Missile Wars PE [Minigame] (Only 1.0.5+!)

Missile Wars PE is an amazingly fun multiplayer minigame. The objective is to launch missiles at the competing team’s base to ultimately try to destroy their portal shield and win the game. Most things in the map are powered by command blocks and that includes everything from spawning fully functional missiles to setting up protective walls. It’s definitely one of the best maps I’ve played in Minecraft PE so far!

Creator: KobeYashi / ProGamer5802 (based on by SethBling and Cubehamster’s PC map)
Updated: 28 March, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

This map requires at least two players, but the more the better. Split up in two teams (Gold vs Chain) and enter the game by stepping on the pressure plates.

You might want to explore the lobby area first before doing any of the above as there you can configure the game settings as well as learn more things about the map features.

Wait for all players to join the game lobby before pulling the levers. As soon as the levers are pulled then some pressure plates will appear. Step on the plates to be teleported to the game area.

The main objective is to break through the other team’s glass (by spawning missiles) and ultimately destroy their portal shield.

This is done by obtaining spawn eggs which can be used for spawning missiles and other structures to either attack the enemy or to protect your own glass box.

It’s really amazing to see what can be done with commands blocks and redstone. It’s like an entire new game, but in Minecraft!

In this case I spawned a Bunker Buster missile. To spawn it I simply used the spawn egg as seen down below. It will automatically start moving once it has spawned.

Once the missile reaches the other team’s base it will cause an explosion. However, you (and the other team) can set up protective walls (using a throwable item) to protect the base from attacks.

You can find much more detailed information about each item in the lobby.


  • Added redstone maintenance room for fixing redstone errors, can be seen on each glass box
  • Fixed configuration room, edited the way for receiving effects, press button in waiting area for effects you’ve enabled
  • Added Falcon missile
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added a cute rocket/missile icon in the title in the game area


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81 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    When is 1.0.5 for iOS out?

  2. Paradiscal says:

    Sethbling made something like this 2 years ago

    • Paradiscal says:

      Oh whoops should have read that first, nice map anyway.

      • Enderman PE Official says:

        This is wasnt really possible on MCPE until Spartan upload that spawn egg house

        • ProGamer5802 says:

          This map is created 4 weeks ago after the release of beta, and Spartan rage release his map on 3 days ago maybe, so it’s not from his creation this map came from. This sucks 🙁

  3. I Hate Adfly says:

    Nice. Hope 1.0.5 comes soon cuz I’m iOS

  4. maisong says:

    The objective is to launch missiles at the competing team’s base to ultimately try to destroy their portal shield and win the game. (change are to at)

  5. ProGamer5802 says:

    Oh my god! Thank you so much MCPEDL for helping me uploading this map! Update will be soon! PS. I did not copied Spartan rage’s idea (creator of spawnegg house) the idea came while I watch command block tutorials. 🙂

  6. MLGJackGamer says:

    I all ways wanted missle wars

  7. Smartypig38 says:

    Hi there, this is a nice map and I’m very excited for the official release of 1.0.5 so I can play on it. Also hopefully I can soon post an adventure map which I will create!

  8. ProGamer5802 says:

    Oh guys I just want to let you know about when you can’t spawn missiles in this map. This is because the contraptions is not rendered or loaded by you or your playmates. In this case, press the load redstone and render redstone contraptions (and if you already do that, repeat to work properly). Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

  9. Jose says:

    I dot get the game won’t start when I step on golden lever and the eggs won’t work as missles …. what should I do””

    • ProGamer5802 says:

      try to find my solution up in the comment section 🙂

      • ProGamer5802 says:

        also, their are no golden levers unless you are talking about the levers in the waiting area. you and your rivals should flick the levers so the countdown will start. if the eggs does not work, go back to the lobby, press the render redstone contraptions and load redstone chunks. that should work by now. 🙂

        • The stupid Cookie says:

          Bro I would you like to develop the map with you as I see the map is not well done a lot of command block things you haven’t added in so may I help by doing that if so please reply or chat with me on my Gmail account :[email protected]

        • The stupid Cookie says:

          Bro your map is awesome but I see you still did not do the reset button may I help ?!?

