look crappy wth is wrong! i tried 1.2 beta and all of it

  427. Anonymous says:

    I would like if you guys removed the old logo of Minecraft an leave the new one thats in the better together

  428. Arcade2000 says:

    It is a good texture pack
    I use this in every map
    GG to create this in PE

  429. charles henry says:

    Downloaded the 1.2 beta version since the 1.1+ version made the game crash to home screen when 1.2 went live. I’m still having the same issue. Wondering if others are having issues with this and/or other skin packs?

  430. Anthony says:

    This resource pack does not work for Minecraft windows 10 1.2

  431. OkinKun says:

    Certain particles like fireworks aren’t showing up properly in the 1.2 version.. :/

  432. Ichplays says:

    Particle item are working! But when i place of still. Blur all block blur fix it i hate it 🙁
    Btw i use 1.2 64×64 support

  433. Jooky says:

    Whenever I go into a world with faithful 64x 64x it changes the texture to a 16x 16x texture packs other than the UI’s and words, any way to fix this?

  434. FoxInABox says:

    Just me or textures are still blurry? textures do not look the same as the one in the images. Been like this for like three updates. Both 32×32 and 64×64. I’m using an iPad. Maybe that has to do something with it?

  435. GameFreak667 says:

    This texture pack is great! While increasing the resolution, it is, as the name implies, faithful to the original textures. I also appreciate the transparent glass pixels, that is something that I’ve always thought would look better.

    There is one texture, however, that I’ve found inconsistent. The nether brick block’s texture has the color scheme of the old texture. It had been made brighter in 1.0 or 1.1 (I don’t remember which). I would gladly appreciate if there would be an update for the new color scheme, mostly because my house’s floors, roof and doorways use nether brick.
    Other than that, keep up the good work with this pack. 😀

  436. VeganPaladin says:

    I’ve been trying to use this texture pack for about 6 months and it has never worked. The texture is always blurry and not enough pixels. I thought the new 1.2 update would fix it but no. I’m on an iPhone and I get that these packs and mods are designed on androids but still. It’s frustrating

  437. RoboBlowjob2002 says:


  438. Gens Aehpkas says:

    Please.. It would be kind I find you fix the texture pack. All of my blocks are blurry.. except the equipment like.. sword..
    Please fix 🙂

  439. Misa348 says:

    Nice texture pack btw i was bore and I Readed the book =D

  440. Biger box says:

    Plz fix link for 32×32 mcpack and zip

  441. MattH44 says:

    It is still very blurry for me
    iPad Mini, iOS 11, Minecraft 1.2 and 1.2.1
    Please fix and help

  442. luka says:

    32×32 for 1.2 version is deleted on mefiafire please add

  443. Reyan says:

    Create faitful V1.2.1 please!

  444. _CBG says:

    Where is the link for 1.2 Full cause im done with the double gui

  445. portalVSHAREHAK says:

    Hey guys why isn’t the 1.2 version of 32×32 download working like I neeeedddd ittt

  446. StuckAuto says:

    Could you update for 1.2? Dirt stone wood and other blocks are blurry and not like it used to be

  447. Mcpe says:

    I have a problem with 32×32, every time i try to load a world or go to settings the game crashes. Also the textures on the 64×64 version are messed up and annoying. Please fix it as I want the 32×32 version. I’m play On MCPE version 1.2.2

  448. Nekko says:

    For First I used this texture in version 1.0 and all was ok but with next versions textures goes blurry. I was downloading texture with new updates and I believe in not blurry textures but It’s still blurry. I’m using iPad Air 1 and iOS 11 please fix that blurry textures.

  449. natejb2003 says:

    There is already a Pocket Faithful pack made by the successor to Vattic, xMrVizzy:
    But this is good because it’s on, the best pace for Minecraft Bedrock content.

  450. StickyJay says:

    Hi creator??…please read this comment, i really want to suggest to add realistic clouds or sky, greener grass and more…….like this texture pack “Lively Default” ….cuz youtubers wants a good video😢

  451. cookiebuild3r says:

    The links for the 1.2 faithful versions are broken. I can’t download them. Please fix. Thank you!

  452. SrAlliphe says:

    Hi! The coarse dirt doesn’t have texture! Pls fix it

  453. Master Ruggie says:

    The 64×64 texture pack looks off, can you please fix?

  454. Ashton says:

    Help! Whenever I use this texture it is really blurry and low resolution and it makes me mad bc I really wanna use this pack, please fix!

  455. Mekodellic says:

    Could You Fix The Texture On The Ender Dragon’s Wings On The 64×64 Texture Pack?

  456. Anonymous says:

    please bring back 32x because it’s the only one that works.

