Fortnite Heroes Skin Pack (128×128)

This is a fan-made skin pack for all of you Fortnite fans out there. The skin pack includes 9 different skins and each one is based on a cosmetic outfit (also known as skin) which exists in the Fortnite game. One thing that’s a little special about this pack is that the resolution of the skins are 128×128.

Creator:Β NitroProductions (inspiration from @Keyyard)
Updated:Β 13 December, 2018 (added Lynx with mask / no mask & Zenith with mask / no mask)

All Skins

  • Renegade Raider
  • Sun Strider
  • Graffiti
  • Summit Striker
  • Bullseye
  • Elite Agent
  • Dark Voyager
  • Default Jonesy
  • Cuddle Team Leader


  1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft and change your skin.
  3. Select a new skin from the pack!

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59 Responses

4.93 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. MA1315 says:

    Amazing skin pack! I hope this gets updated a lot!

  2. MA1315 says:

    Please add Vertex!

  3. Chris says:

    Good work

  4. WitherKing39 MCBE says:

    Please add darkbomber PLEASE

  5. Unknown Carebear says:

    why are their eyes are so low, overall outifts are good.

  6. Aircraft024 says:

    wow this is so cool
    how did you get the resolution to be much hire then normal?

  7. Lloyd says:

    Wait, you can increase skin resolution?! Neat…

  8. Aaron says:

    I like the fortnite skins

  9. Christian says:

    Does these skins are girls

  10. Theodd1soutoplayminecraft says:

    Very nice and FIRST

  11. Anonymous says:

    0/10 needs john wicke

    jk seriously though its a pretty good skin pack

  12. Cas Laurel says:

    Best HD and cool

  13. NitroProductions says:

    Next update coming soon … with 3 new skins πŸ™‚

  14. Keyyard says:


    • NitroProductions says:

      You was the first one who did this and I was a fan of Fortnite so when I discovered that I can double the resolution, I remastered your skins πŸ˜›

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rex please

  16. xxxcarnaion(rip) says:

    plz add drift

  17. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Cool! At Next Update Could Add More Skins?

  18. LoneStriker says:

    i love it pretty cool highly reccomend to download

  19. Ahmedwolfy says:


  20. Sprinklessz says:

    Will this work for 1.8, how did you do it and will other players he able to see it??

  21. boi601 says:

    how do you add it to mincraft edgucation edidion????

  22. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Thanks Nitro! ^-^

  23. Ahmedwolfy says:

    5 Stars!

  24. Ahmedwolfy says:

    How Did You Maked 128×128 Pixels Skin? Could You Tell Me Please!

  25. Kphill2918 says:

    Doesn’t work for education edition.

  26. xxPxin says:

    Awesome! One of the greatest skinpacks i ever had!

  27. SplitZ says:

    Thanks for using my Lynx, hope it gets lots of downloads πŸ˜‰


    Can you do two cuddle team leader packs please becouse I wanna hide the face whit the mask please

  29. Anonymous says:

    How do you make a custom skin pack for 1.8+ ?

  30. NitroProductions says:

    Update coming soon…
    With :
    – Canada Alpine Master
    – Waypoint
    – Abstrakt
    And many more I think ….
    Stay hyped

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