Mobs Skin Pack (Beta Only)

Here’s another awesome skin pack which lets you transform into an iron golem, creeper and a bunch of other mobs in Minecraft. To be able to look like a mob is probably the best camouflage you can find, especially if you are using this in multiplayer! They’ll still see your name tag though as long that’s enabled in the world.

Creator: HemaMetwaaly (Twitter), DharenL (Twitter), TheGoldenPixel, ECDT, JY, John Peter
Updated: 1 November, 2017 (now includes 50 mob skins!)


  1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Go to the skin picker / skin menu
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select a new mob skin! (Sometimes you need to restart Minecraft for them to be visible in the skin menu.)

You can get a .ZIP file for this skin pack here.

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505 Responses

4.07 / 5 (234 votes)
  1. bonin888 says:

    Impossible! This is ingenious! 😮

  2. Steve says:

    Says file not found :/

  3. Therix says:

    404 File not found 🙁

  4. Skalomanno says:

    Good..but the snow golems are a little bit wierd. The one with pumpkin don’t even look like a snow golem, because of the modell, and the one without pumpkin don’t have the stick’s.

    • CPYT says:

      Its actually was like that u can just wear pumpkin on your heae if u created a snow golem then shear him and look at that

  5. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Was the creeper my idea? I something about adding a creeper skin.

  6. Minecraft says:

    I am the first to comment.I win.everybody else are losers

  7. Minecraft says:

    This is not only just for beta because every device is on 1.2 or over.

  8. Minecraft says:

    This is the best thing i ever seen.i♥️You so much.keep it up

  9. Jamie2004Pierre says:

    I tried it and it was amazing. Will there be more mobs

  10. Orang utan says:

    How you create 3d skin?

  11. DeathMiner54 says:

    OMG!!!! It works on 1.2.3 iOS!!! Best ski pack ever!!!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. The Wizard says:

    I really like it!!
    thank you!!

  14. SwiftNinja99 says:

    Thanks for taking my suggestion!

  15. OscarPlays says:

    Can you add wolves? And ocelots? And other animals too? Or no? Please?

  16. Furpz says:

    Looks great 🙂 ill try it out!

  17. RemanentBow1194 says:

    this is awesome!!!!!

  18. NarutoHyuga1 says:


  19. Brentay says:

    Could you please add a sheep skin pack.

  20. I Hate Adfly says:

    Great! Pranked my friend as a creeper…didn’t go well…but I tried. Would you be making animals next like the rabbit? Btw, the creeper walks a bit wierd but I don’t mind about that.

  21. Pickle Rick says:

    Nice, good job I am going to troll my brother so much with this, HA HA HA

  22. Nisinoodles says:

    What version is it? I have always wanted to be able to have the skin of a mob or to pick that mob shape in skinseed and color it and make my own mob skin!

  23. Aman says:


  24. Zayvion says:

    I hope this works

  25. Minecraft says:

    You have got to be kidding me.It didn’ work.i am on iOS.lets try this again

  26. Minecraft says:

    .It worked.Thank you

  27. Minecraft says:

    .It worked.Thank you so much.

  28. Arkanghel says:

    How to delete it? It lags my minecraft pe alot

  29. Anonymous says:

    How do you restart minecraft?

  30. Ho Samuel says:


  31. Awesomesauce says:

    Cool! can you do the avengers or maybe make a free version of the starwars skins

  32. Ho Samuel says:

    Could you please make some skin with armor and items in both hands?

  33. Can it work? says:

    Can it work if like the full version is like the beta?

  34. Dave300 says:

    I don’t have beta but this skin pack worked for me

  35. Zev20x says:

    This looks great but why is it only for beta?

  36. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Wow, looks great guys! Can’t wait to be able to use this!!

  37. Decay The Witherer says:


  38. Uh hu says:

    :0 amazing but can u make the enderman taller other wise it’s awesome works fine with 1.2.3

  39. minecraftstorymodefan says:

    please could you add ocelots,chicken,parrot,vex. And fix the derpy snow golem’s arms because their not showing up

  40. PR1NZE Bear says:

    I have the latest version but it’s not working
    There are lank spaces in the skin
    Pls help

  41. SeaWardMagician says:

    Nice skin pack I wish the enderman was taller but I don’t really care cause he looks cool anyways, all the skins in here work perfect and look exactly like a normal mob! I give this five stars! 😀

  42. WraithTheRebel says:

    This works without the beta too!

  43. Cube Car says:

    Does this work on multiplayer?