  10. EnchantedBlade says:

    Is there a reset button? I want to play this map all over again but i cant see the reset button which resets all destroyed blocks…

    • ProGamer5802 says:

      sorry, but I didn’t add the reset button YET because it will cause some problems for example, when you throw snowballs or eggs higher than the glass box/outside the game area, which will be difficult to fix. don’t worry! I hope I will add reset buttons in the next update, along with other goodies 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Could you make a .mctemplate link?

  12. EnchantedBlade says:

    Is there a reset button? I want to play this map always but i cant see any reset button… A button that resets all destroyed blocks.

  13. Jboy725 says:

    Haw do you add on a add on mods

  14. YTDashie says:

    How to reset the game

  15. ProGamer5802 says:

    the update has been released 1.1 im just waiting for the editor(s) to upload to the mcpedl 🙂

  16. Voicemail says:

    Where are the command blocks in the creative inventory

  17. CowsAreTheBest says:

    Why doesn’t any of the title commands show up on my screen, but they do for visiting players who are joining my game

  18. TheKillerGaming says:

    Will the spawneggs be back? Cause I only have one

  19. Aaron lopez says:

    Hey we downloaded this map together with my brother then after ee play it what yo play it again but the thing is we need to go to file and copy and psste it so we created a reset button but it was a fail so if you are interested on the reset thingy just reply ok

    • KobeYashi says:

      Yeah I was planning on the same thing but since you can spawn missiles outside the game area, throw snowballs/eggs higher than the playground, it would be difficult to add a reset button. But thanks to the editor, they add mc template so that’s an alternative to reset button. 🙂

  20. Cows says:

    Why doesn’t the /title command show up on the server owner’s screen? I can’t see the countdown but the people who join me can

    • KobeYashi says:

      Try to remove your global resource pack. Texture packs like coordinates unlocker or any kind of resource pack that interfere with UIs does affect the title command. I’ve discovered this while I use coordinates unlocker in fixing this map. 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    There should be a missle shop so you can buy misses with wins also add the unicorn when you win a battle

    • KobeYashi says:

      First-ly, WHAT UNICORNS? THAT’S HILARIOUS! XD but second is I don’t think shops is needed for this map. But hey, if this idea is great, then I’ll add it to the next update. 🙂

    • KobeYashi says:

      if you say your name in minecraft, maybe i will add unicorns 🙂

  22. PolygonForLife says:

    Adding a reset button woudn’t that complicated.Just add a glass on top of arena and clears the arena.Just use /clear and /clone rather than .mctemplate one.Did somebody forget what command to clear and clone?Joke aside.

    BTW,you had to create a roof in order to prevent players place walls.

    • KobeYashi says:

      Your idea is great, but I’m just thinking about the glass on roof being destroyed by the missile. I’m gonna think about your solution and if I think that would work nicely, I’ll add that to the next update. 🙂

  23. NukelerNick says:

    Wow this is so cool I wish I was a redstone and command magician

  24. Hunter653 says:

    How do you reset the glass?!? I have to download a new world to do it

  25. Hunter653 says:

    Am i missing something

  26. Hunter653 says:

    I’m in 1.0.5 I libe in Florida how do you reset the glass!!!!

  27. TheDiamondYT says:

    Great! I planned to make this, but you beat me to it! Haha.

  28. A Juser says:

    When its 1.0.5 for iOS out????

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is there a reset button? Just asking

  30. Editor says:

    Enigmatic Grape submitted the following map as a suggestion for missiles for the map: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s4jytbm8kubec38/missiles.zip

    • KobeYashi says:

      cool! im going to check it out! maybe the next update is close along with my new map 🙂

    • ProGamer5802 says:

      Bad news editor, the world is corrupted and thus I can’t open it. I tried to find a way to fix this but when I enter the world after I fixed it, I’ve only seen flat grass surface. No missiles. And also Nemo in my inventory 🙂

  31. Juan says:

    What do you mean it just came out

  32. :P Production says:

    So there is no reset button once one of the team loses? Please add that next time

    • KobeYashi says:

      okay since it is highly requested, i think i will add that, but for now, why don’t you use the template? 🙂

      • The stupid Cookie says:

        Bro do you want me to send you the map with the reset button cause I already did it bro!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    It won’t reset

  34. THE RED CREEPER says:

    Why didn’t the …team win work?

  35. joshua legrice says:

    How do you reset the game?

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