  457. Triskyle says:

    Did you fix Crashing In Minecraft people 1.2? PLEASE REPLAY ASAP!
    And suggest me what will I download? 32×32? Or 64×64

  458. Dark says:

    Ian it being updated?

  459. RoboBlowjob2002 says:

    why are link broken???? please help also make end easier

  460. SuperGamerYT says:

    Why 32×32 for BEta Dosent work

  461. Jamey Cena says:

    I’m from the future and minecone X is tomorrow, 5 mobs to choose form, 3 from minecon earth (a, c and d) and the other 2 are: a morpher which can turn into any block and acts like a shulker and the other mob is yet to be found out.
    I’m telling you all this because slightly further in my future ( Ruffely 3 months) the hovering inferno comes and please I know I shouldn’t be doing this (because of laws of time) but I need you all to be sure of what you want.

    P.S. from year 2025

  462. ZKings_ says:

    Im using 1.1.5 mcpe
    This faithful make unbelievable texture its broke
    Or its fixed now?

  463. SkiClad says:

    Can you fix the 32×32 version of 1.2? It’s still not there

  464. DARK says:

    Is there a reason the 64×64 doesn’t work for iOS?

  465. Nanam009 says:

    What Thef Flip!! In Ram 1GB is Blue Bug Fixed its Dumb!!

  466. tenderblocks says:

    I cant access the 32×32 mediafire files. Pls help

  467. Anonymous says:

    Hey, the map item is crash the Minecraft

  468. Someone? says:

    Yeah in the new update the inv is broken.

  469. Master Ruggie says:

    Is this texture pack working properly on 1.2.3 for the bedrock edition?

  470. Shortfuse0407 says:

    There is one problem when I go in to the inventory and try to search for som thing it does not show anything

  471. Etho says:

    How do you fix it from going all blurry? Every time I download the texture pack all the textures come out blurry! 🙁 is there a way to fix it?

  472. The Running Geek says:

    32x version – Starting with a Fresh install on iPad Pro the inventory, hot bar, crafting menus all have the default pixelated icons however in the world the blocks look fine

    64x version – inventory doesn’t show up

  473. Someone? says:

    Oh thanks its fixed the inv now I can use my fav texture pack again thank you.

  474. EarthNotch10843 says:

    It keeps crashing and won’t let be back into the settings to remove it

  475. Geoszux says:

    Can you fix the Redstone components its bugged, and also if possible can you have another faithful combined with code crafted? Many people seem to want it. Thanks in advance.

  476. Nikau Donald says:

    Hi, I have noticed many iOS users (including myself) have had a problem with the MCPE faithful texture pack. I love this texture but cannot use due to this problem. This is very disappointing. All the textures turn out blurry, and half the item images don’t show up properly. I, and many other iOS users would be so glad if you could fix this. Thank you.

    • JeremiMcPE says:

      I’m sorry to hear that but it cant be fixed, It depends on your device whether its low-end or high-end device, Mojang will never or even know how to fix it.

  477. Star says:

    Doesn’t work, in he inventory all the items are either fuzzy or have white outlines around them. In game the blocks are fuzzy and look plastic. Total rip off

  478. faisal says:

    why blurry ,and add texture faithful for android lolipop

  479. Arciszyx says:

    I noiticed that in the 32×32 for the latest version is a bug. When you plant cocoa beans, on the other side is a weird texture.

  480. DiamondArmor says:

    On iOS MCPE 1.2, wooden planks, cobblestone, glass block/panes/stained, beacon, bricks sandstone and more are blurry (1.2.8 and below)

    • DiamondArmor says:

      (grass block flowers grass and tallgrass, dirt, coarse dirt, trapdoors (iron and wooden) and diamond, emerald, gold, iron and coal blocks does not have textures yet

  481. The Golden Sword says:

    I love the 32x 1.2. But in 1.2.8 now. The experience bar is not well perfectly working :(. Need to be fixed

  482. Hema Salam says:

    The firework don’t work!!!
    Please fix.

    -great texture

  483. AutumnGem08 says:

    If you place the enchantment table, the book page will say: I have no idea what to write Rush B

  484. RandomPanda says:

    You should probably update this pack some of the textures are not working im on 1.2.8 version

  485. Jhony says:

    Plz update to 1.2.X 🙂

  486. TorchNation says:

    Hey there, I play Windows 10 Minecraft, and whenever I apply this texture pack, my Minecraft logo becomes upside down and my background on the home screen is black. I downloaded the 64×64 pack, could someone help me with this problem?

  487. Auldrick says:

    1.2.7 is not working under Minecraft 1.2.9. 1.2.6 still works fine though.