  44. Arda says:

    Can you make a Dragonball skinpack whit 3D particles and 3D sayajin hairs? PLS ! 😭😍

  45. Gabriel (The red dragon) says:

    What is wrong with you!?!?!?!? Didin’t you read my reply on the blocks skin pack!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You can be better than this. I don’t want another person being an enemy of my life!

  46. wither says:

    mabye u can make a animal? like wolfs cows cats? Love this skin pack

  47. TK-6606 says:

    Best skin pack ever

  48. ??? says:

    Wow omg this is so so so awesome

  49. LavaHunterYT says:

    Awesome skin pack! I love some of the crazy results for some skins when you put on armor! (try the creeper with a full set of armor. Its hilarious!)

  50. Josephine says:

    Best Skin Pack ever!!! I love it and use it all the time.

  51. Mr. Poopybutthole says:

    Amazing Job. I really like this new feature, and am trying to create a model for my custom skin. I trolled people so hard with this pack.

  52. Unknown says:

    It was awesome can I get one?

  53. Elijah says:

    He is good skin

  54. Anonymous says:

    U should add mobs like animals so we can play hide n seek

  55. Nathan says:

    Doesn’t work

  56. Captain obvious says:

    What did you use to make the skins?

  57. Warrior_Dude says:

    Lol it works without beta. I use it on iPhone. Play as an armor stand to trick people with gamer tags off. Great job!

  58. TheMaster says:


  59. Chas says:

    Can you make one with wolves and maybe even an ender dragon in?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Notch is creator of minecraft and i want this pack

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is a great skin pack well done

  62. Krololol says:

    I’m not in beta but it still works it’s awesom!

  63. natejb2003 says:

    “Beta Only”
    What does that mean?
    (Great skin pack btw, I love it)

  64. Max says:

    How can make this.?

  65. Arashdehghani says:

    This is the coolest thing ever i love it but make villagers arm stick together please and make the enderdragon cooler thank you bye

  66. Xavier says:

    Can you add other mobs like ocelots and wolves?

  67. whydo you need to know me says:

    I want more!

  68. bruh says:

    awesome skin pack 😀 make more skin mobs pls 😀

  69. A person says:

    This don’t need beta

  70. Breadhunter7 says:

    This Skin pack is Clearly one of the best skin packs on MCPEDL ever! I love how all the mobs were so accurate and I know it must have taken so long to create!!!!

    PS.I think You could improve the enderman

  71. DangerGamer9 says:


  72. gamer girl0026 says:

    can you make animal skin pack? I guess it’s nice

  73. xSK8Z00x says:


  74. Danton says:

    How do I donlowd it

  75. Hacker says:

    Hi im leo and i love mobs

  76. Hacker says:

    Hi im leo

    I love mob <3

  77. JC says:

    I know this ism just a beta but it would be nice if you added more mobs and kinda fix some like the enderman is too short and it would be cool if there were like cows and other stuff. But non the less it is an amazing skin pack

  78. Rodj says:

    I super amazing

  79. Parni says:

    Amazing 😃

  80. Parni says:

    It’s amazing 😁

  81. Parni says:

    It’s amasing the best mabey

  82. Chas says:

    Make one where u can turn into wolves please.

  83. Chas says:

    please can i have my comments approved?

  84. Sarel says:

    Love it

  85. aircoolbro21 says:

    Very very intresting

  86. Mang saswie says:

    Bagus coi gk yakin bisa dipake deh

  87. Muhammed says:

    How do I get this

  88. ZaXq says:

    It didnt work

  89. BenChester Gamer says:

    is this gonna work in please tell

  90. Dj says:

    I love this skins pack but sadly I can’t get it plz help I don’t no why I can’t get eathier and I’ve tried so many times hope you can help me🤔😬

  91. kidgamesxboxpro says:

    its the best skin pack i ever tried 5 stars

  92. Anonymous says:

    The answer is Notch.His real name is Markus Perrson

  93. Ken says:

    this is a cool skin pack!

  94. Firewarrior4278 says:

    They are sooo cooollll but what about the enderman skin i cant get it it doesnt show up?

  95. Anonymous says:

    This is so great

  96. ImaChickenNugget says:

    It won’t work for me

  97. Angel says:

    I need this skin pack

  98. thanhtam0812 says:


  99. thanhtam0812 says:

    Please fix it

  100. NNWnewkung says:

    Verry Good

  101. อเกน says:


  102. Marc says:

    Editor can you make a animals skin packs like a tamed wolf and a cow like 4 legs get it

  103. Luna_Loud99 says:

    I liiiiikkkkkkeeee iiiiitttt

  104. Stressedcat39 says:

    Niiiiiiceeeee can u add a cat?

