Ice Hockey Arena [Creation]

This stadium contains seating for thousands of people and there is also more than 60 private, security and public suites on the third and fourth floors. All the interiors have been decorated to try to emulate a busy and crowded atmosphere, so there are a lot of different things to explore.  The construction started on the 2nd day of 2018 and today is finally the release day!

Creator: TheSixthHourTwitter Account

Note from the creator (TheSixthHour):

I was actually intending for this to become a tennis stadium as the my proposal to finish the stadium before the end of the Australian Grand Slam Tournament. But, (as usual) school happened to interrupt my schedule. But I have released the map in time for the Winter Olympics and modified the interior into an ice hockey rink! Another reason for underestimating the timescale to build this behemoth, was that I only spend a limited amount of time (1-2 hours/day) spanning more weeks than anticipated. I perserved.


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21 Responses

4.46 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Gamergirl535 says:

    Amazing good job.

  2. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Build a Basketball Stadium, cool map, but I would suggest a Basketball Arena!

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no lighting or any ice on the pitch this is terrible I’m deleting the world

  4. Nogard says:

    I can give you link to my ICE HOCKEY addon for it., but link will have my Adf ly link.

  5. Zapped says:

    Love it! It’s so good best map ever

  6. TheSixthHour says:

    By the way I used the ModernHD resource pack for the map.

  7. The_Redstoneer says:

    Can I use your map for a command block hockey map that I’m working on?

  8. FayeKerPH says:

    Nice work, but you should watch the megabuilds of Jeracraft on youtube. Im sure his videos help you to improve your creative builds.

  9. FayeKerPH says:

    Im currently working on my ggo map btw. But its no sense to post it coz of other claim it for without credits to creator. Instead i use it on my lan server hahaha.

  10. EthanRS YT says:

    Great map! I was gonna build a hockey arena and then I looked on here and found this.

  11. Fireball1890000 says:

    I love the rink and the stadium but I’m just adding glass and white boards because That is how it is in nhl

  12. Anonymous says:

    I loved your ice hockey arena can you make a arena or football staidium next! 🎆🎉🎊

  13. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    It reminds me of stadium in pixel gun 3D

  14. Johnny says:

    Cool but it needs lights

  15. Pedro says:

    Wow Big Stadium

  16. Message says:

    Multi purpose stadium

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