  488. E_Bilko says:

    Great looking, but there is a problem running it in Windows 10 game version 1.2.9 – there seems to be something corrupt in the script of the ui_common.json file; it causes the Minecraft log to appear upside down and at the bottom of the screen and among other things there is no background image. Worse still is that trying to do anything causes the game to crash

  489. The Running Geek says:

    Yes having issues with 1.2.9. Had to manually delete the resource pack before I could even get into Minecraft.

  490. Alex says:

    Please update, does not work for minecraft 1.2.9 update. Upside down home screen and grey blank screens after… Vanilla just isn’t as fun without this texture pack.

  491. Abdullah says:

    Hey I really like this pack but when I on the pack it makes my Minecraft screen Tilt and when I click the play button nothing comes over there plz help!!!😥

  492. Harry says:

    It goes upside down and I can’t remove it I can’t even see the menus and I cannot reinstall and i am on iOS how do I fix

  493. Ivan says:

    Hey fr like every time I apply the texture pack it turns the Minecraft name upside down and when I log into my world I can’t have anything in my hands and nothing won’t show in my hot bar , and it bugs out my minecraft application so i would really appreciate it if you could fix it..😊😊Thank You.

  494. Thomas says:

    Version 1.2.9 of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is out and I was wondering when the new update for this texture pack will be due to the bugginess the texture pack is currently having.

  495. Rex says:

    I agree with what everyone else has been saying. Please fix soon!

    • S, says:

      Just get the zip and get file app. Then unzip the file then remove gui and ui. Then rename faithfulrev32 into

  496. SebasGamesAndVlogs says:

    This has gotten stuck on my sisters world and we can’t remove it and also we can barely see the inventory or menu

  497. 😻😻😻WARRIOR CATS LOVER says:

    I swear this has the most comments ever! PS great job

  498. The Running Geek says:

    Latest Fix (1/22) has an issue that you can’t see craftable items in the crafting menu had revert back to default as I can’t craft anything

  499. Lollipop1426 says:

    texture pack font does not work on my device. the rest of the texture pack is fine. samsung galaxy core prime here.

  500. Anyomous says:

    Lol if you’re iOS you just get a file app then download the zip. When you unzip it remove the GUI and the UI. Then turn it into a zip again. This time rename the pack isn’t faithful32rev.mcpack

  501. Anyomous says:

    Lol if you’re iOS you just get a file app then download the zip. When you unzip it remove the GUI and the UI. Then turn it into a zip again. This time rename the pack isn’t faithful32rev.mcpack

  502. Anyomous says:

    Hey, there is another way to fix the ui screen without computer. If you have IOS, download the zip and a file app like Documents or such or such. Then unzip the texture pack and delete the gui and the ui folder. This would delete the gui and the ui into the original ui and gui but will still have the faithful textures of the blocks and the letters. Then rename into faithful64rev1.mcpack. Then open it. Walaaa! It won’t glitch ;). I hope it works

  503. Anomyous says:

    I don’t know how it happens.

  504. ZackPlayzHD says:

    Does it work for 1.2?

  505. STUFF says:

    Glad you fixed the 1.2.9 bug!

  506. SurgicalOddness says:

    Ok so I had already deleted reinstalled mcpe because it had glitched it, and I never redownloaded the pack again. So if I dont have the pack, do I still have to do the conputer thingy?

  507. Emily says:

    I was able to download fine but when I go to craft or for to select a item there is nothing to select there is no items anywhere

  508. Ivan says:

    It downloads perfectly but when I go and open my inventory it won’t work and I try to move something but it glitches out, please fix because only the tools are textured as the pack but everything else is classic

  509. jen says:

    I’m from the future in 2018! ( btw i’m lieing its a joke ) And 1.2.9 is out and dolphins are coming to minecraft!! In the meantime, the 1.2.9 update fixed glitches. And there will be coral reefs, sunken ships, and other cool stuff in the aquatic update!!

  510. En_tity_3o3 says:

    Hey editor, does this work for

  511. iLoveDiamonds says:

    Editor, on windows 10, console and android has a brand new version it’s beta but when I activate all mobs are black and the survival inventory is black too can u fix it? The

  512. iLoveDiamonds says:

    And I can’t clear and take block in my inventory! Help

  513. Ivan says:

    Please fix, when I apply it with some other packs, my inventory is weird and I can’t move anything because it glitches out, please fix this

  514. Hema says:

    The firework don’t work

  515. Blackfriday says:

    Plz make for 1.2.10 i want it

  516. AAA13 says:

    You add 16×16 and 128×128 resolution at 8th March. Get these updates for all devices supported as latest version.

  517. COw says:

    CAn this work on 1.2.10?