  105. Hannah says:


  106. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing

  107. Dawson says:

    Mine doesnt have 42 mobs!?

  108. Samuel says:

    It is brilliant but it would be even better if you could obtain the abilities of the entities!

  109. JahIsMVP says:

    NICE PACK MUST DOWNLOAD!!!☺☺☺😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😇😇😇😇😇😴

  110. Comment says:

    The cow and the tamed wolf skin is corrupted and i cannot use the cow and tamed wolf so plz fix it nd also eedit the pig and some other skins and mostly the pig because the pig in this skin pack has difference so plz use the exact texture of every mob in this skin pack mostly the pig

  111. ThunderBoy says:

    Can you add a Longer Enderman?

  112. Somerandomperson says:

    I can confirm this works on 1.2.3. I tried it and tested all the skins and they work perfectly. It doesn’t require 1.2.5, as it works for me on 1.2.3.

  113. ThunderBoy says:

    Can’t Find The Enderman :/

  114. Maalik says:

    If your on iPad or phone u get less mobs to turn into but if your playing on like computer you get more mobs to turn into. Can u make it so on the ipad or phone can have the same mobs

  115. AceDistructO says:

    Really amazing

  116. efdal says:

    I dont now hoe to istall addons

  117. Jade says:

    Can you add a 3 headed ghast

  118. Youssef says:


  119. Yoyoyo says:

    Does this work on MCPE? This looks awesome btw!

  120. GenArt says:

    Are the skins animated, such as the iron golem’s hands moving as the player moves?

  121. Sameka says:

    Cool i like it

  122. BattleFalcon109 says:

    Can you add other mobs. Like sheep, cows and cats?

  123. ERENs250 says:

    Waw that cool!

  124. Papyrus TS!Underswap says:

    Trabalho Awesome um saltinho for more monstro,and waiting for a undertale skin pack(realistic like this skin pack)

  125. Pls do it!!! says:

    Can you make an baby skin pack for mcpe 1.2 please

  126. Werewolf_37 says:

    If you put on armor it looks a bit funky. But the skins are awesome!

  127. Aesomw says:

    So awesome

  128. Carl says:

    Uh DharenL Your Other 2 Skin Packs Said Beta Only And they’re 100% for the Beta But this isn’t ios Can use it sooo can you do the same to others btw FIVE STARS!!

  129. LJ524 says:

    Cool! But some of the skins aren’t good for camflauge as the mood groom is missing a few spots and it’s mushrooms, I get making 3D skins can be hard so I understand if you can’t fix it, but aside from that (oh and some skins are corrupted) it’s pretty good

  130. ElusivePython55 says:

    Omg on my kindle I’ve got this omg I can troll my sis in Minecraft yay

  131. basuny00 says:

    How do I create a model like that please tell me

  132. Skiller818 says:


  133. Daisy Tucker says:

    This is fabulous

    I tricked all my friends

    It’s funny,cute,cool and fun and I really enjoy thi
    It’s the best thing I’ve ever downloaded thank you
    It’s great x

  134. ken says:

    its amazing the skin pack

  135. Anonymous says:

    So when I go to choose a new skin it doesn’t show any skin at all

  136. Comment of the comment says:

    Cow and tamed wolf does not work

  137. Arashdehghani says:

    Add a vex or silverfish and also please add bat and cat and spider AND MAKE the BLAZE COOLER thx

  138. Ray says:

    Can u ad a cat and a wolf

  139. WolfyBoy11 says:

    I can’t use it it says can’t file anything

  140. WolfyBoy11 says:

    I mean to perform this action.

  141. Aaronixio says:

    I got two how do I get rid of it

  142. Kaden1KI says:


  143. Princessbella102 says:

    This is amazing!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Cool but I don’t see the ender man and the villager skins are messed up

  145. Andrei says:

    Please help!!! I really!!!!! Want that skin pack,but when I scroll down dont find,down all,I put and at behavior pack,and at respource packs,development resource packs,development behaviorpacks..But nothing! Please help me😳😳😳😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😪

  146. Ultmate_Mario says:

    Never forget to give credit to the person who put together the template you used!

  147. I can't think of a decent name says:

    About the new updated version of this skin pack, where is the Enderman? I really want to be an enderman that’s actually tall.

