Lava Escape [Minigame]

You’ve found some treasures but while doing so you set of an alarm which triggered the lava defence system. This map sets you up for an intense challenge where you need to complete three different parkour courses while trying to escape lava which is pouring down from the ceiling. If you aren’t quick enough you will die!

Creator: BlackZero, Twitter Account

How to play?

In each level you will have about a 30 seconds head start before the lava comes falling from the ceiling. If it was just running it would have been easy but each level consists of a parkour course which you must complete in order to escape the level. And once you complete one level you quickly gotta get going on the next one before the lava catches up.


  • Play in survival mode
  • Set difficulty to easy

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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28 Responses

  1. CyutieCat says:

    Defenentaly gonna install this

  2. Plz Add this plz says:

    Add hello neighbor mod for iOS not a addon but a mod plus you don’t need computer or jailbreak you can get it the normal way like a addon but it needs to be an iOS mod

    • Brian Dickson says:

      Well hello neighbour isnt rated at all well it is but at 0 so I don’t think they would bother making that mod

  3. ? says:

    I love the game but could you make It that you have more time?

  4. TheGrassySceptile says:

    You should make it a template, not a world

  5. Jared says:

    Good Map, I Think that there should be an easy way to try the level again, not just Redownloading the map

  6. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    Yssss I did it on second try (died once on level 1) Please Make More

  7. Guest says:

    When I failed a level, it did not reset. How do I get it to reset?

  8. TheGhastKing332 says:

    This Map is Awesome please make a part 2!

  9. Wasif azhar says:

    How do yo reset the map

  10. Brian Dickson says:

    Make it 1 minute cuz I keep diying and I hate resetting the map so make it better or thumbs down

  11. Tiger tiger 🐯 says:

    It was great but were is the secret part
    Ps make another one

  12. Zero_h says:

    You could have just made it a template to reset the map -_-

  13. Zach says:

    it’s cool

  14. Anonymous says:

    Make another map it was really fun 🙂

  15. cutesy_putesy123 says:

    I havent tryed it but im wodering please make a GamingWithJen lucky block!

    • Tiger tiger 🐯 says:

      I agree you have to make one it would make the world to me and if you could can you Madame it an actual block instead of a mob and one more thing try add some more YouTubers but make GamingWithJen and popularmmos the best ones

      PS this map was great reply if you like this idea 💡

  16. cutesy_putesy123 says:

    It will be great!

  17. Geoffrey Nyambaka says:

    I want to play this map

  18. Anonymous says:

    Lol use the signs behind lily
    I found it with xray texure pack

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lol behind lily (found it with xray)

  20. Hannah says:

    I can’t do this map. I have no idea why I can’t do it. Can’t jump over the spaces. I don’t get what I have to do.

  21. Marissa says:

    How to download? When I try to it just brings up a bunch of coding.

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