Gothic Castle [Creation]

In the Gothic Castle map you will find a big, beautiful castle with plenty of details such as magical floating torches which surely adds to the mystique of the entire creation.

It’s a port of a map created for the PC version of Minecraft. That explains why some of the blocks in the surrounding areas appear to be missing. But the castle itself appears to be unbroken.

Creator: themrjoojo

screenshot-2015-04-29-10-45 screenshot-2015-04-29-10-46_2 screenshot-2015-04-29-10-47(Map name in-game: Joojo’s ports)


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17 Responses

3.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Manami fujii says:


  2. Arabelal says:

    This is so COOL!!!😎😀

  3. CoreTex says:

    I can’t get it to work, I’ve extracted the .zip and placed the file where my minecraft worlds are but when i try to open it in the game it says generating terrain and then just closes. I,m on windows 10

  4. S'ROYAL says:

    What is the seed for the castle

    Need to know


  5. adddi_1000 says:

    What the heck is up with the downloads? Ut was working fine 30 minutes ago but now theres this weird download button and it wont let me diwnload the maos. 0 stars for sure. Not for the map though. The map looks lit. But this website is litterally at 0 stars for ne right now. 😒

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love it 😍

  7. chinga chonga says:

    wont work, mine craft says generating terrain and then crashes no matter what i try

  8. Flame The Fennikin says:

    AWESOME!!! It worked YYEESS!!!!!!

  9. Galaxycat2 says:

    Kind of dark.

  10. BakaMcSenpai says:

    It doesn’t work. My game crashes when I try to open the world

  11. The_Yeest_Yee says:

    Please make this a M.C World??? ThanQ!!

  12. Joshua says:


  13. Crosit says:

    Beautiful design, but won’t load on PE worlds. It keeps crashing mid-loading.

  14. ArjaySerio says:

    Good map outside but inside doesn’t have rooms LOl

  15. Pati robins says:

    make it .mcworld please

  16. FuccinNormies says:

    Stupid map. Stupid creator. Get a life kid, mineshit is deader than your mothers dreams.

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