  148. Dronegamen says:

    Plz ADD guardians and elder gardian

  149. Parni says:

    It’s the best

  150. Cheese says:

    Why are half the skins broken?

  151. Parni says:

    It’s amazing

  152. Parni says:

    This is so cool i like the iron golem it’s amazing im going to prank my friend and he’ll never know 😂😂

  153. Parni says:

    Its great

  154. Anonymous says:

    Can you pis update this to

  155. :) says:

    Good but how can i make one?

  156. AceShot46 says:

    The Cow, Tamed Wolf, And Enderman Don’t work for iOS.

  157. Truetruz says:

    How to download this skin pack pls

  158. Parni says:

    I lile it

  159. PROBLEMS says:

    Some skins just dont work on my ipad 4th generation it is on ver 8.0+
    Like the new enderman skin

  160. Jade says:

    Guys i just want like the wolf,cat,pig but i dont have it but in multiplayer everyone have like that

  161. Arashdehghani says:

    Remove the mobs that are not real thank you bye

  162. LizzyGaming says:

    I really like this, I would give it 5 stars but there are a few flaws that need fixing.
    -doesn’t walk like a regular wolf
    -crouching looks funny
    -when you fight body looks wierd(same thing with placing or breaking block, I also suggest the wolf right paw to move when you hit/break/place just like a regular skin.

    Please fix the wolf and I PROMISE to rate this🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  163. Dush Dush says:

    I don’t know how to download stuff

  164. RadioDiamond268 says:

    You can actually get this skin pack without 1.2.5 beta. My brother and I got it and played some hide-and-seek and don’t have the beta.

  165. Ice cream23 says:

    Please fix the enderman

  166. Gabriel says:

    This is awesome! How do you make these skin packs?

  167. Gabriel (The red dragon) says:

    Also, sorry for my first comment on this. ( I made that comment before I got it )

  168. Ana says:

    Is anyone else finding skins missing for example the tamed wolf comes up as a pig and when you click it. It says currupted skin whe you try to enter a world. And can you add cats and ocelots in the future that would be awesome!

  169. MatthewDestroyer says:

    its awesome!

  170. BunnyJakeHQ says:

    Pls Add Llama And Parrot Pls I would like that who agrees (btw i love llamas so much*

  171. BunnyJakeHQ says:


  172. BunnyJakeHQ says:

    Skins that should be added:
    1.) Llama
    2.) Parrot
    3.) Polar bear
    4.) Silver fish or bat
    Pls add

  173. BunnyJakeHQ says:

    5.) Rabbit
    Thats all

  174. RomanFox2 says:

    Skins rendered properly until then. They now render as player models. Please: fix or delete

  175. Maalik says:

    When is the next update coming out for this skin pack

  176. Airat says:

    Top skin packs

  177. Rosey says:

    Awesomeness 👏

  178. Entity_303 says:


  179. Arashdehghani says:

    Sadly on latest version of mcpe mojang removed the skinpacks that are 3D and made by mcpedl so good bye skinpack that are beta only ): why mojang did that MOJANG IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE GET BACK THE SKINPACKS

  180. Gabriel (The red dragon) says:

    Again, how do you make these skin packs? Because I want to make one too.

  181. Kritan says:

    I can’t turn into 4D skin I Become only normal. Plz fix

  182. Adriana Gonzalez says:

    Nice app

  183. NightShadow says:

    OK I’ve tried to get it but it’s now showing up on my minecraft skin think! I’ve even restarted it halp meh!

  184. Eddie says:

    Can You Add A Cat Or Ocelot

  185. Parni says:

    Thee person who did this is the best

  186. Hamzah Aboulela says:

    I love this

  187. Kareem says:

    The enderman has an error it’s short
    They said 50 I found only 16 mobs

  188. DAAANNNK says:

    The enderman doesn’t work it’s fully black why is it not working

  189. Joni says:

    A really nice pack

  190. Denisa says:

    Notch este creatorul minecraftului

  191. Memetete says:

    Omg, this skin pack is amazing! thanks much😊

  192. ECDT2005 says:

    We hope you like the pack only pale for 1.2.3 and for 😀

  193. BEKFAST RATER says:


  194. Nightmaerfoxygamer says:

    I cant get it to worki i tried every thing it gives me a differnt skin pack i real want this

  195. Fotis says:

    Most of the skins are glitched and messed up how can i fix this ?

