Lucky Block Challenge [PvP]

This map is inspired by the minigame “Lucky Blocks Challenge” which is played by SSundee and MrCrainer on a weekly basis. Invite a friend (or multiple friends) to participate in the challenge. The setup is pretty simple. All players will get some lucky blocks which they have to destroy in order to obtain items which can be traded for other items you can use for combat in a PvP arena.

Creator: SpiderDestroyer
Updated: 22 April, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

The first thing you will need to do is to press the button under the sign called “Before You Start”. Next you’ll obtain 30 lucky blocks. If it for some reason doesn’t work then type the following text command in the chat: /give @a spawn_egg 30 12. Spawn the lucky blocks by using the lucky block spawn eggs and then destroy them and pick up all of the items.

After all of the lucky block are opened then players need to trade the compatible materials for rabbit feet at the Resource Exchange in one of the corners of the market.

Then go to any of the other merchants to buy various combat items, food and so on.

There are also two “Effect Tier” areas where you can insert a select number of rabbit feet and in return receive effects that will aid you in combat.

After the transactions are complete then it’s time to proceed to the arena selection area. Here you can choose between three different arenas. The creator of this map recommends the Slime Arena!

This is a player vs player battle which will end once there is just one person last standing.


  • Added Ocean Arena
  • Added possibility to spectate battles after killed


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64 Responses

  1. JEMMO says:

    Can someone please tell me how to do Custom village trades like in this map??

  2. Blazify says:

    THIS is the best map I so far ever played.

  3. Dalaskano says:

    Can u make an mctemplate of this

  4. TheParagons says:

    By far best map I have played in a while keep up the good work

  5. Alex says:

    Great map, but sometime the villagers run out of trades when you trade to much of something. It would be good if you could be able to kill and spawn a new villager just like in SSundees videos

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      Sorry, in the current version of MCPE, the /summon command is almost useless. If I had the PC capabilities, then that would be easier to accomplish.

  6. Sthephen says:

    Aye that pertty good but can you do challenge games from pat and Jen look it up if you have the tome

  7. B30 says:

    Awesome map just need to work on trades

    • AliDaBoss says:

      The only thing I would change is fact that you can only trade with a villager a certain amount of times but othe than that BEST map I’ve played BY FAR!!!!

  8. Mobscat says:

    Wow! I loved it!! Me and my friend did a YouTube video on it. Check it out on MobScat (our channel) are u going to make more maps like this?

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      Thank you for expressing interest in the map! I watched your video, and I noticed some flaws in my map:

      1) You didn’t notice the “Effect Tier” booths.
      2) The “Test Explosion” zone is for testing the capacity of the “Dynamite” and “Egg” items.
      3) The trades blacked out (but I can’t change that until the syntax for persistence is added to the /summon command)

      I will address these concerns in the next update of the map. Thank you for playing!

  9. Blue says:

    What if I don’t have friends?

  10. Huskymaster12345 says:

    Soooo goood very nice!

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. RapidAspect says:

    It says no such spawn_egg exists? Tell me how to get the lucky blocks? its not working

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      Um…it would be better if you used the “Before You Start” button next to the end portal, which gives everyone 30 lucky blocks. Don’t use the /give command unless the button doesn’t work.

  13. Helloooo peopleeee says:

    I love this map me and my brother have so much fun! Thank you!

  14. ota says:

    Soooo… much laaaaag…

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      Sorry about that! Yeah, I use Windows 10 Edition, so I experienced little to no lag on this map, but it’s probably a lot more laggy on phones and other mobile devices.

  15. OnFire3000 says:

    what lucky block addon did you use for the map?

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      I chose a lucky blocks addon from this website, actually. Then, I edited it to make it more fit for the map.

  16. Oliver says:

    Really good

  17. ur mom says:

    Amazing map, love the two arenas and the dynamite!

  18. soo laggy says:

    Good PVP map

  19. Micher says:

    Finally!!! I have been waiting to play this ever since I started watching POPULLARMMOS play it

  20. your dad says:

    Good job son!

  21. UltimateProSkilz says:

    Can you do the challenge games like pat and Jen do btw loved the map

  22. UltimateProSkilz says:

    Love the map can you do the challenge games from popularmmos

  23. Shadow X says:

    How did u edit the addon?