  518. Anonymous says:

    Your packs have corrupted my entire system and caused my world to glitch out so the file for it doesn’t even exist anymore. You’d think you’d test this stuff out before releasing it as a downloadable and playable thing. You’d think Microsoft or mojang would test it before allowing it to be used in their game. But I guess not. No one is liable anymore. No one has prise in their work anymore.

  519. pom6universe says:

    WARNING!!! textures are missing as of 1.2.10

  520. Ben says:

    Is it gonna be updated to 1.2.10?

  521. GyhsRock says:

    It glitches so much. when I selected this texture pack, no buttons will appear. I can’t do anything because I’m
    using an iPad(with iTunes, we can’t do anything). Please help and fix this bug.

  522. Uchiha Sasuke says:

    Ahh i still dont now how to do the upside down thing and my game is glitched and i cant play anymore , can u tell me how to unzip that file or how to use the documents thing ? Pls its been a long time and i miss playing Minecraft >:(

  523. James1018 says:

    Hi! I have the newest version 1.2.13 beta and the health bar, hunger bar, and The breath bar you get when under water lost their texture and is just the original 16 × 16 texture. Please fix this. I love this texture pack and hope this will be solved in a few days

  524. Ivan says:

    The inventory is glitches, please fix

  525. Meridith Smith says:

    Hi! There seems to be a problem with this pack. It causes Minecraft 1.2+ worlds to be inaccessible when set as a global resource, and the Minecraft application crashes. I hope this will be resolved! Thanks!

  526. Akihiro Akagi says:

    Imagine this in 1024×1024

  527. procrafter says:

    Now i cant access the game just because i use that!
    The fix didnt work

  528. KING9272 says:

    Guy’s plz check the texture pack bcuz it totally glitched the inventory is gone, those position bar is glitched and some textures are totally glitched plz fix it

  529. Star_Knight says:

    GG 🙂 please update for minecraft,make trident more better!

  530. AlanDudy says:

    The game glitches and when I press anything on the title screen it goes to a grey screen and doesn’t work! Fix this.

  531. BLegendz2002 says:

    Hey Is this Texture going to be updated for the aquatic update? P.s. I’ve been incountering a blurry terrain bug that is only fixable by deleting the the first UI folder and the water and lava textures. Double P.S. some of the items in the menus are fuzzy for the 64×64 and even on the 64×64 all of the blocks are 32×32 trust me I counted the pixels on each side. Thank you for you’re help!!!

  532. brenth says:

    I have minecraft pocket edition beta

  533. MushroomMC says:

    In the new 1.2.13 update there’s a bug where when you open your inventory in classic GUI every slot is outlined and your skin is off. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I love Faithful it has always been my favorite texture pack but now I have to not use it…

  534. MushroomMC says:

    Btw please change ladders to old texture

  535. MushroomMC says:

    Please help in 1.2.13 when you open your classic UI inventory all the slots have white outlines and your skin is off PLEASE FIX I WANT TO GO BACK TO HAVING MY FAV TEXTURE PACK AGAIN P.S. I can’t move items around in my inventory in Pocket UI

  536. SpiderWebNinja ninja says:

    Editor, the color of cyan terracotta is a bland colorless gray. Will you change it to match the cyan color in the glazed terracotta block please?

  537. THE LEGEND says:

    I really love the this texture pack….But it doesn’t work on Minecraft The textures become corrupted and everything becomes 16X16. AND WHATS BAD ?!? Its even worser than Vannilla.Please Help me and give me a solution for this.I’m using an Android device .Thank You.

  538. The noobest noob says:

    On some devices 64×64 doesn’t have an inventory, I don’t mean, the inventory button is lost, but when you open the inventory, its’s white. Only those items you’ve collected can be seen. So in creative mode yo use /give or switch to survival and collect that thing you need

  539. Shiro Craft says:

    Editors Plz help me FAithful are Bug on ui at Official 1.2.13 at creative inventory and Survival inventory PLZ Solve this bug

  540. Dbusybee says:

    This texture pack is awesome. However, doesn’t work with windows 10 Minecraft 1.2.13. It looks like the borders between items in the player inventory are thicker and moving items around between squares glitches out. So hard to play with gasp 16x textures again! The jaggies!!
    Please fix it. (Kinda wish they’d stop fiddling with the game tbh!)

  541. MushroomMC says:

    PLEASE UPDATE! I’ve been waiting so long!

  542. Dawego says:

    Hi I have a iPad Pro. IT LITTERLY WORKS AND NO BLURRY TEXTURES. Best texture pack ever

  543. AdamPrtma says:

    This is fix for crash minecraft loading screen?