  196. KaiTheGamer266 says:

    There’s a glitch I’m in 1.2.5 and they just turn into a legacy skin pack idk why but it does that

  197. Akio_Wolf says:


  198. Dogeforever says:

    Imported successfully, but won’t appear in my skin selector! My Version is 1.2.5. Any help?

  199. ImpossiblePlays says:

    Works great! But when I updated to 1.2.5, I can never find it! I always redownload it, but it never works and it just says “failed to import… duplicate pack” Help me!

  200. Popstermaster says:


  201. Bongbong says:

    Editor I Tried Download This Before And It Works But When I Update My MCPE In Ios To 1.2.5 It Got Removed In My Skins And I Download This Again And It Doesnt Work Anymore

  202. AgheeraAkela says:

    The Best Skin Ever!I love it!

  203. Vanessa Crosby says:

    It did work until one night where the skin pack on the bottom just magically turned into the legacy skin pack. I don’t know what to do please respond.

  204. Adfly is the worst says:

    OMG it doesn’t work ! Sorry but pls try to improve it.

  205. FuqqMahName says:

    As of 30/11/2017 it’s no longer working. Please update.

  206. MaverickandNoah says:

    IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO USE DIS AND IM ON IOS!!!!!!!!! PLS HELP!!!!! Sorry With the “!.”

  207. SuperTylerMan11 says:

    For 1.2.5 of MCPE, the skin pack will not work at all because the pack is not imported to the update. Can you update the skin pack so it’s a available for 1.2.5?

  208. PLEASE READ says:

    mojang deleted the 3D and the cape packs in 1.2.5 so it doesnt work anymore.

  209. Anonymous says:

    It’s not working it just has another legacy pack

  210. Anonymous says:

    Plz update

  211. Alex the dragon says:

    It did not work it says “Failed to import “mobs skin pack”” or is it because of the version?

  212. IagoTrent says:

    hey the mob skin isn’t working at the version 1.2.6

  213. darkside says:

    i like this skinpack but i was wondering if you can make for the new update plz and thanks

  214. Cesar Tavarez says:

    Can you make that pack for other newer versions because I love them so much…

  215. xX-FOXY-Xx says:

    This did not work I try and try again it’s carp I really want to trick my friends

    • xSK8Z00x says:

      It WaS pAtChEd BOOOIOIiioiiiii

      Srry but it’s annoying when somebody hates something for not working when it’s not their fault…

  216. markprefer says:

    It doesn’t work on mincraft version 1.2.7
    I am not beta version

  217. Juline says:

    Hello pls creat a sitte for ios so i Will download it and troll me brother and me best friend pls

  218. Braydeb says:

    It won’t let me upload it because it keeps on saying every single time failed upload I know what that means but I don’t know what that means I’ve done everything I deleted the game that I don’t use enemy more I deleted off my photos and videos still nothing. Help me And tell me what to do

  219. Nisinoodles says:

    It does NOT work for me! I have minecraft 1.2.8 but it won’t work at all the only thing I wanted to do with the skin pack is be awesome animals and troll my brother!

  220. Creepakilla2401 says:

    Looks cool. Downloaded it, but can’t find the pack. 🙁

  221. Anonymous says:

    Ugh I have this and it thinks it is something else

  222. Rexx says:

    This is not working I downloaded this for nothing this is boring

  223. Caleb says:

    I always do and do it again but it says it fails always please fix this pack I really want it

  224. Want-to-be-good-gamer-girl says:

    It gives me the legacy skin pack plz fix

  225. Rupayan king says:

    If u guys want it to work then follow me


  226. Colton says:

    Notch is the creator

  227. Jeff says:

    Hey guys, i dont know why but instead of the Mob skin pack i became a duplicated Legacy skin pack! Please help me guys!

  228. Celso says:

    Uhh.. guys? You didn’t know you can be a wither in the 1st or 2nd Birthday Skin Pack…

  229. AnimalFriend1 says:

    Umm… Where is the skin pack in Minecraft? I can’t find it. I did not try this on Android, only on Windows 10.

  230. Spaphire says:

    It doesn’t work. 🙁 I really want this and I need it fast, my friends and I are gonna play MCPE on Friday and gonna play Hide and Seek. I really wanna win (cuz the prize is awesome) so I really need this. PLEASE FIX!

  231. Anonymous says:

    i can’t use it. i restarted several times

  232. hamid0740 says:

    It doesn’t work for Minecraft
    What should I do?

  233. ?????? says:

    for some reason the skin pack doesnt even show any skins i can see its supposed to be there but its not

  234. Random guy says:

    Please fix all the bugs.