  24. AliDaBoss says:

    Great map
    keep making maps like this😀

  25. TEK Gaming says:

    Great Map! One question though, the villager always blocks the trade and takes a long time to figure how to unlock the trade, so is there a way to disable villager trade limits?

  26. Crystal839 says:

    Omg I LOVE this map! But, could you maybe do the popularmmos challenge games? Or maybe the hunger games? I would love to fight a pat or jen mob!

  27. IoIZambie says:

    i know this have nothing to do with this post but can someone make a recorder pack so whenever you get hit/die it’s the roblox death sound?

    • Da Swag Lord says:

      I might be able to do that, but it will be a little difficult since I have no PC. But I will try and if I manage to do it, I will submit it to MCPEDL and also put a link here. 😀

    • Da Swag Lord says:

      I can try to do this lolZambie but it might be a bit difficult since I have never made a Addon before XD But if I manage to do it, I will put a link here and also submit it to MCPEDL.

      P.S. This is the second time I wrote this comment, idk why MCPEDL deleted my comment 0.o

  28. Nathan says:

    Editor, do you have any plans in the future to have a Minecraft PE server for mcpedl. They cost around 75$ CAD a year for up to 300-500 players at a time

    • Editor says:

      None of the current third-party softwares are very interesting since they don’t offer much functionality in terms of survival gameplay. The only software which looks promising is MiNET but that one requires a lot of coding to create a functional server.

      If Realms (meaning Mojang/Realms) releases their own server software which people can use then that would be interesting. Or if they could increase the server slots for Realms since it’s currently limited to just 10 players.

      • Nathan says:

        Yes they do, try All you need to do is add a few plugins!

        • Editor says:

          Mobs are only supported by MiNET. PMMP is a branch of PocketMine (I think) and I don’t think they support mobs. And even if they have mob support it’s very limited compared to a Realms server.

          But as I said, I would love to host a server for the community but if so something using the Realms software and so far they haven’t released it for the public. But I think that’s planned if I remember it correctly so it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

  29. SKas says:

    This game sux

  30. EnderLag says:

    Plz tell me where did you put the command block that gives you the speed potion effect?
    It causes soo much lag i can’t even move so i wanna remove it.

  31. Cuatzacatalaum says:

    To solve the lag problem which is due to many coco beans falling on the ground for some reason in near chunks, just get a command block by doing this command /give @p command_block then place it, and change it from impulse to repeat and set a command as kill @e this will get rid of any entities if you press a button, if you want it to continue working if you go away from it to remove a lot of the beans just set it to “always active” this may lag a bit but when it’s done change it or get rid of it and your problem should be solved! Also a message to the map creator, sometimes when I spawn a lucky block they take multiple hits to die, like the normal health of a pig, and it drops nothing, possible a problem with the mod but it’s just a bit annoying, don’t know if that can be fixed but I just though it might help, nice map though! And I know what you mean by the summon command being useless I just can’t wait for it to be properly implemented so I can have tonnes of end crystals on an enderdragon >:D but ye this is super long jeez but hey! Hope this helped someone!

    • SpiderDestroyer says:

      Ok, the cocoa bean chunks were a bad idea on my part, but kill @e won’t just kill them – they’ll kill the villagers too! So…I guess…don’t? (I’ll delete it myself later)

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ummmm… did anyone notice the fact that the map is made on the DanTDM lab map (new lab). Or is that just my game being messed up.

  33. RageElixer says:

    How did u edit the addon??? Plz reply P.S love the map amazing

  34. ERR_R says:

    Hi If anybody had a server may i join im just bored in my lonely world

  35. SpiderDestroyer says:

    Hey everybody,

    Yeah, so I screwed up. There’s some bugs with the new update, so if you could just bear with me here, I can release a new bugfix update soon.

    To fix the Start booth: Put a piece of redstone on the sticky piston
    To fix the Slime Arena Spectating Button: Connect the button to the command block

    Hopefully, the update rolls out before you have to change anything, but I apologize for any confusion that may have resulted from this sincere error.

  36. ro says:

    whose actually seen ssundee and crainer play these

  37. RogueTiara26774 says:

    Amazing map

  38. Arc says:

    What’s the difference between the world template and the mcworld file?

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