  235. Dan says:

    V1.2.9 And It Doesn’t Work! I’m Trying To Use This In A Video!

  236. Andrew Gamer says:

    Why my not working before in the old version worked 🙁

  237. Faris-Craft says:

    I’m Version And It Doesn’t Even Show Up Please Update Its So Cool Please!!!!!! I Wanna Make A Vid About It!!!!!

  238. Kelvin Wallace says:

    Oh when I tyied to get the mob skin pack it just saw failed to import mob skin pack duplication detected it’s like the worst thing it happened to me!

  239. Torrance Rollins says:

    Editor it’s not working for me or ANYONE by the looks of things. Can u fix it

  240. Faris-Craft says:

    I Would Give A 5 Star If It Was Updated To But Sorry!!! please UPDATE AND ALSO UPDATE BLOCK SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Luis says:

    This works well

  242. Namir says:

    SAME to me Legacy skin pack helpfully!!!!! Please .And Thank you very much

  243. RedFireSlime says:

    Hmm? Maybe I fixed bugs in 1.2.5 build 3? Then no longer works? But why?

  244. william says:

    its amazing you know

  245. Jack-unboxtherapy says:

    hahahahah for me it works perfectly man i trolled everybody that i know

  246. Hi says:

    It works but now that I have a new Version of Minecraft it doesn’t work 🙁

  247. Arijan132 says:

    Update the pack please

  248. Curtley says:


  249. Faris-Craft says:

    Im Begging You!!!!! Please Update It Soon To Minecraft PE Please I Have Been Requesting For A lot Of Times!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!! I’m A YouTuber And I Want To Make A Vid About It Please!!!!!!! What’s Hard About That!, Just Updating It, Minecraft Updates Faster Than Mcpacks Every W/E Or Maybe Day Come On Please!!!!!!! and Maybe Check Out My YT Channel Just A Suggestion! But Please This Is Like The Coolest Pack/Addon I’ve Ever Seen!!!!!!! so Please Don’t Let Everyone Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes!!!!!!!

  250. Faris-Craft says:

    Really But Howdya Know?

  251. 96Wildcards says:

    Hi i notice there is this type of tech being used in mcpe master “4d skins” but their code is different than yours… Also my models aren’t working. Can anyone help me… If mcpe master can make these skins work than we can too right? If you have already fixed this please let me know…

  252. RashaRAM3000 says:

    Hello I Had This Skin Pack Though Whenever I Try To Download It Now It Doesnt Work. The Reason Is Notch Is Mad With These Skins Because It Would Not Be Fair So He Banned Them. Also Weird Thing It Said I Downloaded It But I Dont Find It… Also Banned… Still If You Replace Skins They Work… Weird…

  253. Minecraft lover says:

    I I can’t get to work why?

  254. DsnTDM says:

    I don’t no how

  255. Lukas says:

    How do you get it to work I keep getting legacy skin pack please let me know

  256. JAVA says:

    Please make these skins not a skin pack, can they be Separate, so we can find them in the skins section pls pls pls

  257. GHOSTWARS13579 says:

    not to be a butt but all this guy did was get a skin someone already made then photshopped it to look like that

  258. Hamzastic2018 says:

    How can I purchase th Mob Skin Pack pls help me

  259. Богдан says:


  260. Deb says:

    I love your Minecraft mobs skin pack it was freakin awesome

  261. Parni says:

    I think its going to be good

  262. Parni says:

    Cool but for me the wolf dosent work

  263. Arashdehghani says:

    Mojang Removed These 3D Skin Pack on the latest Version of MCPE 😭😭😭

  264. Creeperzinho says:

    Not is real im install and is one skin of steve

  265. Parni says:


  266. Tvminecraft says:

    Wow this was a great success

  267. This idiot again says:

    You could just have added more mobs like the ender dragon, sheep, vex, etc..

  268. Vax says:

    Impossible to download for me

    Please help

  269. Vicarialgerm says:

    I’ve made edits to Minecraft pe bedrock edition 1.2.9 music…………..I change cat into piano2…………….then I made it into a pack ……… I wish I can have my favorite Minecraft world back…………..the 2nd tutorial map in Xbox 360……….I loved that map it was my first

  270. Olivier lebel says:

    It’s doesn’t work

  271. Gevorg says:

    I can’t download the skin pack

  272. Reydian says:

    it’s not working on me 🙁

  273. NEVID says:

    help me I open the pack I found its not mob pack its legacy skin pack HELP please

  274. Creativity says:

    I love it but it’s not showing up it was a a few months ago now it’s gone ???

  275. ItzBoyCatYT says:

    Almost EVERYONE is saying The same! Well… Doesn,t work to me either! 😢

  276. Dayoung li says:

    Why mine is not working o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

  277. WanterWither says:

    Same happened me the legacy skin pack arcane up. But when in was on a server someone was the wither. HOW COME THEN CAN USE IT AND I CAN’T.

  278. Nehemiah says:

    Just use BETA

  279. shadow fighter says:

    pls make it work for or higher!

  280. WanterWither says:

    How do u get beta?

  281. PrincePlayz says:

    ……I can’t download

  282. Kenplays says:

    Whoooo it worked thank you So much i can troll my Friends

  283. Linnel says:

    Every Time I Get It The Skins Are Legacy Skin Pack

  284. Eksikel says:

    Why it doesn’t work on my iPad

  285. dQFQFq says:


  286. Steve says:

    It doesn’t work and now I’m stuck with this broken Legacy pack. Very disappointing.

  287. Arcanist says:

    This is confusing but cool

  288. TBNRzuscur says:

    Yo u need to have 1.2.5 in 2018 link: – then type minecraft.

  289. WanterWither says:

    it does not work

  290. Gamer says:

    It’s sad that mojang makes 4D skins but doesn’t let players make their own.

  291. Adam Daniel 07 says:

    This skin is stupid I want to prank my brother… When I open my skin store it has black skin

  292. CinnamonKasumi says:

    This is cool, But how do I post my own?

  293. NOTHING says:

    This is only working on 1.2 beta DOWNLOAD NOW

  294. says:

    For some reason it doesn’t work on my version I keep downloading it it say it downloaded BUT I CANT FIND IT?!?? Help pls..😖


    Why is this stupid skin pack here if it doesn’t even work?

  296. Phoonwax says:

    well now that its banned and doesnt work how do you get rid of the pack?

  297. Ryryrules says:


  298. Ryryrules says:

    Hi I’m new

  299. Ftftftftfftftfffff5hhjmjngv says:

    Why won’t it work

  300. Jaden0517 says:

    I can’t find the mob skins

  301. Thomas says:

    It’s never gonna work ever

  302. Jashca says:

    it does not work in mcpe and all it just put was skin pack legacy and the skins are just Alex and Steve😡

  303. Pro Gamer says:

    It just work at notch or markuss only allowed 4D skins or skin packs at download Minecraft pocket edition v1.2.3.3 there is 7 steps step 1: install aptoid from google or chrome step 2: type Minecraft pocket edition step 3: tap on (other versions) and find step 4: install Minecraft pocket edition and install mob skin pack step 5: enjoy with the skin pack don’t worry it will works I tried it and it worked!!!! I hope you try it!!! Enjoy guys!!!

  304. Cool guy 2 says:

    Does not work

  305. Ryan Hagerman says:

    What do I do if I cant find the skin pack? I already restarted minecraft so what else?

  306. Abigail Garcia says:

    needs to be updated to 1.5.0

  307. Anonymous says:

    How to download this skin pack
    Can anyone tell me how pls 😭😭😭

  308. KNK2008 says:

    there is a glitched skin that is crazy at lagacy and its weire

  309. Elateporpise98 says:


  310. Crystalgaming says:

    I can’t it does not work maybe make a new one

  311. ZipGG3333333 says:

    Everyone! listen, when u download this mcpack on none betas it shows the legacy pack. it is because “Legacy Pack” is most likely created with 3D coding for minecraft. if this shows “Legacy Pack” to your device it means that your device don’t support 3D Coding. this isn’t a fault of Mojang or Microsoft. They created “Legacy Pack” for the store menu and will only show to the Store if your device supports it.

  312. Anonymous says:

    It dosn’t Work for me 😕

  313. Cat says:

    I love minecraft

  314. I Hate Adfly says:

    Update required for 1.5.0

  315. eternity303 says:

    Guys chill, I saw a file on the pack callled content.zipe. idk what that is

    • I Hate Adfly says:

      That is not the right one. There should be a new zipe that has everything besides the manifest inside.

  316. Steven Hils says:

    please make this for new versions mcpe!☆ 😌🙏😉

  317. Kendy says:

    please make this for new versions mcpe ! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  318. JosieDuck2 says:

    It gave me the legacy skins!

  319. ;( says:

    When I install this it says its installed but I can’t find it and I tried everything!!!!

  320. Bryan Coronado says:

    It keeps Saying ‘Could Not Download Mob Skin Pack Duble Deceted’

  321. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work at all

  322. Kim Claparols says:

    Luckily i’m on Windows 10 Edition. And it worked! Thanks!

  323. Anonymous says:

    In minecraft it says failded to downloud detected a duplicate ***** i forgot the rest

  324. Soheil says:

    Hey guys! I have the most cool thing ever! Well everyone knows that in this skin pack there is not herobrine! So I know most of you have aquatic update! So you can download the skin pack With HEROBRINE in mcpe addons app!!! It 100% works for all devices!!😃😃😄

  325. ClayCleon says:

    This Skins Doesnt Work At All! I was So Angry…I was excited to change my skin but no….The Mobs Skins Doesnt just says Fix this On Android pls…And My Version is

  326. Dissappointed Fellow says:

    Doesn’t work! Screw you Mojang! 😭

    (Rated 5* anyway bcuz it looks really well made. Keep up the good work!)

  327. me says:

    same thing happens but it says it locked

  328. minecraftplayer11 says:

    i see not the mob skin pack mod

  329. Popular387 says:

    Man it sux i get legacy pack

  330. DarkVaibers says:

    cool, make skin pack my little pony please!!

  331. Sophia Espinosa says:

    If any of u guys are on minecraft pocket edition u can get an app that’s called MCPE Addons and search up mob skin pack or just skin pack and u will find this and just saying the dragon skin pack doesn’t work u just turn into a regular sized game player that has a skin that somewhat looks like a dragon, just saying listen to me it’s easy and it works

  332. Frost bite says:

    Can you do battle cats skin pack??
    If not well its 8key by me

  333. yuna says:

    Is Hammer i love dis mod

  334. Christopher Mitchell says:

    Hey I just want to say can you make it so we can use this skin pack over the 1.5.2 update plz

  335. Luzio says:

    Please make the wither skeleton more taller and arms down and add a tail for the pig and add drowneds and dophlins and fish and make the cow and mushroom more realistic and make the skeleton with arms down and no front, make the same geometry to stray Andrés make the skin pack compatible to 1.1.x, 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x and 1.10.x

  336. Anonymous says:

    This didn’t work for me… I downloaded the add on and it said failed to download duplicate pack found and so I restarted minecraft and it still wasn’t there… ☹️☹️

  337. Jonah says:


  338. dark kinght rad says:

    Guys! The problem with minecraft version for Android (pocket edition ) the version 1.2.5 and 1.2.20 and And 1.3.1work well and I don’t know about pc or mc or anything alt…

  339. Shanks says:

    Same here i got legacy pack

  340. i cant use the skin pack says:

    ı cant download…. ıdk why but can u update mob skin pack?

  341. the pack needs to get updated... says:

    because we cant use it any more idk… because ım installing again and again it just installs the legacy pack…

  342. Anonymous says:

    Guys and now I can’t change my skin also any more what is this who made this

  343. Mansour says:

    How do I download this I’m on Apple ipad

  344. Flowey cz says:

    I wanted be mob and its loaded but like normal steve skins help me

  345. James says:

    It dint work he/sbe say skin.legacyskinpack

  346. Notch says:

    hi, umm… I am on the new aquatic update and the skin pack says… -> skin.legacyskinpack

  347. Notch says:

    pls help fix it

  348. ______ says:

    OMG just look in “resource packs” in settings

  349. Anonymous says:

    Omg I tried it didn’t work I must have tried twenty times it did nothing. WORST. SKIN. PACK. EVER.

  350. Mazin says:

    I downloaded mob skin pack and it was invisible

  351. Mazin says:

    I try to download mobs Skin Pack and it invisible

  352. Danni says:

    Down below

  353. Chase says:

    You need es file explorer

  354. Frostylosty says:

    This mob skin pack dont work no 1 will download it it is trash 👎

  355. MELDRICK says:

    Ugh it not visible

  356. Lanai Singleton says:

    It’s doing it to me too

  357. Emerson says:

    This is awesome

  358. Sad guy says:

    It won’t work

  359. Stark508 says:

    This broke my minecraft I can’t even go in anymore I need help

  360. Penguin9998 says:

    I downloaded this before 1.7.0 and it worked but now it doesn’t! I’M SO MAD!

  361. John Ezekiel says:

    It works with lower version cause I try it with ver. beta it works but higher versions it’s crashing

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